Spookley Boo
12:43:31 Fairy Godchild

Oh gosh. I'm pretty sure that's untrue lmao-
Akarui Hoshi
12:43:03 Akira/Autumn
Your wolves played: Procyon sneaks around poking every wolf in the pack

Girl you were on thin ice and now you pull this? Lucky you're cute lmao
12:42:46 ssa das
I have been useless for two months. Congratulations on not being me.
12:42:05 Fairy Godchild
I have been having MAJOR character brainrot, and I have been writing non-stop since 7 PM after finishing some college modules
12:41:14 Fairy Godchild
Hey Asp!
12:41:01 ssa das
Hey, Spell.
12:40:40 Fairy Godchild
12:40:21 ssa das
I... don't think so? You may have, but I probably just forgot.
Stardust Hurricane
12:37:50 Nagito (he/him)
You're welcome.
Yeah it does. It seems to happen a lot to me. I sometimes wonder if I just suck at roleplays or something. It's super discouraging.

It's okay. I do have one roleplay that's been going really smoothly for quite a while now so that one has been keeping me pretty well distracted from my worries about the others. Still I do wish the others would continue or that I'd get a message explaining what happened.
12:36:30 Techno | The Blade

Love that XD

Also did I authorize you?
12:36:11 ssa das
Either way, you're still gonna do better than me, lmao--
12:34:20 Techno | The Blade

Just wait until I upload all 40+ characters on standby...

That's when the real test comes.
12:31:59 ssa das
You're far better at organizing than I ever will be *^*
12:29:13 Techno | The Blade

You are hopeless you know?

Also I think I am done for tonight on organizing so you should go check it out ^^
12:27:09 Local Poofer

Thanks! Being ghosted in an rp kinda sucks, sorry you gotta go through that

I'd rp with ya but I'm already in like

6 other roleplays right now sksk
12:25:40 Lycan
Looking for role play partners. I can do any topic and any pairing. Please do not ghost me that is all I ask.

I am hoping to do a mxm role play
Ninjago Realm
12:25:33 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Jay Walker walks into a bees nest and runs away from the swarm.
um Jay why
Stardust Hurricane
12:25:18 Nagito (he/him)
Aw. That's so cute.
12:24:39 Local Poofer

Eating and working on art

Finished this the other day




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