05:24:22 Ever, Evergreen
X probably either doesn't want to hurt your feelings or doesn't know how to respond.
Dance in the dark
05:24:19 Dark/ dancer/ Lillth

It was a yellow healing potion. You’d be surprised how many I get with bad paws, broken tails, and zero health.
The Great Pumpkin
05:24:18 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Dance, I think that might be so because she did ignore me for a month and it was stuff like hi and how are you that she ignored before I told her I liked her...

Swan, Hufflepuff.. I kinda hope you two are wrong but thanks for your advice <33
05:24:03 TS
Forget it LL. >.>
Dance in the dark
05:23:16 Dark/ dancer/ Lillth
But I agree with hufflepuff
Black Swan
05:22:42 Swan Swannity Swan
Perhaps she's still processing it, and needs more time. She might bring it up eventually, or maybe she might never want to talk about it again
05:22:13 HuFfle/Huffin Puffin
I think it means X might just want to be friends, or doesn't know how to respond to your previous text
Dance in the dark
05:21:25 Dark/ dancer/ Lillth

Hummmm, maybe she didn’t see it.
Stormfast Empire
05:21:18 Fish Market
Don't worry Huffin Puffin. We all do it.
05:20:50 HuFfle/Huffin Puffin
My shame and embarrassment of reading but not actually processing what the words say haunts me everyday
Stormfast Empire
05:20:32 Fish Market
Which potion?
Dance in the dark
05:20:31 Dark/ dancer/ Lillth

The Great Pumpkin
05:20:27 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Lets say a month ago I told a friend named X that I liked her.Lets say X never texted me back. So X's and I's favorite band is releasing a new song tomorrow. So I texted X "Hey so and so's new song comes out tomorrow" and she responded.. did she miss my previous messages? Or is that her way of saying she just wants to be friends?
Thicc and Phat pumpk
05:20:18 Eeeekk/spoopy AF
Ohhhhhhh I see lmao
Black Swan
05:19:55 Swan Swannity Swan
Anything you purchase in Barter (from the game) will automatically be buried.
Stormfast Empire
05:19:44 Fish Market
I know, but Huffin puffin said to steal = to sell
Dance in the dark
05:19:44 Dark/ dancer/ Lillth

Dang it! I got one of my potions stolen, I need them for my rescues :,(
Zombified Breyer
05:19:01 Nightmare Street
Would anyone be up for a roleplay in PMs? Feel free to check out my bio :)
Black Swan
05:18:28 Swan Swannity Swan
You will encounter a den in explore, and it will randomly belong to any of the packs online. If the pack is of a faction your faction is against, say you're a Darkseeker and the den you found is a Lightbringers, your wolves will raid either food or relics from that person's den. Neutrals raid each other's dens.

Once you find a relic, you have one minute before packs can raid it out of your den(unless you bury it)
Thicc and Phat pumpk
05:18:08 Eeeekk/spoopy AF

Steal is to take something


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