Clear Eclipsed Pack
10:29:49 Fluffy
No problem!
The akita tree
10:29:20 ✧akita✧
No one has bid on any my wolves in mah auction yet sad
Howling to the moon
10:29:05 She/they
The Reapers souls
Can I know why I am hated for no reson?
Star Tha AOD
10:28:26 Star (she/her)
so it feels like it's asleep, no matter what you do? and Pasta is your new nickname from me
The akita tree
10:27:39 ✧akita✧
Yas Thank you that name is stunning
Creepypasta Manor
10:27:32 CreepyPasta

my whole arm has a dull radiating pain
Clear Eclipsed Pack
10:26:41 Fluffy
Brindled'Spirit FOR Pup 38
Star Tha AOD
10:26:35 Star (she/her)
morning! and that sucks, i don't think that's happened to me before but that prob hurts a lot
10:26:19 Cloudz, Pumpkin
To the class that makes me feel like im in elemantary again and not college-
The akita tree
10:25:51 ✧akita✧
The reaper souls
Good for u so am I xx
The Reapers souls
10:25:26 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I gotta get back to college byeeee
Star Tha AOD
10:25:21 Star (she/her)
that sucks, i hate when i get yelled at, espically when i just got up or i'm still half-asleep
Creepypasta Manor
10:25:14 CreepyPasta
pretty sure i have a pinched nerve in my shoulder thats just great
The Reapers souls
I am girl
The akita tree
10:24:51 ✧akita✧
-WP Click- any name ideas?
10:24:46 Morgana
bone collector lol
10:24:38 Shen
God I wanna die. My body is literally killing me and my mother is now yelling at me because I forgot about an appointment.
10:24:22 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I used to kill 30 pups a gy when i would mass breed


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