05:13:13 ET
Mmm,, Caius,, -Click-
05:12:53 Luca Paguro
lucid dreaming
05:11:44 Luci/luc/alix/damian
What the hell-
lucid dreaming
05:11:19 Luci/luc/alix/damian
I dont know who it was but i started blaring my music and they stopped
lucid dreaming
05:09:37 Luci/luc/alix/damian
I dont know who it was but i started blaring my music and they stopped
05:06:09 *crying in slow-mo*
if the country song isn't george strait, please go ahead and throw a brick at them.
lucid dreaming
05:05:24 Luci/luc/alix/damian
There is country blaring across the road :[
05:01:11 Rushing Waves
I commissioned her for Epohna, Hecate, and an oldie OC, Spirit c: I literally gasped every time a spot in her art shop popped up.

She was one of the biggest reasons why I even attempted to do commissions.
Syncopated Clock
04:59:25 Synco/Clock
I'm pretty sure I only commissioned her for Arashi, although I feel like there was another character that I commissioned for as well~
04:55:43 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
sounds good!
lucid dreaming
04:55:13 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Bunny, ah yes more my taste ill check them out
04:55:00 Rushing Waves
Pfft, alrighty. When I'm free, I will

I remember her doing art of my girl Hecate. Gosh, I have no idea where that went. Kinda makes me sad
04:53:10 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
i would be glad to check them out ^^ i don't normally vibe with that stuff, but i don't mind it.
bad bunny baybee
04:52:10 Isa / Bunny / Nina
aw man, more alt/indie
04:51:24 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
sadly i do not. what genre are they?
Arcane Loon
04:51:06 Loon, Fauna
Good afternoon y'all
bad bunny baybee
04:50:40 Isa / Bunny / Nina
aah makes sense. by any chance do you know Nothing But Thieves?
Syncopated Clock
04:50:12 Synco/Clock
You're good dude!

Same, I adored their style so much! It's weird to see them gone, but life gets in the way sometimes

Awesome, I'm looking forward to a PM! ^^

They are, they are! I'm currently studying ET's universe. He's been working on it for years, so there's a lot to learn lol~
04:49:39 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
don't rush it (pun intended). i'll be waiting to see ^^
04:49:07 Rushing Waves
When I'm able to, I'll send it through PM's ^^ I've got one design done, but ehhh


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