10:49:59 practice 40 hours

better show me when you're done--
10:49:47 practice 40 hours
@floof flood

i will, i will--

and, yeah, pride art-- boba tea and other things. it doesn't look /that/ good, buuuuuut. i'm working on it--
ask your teacher, they'll probably get the stuff for you if you tell them. do not let this be make you sad, there is still time to fix it.
10:47:51 Techno | Texhno

Ohhh nice! I need to work more on Raven's pride art but at least I got the sketch done
Shadow Sages
10:47:38 SS, Sages
Life~ Engine is completely fucked, I'm afraid. Even if it could be unfucked, there's still going to be issues. Fun times.

Eat something?

Pride art?
10:47:17 vi, devi
pack of blazing fire
send thm a gay gif/meme, "laughs in gay"
then ask if they laugh in gay or straight
10:46:19 Red Panda Hoarder
devi it gurentees one one-

i would ask them but they already left ;-;
Pack of Blazing Fire
Trying to confess to the person i like that i like them but its really nerve wrecking because i think their straight .... so lifes great
10:45:33 vi, devi
does being nominated guarentee a gift or does it just mean you have a chance of getting one?
10:45:26 practice 40 hours
you should probably ask 'em what's up with that.
10:44:37 Red Panda Hoarder
well i mean its not that bad but to me it is-

so basically every quarter we have core values and you can get nominated for them. i got nominated this quarter and one of my teachers even told me i did. they just came in with like a snack and gift cart and read off all the names pf the people who were nominated in my class. they may have forgotten me because literally everyone was called but me ;-;
10:43:47 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
F U C K, bro, that's gotta suck-- you got any way to fix that car, or is it just done for?

food shopping.... all this talk about food is making me hungry again--
10:43:08 practice 40 hours
working on an RP ^-^'. and some more pride art. can't figure out what to focus on the most.
Shadow Sages
10:43:07 SS, Sages
Life~ Mostly food shopping. Although one of the two cars broke down yesterday because the wrong petrol was put into it. :')
10:43:02 vi, devi
hey techie, hey firefox~
Bloodmoon's Pack
10:42:50 Your Local Doodoo
-WP Click-
Wolf RP
10:42:40 Techno | Texhno

What're ya up to?
10:42:32 practice 40 hours
damn, what happened?
10:41:40 Red Panda Hoarder
well i just had a major disappointment-
10:41:13 practice 40 hours
hey, tecky~

@floof flood
aside from eating, what else have you been up to? :3


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