07:24:15 Z, Chai
whats up snek and no im not eating XD
𓆙 The baddest
07:24:07 Snek snorter 𓆙
Banana Bread~

I am going to try to join a sport and being the lazy person i am its a big thing for me.UuU
Constricting pumpkin
07:24:02 Chickin nugget i was
-A s a h i-
07:23:04 ~Country Shai~
Your wolves played: F.U.N. ᴳ³ of pack Iron wrestles with Buried Alive🌻Blind in a good natured test of strength.

Okay so-

Who's wolf was this?-
Desire of The Hills
07:23:02 Caffeine Snorter

Desire of The Hills
07:22:43 Caffeine Snorter
Undead Larry 1 gargles Elite Speed and hits for 25 damage.
Undead Larry 1 flees successfully.


I hate when they flee
𓆙 The baddest
07:22:40 Snek snorter 𓆙
Guess what guys!!!
𓆙 The baddest
07:22:16 Snek snorter 𓆙

GO EATT!!!!You HAVE to!!!Eat healthy i am not gonna watch you starve UuU.I am good.
Constricting pumpkin
07:21:35 Chickin nugget i was
He probably did that stupid mela
Desire of The Hills
07:20:54 Caffeine Snorter

They stole a pup
07:20:39 Schatten/Shatter
The Three Kingdoms have been at peace for a hundred years now... but tensions are slowly starting to rise, especially between Vellamonta and Staelvor.
Murakagon isn't doing too well either, as it seems its people are starting to rebel...
Which kingdom will you join? Which side will you stand on? Who will die? Who will win?
Join the RP and find out!
-WP Click-
Constricting pumpkin
07:20:26 Chickin nugget i was
100 battle,17R 100T carries a pup
Stupid there are no pups worth carrying
Desire of The Hills
07:18:10 Caffeine Snorter
ES Albino Bloodline tail slaps Pheasant 1 and kills them.
You win 3 mushrooms
Pheasant 1 drops Claws and you pick it up.

Such a good ES bebe UwU
Desire of The Hills
07:17:38 Caffeine Snorter
you're welcome xD!
07:17:16 commit scooter ankle
You spy 6 Grizzly Bears.
Suddenly I remember why I hated the tundra.
Desire of The Hills
07:17:12 Caffeine Snorter
Die, Pheasant!
07:17:03 Mezmo/Hufflepuff

Thanks for the potion xD
Desire of The Hills
07:15:44 Caffeine Snorter
Cartooncat has stolen one of your relics.

Health Potion

Lmao, I have plenty of those-
07:15:41 Z, Chai
Hey snek! Honestly, scared out of my wits by a school project i did and hungry as hell T-T you?
𓆙 The baddest
07:15:07 Snek snorter 𓆙
Morning Chai!<3 How are ya?


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