I just came on to find out 2 of my females gave n=birth, but m dne was full, and the pups dissapeared. Can I get them back?? PLZ HELP ME!!!
.*+ Coffee Bean +*.
10:54:42 Moth Qüeen
Henlo :p
10:54:30 YaLocalCrackhead
10:54:23 nym
@ilannaqq, this situation is less than ideal for a lot of people. I hope you can find a way to get some peace and quiet - without violence. x'D

Ah, lucky duck. I'm pinned with 3 hours of work a day. Pretty decent actually. I think they want to keep us physically active - some of my activities are to arrange words out of household objects lmao.
10:54:16 Wanna-be Rat

nope, once someone sets their pack name its occupied
Belle Nation
10:53:50 Wanna-be Rat
Bella Luna
10:53:43 The Sicilian
Hey, is it possible to change your pack name to some one else's...say like a mod or something?
10:53:32 YaLocalCrackhead
i love chicken chu's art uwu
10:53:02 Muchos Artsy
Tiny Bear


After solas
Aa- Thank you ;-;
10:52:12 bless the mad ones!


it's so good!!
10:51:58 Bear
Looks so cute UwU
10:51:37 Popo / Port
Im am laughing because I think one of my old bestfriends I went to middle school with is in my college class. And I haven't known all along. And they are both named Mike... so i'm confused
10:51:33 Em / Flu / ila
Normally I can drop him off to go hang with his buddies but I can't do that anymore with the quarantine. I lost my only strategy for total peace and quiet and I think that's what I'm upset about at the moment, haha

I'm on 'spring break' so I don't have any online work at the moment
10:51:21 nym
@Decadia, same here. I wouldn't be surprised if the military starting prowling the streets. No one is obeying the crack down. On my parts, the sun is also very bright and the sky is marble blue. Very pretty.

Isn't it crazy to think that the land stretches on and on and we are both just sitting somewhere in Colorado? :0
10:51:11 Muchos Artsy
Tiny Bear

Its a comission, the other peice of art is a mess qwq
10:51:02 YaLocalCrackhead
i put a bunch of cookies in my pocket eterday for snacking and i forgot about them, now i have discovered cookies in my pocket and i am so happy XD
10:50:42 Bear
Oooo may I see?
10:49:16 nym
@ilannaqq, I thought I was the only one. My sister wants to act like she's queen of the world. And she's younger but the same height as me. Arguably stronger too.

Yes, go draw something nice and relaxing. :)

I should probably do that and then start on my online school stuff.
10:48:38 Duck
oakley- very sunny blue skies. there's so many people outside almost as if quarantine isn't a thing very fun. what about you?


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