06:18:41 Hollow | Silver
The MLPs sound hella weird, but into wolves couldn't be that bad. Good luck
Wolves of the Zodiac
06:17:39 LL's minion
Thanks...I'm still working on my style.
06:16:19 Always Be Liver
LL's minion
Wooow, it's so pretty!

But horse on terrain like that gives me chills
N o o d l e s
06:15:20 Squish | Squishy
Morning chat ^^

How goes it?
Wolves of the Zodiac
06:13:53 LL's minion
Call me weird but i kinda want to make the Xmen as wolves. Someone turned them into MLPs.
Wolves of the Zodiac
06:13:14 LL's minion
I wonder if i should do this scene in a different pose.
06:11:50 Hollow | Silver
Oh, can I know what it is?
Crimson Skies
06:10:52 Tadpole Artist :3
I randomly opened a discussion for a roleplay and the last few pages have scarred me- 0_0
Stars In The Sky
06:09:04 Wind,Willow,Hotdish
Yep :D
Ah, okie :)
Thank you for the guidance ^^
Wolves of the Zodiac
06:08:43 LL's minion
I've got a new art challenge i gave myself.
06:07:17 Hollow | Silver
I appreciate that ^^
Just a heads up though, next time since its about sales, you should pm me c:
Stars In The Sky
06:05:15 Wind,Willow,Hotdish
I have a robin feather for sale in my market den if you need ^^
06:04:32 Greys ; Randomness
My dog really doesnÂ’t want me to be on my iPad lmao xD
06:01:02 Hollow | Silver
-WP Click-
Aw fuck. I dont have a potion for that.
05:59:10 Hollow | Silver
Daaaang it.
I guess I'm just gonna have to wait impatiently
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:59:01 LL's minion
I'm trying to make my own linearts as well. So i'm going to try to draw a wolf and doing on my tablet. or do him as a manip. Ooo..that would be fun.
05:57:21 Hallway
Nope haha. It'll probably be a while until I get one ;) But one day -

Ahh, he certainly has a nice coat - albeit a tad complex hehe. He'd make an awesome fursona if you feel he fits the bill ^^
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:54:09 LL's minion
Dragonflight is the chimme i got from wolfparty. he's my featured if you want to look. I was thinking of making him my fursona instead.
05:52:20 Hollow | Silver
Oof, so cruel.
You has a shop?
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:52:00 LL's minion
Geez..I think ive gone off the deep end. I've turned to listening to Nikki Minaj


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