11:52:42 Dyamond - Pigon
MW Ashera found 10 mushrooms!

yay 💕
11:52:32 Helious' Master
Roda - That looks awesome! Great job!
Star Runner
11:51:13 Star

I wasn't even thinking of calling you that XD Just Rage

Textless is my personal nickname from you XD
Alfred F. Jones
11:50:14 America (Lord Salt)
He's very huggable.

Rageing Stormz
11:49:30 That Pet Spider
Good because Roda is kind of Lodas personal Nickname to me XD
11:49:21 ranger
He looks very huggable! You're one lucky dog owner c:

Alrighty folks it's getting late so I'm signing off, see y'all tomorrow c:
Star Runner
11:45:46 Star
And I'll still be calling you Textface XD
Rageing Stormz
11:45:11 That Pet Spider
Neat XD
But I'm going to call you Textless still XD
Star Runner
11:44:35 Star
Oh true XD

Toda means thank you in another language. So you'd be thanking me every time you call me that XD
KGB Russian Embassy
11:43:52 KGB / Nat
-WP Click-
Welcome to the Dead Room. Limited spots available.
Rageing Stormz
11:43:32 That Pet Spider
I guess not XD

Also here it is
It's a mess and not my greatest one, but drawing anything insect like was kind of difficult


Yeah or Toda XD
Star Runner
11:42:56 Star
On, not in wherever I wrote in :P

Rezika's Pack
11:42:34 Katie
Alfred F. Jones
11:42:33 America (Lord Salt)
He's adorable, and I love him to death. Rocco is the sweetest and cuddliest pup I've ever met.
Rezika's Pack
11:42:21 Katie
Meh. Boone wants tradional art anymore. V.v
Star Runner
11:42:04 Star
Hello XD

I'm Rage's friend Textface, the other one and only XD
11:41:53 ranger
oh my goodnesss!! what a sweet pup I can't <3 cx
11:41:37 Helious' Master
-WP Click-
Support? ^^'
Star Runner
11:41:26 Star
I was in when you weren't in I guess XD I haven't missed logging in daily for a long time

Does that mean that if I had a nickname like that, I would be Soda? XD
11:40:51 Helious' Master
Rage - You can never go wrong with more legs. >:)


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