06:02:07 Zyra_the_wolf
-WP Click-

literally love him
06:00:54 Sky Sky ^°^
Alliance of the day B3
05:58:23 Zyra_the_wolf
dead chat?
05:01:43 Zyra_the_wolf
my friend is holding one of my wolves that was pregnant, and that wolf and my other pregnant one just gave birth
got a DS from one litter and a DH from the other
 Azure Empyrea
04:44:41 Edme
thank you fox!
130+ is hw
 Azure Empyrea
04:40:05 Edme
Hey chat, just came back from hiatus so brain is a little rusty. Can someone remind me of the heavyweight range again? i forget where it starts
 Mysterious Moon Clan
04:38:25 She/Her, Moon
Your wolves played: Pepper Fur growls dominantly at Swift Leaf.

Ahh yes, growl at the child that has more CP than you XD
 the Wayne pack
04:24:42 Waning
I can technically use the word "denomination" for a species, right? I know it's usually associated with organized religion, but the dictionary is telling me I can. The goal for me is to get the meaning of "species" without using it, well, I might have to use it.
 Ghost Of Christmas
04:22:44 Free

Mines over 150-
 Destinations End
04:03:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
03:48:55 Cae, Blue
Do i get 3 den expansions? Yes or yes?
 The Winter Walker
03:44:36 Noctem Lupus
I feel like I want to scream, but I don't want anybody to hear me?
03:43:23 Zyra_the_wolf
33 day log in streak, whoop whoop
03:19:06 Nes/Tes/Mom
Bye bro
03:17:45 Jingles (She/Her)
Bye. Sleep well.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:17:04 Shade/Violent/River
I'm heading to bed, it's past 3am now >.>
 Happy Pawlidays
03:08:28 Shade/Violent/River
Ahh, understandable, can you pm me it? (I'm 99.99% sure it's not for me XD)
03:07:27 Jingles (She/Her)
I can't. It's a Christmas present that someone ordered, but I don't know who it's for, so I don't want to accidentally spoil the surprise. Otherwise I would.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:06:27 Shade/Violent/River
You spy 5 Sun Bears.


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