raining, maybe name him after ur pack?? he looks like storm clouds, if that helps?? ^^" i not then i'm sorry
Ivory Shadows
11:54:13 Ivory
I just found my thrianta pictures and the first is Apollo with his 1st class win i believe when I first got him 2 years ago. The next are his babies in a towel while I held them from last year.
Duskfall Hill
11:53:55 Dusky

Clouded Rain, Clouded Storm, Heavy Rain, Grayed Blue, Overcast Skies
11:53:38 Nom om

I don't think nothing needs to be fixed

It looks amazing!
And besides
Yoongi just joined yesterday and we have no clue if their even an artist
From the looks of it
I highly doubt it
11:53:33 Lunar / Mic

I still read that shit because I love the cliches. The r rated scenes aren't half bad either. That's how I created my shifters and got ideas for my own books but they aren't as bad.
Welcome to Hell
11:53:27 Lucifer, Luci
-WP Click-
Help me
11:53:21 Blu

Hey, can you post it again? I can help you with some more concise critiques.
Shadows At Twilight
11:53:17 Dark envelops you...
I don't know if you saw my post or not, but I love your style! The banner looks amazing, and the OC is so unique!
It looks a lot like your avi, so I'm guessing it's a wyvern or a different species, but you obviously drew it well! <3
Red Dawn
11:52:59 KC
anyone seen doctor sleep? only half way and wow
11:52:50 Blu

Honestly, she really needs to get a better hold on her dogs, hot damn, haha.
11:52:43 Nom om

Already told em that
Clouded Views
11:52:39 Fumikage Tokoyami
I'm going to be honest that isn't extremely specific on what's to be fixed ^^"
11:52:35 Lunar / Mic

Yup. I have a lot more there also some book previews of stories I am writing.
11:52:23 Blu

Oh, I for sure don't knock Wattpad for the writing opportunities, like, the amount they're doing since I first started is insane.

However, the fuckin' werewolf/billionaire/bad boy bullshit is.
I used to read that stuff like... like, I don't know, something you read a lot.
The stories are in-sane.
Duskfall Hill
11:52:21 Dusky

I find it even funnier that she'd be in the desert or the jungle or whichever explore area you use, just chillin', looking for her missing doggos
You draw it.
-WP Click-
Anyone got name suggestions for this boy? A name that means something- I'm not naming him Ash.
Broken Archangel
11:51:35 Samael ,Flawed
Lunar your poems are on wattpad
clouded veiws, i think that's a dragon but i'm not sure. so maybe u could take video drawing tutorials????
Yakone of Atuun
Yeah it's a rather strange encounter


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