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 Dark Fire Wolf
05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.
05:20:39 Amy
For now...
05:19:30 Fei the writer
at least he left Bo alone
05:17:18 Amy
Beats me...maybee because i break to many chatspeak rules XD
05:07:36 Fei the writer
Yes, I will memorialize him so he can still haunt everyone when they visit
05:06:19 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
If Salad dies you will memorialize him right? Bringer of Nightmares to many packs
05:05:43 Fei the writer
why is he following you?
05:04:42 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Salad's up for one last jaunt, it seems. XD
05:04:33 Fei the writer
oh fucking hell. He is 20. Can't he wait until death script is over?
05:02:52 Fei the writer
You know that most of the time he is out and about is when I'm away.

He loves giving your wolves and other packs nightmares XD
05:02:30 Amy
Look who just showed up in forest XD
04:59:12 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
My wolves are very much not fine. XD
04:58:14 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Okay I trawled through forums for a bit
According to ET in January 2023 Deathscript is at 7:45am GT. So you have... less than three hours
04:56:48 Fei the writer
anyway we'll see about Salad if he lives or dies
04:55:03 Fei the writer



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