07:24:46 Vice Versa
I impulse bought a new OC I don't need :,)
07:24:41 Rushing Waves
Imma poof for a moment to reply to DM's, because I just suck at that.
07:24:38 sloot
For sure. I feel like large friend groups can work- but in my experience, I'll always end up being closer to a couple of them than others lol
The Wolf Gang
07:24:35 King Sponge
Hey Desti :)
Interstellar Sun
07:24:24 I'm back y'all
I'm scared.
Destinations End
07:23:53 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Hey guys
07:23:51 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
and again - exactly. i can't say that any better.
07:23:28 Smallmach, Adon
@ Kodoggy, I am happy with the itty bitty amount of friends I have. Better that way.
07:23:13 Rushing Waves
True. It honestly depends on what the person wants to share. If they choose to reveal everything, then they do so knowing the possible consequences
Syncopated Clock
07:23:10 Synco/Clock
Hey chat~
Snake God
07:22:57 Serpent Lord
im a snake :p
07:22:41 sloot
Yeah, for sure- can't speak for others but when you're talking to me, for better or for worse- that's just how I am B)
07:21:56 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
yes. i just also think you shouldn't put everything you think or do out there on the internet ;-;
Interstellar Sun
07:21:36 I'm back y'all
My dog tried to chomp that cats head,, now shes asleep in my lap
07:21:34 sloot
Probably why my friends list will always be itty bitty but quality over quantity lmao- I never really take the looking for friends mentality,, I require a bit more than "we just get along"
07:21:31 Smallmach, Adon
@ Queen, well the internet and social media. It's all changed.
07:21:20 Rushing Waves
That's fine, as well. That's your personal information, if someone pesters you about it, you know they have ulterior motives
07:20:50 Vice Versa
True that. I hate that people use online personas to lie about themselves. It's sad :/
07:20:35 Baka | Venom
Hey chat <3
07:20:35 *crying in slow-mo*
to be fair, i've never really been out there on the internet if you know what i mean. i keep a lot of things private. :P


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