The Original Toothy
11:16:45 Toothy/El/Bluetooth
'You win 2 mushroomsmsg'

Errr, what? I think Growl glitched ;3;
11:16:43 nym
Feed = Wings - that's what my brain read anyway.
11:16:43 nym
Feed = Wings - that's what my brain read anyway.
Luna-Moon Pack
11:16:24 dammit MoonMoon!
Thanks you xD
Twist Of Fate
11:15:28 Twistie
omg no it wasn't chicken meat x'D It was chicken feed, -Click-

xD They aren't being cannibals, I just spilled a crap ton of it while filling up their feeder.
The Original Toothy
11:15:27 Toothy/El/Bluetooth

That's brilliant!
I have so many OC's already, I'm making one from a Feline rp at the moment called April, ver pretty kitty

You've got a very imaginative mind there xD
Pvp anyone? :0
Luna-Moon Pack
11:13:58 dammit MoonMoon!
Hecc that's long...sorri ^^''
Luna-Moon Pack
11:13:33 dammit MoonMoon!
Oof lol xD.
Thancc <33
Yes, basically, and one will have a black eye patch, and the other a white one....I still dunno wut color the body should be :\
-5 Seconds Later xD-
Oh! Wait! Maybe it could be one side of the body where the head is white, the body could be blacc, and the other the same but opposite color! :D

I just came up with it because I haven't seen anyone have an OC or something like that *yet*, so I thought I'd give it something new :p
11:13:22 nym
@Twist of Fate, that is wrong on so many levels. x"D
Twist Of Fate
11:12:27 Twistie
The chickens are eating it off the ground x'D I just hate that it'll get wet and spoiled before they get all of it though
11:12:22 YaLocalCrackhead
i have 6 females preggo and 4 den spaces, but all the females are spread out in preggo time, so i should be okay, plus im purchasing more den space tomorrow. :"D
11:11:31 nym
@Twist of Fate, eat if off of the ground. >:)

I'm doing fine. A bit weak from not eating. I should probably go do that.
Come Vote i need help choosing Alpha Pair -WP Click-
The Original Toothy
11:10:45 Toothy/El/Bluetooth
I think it was more of a fun joke~

So do I, I have the time I just can't be bothered.
That's so creative, will one head be white and the other be black like the yin and yang?
11:10:03 CEO of being ugly
I turned on my friend request for one of my friends in real life (she just joined yesterday) and I wake up to 5 other one from people I don't fucking know lol
11:09:46 Duck
i just looked in the mirror and -hoooly my hair looks like a damn nest >.>
Luna-Moon Pack
11:09:45 dammit MoonMoon!
tamks for asksking uwu.

Created a new OC I'm super proud of, like I just told Bluetooth over there ^^
11:09:36 Kitten/Kitties/Kit
Shi- I lost my Tylenol somewhere and I have a massive headache
Twist Of Fate
11:09:22 Twistie
I accidentally dumped out a good bit of chicken feed on the ground x.x How bout you? :'D


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