11:12:56 :: berd

i mean i thought it was like ,, a textspeak abbreviation or something i dunno dude
I can't figure out how to take a screenshot, all the guides say to press prt sc but it doesn't work
11:12:45 evebot
I spent all evening with a hot man and his puppy.
11:12:28 Blu

Oh, wow, I'd love to see a reference.
Are NZ's commonly colored like he is?


It's my fun way of spelling "what". Like, wewt??
You see? XD
Has that been buggin' you?
Mafia Queen
11:12:05 Dinglefritz

Mine's a cross, too. You'd be surprised at how many people are willing to breed their does to ANY buck. Mine's got great conformation, though, so that probably helps. His genes also lean more Satin, so the kits take on that breed's qualities.
11:12:03 Lost~

does your account work like ours like we have to earn and buy apples or do you get unlimited stuff?
Ninjago Realm
11:11:40 Lord Waterfall,Zane
poofing for a bit
11:11:34 psst it's twistie
All is well!

Side note though, Eve is probably sleep deprived xD We love you Eve!
Duskfall Hill
11:11:29 Dusky

Other than pooping and peeing everywhere in his room, nah. He just likes chewing things and being an escape artist and getting out.

He is so damn smart. You can see the wheels turning in his head when he's faced with a problem
Serial Dreamer
Thanks, Eve! c:
11:11:13 WolfSmoke
Moonstone is now up for breeding! -WP Click-
Serial Dreamer
But yes, it's been on the Pack Activities page for a while too. It's just the shortcut that was missing. :P
11:10:41 evebot
Problem solved.
11:10:37 :: berd
alright genuine question for you blu, what the fuck does wewt mean
11:10:32 ancient as hell
All is well :)
Ivory Shadows
11:10:29 Ivory
I would definetly call him at least 75% NZ if not purebred. He looks pure to me from my experience. Ill send a picture of my pair for reference.
Duskfall Hill
11:10:28 Dusky

Well, he's a mixed breed so I doubt anyone would want to breed their female to him
Serial Dreamer
I think she meant that it was gone from the "Pack" dropdown menu, guys. It's back there now.
11:10:09 evebot
Oh Ok. I never scroll down that far lol.
11:10:04 Blu

... painful? WEWT?


Oh, well, as long as it's not making him be destructive, that's not (far as I know) a problem.
Aww, Rhosgobel's weakness is a little dab of peanut butter.


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