Ivory Shadows
11:26:30 Ivory

Thats called a dewlap. Its on females and a disqualification on bucks. They use it to pull fur from when making nests for kits :3
11:25:39 Blu
Damn, this rabbit looks angelic.
Ivory Shadows
11:25:37 Ivory

I have posed them before in my judging classes and they are HUGE pains. So are Brits and Netherlands.


Ill have to show you Apollo and Plain Elegance(Ellie).
11:25:07 Blu

Yours, please let us out, I can't find the stairs.


Okay, question, what is the little... I don't know the technical term but... double chin/ baroque collar thingy some of the rabbits I'm looking at (online) have?
Is is just females... or??
Mafia Queen
11:25:03 Dinglefritz

You are a god, then. I can't set those fur balls up to save my life.
Duskfall Hill
11:24:43 Dusky

You're welcome :3
It worked, thanks!
Raaj The Boi
11:24:05 claimed by sarcasm
hey angel <3
11:24:01 lord Waterfall,Zane
Im bored wish I could epole but cant :|
Lost Stars
11:23:49 Lost Stairs
the better question is how did we get in the basement? who's basement is this?
Life on Mars
11:23:48 Mars
Now everyone appreciates Montak's appraisals more
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:23:41 Dragon of WP
If its rabbits we are talking about. I use to show mini rexes.
11:23:24 Kitchen Appliance
Lt. Chick Fil A
11:23:21 Autobat
When bree gives you nothing but crap
11:23:15 Blu

Just Googled them, their names sounds downright mythical, and hot damn are those gorgeous.
Oh my freaking gosh.
Mafia Queen
11:23:13 Dinglefritz

Smush da face

Posing mini Rex rabbits is the worst for me. They're too tiny and all they ever want to do is stretch out. Like, you're supposed to look like a cotton ball, not a Q tip.
Shadows At Twilight
11:22:54 Dark envelops you...
-WP Click-
Gear/decor ideas?
Duskfall Hill
11:22:35 Dusky

If you have a Windows, hit the Windows key, fn and the prtscrn button at the same time. For Chromebook, what I said earlier.
Ivory Shadows
11:22:19 Ivory
I also show Mini Lops and Thriantas and I love mini lop colors but Thriantas are STUNNING
Someone know how to take a screenshot? I'm on a laptop and the guides don't work.


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