Stxrmmix <3
10:03:54 Storms (They/Them)
Saint - I'm sorry what..?

3 minutes for a pan of browines?

It takes us a DAY to finish a whole pan of brownies.
Akira Fire
10:03:46 Athena
Wait am I still allowed to call you Styx? I just realized that I've been doing it as long as I can remember but I never asked
Ew I hate people. The boys just ate a whole pan of brownies in 3 minutes
The Local Southerner
10:02:13 Confetti(He/Him)
I feel ya pain. My pitbull just sat on my foot and now I can't get up because he's pouting. And for some reason, I have a feeling if someone tries to rob my house. My pitbull won't attack them to death but instead lick or jump on them to death lol
Diana Prince
10:02:02 Immortal Katzchen
I'm dying send help she refuses to move and tries to bite me when I try to move her so I'm trapped and cannot breathe 😭
Stxrmmix <3
10:01:45 Storms (They/Them)
Ember - Please don't use my personal nickname from people, i don't like it. and I know, same goes to you. (:
Stxrmmix <3
10:01:14 Storms (They/Them)
Ash - Alright, give me like.. two minutes, naming wolves.. Finally. >.>
10:01:10 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Ah fine, but don't minimod please
Howling on the cliff
10:00:44 Ash they/them
Stx, I added a question on the forum
Stxrmmix <3
10:00:39 Storms (They/Them)
Diana - Pff.. xD

Ember - no, that's advertising. Not allowed in main. >.>
10:00:25 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Hahahahaha X'D
Diana Prince
10:00:10 Immortal Katzchen
Y'all this cat is snuggling with me and just farted so bad ;-;
09:59:54 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Yknow what, I'm gonna make a raffle. I put the link in the chat when I'm done :D
09:59:34 Toby/Crow
haha yeah that would be helpful, or when one wolf goes down you can quickly bring another in
Howling on the cliff
09:59:11 Ash they/them
Have to wait it out
If you keep looking that adds views so you don't actually have that many if you keep refreshing
09:59:03 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Omg that would be great

One of those views is me, but I don't have space TwT
Akira Fire
09:59:01 Athena
I just want this day to be over 😭
Sunset Howlers
Is there a way to stop my own auction or do I have to wait it out?
Howling on the cliff
09:58:21 Ash they/them
My God... My auction has 455 views, but only 2 wolves are gonna be gone


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