10:09:44 nym
. . .
10:09:01 asher.png
im totally getting to you if you have to say that
10:08:55 nym
@Fog, I heard tea. What kind of tea do you like?
Fog Border Pack
10:08:20 Fog/Foggy/Mist
Fudge I almost choked on mah tea ;w;
10:08:03 nym
Stay strong Oakley. *^* Don't let Asher get to you.
10:07:51 🦊
This is getting annoying. I'm off to check out what's going on in sales chat.
10:07:11 asher.png
im dead and you're in a mental hospital because of how much I meant to you and you failed to give me the correct attention when I needed it most. How can you ignore me even then?
10:06:24 nym
Wow, I see you. I'm ignoring you now. .-.
10:05:46 nym
There we go. Finally a hug. owo <3
10:05:40 asher.png
but sadly I perished in your arms and for the next 12 years you thought it was your fault until the point where it drove you to insanity and you had to be kept in a mental hospital
10:05:17 nym
@Asher, you want appreciation too! You said so yourself. :)
10:04:55 asher.png

Okay fine hugs uwu
10:04:34 asher.png
yes because you actually want the appreciation >:((
10:04:15 nym
We are both bitter and stubborn. Let's just cuddle already. >:0 I am a tree now.
10:04:14 🦊
Wow, I have heard of Tree Huggers but I don't think I have ever witnessed a tree hugging in the process.
10:03:54 Primp
If I send you guys hugs, do I get appreciation too? XD
10:03:07 asher.png
oh I didn't think about me


whatever I'll just hug a tree >:((( trees love me
10:02:23 nym
@Asher, fine. I see how it is. I'll be cold and alone then. Hmph. Ast least whatever I feel, you have to suffer it too. :')
10:01:36 nym
I need cuddles. . . It's been so long since I even had a hug - let alone another human being touch me. .-. I hate that though, ew.
10:01:23 asher.png
no it's too late you've turned me down Oakley, you must now suffer in the hands of betrayal, just as you once done to me


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