07:21:56 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
yes. i just also think you shouldn't put everything you think or do out there on the internet ;-;
Interstellar Sun
07:21:36 I'm back y'all
My dog tried to chomp that cats head,, now shes asleep in my lap
07:21:34 sloot
Probably why my friends list will always be itty bitty but quality over quantity lmao- I never really take the looking for friends mentality,, I require a bit more than "we just get along"
07:21:31 Smallmach, Adon
@ Queen, well the internet and social media. It's all changed.
07:21:20 Rushing Waves
That's fine, as well. That's your personal information, if someone pesters you about it, you know they have ulterior motives
07:20:50 Vice Versa
True that. I hate that people use online personas to lie about themselves. It's sad :/
07:20:35 Baka | Venom
Hey chat <3
07:20:35 *crying in slow-mo*
to be fair, i've never really been out there on the internet if you know what i mean. i keep a lot of things private. :P
07:20:02 Smallmach, Adon
@ Kodoggy, I married my best friend through good bunch like that. :)
07:19:51 Rushing Waves
Exactly! Over the years, you just kinda navigate through those people better
07:19:01 sloot
With my online friends there's just a mutual trust that we're not lying to each other. I sorted through all the people and found the cool ones (you know who you are uwu owo)
07:17:18 Rushing Waves
I think with Bron, there was that phase where we only acted like our online selves. But as time went by, we kinda just... stopped faking. And since then, we've written 40+ short stories together, all more than 5k words
Interstellar Sun
07:16:15 I'm back y'all
I care for people so fucking much I cry sometimes about others problems
07:15:53 *crying in slow-mo*
yeah, i'm not gonna care much for someone who projects a false version of themselves online, even if it is still close to who they /might/ be in the real world. it's so much easier to lie, make shit up, etc online than in real life cause you're not face to face with that person.
07:14:29 Rushing Waves
And that makes sense. For me, I met my best friend and co-author on here. We met through a roleplay in 2017, and since then, we've been writing together for years. She's talked to my family and vice versa, etc.
07:14:25 sloot
I don't think I could describe myself objectively- I like to think I know myself somewhat maybe though?? :')
07:14:10 bojangles / bo
-WP Click-
all votes appreciated :')
07:12:59 *crying in slow-mo*
i normally don't care much for others online :P i mean as relatable and nice as someone is, i don't /actually/ know that person. i could care for you, but not as much as i would compared to someone i know on a more personal, real life level.
07:10:47 Rushing Waves
My thing has always been if I can make someone's day by saying something nice to them or just saying hi, then that's enough for me. I enjoy talking to others if it means it'll make their day better
Interstellar Sun
07:10:33 I'm back y'all
Ow, how do I stop her from biting my toes-


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