Dark Forest Pack
oops sorry if its spamming for anyone ^^;
Dark Forest Pack

It means that they are injured
03:36:41 Lavender or Animoot
Dark Forest

Means they need a healing item
Leopard Lover
03:36:30 Leopard, LL
They have an injury. Go to their page to see what injury it is and how to heal it. :)
MoonShade Spirits
03:36:29 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Dark forest
there injured
Dark Forest Pack
anyone know what the red + sign is on a wolf? cause two of mine have it and I dont know why its happening
03:36:13 Lavender or Animoot
Any name -WP Click-
Dark Forest Pack
anyone know what the red + sign is on a wolf? cause two of mine have it and I dont know why its happening
Dark Forest Pack
anyone know what the red + sign is on a wolf? cause two of mine have it and I dont know why its happening
Dark Forest Pack
anyone know what the red + sign is on a wolf? cause two of mine have it and I dont know why its happening
Master Breeder
03:35:32 The breeder
Just leave it along and open a door if you're really concerned, but if it got in it can get out as well, so it isn't trapped
Kit Kat
03:35:32 Chocolate crunch
if you'd like to RP, Pm me! I've got a romance topic. please be literate and able to play any gender.
03:35:22 Ever, Evergreen
I did. They eat insects and I'm not spending 5 hours in the backyard trying to catch a grasshopper, so it's either catch it in a box or lure it with lettuce or something.

The dog just lost interest and my inter is in a different room now. It ran out from under the refrigerator and now I can’t find it.
MoonShade Spirits
03:34:46 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
You should get a small jar / box with holes and scare it out with a stick to get it in or something

Well skinks I think eat mostly bugs like crickets but they can't really be lured out
Also skinks eat insects
03:32:41 b o n k
If it's hiding it probably won't come out for food, best thing to do is shut the dog in another room and only have one person in there. Try and use a broom or something to gently push it out from wherever it is stuck
MoonShade Spirits
03:32:22 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
type what do skinks eat on google
03:30:40 b o n k
I just bought red dead redemption 2 and even though it's on sale it was pricy ;<;
03:30:31 Ro
i only have bird familiars :/


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