11:18:37 Blu

Oh, wow. They're really pretty, such clean fur.
Your buck looks identical to Rhosgobel, damn.
It's a shame the other colors are recognized, it's really fun seeing the different variations... well, anything can come in.

Ah, yes, the age-old truckbed Insta baddie lighting, haha.
Fairy looks regal, though.
Duskfall Hill
11:18:28 Dusky

What device do you use? Different devices have different ways for screenshotting.

For my Chromebook, it's ctrl and then the box with the two lines on the side
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:18:19 Dragon of WP
I already created my human hybrid. I need to develop her still and find and or create a partner for her.
11:18:09 Lost~
Ivory Shadows
11:17:37 Ivory
That is a fact right there xD and mine are escape artists
Duskfall Hill
11:17:29 Dusky

Me too :3 I just said to my boyfriend, who is his papa, "which ever one comes to use first will be ours."

Sure enough, tiny 6 month old baby Domino came hopping up and sniffed me. Rest is history ^-^
But how do I take a screenshot lol
Mafia Queen
11:17:00 Dinglefritz

Her conformation is beautiful. 0.0 Her arch... perfection...
National Sanctuary
11:16:57 MLB Fool, Nats, Fish
I wish I could actually afford to start owning some animals again
11:16:26 Tolk, Took
Eve is lowkey a baddie
Miss Wolf
11:16:06 A Potential Hazard
I know right XD
Duskfall Hill
11:16:04 Dusky

It did. How dare you xD
Mafia Queen
11:16:03 Dinglefritz
Rabbits have massive personalities. I never thought they did anything but eat carrots and sit still all day until I decided to show them and got Squeak. They're evil geniuses.
Ivory Shadows
11:15:58 Ivory

New Zealands come in 4 colors and 8 varieties. Red, Blue, Black and White/REW. Those are divided into solid and broken pattern on the pelt. The breed can also come in a TON of other colors but they aren't officially recognized to show. The first one is Hunter, my buck and the second is my doe, Fairy. Ignore the fact she is on the back of my truck, that was after a show and the lighting was good lol
Shadows At Twilight
11:15:57 Dark envelops you...
I want to make a hybrid OC.. maybe something human?
Any hybrid ideas or ideas for their power?
11:15:48 Horror
Duskfall Hill
11:15:41 Dusky

Well, he's about 3 years old so I don't know if it would stick. That and, intact bunnies are less likely to be litter trained
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I'm sorry if this breaks chat
11:15:15 psst it's twistie
I spent the afternoon at a doctor's office wearing a darn mask discussing treatment options for Lyme Disease >.>
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:15:00 Dragon of WP
I must got a new idea for a OC. I've been watching the Order for the past couple hours now.


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