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 AutumnFire Pack
05:12:13 Autumn/Fire
Agreed! Some of them are pretty, but the ones that burn my eyeballs the most is Sweet Poison's.
 Tribe of Green Fern
05:12:08 Fern, ( she/her )
hi chat!!!
 Mandalorian Magic
05:11:43 Star Wars Forever
I thought I saw Josh Gad and Luke Evans sitting together!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! It might not be them but still!!! {If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're from Beauty and the Beast live action. Gaston and LeFou!!!! I hope I'm right!!! I don't know if I'm right though. . . They really looked like them though. . .}
05:10:49 Chior, Jax
In general bright pallettes hurt, but I suppose some of them can be pretty
05:10:13 Slate, Gray
Hi chat!
 AutumnFire Pack
05:09:48 Autumn/Fire
I hate bright palettes at night, but love them throughout the day. Not my palette, but other people's palettes. That's why--if you've ever heard me--I complain and say something like, "Ack! Bright Palettes hurt!". But I don't really care.
 los campesinos!
05:09:10 she/her
ough my tongue is numb
05:08:16 i can smell you
Reminding myself to read the game guide for game terms
I call dud wolves fails sometimes
And leucistic wolves as lucys like in real life
Im too old for this game I somehow dont remember all these jargons
05:07:36 Spider
You don't wanna see my other one then lol
05:06:58 Chior, Jax
I hate bright palettes
 AutumnFire Pack
05:06:12 Autumn/Fire
I like bright palettes.
05:05:35 Chrissy
my breeders report is so long right now.
 AutumnFire Pack
05:05:32 Autumn/Fire
Star Wars Forever
 Mandalorian Magic
05:03:18 Star Wars Forever
Hey guys!!I'm watching a murder mystery show with my dad!!! It's called Murder On the Orient Express!
05:02:33 Slate, Gray
Clearsky shivers in fear at seeing a stranger wolf.

Mood: Subdued

You are 1 out of 3 BE trained wolves in my pack. How are you scared!?
 Witch Doggo
05:00:25 Witch, Doggo
-WP Click-

please Vote
 AutumnFire Pack
04:59:38 Autumn/Fire
What does the Secretary Bird do? I know it keeps track of your income and expenses and all that, but is there anything else it could do?
04:58:40 Auk, Locket, Anklet
Night Lew!
04:57:35 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Ohh lol! Well goodnight, chat! <3
 AutumnFire Pack
04:56:55 Autumn/Fire
Dawn🌅 gets stung by a bee.

Stats: Wisdom +2
Mood: Hurt

Ha, get wrecked!


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