09:01:03 KitKat/Stalker 1
@howls gorgeous! I love nature
09:00:47 KitKat/Stalker 1
@devils i doubt anyone will, i expect a lot which is the problem xd
Howls Of Thunder
09:00:40 Level Of Concern
Cries, I read your about this pack, I love taking pictures too, I took a picture one time of a bird in mid-flight.
Devil's Gambit
09:00:19 Dev I Devil I Fridge
*and age
Devil's Gambit
09:00:06 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Depends on rarities and bloodlines
The Empire Cat
08:59:32 kwitty cat
Should I trade my chim for a viti?

Also are vitis rare? Sorry if this goes in sales
Devil's Gambit
08:55:39 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Professor Stapleton,
Ooh, well I will see if I can put in a form then.
08:55:02 KitKat/Stalker 1
@devils yep, im opening this idea now in forums^^
Devil's Gambit
08:53:22 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Professor Stapleton,
I used to want to be an accountant, so I was always keeping tabs on everything. The instinct still sticks.

Yes, it makes sense. Depending on the person though. I personally enjoy making spreadsheets to plan breeding times and labor :,)
08:52:36 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Vote comment please
08:51:51 Dollarstore Quackity
Thank you
Howls Of Thunder
08:51:47 Level Of Concern
Hey Cries!
Howls Of Thunder
08:51:37 Level Of Concern
Rowan, or from Barter.
08:51:21 KitKat/Stalker 1
@rowan howling to the druids in explore
08:50:58 Dollarstore Quackity
How do you get Apple blossoms and spring water?
08:50:33 KitKat/Stalker 1
@devils neat, also you make a good secretary haha.speaking of which, does it make sense to hire other people to manage my breeding plans? im so lazy and dont want to do math
Devil's Gambit
08:49:55 Dev I Devil I Fridge
That was in the evening too for when I checked ^^
Queen of the Forest!
08:49:53 Forest, Queen, Angel
Nope, not me, I had Icy Wolf
08:49:30 KitKat/Stalker 1
@devils wow really? thats fast
Devil's Gambit
08:49:09 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Almost at twenty more votes more than the other day :)


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