09:06:32 KitKat/Stalker 1
i always overpay or underpay, never the right amount
The Empire Cat
09:06:19 kwitty cat
Bossy is a new male to the pack she no likey
The Empire Cat
09:06:02 kwitty cat
Your wolves played: Adora bares their fangs at Bossy.

woah there girl
09:05:50 KitKat/Stalker 1
@dev haha yeah i need to think about payment right now
Love Desires
09:05:12 Dove
Your wolves played: Stars |UL| peers out from behind a thicket, their body completely still apart from tip of their tail.

She's practicing, lol
Devil's Gambit
09:05:04 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Watching forums like a hawk
09:04:25 ET
Between 80-96 hours
Redcliff Pack
09:04:17 Rey Isobel | Rey
Devil's Gambit
09:04:06 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Cannot say over main chat
Icywolve pack
09:03:32 Icy/Prime
Hord the chimas and vitis
Love Desires
09:03:23 Dove
It takes about 4-5 days
star wolves
09:03:13 I'm a wolf boarder
thoughts on clover? -WP Click-
09:02:52 piss baby
when do wolves go into labor?
Redcliff Pack
09:02:27 Rey Isobel | Rey
Guys, how much are chimmies worth? I keep getting offers on mine but I'm clueless :/
Devil's Gambit
09:02:12 Dev I Devil I Fridge
I have accounting and spreadsheet knowledge on my side. I will take the challenge.
Howls Of Thunder
09:02:00 Level Of Concern
Cries, that was a while ago, If I still had the photo I'd upload it. Sadly, I don't know what happened to it.
09:01:03 KitKat/Stalker 1
@howls gorgeous! I love nature
09:00:47 KitKat/Stalker 1
@devils i doubt anyone will, i expect a lot which is the problem xd
Howls Of Thunder
09:00:40 Level Of Concern
Cries, I read your about this pack, I love taking pictures too, I took a picture one time of a bird in mid-flight.
Devil's Gambit
09:00:19 Dev I Devil I Fridge
*and age


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