Pickle Rose
02:01:46 The things
@Crimson @Kirro



So that is just a name holder until I actually name it?
02:01:14 Semi-Hiatus.
I was picking my wolves to enter in a PvP and then it just said that the battle was completed .-.
02:00:51 kirro
Looks like you named it that, did you accidentally type the price of something into the 'Name Market Den' bar?
Halt O'Carrick
02:00:18 Arrêtez
950 is exactly where the name of your market den goes.
Crimson roses
01:59:44 Sacrifice pups to me
Did you name it that?
01:59:22 Starry
Hmm.. nope. I see the 950 on yours though.
Golden Summit Pack
01:58:58 Maple
Your wolves played: Oscura licks an icicle and gets their tongue stuck to it.

It's Spring thoughhhh
Pickle Rose
01:58:29 The things
There is a sign on my market den that has the number 950 on it. I checked others market den but I can't see it. Does anyone else see some type of number on their market den? it was probably there before and I am just noticing it
Maenads Of The Stars
01:57:45 Strai | Celestia
Your wolves played: Amber Claws G3 Viti2 ExH ExW tries to fish and falls into the water.

Nooo! Woman your pregnant! You better not give me duds!
01:56:49 Callie, Spider Lover
-WP Click-

Like if you want bones just do this.
01:56:05 Starry
Nope. I beg of you, don't play wolfparty. It will be a disaster.
01:55:56 Callie, Spider Lover
Almost always you can get the exact same wolf in trading post cheaper
Hawthorn Light
01:55:16 Thorn, Light
I can be. But most of the time you will just get duds. My former alpha (Up In Flames) is a wolf party wolf.
Haunted Dreams
01:55:06 Ghosting
Sometimes yes, sometimes no XD
You could get a complete dud, or a beautiful wolf with good talents and even a boost if you're lucky.
Fr3ak 0f nature
01:54:59 Agony
i would love him lol. but im broke.
01:54:33 Callie, Spider Lover
Fool's Gold
01:54:24 Fool, FG
Not often. XD
Fr3ak 0f nature
01:53:48 Agony
is the wolf party thing worth it?
01:53:36 Callie, Spider Lover
Light teal
01:53:10 Sheena / Rachna
No, not applying. I'm making him.

Nothing really special, but his beauty, rarity and battle skills. And fee breedings to everyone, unless he's the Alpha. But not to worry, I'll make another wolf as the Alpha and make a girl like him and sell him.

Would anyone like him, to buy?


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