05:09:31 HuFfle
Yeah that too and you can get them for more than you initially wanted sometimes.
05:08:59 HuFfle
Fish Market...
It attacked me so suddenly that single phrase and now it consumes me, what was done cannot be undone
05:08:16 coochie!
05:08:14 Abs | Abby

thats what i do too, but mainly because it gets rid of them almost all at once
Stormfast Empire
05:07:57 Fish Market
Oh no, it happening...
Book Bean
05:07:33 Semi Sad
Thanks Huffle!
05:07:27 coochie!
i guess i'll have to do an auction to get rid of these dud pups then wtf
05:07:25 HuFfle
You have earned the nickname fish market in my heart I am sorry I will never be able to call you anything other from now on
05:06:05 HuFfle
Yeah the only way I can get rid of wolves is through auctions now.
Stormfast Empire
05:05:37 Fish Market
Funny, normal sales: Dead

Sales after I post something: Icelandic fish market
05:05:18 Riptide

Oh it was really more than 5 NPC
05:05:01 b o n k
chat not going is pretty recent, actually. Like the past month or so it's been not nearly as active as it used to be
05:04:46 Lacer / Mockingjay
also, what the fuck, why is my neighbourhood having a potluck?? I'm not going, but I can hear the laughter and smell the food?
Black Swan
05:04:19 Swan Swannity Swan
Same with sanctuary. I've seen ordinary wolves go for 500 mush
05:04:12 HuFfle
I think Cashew James flows nicely
05:03:55 coochie!
really? thats weird!! anyone know why that is?
05:03:53 Rabbit
what about Curse
05:03:52 Lacer / Mockingjay
woah another puffle
05:03:42 Schatten/Shatter
For hundreds of years, witches have been seen as demons, and their only reason for existence is to destroy and be destroyed.
But, when the world around them has been cursed and they are the only chance for humans to survive, will they finally be accepted? Or will they be blamed for the curse?
Join the RP and find out!
-WP Click-
Mafia Queen
05:03:40 Ashlyn
I basically only buy traditional. I just can't find any high talents.


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