Pickle Rose
02:04:24 The things

I named it and it changed so I won't burden on it
Wolves of Asgard
02:04:19 The Dragonmaster
Hows that color?
Halt O'Carrick
02:03:11 Arrêtez
Most likely, otherwise report it
02:03:10 Semi-Hiatus.
6v6 PvP?
Pickle Rose
02:01:46 The things
@Crimson @Kirro



So that is just a name holder until I actually name it?
02:01:14 Semi-Hiatus.
I was picking my wolves to enter in a PvP and then it just said that the battle was completed .-.
02:00:51 kirro
Looks like you named it that, did you accidentally type the price of something into the 'Name Market Den' bar?
Halt O'Carrick
02:00:18 Arrêtez
950 is exactly where the name of your market den goes.
Crimson roses
01:59:44 Sacrifice pups to me
Did you name it that?
01:59:22 Starry
Hmm.. nope. I see the 950 on yours though.
Golden Summit Pack
01:58:58 Maple
Your wolves played: Oscura licks an icicle and gets their tongue stuck to it.

It's Spring thoughhhh
Pickle Rose
01:58:29 The things
There is a sign on my market den that has the number 950 on it. I checked others market den but I can't see it. Does anyone else see some type of number on their market den? it was probably there before and I am just noticing it
Maenads Of The Stars
01:57:45 Strai | Celestia
Your wolves played: Amber Claws G3 Viti2 ExH ExW tries to fish and falls into the water.

Nooo! Woman your pregnant! You better not give me duds!
01:56:49 Callie, Spider Lover
-WP Click-

Like if you want bones just do this.
01:56:05 Starry
Nope. I beg of you, don't play wolfparty. It will be a disaster.
01:55:56 Callie, Spider Lover
Almost always you can get the exact same wolf in trading post cheaper
Hawthorn Light
01:55:16 Thorn, Light
I can be. But most of the time you will just get duds. My former alpha (Up In Flames) is a wolf party wolf.
Haunted Dreams
01:55:06 Ghosting
Sometimes yes, sometimes no XD
You could get a complete dud, or a beautiful wolf with good talents and even a boost if you're lucky.
Fr3ak 0f nature
01:54:59 Agony
i would love him lol. but im broke.
01:54:33 Callie, Spider Lover


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