Stranger Things
02:21:01 Alexei

Eww Arabians.
Wolves of Asgard
02:20:20 The Dragonmaster
That turned out better than i planned.
02:20:15 DaD/Dr.Devorak
I own 9 Arabians and 2 Percheron/
Maenads Of The Stars
02:19:49 Strai | Celestia

Plot: Three Coyote Packs different in their skill set and each refrain from meeting with each other. The great Canine Goddess, Gula appears to one of the Healers of the 2 Clans warning them of imminent danger of the Sacred Pup, the Pup with a fire red pelt and golden eyes, what happens when the young kit is no where to be found? Will war rage between Clans because of the missing future? She's the key to moving into better lands and connection with the Packs of the Past?

-WP Click-

Coyote RP, lots of Spots
02:19:23 Creepy idiot
Nah, I own 9 now ^^;
Anyways if anyone wants pictures of the new girls feel free to PM me. The filly is only one month old and extremely fluffy :0
Hawthorn Light
02:18:32 Thorn, Light
Buckskins are my favorite. I flipped (bought untrained and resold) a beautiful buckskin paint a few months ago. My off the track is a DARK bay, and we are looking at a little dappled gray thoroughbred to flip now.
Stranger Things
02:18:17 Alexei

Warriors Of Dawn
02:18:09 Entn
Figure of joy ♡

02:17:24 Lenny | Anakin | BL
I miss when I got good rarity pups, or just good looking ones that I can battle like crazy. I had one good litter I didn't retire but only kept one. The Alpha male ;-; he's super cute, that's what saved him from the retire button
02:16:38 Kira / Ray / Picachu
Stranger Things
I do too!!
I also have a Buckskin, a light grey (pretty much white) and a red roan!
Warriors Of Dawn
02:16:29 Entn
For many years , two packs of wolves; The Dawn Pack and The Darkness Pack have been at war. They are like fire and ice.
They hate each other, and wolves are constantly losing their lives in the brutal fights packs between.
Suddenly, one day, the leader of The Dawn Pack and the leader of The Darkness Pack dies in a fight, killing each other.
Who will be the new leaders?
How will this war end? 

Sign-Up here!
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Pack Alpha
02:15:23 Alpha // Jo
I have 50 Relic spots now
Stranger Things
02:15:14 Alexei
I have a Palomino ^^
02:14:59 Lonely
@Jupiter- are these your first horses?
Maenads Of The Stars
02:14:35 Strai | Celestia
Cuuute, I love palomino! I hope to buy a horse one day
Hawthorn Light
02:14:28 Thorn, Light
Ooo I love cobs! We have one at the barn named Tasca and he is the sweetest little angel. I personally own an OTTB.
02:13:15 Creepy idiot
Irish cobs, a mare and her filly. The mare is fully white and the filly is palomino :)
Divine Seeker
02:12:22 Aloha
I hope her pups are good. I would like at least 1 DH pup in the litter...

-WP Click-
Maenads Of The Stars
02:12:00 Strai | Celestia
Sales, Winter :3
02:11:36 Deadly Piñata
When your mother tries to ship you with the guy who stalked you because she doesn't remember his name :|


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