09:45:20 bless the mad ones!
omfg is this The Legend (TM) i see

practicing 40 hours a day and defying the laws of physics

i will bow down b4 your gr8ness
09:44:58 The Master Hoarder
Yes show! :0
Sketches always seem to look better qwq
I'm not sure why-

Oof that sucks >.<
I'm not the biggest fan of needles which is why I dislike them but they are definitely a necessary evil qwq
09:44:58 DareDevil
Ha ha I have pleased a spirit wolf!!
09:44:13 i am ling ling
i have to go and write roleplay starter soon. *^* i hate doing them because they're just so preliminary.
09:44:12 bless the mad ones!
Dark Moonrose
Yay! I just went on my first hunt! Bagged two gadgets and a squirrel!
09:43:16 bless the mad ones!
sorry about the heccin double :c
Bella Luna
09:43:12 The Sicilian
3 more paws!
Serial Dreamer
Aku, I can send it to you? It's almost done, I just don't like how it looks :')
Everything I make looks infinitely better as a sketch. It's a curse.

Yeah... I'm not exactly looking forward to it, flu shots always make my arm hurt for a couple days, but it's a necessary evil :')
09:43:05 bless the mad ones!
-WP Click-

support for a new explore feature?
09:42:16 bless the mad ones!
-WP Click-

09:41:41 The Master Hoarder
Aw :( Art can definitely be frustrating. ._.

qwq Guess you'll have to power through till you get back >.< Good thing you're getting your flu shot though! :D
Rezika's Pack
09:41:27 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Think if I actually had a drawing pad or something xD
Rezika's Pack
09:40:45 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Not only that but all my art is done in sketchbook then transfered to my app on phone. XD
09:40:27 Hippie 🌻
I haven’t heard of that app, but it seems to do a decent job of depicting talent, yea? Keep at it man that’s cool af
Leopard Lover
09:40:26 Leopard, LL
No I don't x.x
Bella Luna
09:39:54 The Sicilian
Leopard needs 6 more paws you guys!
09:39:54 The Master Hoarder
qwq I feel that though-
I've been neglecting my pack nowadays :")
Too focused on art, modding and chatting ;w;
Phantom Runners
09:39:38 PhantomX
-WP Click-

Suggestion here for being able to toss multiple food items.
Serial Dreamer
Aku, it is.
I mean, yesterday I was working on a lineart but got frustrated. .-.

I can't nap, I have to eat lunch in a little bit and then go out to get my flu shot.


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