03:58:05 Leggy
Did you give up on our cat RP or do you want to continue?
Black Swan
03:57:29 Swan Swannity Swan
Worth it
03:56:17 Lycan
Anyone up for a pm role play?
03:56:03 b o n k
this game I just bought is 115GB i-i-
Geometry Dash
03:55:17 Centuries,Undyne
-WP Click-
03:55:02 Greenhouse Effect
;-; oh fridge. I'm in a buying mood
The Great Pumpkin
03:54:56 Rat queen/Derp Shark
So after mass exploring a enemy is a brat and I spend 30 mush on a map and pray I find it or just restart the level?
03:54:54 Leggy
I bred a female SV on my side account. It was really sad since neither parents had boosts and then I bred my DH to another DH and got duds
Double Dare
03:54:49 Panic
It's called Let Her Out

Supposed to be a horror, it's just so bad :')
03:53:00 Leggy
Wat movie?
Double Dare
03:52:45 Panic
I'm watching a movie and it's just so bad ._.
Black Swan
03:52:13 Swan Swannity Swan
Ah, the agony
Quoth the Raven
03:51:24 Nevermore
-WP Click-

Not the defect I wanted or needed
03:51:01 Ever, Evergreen
It's an angry little skink-
03:49:00 Rain, Hail
I got 88 enemies in Jungle six in winter and it's like I used up all my luck right then
My enemy counts have been low too
03:48:40 Riptide
03:48:21 Rain, Hail
Pain, pure pain
Black Swan
03:47:26 Swan Swannity Swan
Restarted my forest level three times, all had 26 enemies or fewer :')
03:46:59 Schatten/Shatter
For hundreds of years, witches have been seen as demons, and their only reason for existence is to destroy and be destroyed.
But, when the world around them has been cursed and they are the only chance for humans to survive, will they finally be accepted? Or will they be blamed for the curse?
Join the RP and find out!
-WP Click-
Northern Blood Moon
03:45:06 Riuka, Blood, Rayven
PM me to give opinion on an art shop idea!


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