Coral river
10:34:38 coral, river, mother
skeleton mext time verry firmly and calmly say stop alot of it is showing it doesnt bug you but also they shouldnt do it

Ghost its okay not to like kids :) with kids they tend to like people who hve a good aura or vibe coming off of them kids dont run up to people who dont seem good
Stardust Hurricane
10:34:19 Leon (They/Them)
10:34:14 they/he/it α
tell that to the white man 💀 they're just gonna take the kids anyways so what's the point
10:33:50 The Monster
My dog just stole my celery. Now I'm upset.😞
10:33:32 Ω Forseance
I feel like if you don't ever want kids you shouldn't be forced to have kids, it's your life and your choice
10:32:50 Ryann they/them
I have new users buying my decent talent and rarity pups and I'm glad I can give them access to those at a lower cost
Coral river
10:32:43 coral, river, mother
wendi having kids is about how you feel about them if you feel youd make a great parent go for it being a parent is all about learning as you go pf course when your ready for soemthing like that

forseance how kids turn out is based on alot mostly how you raise them and what enviroment they are raised in and what people they grow up arround its not easy its alot of you learning what you want in their lives and not
Ghost Eater
10:32:33 Ω Hunting Souls
i don't like kids but they seem to love me :/
they always follow me around
10:31:43 The Monster
Plus I like the thought of me as a parent, whether or not I have my own chikd, or adopt one as I was, as long as I can have that opportunity.
10:31:43 they/he/it α
last time i was at a social gathering, someone's kid was chasing me and beating me and wouldn't stop yet i wasn't allowed to fight back. i have a heart condition and am very fragile.
Coral river
10:30:39 coral, river, mother
ghost thats not a reason to have kids i had kids cuz i wanted to be a mother as good as my mother since i was five
Alpine Moon
10:30:38 Redd

I feel that. Just because I'm sending them away doesn't mean I don't care -- I just try to save space and give my wolves a chance to find other packs and have their own pups. I only have so much space to work with, why not let other people enjoy my wolves too?
10:30:31 The Monster
Chaotic I seem*
10:30:08 Ω Forseance
Coral river
I'm scared to have kids not because I couldn't handle them, I'm terrified to see how they would grow up.
Jesus that is even worse that you have to live with her too
10:30:03 The Monster
People tell me I shouldn't have kids, because of how chaotic in seem.
I like kids, and I do really well around them. I guess people just never see the marshmallow side of me.
10:30:02 they/he/it α
all kids like me but i do not like them 😭
Coral river
10:29:57 coral, river, mother
skeleton i learned at a younge age everyone has their oppinions and own feeling and its fine if they dont match up with mine cuz thats what makes someone unique i love seeing what kinds of different people personality wise are arround
10:29:32 they/he/it α
yeah.. i usually free range my pups. haven't purposefully retired a wolf since last year in real life.
i did accidentally kill a few two game years ago trying to move them out of a folder.. that fucked me up
Ghost Eater
10:29:05 Ω Hunting Souls
some people have told me i should have kids because most young kids like me ;-;
Coral river
10:28:56 coral, river, mother
khaos if i had room currently is give a pup a good home im just waiting on pups currently lol


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