11:30:13 🐍
Forum Foxie

s n i f f
What about me?

h u f f
Start is your favorite, I'll just go cry in this corner over here...

Star Runner
11:30:12 🌟
Mother Fox
I'm a favorite? :O

Star Runner
11:29:45 🌟
They sound very useful XD

But RIP the people she kills...

Yes she is :3

Mother Fox
Who, me? :O XD
Oooh ok XD
Aww thank you!
11:29:43 Kitten/Kitties/Kit
Any Canadians on right now?
11:29:25 🐍
Book Worm

11:29:00 The Master Hoarder
Heyo~ xD
I'm the WP mom of a lot of people but yes!

Lil Sirius is one of my secret favorites- ;3
11:28:10 The Master Hoarder
Lil Sirius
Eavesdropper- :0
xD Thank you!
Something red based would be awesome, but I'll leave it to you xD
I trust your art senses hahaha

Woo hoo! *^*
11:28:02 🦊

So you are the WP mom of my favorite pumpkin? Hello to you.
Rageing Stormz
11:27:05 That Pet Spider
Yes she has four of them suckers

Good for ripping tearing carrying stuff and the occasional hug after a long day of slaughtering XD
11:26:51 The Master Hoarder
Bio Rival
Uh... Well, I have 4 foxes... and two nine tailed foxes but one has a crap design and the other is currently somewhere-

...just somewhere on my computer ;w;
Star Runner
11:26:29 🌟
Omg yes a kitusune design too!

So many ideas...
Star Runner
11:26:03 🌟
Mother Fox
More fox OCs... Noted hehe
I'll make one for the contest! Any color preferences?

Aww XD
I'll see what I can do :3
11:25:56 The Master Hoarder
That they are xD

Thank you! :D
Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak in a slot from you for one of them xD

Good night! Thank you <3 Sweet dreams, ila! :D
Book Worm
11:25:54 📖+ 🐛

I had forgotten as well until I saw you on today. Also, love the choice you made. Poor Felix
11:25:27 🐍
Forum Foxie

I haven't even seen a kitsune OC of yours...
11:24:47 The Master Hoarder
Bio Rival
*^* That reminds me-
I need more fox OCs :0

Lil Sirius
xD No, no that would be overworking you hahaha

I'll stick to like... 5 if I can help myself- xD
Quoth the Raven
11:24:39 Nevermore
Imma smart cookie and none of you can tell me differently
11:24:38 🐍

Good night!
Have fun!
11:23:59 Em / Flu / ila
Dogs are judgy, haha.

Ohh! I haven't seen them yet but I'm excited to see art of all of your new OC children *^*

I'm going to go to bed now seeing as it's past midnight, see you later! Sleep well whenever you end up going to sleep <3
Star Runner
11:23:36 🌟
Ahhh thanks XD

Ohhh XD

Ooh four arms :O


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