Little Evergreen
05:31:37 Your Bread Lord
I literally just woke up.
05:24:32 Marcy
how are yall doing today
Destinations End
05:21:03 Desti, Coy, Coydog
04:50:39 Marcy
04:35:12 AutumnPillows
hey chat how is everyone?
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:29:54 The Bone Collector
Its 5:30 in the morning and 'm off to bed.
Cypress Road
04:24:21 Thanksgiving, Love
Hello chat
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:14:03 The Bone Collector
He's such a WIP. I started him few moths ago and the progress is sad.
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:08:09 The Bone Collector
I work fast food. I own a pair of Timberland Steeltoes.
04:07:49 Heli the Chat Ghost
Will do :) I'm going to head out for the night. Take care everyone!

@Silver - I hope you got something nice from your geodes!
04:07:10 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Zodiac - can't be nursing if you're wearing Timberlands... some sort of a warehouse? manufacturing? I used to have to wear steel toe shoes for 12hr shifts 5 days a week. it SUCKED. I quit that job after about 4 months. The money wasn't worth not being able to do anything on my days off because I couldn't walk
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:07:03 The Bone Collector
Send me a link if you do.
04:05:14 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
04:05:12 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:04:17 The Bone Collector
That stinks. I wear Timberlands. They have built in anti fatigue insoles that are a major help. But i went 4pm to about 2 this morning non stop with no break and went 12 hours yesterday non stop.
04:01:31 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Silver - Good luck!

@Zodiac - I also have problems with my feet. I finally found a shoe store that has people who are trained to check your gait and stuff as you're trying on shoes. My new shoes help a lot but I still need custom orthotics which are gonna cost me ~$400 cause my insurance doesn't want to cover them.
Silver Dawn
03:59:57 Canis Aurora
wish me luck
Wolves of the Zodiac
03:59:35 The Bone Collector
its my feet.
03:59:13 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Silver - I think it's safe to open them now. I got a fig this time :)
03:58:56 Heli the Chat Ghost
Ugh, pain. >.> I am actually pleasantly surprised that the radiofrequency ablations I've had done over the last 3 weeks are already starting to work and I can notice a difference


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