Stardust Hurricane
01:54:35 Nagito (he/him)
I'm really excited to see what my alphas produce. Hopefully the pups are good.
01:54:05 Fairy Godchild
01:53:50 Techno | The Blade

I saw the comment and favorites on TH

They made me very happy ^^
01:52:41 ssa das
??? The fuck did I do?
01:52:17 Techno | The Blade

I am going to bed but if you see this...

I saw what you did-
The Canis Lupus
01:51:57 White Wolfs/Ultima
night yall!
Ah, yeah i get that but again im not a serious player and im okay with loosing a few pups
The Canis Lupus
01:49:25 White Wolfs/Ultima
I'm really tired as you can see/hear in chat. Oof Im gonna hit the hay
Stardust Hurricane
01:48:53 Nagito (he/him)
I'm almost falling asleep on the couch at this point.
The Canis Lupus
01:48:26 White Wolfs/Ultima
Sorry, and I had the problem of pups running away. Then, I couldn't keep her so I sold her, never knowing what her pups would look like
01:48:16 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@Canise not the moive the show the moive was made from ('made' )it was okay I still love the show
Little Pumpkin
01:48:06 Cloudz
I think they mean you probably will loose a bunch of pups if wolves give birth all at once
01:47:19 KT
Stardust Hurricane -
I feel that lol, my friends seem to want to chat at the most inopportune times. Sleep well when you get to it.
Lupus I'm a she, but i really just enjoy seeing the color combos i get, im not one for the rarity or all that im just here to see what i can make
The Canis Lupus
01:46:38 White Wolfs/Ultima
Noice movie! :)
01:45:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
well off to watch ninjago
Little Pumpkin
01:45:51 Cloudz
Almost all wolves wolves are either chims are vitis. (One viti, I'm boarding for someone)
The Canis Lupus
01:44:35 White Wolfs/Ultima
I saw his den, looked at his pregs, looked at the wolf slots, went back and forth about ten times and went: I wouldn't want that to be me
Stardust Hurricane
01:44:19 Nagito (he/him)
I think I probably will go to bed soon. I'm just waiting a bit longer to see if I get any response messages. Sometimes the people I chat with in my mail pop up at strange hours.
Little Pumpkin
01:43:52 Cloudz
I believe


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