Shadow Sages
09:35:23 SS, Sages
Dragon~ I like your dystopian verse. :)
09:35:08 Hazey
how the hell do I stay motivated to finish an animation meme ive had for 3 months now >>
Shadow Sages
09:34:28 SS, Sages
Life~ Eating a quick, very late lunch lol Nothing exciting.

And you?
09:34:24 No one important
I'm really bad at practicing-

Honestly, though, I'm not sure I could actually get one. Maybe rent? Hmm. Though, if we're talking instruments and practice... I did always like piano. My youth group has a piano.

Something can be done with that-
09:34:16 The Rat King
Wait really? But it seems generic to me ;;
09:33:21 Le Spoon
I dont think anymore. I just licked my cat.

I dont know what to write about anymore
09:32:02 practice 40 hours
09:31:28 practice 40 hours
bro, i suck at fantasy verses, but i can tell that that's not considered "generic" at all--
Shadow Sages
09:31:05 SS, Sages
Cloudy~ xD

Hey Life~
09:30:04 The Rat King
Now I'm even more curious. I'm sending you a pm so I'll know more about this >:)
09:29:52 practice 40 hours
@arrest me
oooh, yeah, you might just need a different type of wind instrument. you should give it a try again. just be able to practice at least an hour a day or something, and it should start getting easier. it's a slow process, so just be patient and try to not get frustrated easily. learning a skill is hard and takes time, so. nothing you can do about that. just keep practicing. practice 40 hours a day and you'll be able to remurder Paganini.
09:29:51 Le Spoon
Im bored what should i write about
09:29:01 The Rat King
Dude if we're talking about imaginary verses stuff I have like several of them just living in my head rent free from.the past 10 years xD

I have it written down in a doc and I'm changing some stuff up and seeing if any of the new lore/ideas works with what I got. It's a distopian world that flooded and mermaids appeared after some weird water god (or angel being? I haven't fleshed it out yet) took pity on the humans and spliced their DNA to be more fish like so they wouldn't drown. Of course, there's other mermaids (look at my characters tab in my bio for more information about them)
It's so hard thinking of ideas :')
09:27:39 practice 40 hours
ayoooo, i didn't notice you there--
09:27:34 No one important
Nah, I like using reeds! (plus whenever I pick up a stringed instrument I fail miserably) I just... really wasn't a fan of the clarinet after a while. Maybe sax like my bro? Saxophones are really kinda neat-

Ha xD It's pretty extensive, but I will tell you it involves dragons, can change to involve people, and has this superior god-king that knows only cruelty.

There's so much more though. You could probably PM a question and I'll tell more >:D
09:25:02 practice 40 hours
i can relate. i have a verse in my head that's existed since i was like 15 and i love it dearly but damn. it still has only 1 character--

probably best to write it all down somewhere? and just think about what-ifs and shit. just throw ideas around in your head even if you think it sucks and it might lead to something interesting. just give it a go. brainstorming can be a slow and painful process, so be patient with yourself, dude.
09:24:16 Cloudy, goblin
I never realized his name would make me laugh so much when my wolves played XD
Shadow Sages
09:23:44 SS, Sages
Cloudy~ That's pretty funny. xD
09:23:43 The Rat King
Thanks! I'll need it. I can tell xD

I kind of want to know the lore >> just a tad bit, y'know? I'm curious.
09:23:17 practice 40 hours
@arrest me
LOLOL. wind instruments are impossible, man. maybe you're better off with something with strings?

you better tell me about that L o r e, bro.


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