Wolf Play - Online Wolf Game!
I think it's just when Eve sets it to but I know FMC and WoW is always on time for the 5th and whenever WoW is (i forgot)
Eve said it would, hopefully :P
 Thundering Embers
07:01:58 Thunder,Ember
When do news posts, well post? Is it a specific time?
06:59:45 Fei the writer
Demon Mistress
It is strange
 Thundering Embers
06:58:07 Thunder,Ember
-WP Click-
06:57:32 Star, your Beluga
Chat is very dead
 Demon Mistress
06:55:03 The Scary Mod
Ooo I hope this stays lol
06:53:00 Star, your Beluga
Demon Mistress,
I do
Demon Mistress
I did, but I gave it away
 Demon Mistress
06:50:56 The Scary Mod
Anyone else have 30 cp to give to someone else's wolves?
Element wolf rp! A ton of roles left! -WP Click-

Grim Reaper RP!
-WP Click-
With humans (and non humans if ya PM me)
 The Nightshades
06:41:28 Night Shade
One of my wolves has been in labor for HOURS! -_-
06:41:09 Brightside
Holy shit you /can/ smell me
06:39:19 Brightside
You called me?
06:32:36 i can smell you
On the bright side. cp money sink is back
Should be
06:27:18 Mac and Cheese
I come on and she's been in labor for who knows how long
-WP Click-
Oh ok, so that is the new normal then?
Eve upped the CP today :P It's supposed to be staying


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