06:20:02 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
i like :O
lucid dreaming
06:19:41 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Mx Pinkie, how? Your the one throwing a book at me
06:19:28 Techno | The Blade

Name ideas?
06:19:24 Luca Paguro
Lucid, Investiator
Okay do I need to lock you guys into a room so you guys can calm down?
06:19:18 beta xuwuan ♡
Character concept finally finished, sobs

06:19:03 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
don't jinx it lmao

i want to keep her though, i need more ocs. the one in that auction i was gonna keep, but i'm broke, sooo
Interstellar Sun
06:19:00 I'm back y'all
How does Clementine sound? -Click-
06:18:48 Aey, Aeli, Timber
How are you by the way? ^^

Sir Fridge
Yea, im trying to stay positive. It got real dark in my head for a while. Im trying my best to keep it positive haha

My memory has actually been pretty shit recently, so im glad I could remember at all
Investigator Saint
Mr. Licorice

Your lying you were being mean/j
lucid dreaming
06:18:13 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Saints bullying mee
06:18:05 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
I have a feeling Arctic will want her
06:17:33 *crying in slow-mo*

what do i do with her-
06:16:38 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
@Mister Timber,
That's the spirit! I'm happy it's over too, you deserve the rest.

:o That's right! Good memory
Arctic Angel
06:16:33 Seven
I'm sure it was. I do understand how scary it is, though, believe me. <3 Yeah, glad you're alright.
06:16:03 Luca Paguro
Okay I'll try
lucid dreaming
06:16:01 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Pinkie, how!? I did jack shit!
06:15:39 -Devil in closet-
Hello chat. I haven’t been active. Newborns are a handful
06:15:30 Luca Paguro
Okay. I'll do it. I'm just worried about me being- And he won't be-
06:14:57 Aey, Aeli, Timber
Yea, me too!
It was really scary being that weak and helpless..
But hay, im still here and thats all that matters.

Yea, so glad its over haha
Still got a long ways to go though, but im ready for it!

Sir Fridge! That was it!

06:14:49 Smallmach, Adon
@ Luca, I agree with Artic Angel. Talk to them.


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