Coral river
10:20:37 coral, river, mother
khaos i wouldnt retire someones pups thats mean
Coral river
10:20:12 coral, river, mother
cho thats why its impressive some of our great grand parents survived it i think they stoped preforming them without anesthetic in 1880ish not 100% sure
10:20:07 Ryann they/them
I really dislike when people buy my wolves just to retire them :( I want new users to have access to pretty wolves at good prices but people always take them for quests
10:19:42 they/he/it α
yeah.. if i had a kid they would not be okay.
Coral river
10:19:06 coral, river, mother
wendi yeah my pertyness came out and now im like how much you wanna bet its a girl and watch their joy be shattersd
Chosen Ones
10:18:44 Cho
Oh, that sound so so painful and the poor children, I would of too.
Coral river
10:18:32 coral, river, mother
florseance let me tell you if you have kids youll never go a day without saying dont lick that and get your hands out of your diaper and whats in your mouth
10:18:20 ten
idk i think its perfectly fine to acknowledge that having a kid would mean they’d likely end up with similar problems as you and feel like that isnt a good option
10:17:52 The Monster
Coral, just for that, I kinda hope you have a girl. I dislike the bias(is that the right word?) / gender desired type of relatives.
Coral river
10:17:38 coral, river, mother
cho my fiance showed me an article maybe five hours after having our first about how babies used to have to undergo open heart surgury withou anesthetic and i broke so badly
10:17:23 Ω Forseance
To be honest I don't think that I could be a parent. I'm impressed that there are people out there that can handle children
Coral river
10:16:42 coral, river, mother
ghost dont think that cuz if you have a kid keep in mind they hold all their love and affection for you in their little eyes and you are their world till puberty
Chosen Ones
10:16:12 Cho
I’m still in high school and I take child development. We had the fake babies last week and I got emotionally attached to it. It was hard to give it back. I loved having it so much.
Coral river
10:16:04 coral, river, mother
wendi my youngest is abse off dragon age inquisition 😂 thats where i got her name
Coral river
10:15:34 coral, river, mother
forseance they say its not important but his grandmother has to constantly say things like i know its a boy or hell be here soon or telling my daughters not to jump on their baby brother and his mother goes yay its time for a boy now all the time so do most of the females in his family
10:15:30 The Monster
To be honest, I'd probably name a kid based on a video game character.
10:14:05 they/he/it α
not planning on kids and hope i never am forced to have them.. respects to people who can handle being parents.
Ghost Eater
10:13:49 Ω Hunting Souls
if i end up with a kid related to me, they're gonna be so mentally screwed :'D
10:13:46 The Monster
I think schizophrenia is genetic on occasion. I don't remember.
10:13:39 Ω Forseance
Coral river
I feel like the baby's gender shouldn't matter. I'm sorry but I don't understand why they are disappointed


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