12:09:30 Nom om

Dissociating requires me to get on headphones and jump around unconsciously while watching a made up movie that I make as I think about it in my head.
Sassy Otaku
12:09:13 Chuya Nakahara
I really want to stay up until this wolf gives birth but I've got nothing to do until then-
Duskfall Hill
12:08:48 Dusky

Oh yes. His voice is like silk, if he made a audiobook I'd listen to it to fall asleep.

I also love Jacksepticeye as well, he's hot too. Septiplier <3
12:08:11 Lycan
Anyone up for a pm role play?
Fog Border Pack
12:08:10 Fog/Foggy/Mist

Very much so XD
Clouded Views
12:08:09 Fumikage Tokoyami
What if you disassociately write that rp reply

shfdhshd thank you -
Ivory Shadows
12:07:28 Ivory
Thanks! I shall!
Duskfall Hill
12:07:13 Dusky

Yep. I mean, they definitely live together and they definitely sleep together, both sleeping and the other way. Amy is beautiful as well, though. I'd be hard pressed to not say no to getting a kiss from both of them xD
Welcome to Hell
12:07:10 Lucifer, Luci
-WP Click-
Help me
12:06:38 Blu

Good night! Hug your buns for be, and have fun at the showing tomorrow!
12:06:12 Blu

But, please, your art style is amazing, don't ever loose that.
I'm being picky because I think 1) you can take it and 2) you're just amazing already and I have to look for small details.


He is though, he and this other YouTuber, ergojosh, mmmm, I could listen to those honeyed voices all damn day.
Ivory Shadows
12:06:09 Ivory
Oh absolutely. All 5 of them were girls too.

Anyway Im off to bed, sorry for anyone who had to listen to my paragraph rabbit talk xD
12:05:53 Nom om

I'm fighting to write this rp reply and not dissociate
Shadows At Twilight
12:05:41 Dark envelops you...
Can I get some help with my sweetheart :3
-WP Click-
Duskfall Hill
12:05:35 Dusky

There are some good stock Deviants on Deviantart for stock image uses, just search it up, there are some really great ones out there
Fog Border Pack
12:05:03 Fog/Foggy/Mist

I can't, I agree. Amy is a lucky woman XD
12:04:56 Nom om

I did a google search and didn't see that same image so no
Mistress Nyx
12:04:48 zelus
Spellbound: Textspeak is not allowed.
12:04:38 Blu

Their ears are little scarlet spoons with which we scoop heaven.
12:04:35 Strai | Bones | DOA

Thing is I cannot find anything that prohibits use or says anything about it and they have nothing in their journals ;-;


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