03:41:18 Ever, Evergreen
Never mind! I found it. It's under the oven now.
03:40:46 Ever, Evergreen
It ran. I can’t find it now.
MoonShade Spirits
03:40:43 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Midnight Fire
Sol. Which Is sun in Danish
-S h o k u-
03:40:26 -Asahi- :']
I need a female to breed with now- I need one now- I want to carry on the life of my dyna coat, I want the other pup if there is two- I want his next gen now.
Kit Kat
03:40:03 Chocolate crunch
if you'd like to RP, Pm me! I've got a romance topic. please be literate and able to play any gender.
Geometry Dash
03:38:50 Centuries,Undyne
Pm me names?
Midnight Fire Pack
-WP Click-

what should i name him?
MoonShade Spirits
03:38:46 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Use a fan or mabye a breeze to get it out mabye that will work
MoonShade Spirits
03:38:46 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Use a fan or mabye a breeze to get it out mabye that will work
03:38:36 Lavender or Animoot
-WP Click-

Any name ideas?

Also school is so boring.
Dark Forest Pack
ohh ok thank you ^^
Dark Forest Pack
ohh ok thank you ^^
03:37:05 Ever, Evergreen
Master Breeder,
Usually I would leave it alone, but my parents are coming home in 30 minutes and they're tired of it getting in. I feel like they're going to kill it, so I want to get it out before they get here.
Dark Forest Pack
oops sorry if its spamming for anyone ^^;
Dark Forest Pack

It means that they are injured
03:36:41 Lavender or Animoot
Dark Forest

Means they need a healing item
Leopard Lover
03:36:30 Leopard, LL
They have an injury. Go to their page to see what injury it is and how to heal it. :)
MoonShade Spirits
03:36:29 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Dark forest
there injured
Dark Forest Pack
anyone know what the red + sign is on a wolf? cause two of mine have it and I dont know why its happening
03:36:13 Lavender or Animoot
Any name -WP Click-


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