Geez my boyfriend is kinda in the middle he has a belly and he's tall but not over weight...
Dad bod is what me has xD
12:24:17 Flex Master :3
Thank goodness xD
12:24:14 Nom om

I've known from the start when I went into the ice cream store and saw a 4th grader(I was like, in second grade) and I just wanted to hug him and squeeze him

I could rant about chubby people till the end of time
Serial Dreamer
Since we're talking about attractive people...
12:24:04 Lunar / Mic

You missed the wattpad talk
12:23:47 Flex Master :3
Uh I feel like I stumbled into chat at the wrong time lmao
Clouded Views
12:23:38 Fumikage Tokoyami
I'll just have to take your word for it ^^"
12:23:24 Lunar / Mic

Hmm? Whats wrong?
Pudding Cup
12:23:19 Road Work Ahead?
I don't-
Duskfall Hill
12:23:11 Dusky

The unfortunate redneck factory. Welcome to South Carolina, where the men like beer and watching Nascar :3
Shadows At Twilight
12:23:10 Dark envelops you...
I had a idea but i don't think it's good enough to post in the forums-
Adding moon flowers to the rewards for the FMC ^^' like those not on the leaderboard get like 10, 25 or whatever is the bottom through 3 get 30, second gets 40 and first gets 50 :3
12:23:03 Blu
Oop. Spoke too soon, lmao.
12:22:59 Nom om


Oh..Oh god..
12:22:50 Blu
It's wild how y'all have such set, clear types. Hot damn.
Lost Stars
12:22:42 Lost Stairs
i'm kind of jealous of people who know what their type is. i'm just over here like. guys? girls? both? neither? crush or friendship? hhhh emotions are hard ;-;
12:22:38 Lunar / Mic

You are just like my friend Faith. And freaking love it!
12:22:10 Blu

Ohhh, that makes sense. As long as you know whatever you feel, or don't, is no better or worse than its antithesis, then you're golden.

That's actually a really interesting dilemma.
Maybe, think of it this way -- you know that grateful feeling that fills your chest when your waiter finally comes with your food, like, that divine gratefulness for their very face and presence?
That's... that's kinda like romantic love.
Different Times
12:21:59 Spell's Puppet/Kerm

What factory he from?

12:21:52 Nom om

Most of WP knows this but

I'm a hardcore chubby chaser. Lol
I like bigger guys

Tall, chubby, darker skinned dude.

Fuck a body pillow
You can just lay on em
Squish their unapologetically adorable cheeks, poke their belly

Call them Winnie the Pooh because why not lol


Good God
Chubby and Tall males just
Make me weak *^*


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