Galaxy Ghost
11:27:07 Levi

If it doesn't make Rain uncomfortable I shall uwu
Akira Fire
11:26:43 Athena
Now I just need her to go into labor :/
-WP Click-
Lazy Kingdom
11:26:42 Lazy, Crazy Cat Lady
-WP Click-
A wild New suggestion appears :O!

Care to Vote :3
Dagger Clan
11:26:42 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
Ok, Can I go and shut up?
Galaxy Ghost
11:26:31 Levi

i love that I'm wheezing-
11:26:10 Toby/Crow
could we refrain from making attack helicopter jokes maybe :/
Dagger Clan
11:25:59 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
Whoops o.O
Diana Prince
11:25:48 Immortal Katzchen
Stxrmmix <3
11:25:20 Storms (They/Them)

That's going to get you a warning from a mod.. >.<
Dagger Clan
11:25:17 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
he earth
earth is driven into chaos
humanity is regressed back to the stone age
the pure funny of that joke destroyed civilization itself
all the while people are laughing harder than they ever did
people who aren't killed die from laughter
literally the funniest joke in the world
then the comedy god himself posts his creation to reddit and gets karma

There ya go! :}
Stxrmmix <3
11:24:50 Storms (They/Them)
9 more wolves to name after Melanie Martinez songs.. >.>
Dagger Clan
11:24:45 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter
steps on stage
Bystander: "Oh god! Don't do it! I have a family!"
Comedy God: "Heh..."
adjusts fedora
the building is filled with fear and anticipation
God and Jesus himself looks on in suspense
comedy god clears throat
everything is completely quiet not a single sound is heard
world leaders look and wait with dread
everything in the world stops
nothing is happening
comedy god smirks
no one is prepared for what is going to happen
comedy god musters all of this power
he bellows out to the world
absolute suspense
everyone is filled with overwhelming dread
all at once, absolute pandemonium commences
all nuclear powers launch their nukes at once
giant brawls start
43 wars are declared simultaneously
a shockwave travels around t
The Local Southerner
11:24:35 Confetti(He/Him)
oh! Ghost ya are back! Hay! Can you take over my job of flirting while i'm gone?
Regrets Everything
11:24:18 Rage, Moon, Red Fire
Regrets Everything
11:24:08 Rage, Moon, Red Fire
Yep. Called me some 5 and 4 letter words 😶
Dagger Clan
11:23:52 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
11:23:41 Z, Rain
Dagger Clan
11:23:40 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
Rage wanna here a long joke?
Regrets Everything
11:23:33 Rage, Moon, Red Fire
Hmph, no fun
Galaxy Ghost
11:23:32 Levi
Oh- bye confetti


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