Amber Pack
02:20:29 Ahumber

I can't draw paws.
Devil's Gambit
02:20:25 Dev I Devil I Fridge

Well I did warn you...
Motivation can't be spelled without the 'i'. You need to get your head in the game (or out of the game) and find something that needs doing. Finish that art commision, scribble in those lines, erase mistakes like your life depends on it. And if art won't help you, to outside and take a walk in the park (while masking).
Chimeras & Melas
02:20:24 Chim, Mela
ignore that lol
Chimeras & Melas
02:20:19 Chim, Mela
02:19:10 Sealove
why am i so cold??

Practice makes perfect I am sure you will get it
Rebel's rein
02:18:16 Bagel ghost thing

I'll take that in mind
It just bothers me so much
02:18:01 Lucid [] LN [] Blue
I did draw a human head though,, the face was off proportion "://
02:17:38 Ken~Kennedy
Guys, what online drawing programs do you use? pm me, i'm seeking a new one.
02:17:26 Miss/Mom Mod
When you order food but half of it is missing :")
Devil's Gambit
02:17:21 Dev I Devil I Fridge

Its not like I'm asking much of him, just to take a good whack at a little bird.

Fine, I admit they can be scary. Especially when charging at you
Rebel's rein
02:16:46 Bagel ghost thing

I wouldn't mind it to be honest

It’s ok to take and off day just make sure you are using it to recharge for the many days to come :)
02:16:43 #268264

It's in all us right now. We loved them, protected them,trusted.. them. But now they've left, and now we're all scared of what will happen next.

Are we going to make it without them? Can we really just depend on each other?

-WP Click-
Amber Pack
02:16:42 Ahumber
Mouth's done.
Now to do the paws.
My nightmare.
02:16:12 Sealove
hey im back how is everyone :)
02:15:30 Sandy

Nope grendel is too strong I’m back to healing them again
Devil's Gambit
02:15:27 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Don't make me to into life coach mode. I will and then you'll be stuck with it
02:15:17 X || Xesei

Ah doing well thank you :)

The Snowboi

Yeah no problem, good luck if you do try :D

Those pesky little birds are scary XD


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