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05:23:35 Vah is banned

Biggest IPad screen you can get. I think it's called the 13in. now but when I got it it was the 12.9 in.
05:22:28 ET
Awh man </3
I don't think I'll ever get used to it, I'm a graphics tablet loyalist for LIFE, I swear.

Oh man, how big? :0
05:21:53 Chior, Jax
okay but what if we need a dark mode thats not a pallette? Just cause not everyone can get premium
05:21:29 Vah is banned

Oh it takes so long to get used to it, let me tell you--

I then made it more difficult for myself by buying a bigger screen LOL
05:20:58 ET
Thank you! :D
I'm still not used to drawing on an iPad so my art looks so different on it LMAO
05:20:25 Vah is banned

Ooooh that sketch looks good already!
05:20:11 evebot
I could be wrong, but I think Venn sells a dark mode palette
05:19:30 ET
Chainsaw dawg gonna get some art
05:18:51 i can smell you

Im not a chicken guys
05:18:48 Chior, Jax
Still not a good eanough dark mode
05:18:28 i can smell you
Eve consider a dark mode for us night time silkies

Never mind I forgot we had default palettes to choose from too
 Cypress Road
05:16:40 Cy, love
Me too considering there was a good hot moment I didn't think I was gonna be able to. I wasn't sure my parents would allow me to.
 Mandalorian Magic
05:14:28 Star Wars Forever
I looked it up. I was right about Josh Gad!!! I knew it was him!!! Omg I have to tell my dad I saw him!!!!
05:14:07 Chior, Jax
I think we can all afree on that
05:14:04 i can smell you
HorseEden Palettes: photomanipulated rog coding paradise
Wolf Play palettes: thousand of eye deaths in australia alone
05:13:43 ET
my old palette used to get so many 'Ouch, my eyes!' comments ahah. This one not so much.
05:13:36 Slate, Gray

I'm so happy you get your dog back!
 Cypress Road
05:12:54 Cy, love
So glad I was talking to a different lady today at the pound. She was so nice about all of it and even took 50 dollars off the charges for me to get my dog out so only had to pay 160 instead of 210. Gizmo will be back home on saturday
 AutumnFire Pack
05:12:13 Autumn/Fire
Agreed! Some of them are pretty, but the ones that burn my eyeballs the most is Sweet Poison's.
 Tribe of Green Fern
05:12:08 Fern, ( she/her )
hi chat!!!


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