10:31:14 Popo / Port
@ Lux

Ah I have a friend from Sweden. I love her to death! And I also like the Swedish music. I'm her only friend that will listen to Swedish music with her for hours.

And the boyfriend part hit me hard haha. Mine is about 5 hours away and I miss him more than anything. I am struggling to find happiness. Now that I am back home, which has always been a dark place for me, it's hard for me to stay happy here. I miss college!
Lycan Blood
10:30:03 Lux

Hello there! How are you doing?
Fierce wolfys
10:29:18 Fierce
Hey guys
Lycan Blood
10:28:45 Lux

It's the same where I'm at, there's always people walking around. Even I do.

Though there are no police officers around here! I live in Sweden and over here it's like.. really normal walking apart from eachother.
However, I completely agree with you. I have not been able to meet my boyfriend for some time now and I dearly miss him. But there's nothing I can do except wait it out you know?
10:28:08 angie!
Imperial Vodka
10:27:45 Crow
Moldfoot, ask in sales chat or check in trading post.
10:27:40 Sun / Sunny
Angie, sales chat please.
10:27:23 angie!
does anyone have any wolves for sale 20 mushrooms or less?
10:25:54 Muchos Artsy
-WP Click-
10:25:54 Popo / Port

I relate to that. Surprisingly there are a lot of people out and about where I am. The only thing is the curfew at 5:00 pm that somewhat restricts people. We have police officers strolling around separating people. I only wish everyone would stay inside and not hangout with friends just so this can go by faster; even though friends are dearly missed.
Lycan Blood
10:25:28 Lux

Also Hello! I was just going to respond to your greet. :D


Haha! Yeah who knows really. xD
10:24:13 Sun / Sunny
Lux, same. Haha.
Silverback Oak
10:23:54 Fire Emblem?
Lycan Blood
10:23:29 Lux

Oh my, same! If anything I can just go outside of my house for about 10 minutes and then get back in. Otherwise I'm just on screens all day long- I feel like I'll go blind.

I dislike people so much, but at this point I would cry in happiness if I could go outside to meet my friends.


Will do! I write bio's as well for some of my wolves. I just find it hard to relate songs to them- maybe that's just me though.. xD
Bella Luna
10:23:17 The Sicilian
Wait till I get going! Where was I?
10:22:48 Raven
I'm more of a Viking sort of chick. *shrug* never been too into princesses
Onyx's Haven
10:22:24 Jade
Bella Luna -
Stop rhyming now, I mean it!

Does anybody want a peanut?

10:22:01 DareDevil
What'd yu say about it?
Four Tailed Floof
10:20:33 🍪Paper Cooki
i wake up and get on wolfplay and more than half of the wolves that i put up for sale are goNe. and i still have two left . 741 mush. i guess i didnt do the math correctly, if the last two sell, then ill have more than enough mush for my first apple :,D
Bella Luna
10:20:22 The Sicilian
Did all my Princess Bride fans leave me hanging?


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