10:52:56 :: berd
blu lemme see them bunny pics
10:52:50 Rook
Oh man, I feel you there. Real struggle.
Things are going pretty good. Been focused on PvP and exploring this time around. I've really been motivated to log in and spend hours on the game every day like I used to. It's like I've been rejuvenated *^*
10:52:27 WolfSmoke
@Welcome to Hell
Looks good! Did you use a base or is that your style?
10:52:20 Blu

Awwww! That's precious, he looks like a very adventurous little guy.
Honestly? I hate the "creepy" albino rabbit trope... that being said, walking in on my Rhosgobel at night with minimal light... and seeing that blood red reflecting back at me sometimes -- yeah, things get spooky.
Do their eyes ever look... oddly human sometimes? Is that just me?
10:52:07 Nom om

I am more than ready. Hit me with everything, you shouldn't feel the way you feel.

Go ahead, hit me. I'm ready for whatever you need to rant about.
Welcome to Hell
10:51:32 Lucifer, Luci
This took forever...opinions
Serial Dreamer
Mark, I'm quite tired and a bit pissed off at the moment. I spent several hours trying to beat a stupid Zone in a videogame. I did it, but I feel so done right now lmao.
Nice to see you around again! How's it going?
10:51:10 Five, V
Topaz is a little too orange looking for me, although I have seen some fantastic customs with topaz as the base coat
10:51:08 Rook
Damn I really wanna breed to that 400t male but he's never up for breeding when I've got the money .-.
Mafia Queen
10:50:48 Dinglefritz

Squeak. ^^ He was the peanut of his litter, actually. And nobody wanted him (being albino and "creepy" and all) so I claimed him. He's a complete sweetheart; he just also doesn't act like a rabbit. :T He's more of a small dog-cat creature.
Spring Spark
10:50:32 Angry Canadian

Are you sure you want to here me rant, I highly doubt you want to. Though if you honestly care about me than be ready for my shit storm of a life.
10:50:12 Five, V
I think we consider werewolves to be a type of supernatural human, or something like that. Whereas wolves are just... wolves.
10:50:07 Rook
I would've been cool with Opal, but Topaz is my favorite one *^*

Hey :] How are you? Been a while, eh? But I'm BACK, BABY.
10:50:03 Blu

Because one's bestiality.
10:49:44 Blu

Oh, alright, I'm glad it panned out alright.
Sorry, I just... I also have an albino rabbit, actually (they're oddly common, no?), so, a little protective over here.
What's his name?
Life on Mars
10:49:14 Mars
why does human / werewolf pairing sound alright but wolf / werewolf pairing sound freaky
Mafia Queen
10:48:45 Dinglefritz

Yeah, it's basically gone now. He's still shedding his winter coat, so it all came out. Plus he cleans himself more often than a cat, so he got most of it off himself. XD
Serial Dreamer
Hi Mark. :D
10:48:37 Nom om

It's fine. I'm worried for you.
I've experienced some shit myself. I'll be here to just listen
10:48:11 Five, V
So was I, but I was still hoping it would be opal instead.


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