Shadows At Twilight
12:15:58 Dark envelops you...
Cookie for you.
12:15:26 Nom om

Different Times
12:15:17 Spell's Puppet/Kerm

What's a boyfriend?

Sounds nice, I kinda want one
12:15:12 Blu

Duskfall Hill
12:14:40 Dusky

I know right! My boyfriend is a bit darker than me, he has brown eyes and long hair but no tattoos. Yet. He has a piercing though, but he doesn't wear it. Sad face
Shadows At Twilight
12:14:29 Dark envelops you...
-WP Click-
Please help ^^

I have cookies.
Who wants cookies.
Different Times
12:13:53 Spell's Puppet/Kerm

Thats hotter than hot XD

Where are these guys at >.>
12:13:46 Blu

I love a good wholesome video, though.
They make me cry every stinkin' time.
12:13:00 Blu

Oh, cool. You seem to have that down pat, lmao. I'm... pretty all over the place.
Duskfall Hill
12:12:14 Dusky

I like guys with long hair, tattoos, olive to dark skin, a sexy laugh, a good personality, etc.
Duskfall Hill
12:11:11 Dusky
I saw this video where this autistic guy was told that his girlfriend (I guess?) was pregnant. His reaction was to gasp, do a happy stim (which is ironically the same happy stim I have) and cry and hug her. It was so wholesome <3
12:10:53 Blu

shfdhshd all facts, no fluff, my dude.


Ehh, in males I've got a pretty particular type, I wouldn't necessarily call them, like, physically super attractive, but, for sure we can agree on Markiplier's voice.
Clouded Views
12:10:36 Fumikage Tokoyami
12:09:30 Nom om

Dissociating requires me to get on headphones and jump around unconsciously while watching a made up movie that I make as I think about it in my head.
Sassy Otaku
12:09:13 Chuya Nakahara
I really want to stay up until this wolf gives birth but I've got nothing to do until then-
Duskfall Hill
12:08:48 Dusky

Oh yes. His voice is like silk, if he made a audiobook I'd listen to it to fall asleep.

I also love Jacksepticeye as well, he's hot too. Septiplier <3
12:08:11 Lycan
Anyone up for a pm role play?
Fog Border Pack
12:08:10 Fog/Foggy/Mist

Very much so XD
Clouded Views
12:08:09 Fumikage Tokoyami
What if you disassociately write that rp reply

shfdhshd thank you -
Ivory Shadows
12:07:28 Ivory
Thanks! I shall!


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