09:54:52 they/he/it α
yep. just hope i can get through this playlist before my mom wakes up to scream at me
Coral river
09:53:16 coral, river, mother
skeleton that sounds fun lol
09:52:54 they/he/it α
listening to low quality lyric videos so this problematic creator doesn't get paid for my listening but i can still cure my brain rot
Coral river
09:52:11 coral, river, mother
ghost im waiting to throw up have had the feeling all day and it wont just happen so itll either go away or happen
09:49:19 Ω Forseance
Ghost Eater
The puppo knows your weaknesses and she uses them to get benefits lol
Ghost Eater
09:47:56 Ω Hunting Souls
coral mother
im pretty ok ^^
how are you?
Coral river
09:46:16 coral, river, mother
ghost how are you by the way i wasnt reading names lol
Ghost Eater
09:45:26 Ω Hunting Souls
honestly ;-;
i can't bring myself to take it back from her, she looks so comfy
09:43:50 Woof,Hermit,Luci
heyo people
09:43:42 Ω Forseance
Ghost Eater
The puppo is to strong
09:42:55 Oki, Ki, Stupid1
FMC starts tomorrow! I'm so excited ^-^
Ghost Eater
09:42:35 Ω Hunting Souls
my blanket is being stolen by pupper again >.>
Coral river
09:42:31 coral, river, mother
the fact that all i have running threw my head is this is halloween
Coral river
09:42:05 coral, river, mother
oh nooo my brain went into spooky time ideas now im trapped lol
Ghost Eater
09:41:40 Ω Hunting Souls
desti's back?
hi desti!!
glad your eye is at least some what better ^^
Dead Space
09:41:28 Space
Hell yeah! Spooky time °^°
Coral river
09:40:50 coral, river, mother
its so hard to choose i kinda wanna do something with a jack o lantern theme
09:39:59 Ω Forseance
Destinations End
That is really good that the swelling has gone down to where you can read chat again ^^
Coral river
09:38:43 coral, river, mother
rave you know i can do a raven lol ill get a sketch started after i throw up
09:38:27 Screech...Run
Okay pm the responses from here be back in like 20ish


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