Well skinks I think eat mostly bugs like crickets but they can't really be lured out
Also skinks eat insects
03:32:41 b o n k
If it's hiding it probably won't come out for food, best thing to do is shut the dog in another room and only have one person in there. Try and use a broom or something to gently push it out from wherever it is stuck
MoonShade Spirits
03:32:22 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
type what do skinks eat on google
03:30:40 b o n k
I just bought red dead redemption 2 and even though it's on sale it was pricy ;<;
03:30:31 Ro
i only have bird familiars :/
03:29:18 Ever, Evergreen
I know nothing about lizards and google isn't helping.
03:28:58 Ever, Evergreen
A skink.
MoonShade Spirits
03:28:36 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Help with what
03:28:08 Ever, Evergreen
the invalids
03:24:46 seraph
my best battle wolf isn't old enough to battle, should have been training someone older aha
03:24:11 Schatten/Shatter
For hundreds of years, witches have been seen as demons, and their only reason for existence is to destroy and be destroyed.
But, when the world around them has been cursed and they are the only chance for humans to survive, will they finally be accepted? Or will they be blamed for the curse?
Join the RP and find out!
-WP Click-
03:23:47 Riptide
Swan, same, even I'd say most of the times the pack wasn't expecting that (was not trying to breed one)
03:22:40 Ever, Evergreen
Do skinks like lettuce? Is that something I could use to lure it out?
Black Swan
03:22:25 Swan Swannity Swan
I feel like most of the chimeras on here came into being from non-chimera heritage
MoonShade Spirits
03:20:37 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
sorry posted twice
MoonShade Spirits
03:20:08 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Im proud Of myself -Click-
03:19:45 Riptide
anyone PvP?
MoonShade Spirits
03:19:17 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~
Im proud Of myself -Click-
03:19:08 Ever, Evergreen
Okay, maybe you can help, then. The past month, a skink has been getting into the house. It lost it's tail last time, so I know this is the same one. It's gotten in four times now and I need t lure it out from under the refrigerator. How do I do that? My dog ad sister are pacing in front of the refrigerator and scaring it.


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