01:31:36 Niyol(He/Him)
The markings on this oc i'm doing an artfight attack on is killing meee >>
Broken Archangel
01:31:24 Samael ,Flawed
-WP Click-

She needs to hurry up :/
Raven claw2003
Ya I do agree. I mean the suspense is what really got me. But man are clowns creepy
01:31:22 Vàsadae ^^
How do you get yourself to stop being depressed? I've got rp's to post on and update and orders to finish and I only feel like staring into space and doing nothing
01:30:42 lord Waterfall,Zane
arg I want to sleep but fear I may lose my KB wolves pups as Hope is not laboring :|
01:30:18 Not a Snake atm
Lunar, oh, can't help you then.
Raven claw2003
And it came as a shock because I'm scared of clowns
01:29:06 Rook
Raven claw
Yeah the first one isn't that scary. It's really the suspense. I feel like in the first one they were kind of trying to find their footing. The following movies are pretty good and have a little bit more action.
01:28:17 Death valley bridge
Nah not scary
But about a school long time ago had shooting but something stranged happen and saved kids

Its very good you should watch it
Raven claw2003
Got it I like watching scary movies with my family and friends to they make them alot less scary lol. The movie it wasn't really that scary I don't know why though I mean don't get me wrong some parts where.
01:27:50 Lunar / Mic

That won't happen-


I wish I could.
01:27:26 atlantis ✨
Yay my phone must turned onnn!
01:27:15 Not a Snake atm


You can't do miracles, can you?
01:27:08 Rook
Is it a scary movie? The word "miracle" in the title makes me think otherwise lol
01:26:23 Death valley bridge
Watch The Cokeville Miracle

My stepmom works at library so we get free movies to watch so she found that dvd and we wtached
Oh my God we cried
01:26:17 Hitoshi Shinsou
Become un-addicted
01:26:01 Lunar / Mic
I ran out of monster-

And I don't want to open my last can because it's for tomorrow.

What to do?
01:25:59 Rook
Raven claw
Oh yes, absolutely. But don't watch them alone! Scary movies are less scary when you watch them with friends or family. I like to watch them with my brother because we usually try to distract each other from being scared by cracking jokes
01:25:45 Lycan
Anyone up for a FxF role play?
Raven claw2003
Should I watch the rest of the movies?


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