06:56:07 sloot
Rushie, ah- those all sound like lovely things. What are you (if you do end up doing so) going to write about?? *^* Also, what music? Qwq

Viceroy, AAA- but they're so prettyyy. I love Nyxus art- that design looks quite tricky but pretty nonetheless lmao
06:56:01 Rushing Waves
Ooo, that'll be good, then.

I have the opposite problem-- Making worlds for animals seems too mundane for me. Human worlds are kinda fun!
06:55:20 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
Yes :)
Then my hands can be free!
06:55:18 Aey, Aeli, Timber
You think she was a stray, run away, or abandoned?

I could suggest some names, hehe-
I hope you can keep her, if she doesn't already have a home. One of my friends just recently rescued a disabled kitten :>
06:55:16 beta xuwuan ♡
-Click- :eyes:
// Cian Amore //
Is anyone else having issues with the page saying retry for live version at the top?
Snake God
06:55:11 Serpent Lord
they were evenly distributed throughout my digestive organs.
// Cian Amore //
Is anyone else having issues with the page saying retry for live version at the top?
06:54:48 Rushing Waves
Crawfish?? Lucky! I may not enjoy eating them, but I enjoy catching them with my siblings when able
06:54:40 beta xuwuan ♡
Of course, :shy:

That sounds fun! Crawfish is great. They terrify me because they always have been seen in hoards because we always have massive crawfish family get-togethers, sobs
Pastry Lord
06:54:25 Deadlywolf/chef
back Pinyata did you share them out?
06:54:22 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
good point.

at least this one might interest me more? i like making worlds centered around animals, it seems easier for some reason.
06:54:20 sloot
Juan,, literally goals- good job good job and some more good jobs- can I see the design? :shyshy:
06:54:19 Techno | The Blade

I would but she has work so that's a no go XD
Rest in Peace
06:54:03 Look! *yeets self*
-WP Click-

-WP Click-

Of these two- Keep or kill? Probably gonna kill both, but who dies first? XD
Arctic Angel
06:53:56 all about tinfoil
06:53:54 Rushing Waves
Just. Just roll with it. It's the best you can do at this point
06:53:47 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
I'll hide all the paper from you
06:53:37 Aey, Aeli, Timber
That sounds lovely, omg-
I would kill for some wings right now
06:53:27 Vice Versa
Aha thanks!

Yep yep!


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