07:12:59 *crying in slow-mo*
i normally don't care much for others online :P i mean as relatable and nice as someone is, i don't /actually/ know that person. i could care for you, but not as much as i would compared to someone i know on a more personal, real life level.
07:10:47 Rushing Waves
My thing has always been if I can make someone's day by saying something nice to them or just saying hi, then that's enough for me. I enjoy talking to others if it means it'll make their day better
Interstellar Sun
07:10:33 I'm back y'all
Ow, how do I stop her from biting my toes-
07:10:28 Aey, Aeli, Timber
Woah, same!
I gotta poof, so pm me if you wanna keep chatting ^^
Snake God
07:10:16 Serpent Lord
i have lEgs D:
Snake God
07:10:06 Serpent Lord
in real life...
im not a snake ;-;
07:09:50 she/they
-WP Click-
p o l l
07:09:21 sloot
How people differ from their internet personas is really interesting-
07:09:14 Fairy Godchild
Ayo I need personality ideas for a blue Roan filly/mare
07:08:43 Chat Stalker
07:08:17 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]

i'm the same but not really? instead of being more boisterous and confident online, i'm the opposite.
07:07:34 Fairy Godchild

It is. I knew both of my great grandmothers
07:07:17 Rushing Waves
You make it work though, so that's neat XD

In real life, I'm pretty much the same. The closer I am to you, the more comfortable I am with being blunt and sarcastic
07:06:13 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
being an asshole is my brand B)

very different online, though. i'm way worse in real life-
07:05:54 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
;; I'm warning you
07:05:20 Rushing Waves
Ahhh thank you~

I try to be ^^ I'd rather be known for niceness than for being an ass. There are times I *can* be one, but it seldom happens.
Arctic Angel
07:05:03 all about tinfoil
07:04:54 Aey, Aeli, Timber
Aw, thats super sweet. Most of our recipes are from my great-great grandma, so I get the feeling haha
07:04:07 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
No.. you can guess what I'll do. So no.
07:04:03 Rushing Waves
It's sort of a fanfiction for a roleplay game I've liked for years (I won't say what it is cause, ya know, rules), but I'm taking what little there is and taking tons of creative liberty.

Basically, the main character needs to save money by rooming with others, and somehow, she ends up at a huge estate with five brothers and one woman married to the third eldest. They're actually demons, they find out she's half demon, there's gonna be action, death, angst, etc.


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