11:21:41 🐍
-WP Click-
11:21:37 The Master Hoarder
Bio Rival
I love that foxy child- *^*
They're so cute ;w;
And of course lil sirius made them even cuter- *^*

Lli Sirius
I hope so- *^*
Maybe like... 50 of them-? xD
11:21:22 Raven
I guess no one thought it was funny.. I'm still cracking up though. Sorry guys. XD
11:21:10 🐍

73 pages...
11:20:34 The Master Hoarder
:0 Wow that's amazing! I got so excited seeing that WIP that I showed my doge in question, but I think she thinks I'm stupid now xD

Yep! :D I got two new OCs in the past two days and I'm finally sorting the batch of almost 30 from last month xD
Revenge Is Sweet
11:20:28 Smile.jpg || Misty

Tim just has a "What in the actual fuck?" Expression the whole time-
Star Runner
11:19:37 🌟
Mother Fox
Wow XD Good luck!
Maybe a few will be my designs? XD

That's Judgement?

I know right XD
Rageing Stormz
11:18:57 That Pet Spider
I got an RP reply so it's time to reply back XD
11:18:45 🐍
Book Worm

I forgot!
uhhh uhhhh
11:18:21 🐍
Forum Foxie

Book Worm
11:18:19 📖+ 🐛
4+ days without an rp reply..... I just might go insane. But I do understand that they have lives outside of this game and we all get writers block and such, but I've been dreaming about these couple rps and now I have so many ideas. I need to write a book then I guess while waiting.
Revenge Is Sweet
11:18:04 Smile.jpg || Misty

Tim's face in that whole video-
11:17:59 Em / Flu / ila
Aye, I was just excited about how quick I was going as normally I take a solid 2 weeks to get one done and I'm aiming to finish this one up by the end of tomorrow!

Ohhh, forum lurking is fun. Same with sorting OCs! Have you gotten any new ones lately?
Rageing Stormz
11:17:57 That Pet Spider
Now you can see her true form XD

Because I could never draw women anyways so they'll all be Jojo buff XD
11:17:49 The Master Hoarder
Bio Rival
Give me like 3 secs- xD

Lil Sirius
Oh noes-

I'm aiming for 199 since ET's giving me a free design once I hit 200 xD
11:17:27 Norse
My bf just made me watch a two hour movie in Hindi. I was trying to post for a roleplsy and it signed me out.
Subtitles are not my friend
11:16:46 The Master Hoarder
xD Better get to sleep then! Don't push yourself too hard <3

I'm doing good! :D
Lots of forum lurking today *^*
And just sorting OCs :3

Star Runner
11:16:39 🌟
Oh gosh XD

Ninjago Realm
11:16:21 Waterfall,Zane
Star Runner
11:16:09 🌟
Mother Fox
Omg :O

That's a lotttt XD But awesome

I want a 100 OCs-


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