The HellHowlers
01:45:10 B Jake
-WP Click-
Please Vote I need help on how much this should be

Yes my brain goes at warp speed sometimes making it so I can barely speak and they always are like “what”
01:43:24 Dabi | Swag
Looking for a Rp Partner! I have a few topics

Supernatural x Human
Human x Human
Horse Shows
Country Girl x City Boy
Bad Boy x Good Girl
Player x New Girl
Singer x Fan
Gang Leader x Bad Girl

Please PM me!
Snowy Huntress
01:43:17 Chef Hunt | Primp
-WP Click-
Looking for a semi-lit rp partner!

Click the link to see more, or post a submission form!
01:42:10 #268264
-WP Click-

A semi-literate/literate survival roleplay that takes place in the aftermath of a earthquake. The twist to the dogs survival? Players are tasked with building their own group from the ground up.
I'm far east(legit on the ocean) and in like the middle of the country, but my brain also works pretty fast, so when I go up to Pennsylvania I have no issues same with going to Florida

It’s fine I will break down soon enough. I will show it if I finish lol
01:41:43 treasure/littlebear
-WP Click-
Vote please ^^
01:40:47 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Names pm me please
The Snowboi
01:40:40 Snow, Snonono
xD Can relate. I can help you if you want ^^

Just designing I am so lazy
01:39:37 _Queen
Question: Should I sell my first brindle pup or not?

That is very true however I have always heard people say that you talk slower in the south(I live south) I go up to northern Wisconsin every year for family and always get picked on for talking slow XD and yet I can never understand them lol
The Snowboi
01:39:23 Snow, Snonono
(back on my main)
designing one or actually creating one?
Gosh do I want to put work into making a custom :/
The thing with pronouncing is in certain areas their are different dialects, like up north in the states open sounds like pin, they also talk faster than down south
01:37:21 Pepper or Mint :)
Thanks ^^ I'll be hopping onto my main account now-
a s t e r o i d
01:36:43 Peier :{D
-WP Click-

Semi-lit dragon RP!! Lots of roles still need filled!!!

Wow 47 rarity good job! And happy (early or late) birthday!
Wandering Thieves
01:36:12 Thief
For the life of me I cannot pronounce beignet! Like New Orleans? I don't know it's just weird


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