01:42:49 ssa das
Back. What shit did I miss?
01:42:46 KT
Stardust Hurricane -
Yeah, I'd definitely reconsider if I were you haha.
Galactic Queen Bee
01:41:43 Aarlix~~Honey Queen
Raser, make sure you have enough room in your den or else the pups "run away"
Stardust Hurricane
01:41:11 Nagito (he/him)
I'm doing alright. Getting tired but trying to avoid going to bed for a while longer. Though the headache that's now forming is telling me I should probably reconsider that choice.
Little Pumpkin
01:39:30 Cloudz
My cat is Bering a bed hog
01:39:07 KT
Stardust Hurricane -
Could be worse, you?
01:38:52 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
ninjago rp pm me
Wish me luck guys! Got 4 pregnant wolves at 83 hours and one Leucism wolf in labor!
The Canis Lupus
01:37:22 White Wolfs/Ultima
Anyway byeee
The Canis Lupus
01:37:13 White Wolfs/Ultima
um, no
01:36:25 Techno | The Blade
did I come back at a bad time?
The Canis Lupus
01:36:24 White Wolfs/Ultima
The Canis Lupus
01:36:15 White Wolfs/Ultima
Dang, its late. Gonna go to bed guys! I'll be back tomorrow!!
Stardust Hurricane
01:35:26 Nagito (he/him)
Anyway. How is everyone?
The Canis Lupus
01:34:25 White Wolfs/Ultima
Look at the beauty I got today.
My first 30 rarity pup born in the pack! She even has a rare coat: Steel!! Hooray!!! -WP Click-
Stardust Hurricane
01:31:02 Nagito (he/him)
Pap is right. That's what I meant by "certain things" earlier.
The Canis Lupus
01:30:55 White Wolfs/Ultima
Oh, sometimes my brain sees someone post a picture and my brain automatically goes: WOW they drew that?!?!? Lol
Stardust Hurricane
01:30:14 Nagito (he/him)
Oh okay. I'm tired so I guess I'm having trouble reading things as they are meant to be read right now. My brain read that in a lot more sarcastic a tone then you probably meant for it to be read in.
01:30:04 Widow, Psycho, Black
what the hell I better not have lost my streak because when I checked in before midnight I had already checked in for the daily streak but as I log in now there is nothing to tell me how many days I have logged in a row which today would be around 230...
01:29:50 Pap

You'd be surprised by some of the content/rps.


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