heh its tough but easier than an office job i will say
07:55:22 Lead poisoned
Damnnn an actor too? Props to you again
no it really is T.T im an actor so i had too pigeon
07:54:18 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Blaze, good XD
alright thanks again pigeon
07:54:14 Lead poisoned
Also respect to you for learning English this language is so complicated for no reason 😭
oh ok! thank you ruggie
07:53:24 Lead poisoned
I think wolf names are ok but bios would probably need to be English translated
 Sassy Otaku
07:53:23 Chuuya/Ruggie
I think bio would need to be English
But wolf names are fine I think
07:53:21 Blazer/Fire/Nesta
I'm good :) thanks for asking
07:52:56 Will
Gonna fight my coworker
He wouldn't take the tip I left him >:'[
07:52:54 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Blaze, iam ok how are you?
hey does anyone know if wolf play allows none english in bios or wolf names? im new and english isn't my first but i want to check first thank you so much
07:52:09 Qyu - all pronouns
you're the real sonic
07:52:00 Blazer/Fire/Nesta
Well how are you?
07:51:32 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Blaze, ha ha not yet
07:51:26 Rory
I fought everything that came my way. lol I even did the text encounters.😅
07:50:00 Qyu - all pronouns
That's one move per second... did you not fight anything or do the encounters? also your wifi is jacked tho
07:49:25 Blazer/Fire/Nesta
I thought you left by now lol
07:49:01 Brett/BRUCE/she!
hey Blaze!


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