Queen Elsa
10:47:57 Snowflake, Queen
as soon as I kill that bear... I get not only another brown bear but also 3 foxes >.> damn you
Star Tha AOD
10:47:39 Star (she/her)
can you take CP ou gifted to one of your wolves back?
Star Tha AOD
10:46:17 Star (she/her)
i do
The akita tree
10:46:12 ✧akita✧
I do I will tell u what rps I do im pms
Howling to the moon
10:45:49 She/they
Does someone do RPS?
Feathering forest
10:44:44 Ash | She/they
-WP Click- Just pop already.
Queen Elsa
10:41:43 Snowflake, Queen
Asteroid tries to claw Brown Bear 1 but misses.
Pup 53 claws Brown Bear 1 and kills them.
You win 25 mushrooms
Future Decided
10:40:04 she/her
I wish I could disband the old alliance I created 💀
10:39:46 ⚫Cruella⚪
When you wolf gets highlighted 😿 -WP Click-
Tears of joy
Queen Elsa
10:39:46 Snowflake, Queen
relics-> inventory
The akita tree
10:39:41 ✧akita✧
I'm now sad if u have minus mushrooms u can't buy wolfs
Queen Elsa
10:39:33 Snowflake, Queen
go to relics then scroll all the way to the bottom
Queen Elsa
10:39:11 Snowflake, Queen
hey akita
Arthur Nova
how do you send a relic to someone?
The akita tree
10:38:58 ✧akita✧
Queen Elsa
10:38:03 Snowflake, Queen
hey friends
Starry Skys
lets go rose! we are both rocking tests in classes
Star Tha AOD
10:35:46 Star (she/her)
NICE! that should bring your grade up
10:35:39 Morgana
Proud of you :)
Irish Gold
10:35:00 Rose [THEY/HE]
wooo i just passed a test 11/12 in a class im failing :D


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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!August 30, 2023 12:33 PM

Jumping Wolves
Posts: 1776
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|Zenda|F|2|Herbalist's Apprentice|M: Celeste, Kirari, Venus|

Zenda felt the sunshine on her black muzzle as she twitched her nose. Eyes slowly opened, a smile on her muzzle. It was a lovely day already, and it was just starting! Her fluffy tail thumped the ground next to her as she sat up. Where was her mentor? Ears flicked back as she looked down at her paws. It was just her in the den. She felt saddened slightly, but decided that it was too good of a day to feel negative.

She stood up, and took in a deep breath of the fresh herbs around her. Her tail wagged as she repeated the names in her mind. Poppy seeds, Chamomile, Ginger, Basil, Turmeric... Voices in the camp caught her attention. She turned around, ears perked, tail wagging slightly. She loved her packmates, even if they were sometimes grumpy. Silently, she watched the grumpy Lead Hunter and his patrol leave, the Alphas and Betas as well.

Her light grey eyes fell on the pup running around camp, Venus was her name. Zenda chuckled, oh how adorable! She stepped out of the den, taking in the fresh air before heading towards the Queens. She felt bad for invading in on their conversation. "Good morning Celeste, Kirari," She smiled at the pup neatly sitting next to her mother, "Venus, I hope all is well with you both?" She asked, her eyes light in the soft glow of morning.

Zenda had always enjoyed the calm of being around Queens, they always had great stories for their pups that she loved to join in on. She'd found that the Queens were naturally the nicest wolves in the pack because of their motherly instincts. Smiling at the young pup, she waited for the Queens responses.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 6, 2023 12:03 AM

High Hills Pack
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Sylvie || Female || 4 || Herbalist || M: Raven (Ind), Clearing Group (Ind), Open

A sweet summer breeze of the early morn’ swept through the still slumbering woods, rustling the leaves of trees in a chime-like manner. Various birds began to sing in the trees above, aroused from their slumber from the brush of air wisping past them and through their homes. It could almost be heard as the sound of rejoicing. For the new day. Or for the nice cool breeze. High notes danced about, creating melodies of joy and energy. Low notes were somber in tone yet joyous still, in their own melancholy way.

Many scents were carried along the wind, all pleasant at the moment. Blooming patches of flowers, bitter scents of roots, the calming scent of pine, the cool yet lively smell of ivy, among other things. It would be hard for any not to enjoy these sensations, especially someone as she.

Taking in a long but light breath, the herbalist practically glides across the forest floor. A tune hums out of her vocal cords – its own melody to the harmonious sounds of the birds. Its notes became center stage, catching the attention of all those who could hear such a beautiful sound. Even the plants seemed to turn towards her voice, paying up most attention.

The wind playfully toys with the female’s fluffy cheeks as she huffs out an amused breath at the thought. Now now, that’d be ridiculous.

Her humming comes to a close upon reaching the outer edge of the camp, full well expecting the others to be drawn to her siren song. And social interactions from anyone besides her friends were not exactly in her schedule at the moment. Let alone greetings.

Taking a moment to prepare, Sylvie struts into camp with her head held high – ears upright by leaning back and eyes lidded in a stern manner. Her stride was pompous, elegant, and strong, yet her steps silent and nearly unnoticeable. A little benefit from that little gift of hers. The lavender tied into the fur of her shoulder as well as the other plants decorating her pelt bounced with each step she took, showing off their dazzling colors in contrast to her white pelt. Her tail swished from side to side as she padded towards her den, agitated by any attention she had somehow managed to gain. A few herbs hung from her mouth, bouncing just as her other accessories were. Elderflowers tickled the side of her jaw, yarrow laid on top of its fellow white flower, and goldenrod hung depressingly to the side.

That dark pelted beta seemed to be discussing the matter of patrols with the other higher ups – stern and serious as always. There was no doubt that he was good at his job. He could not only organize patrols but he could keep up with them. Even at this moment, as he ran off with his two companions, he did not falter or fall behind.

Others in the camp seemed to be preparing for their own ventures, no doubt settled by the now departed male. Thankfully, their minds were on other things. Meaning that she could slip back into her den without issue.

Turning her gaze back to the area in front of her, she brushes past the lush vines hanging in front of the entrance and towards the neatly stored herbs in the back. Gently setting down her gathered stock, she begins to sort – gingerly placing each plant into their respective piles and even nudging some to get a certain look that was simply pleasing to the eye.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 7, 2023 02:10 AM

Red River Wolves
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Jiro | Male | 4 | Sentinel | Mentions: Pistol, Hondo, Chenoa, Zero

Jiro frowned imperceivably, his usual reserved neutrality prominent on his face. Although he wasn't the biggest fan of hanging around the grumpy Lead Hunter, entering into a competition was just asking for trouble. Should he lose, he could see himself on the receiving end of a lecture about pulling his own weight. He also suspected that Pistol wouldn't take kindly to losing either. Truly a no-win situation. "We should look for larger prey. The pack has many growing pups, so it'd be better to hunt bigger," Jiro said, closing his eyes and sharpening his other sense. They were too close to camp for his sense of smell to be of much use. The familiar scents of pine and his packmates flooded his nostrils, drowning out anything that could be considered prey. Besides, anything worthwhile would be further out.

If he strained his ears to their absolute limit, he could barely make out the soft sound of runnning water. The southern river. He didn't know why exactly, but he always loved the water. Maybe it was a bit strange for a wolf to spend his time swimming and fishing and just hanging out around the riverbank in his spare moments. Still, he wasn't ashamed of this affinity. Rather, he was quite proud of his proficiency in the water, though he rarely had a chance to show it off.

Turning his mind back to the hunt, Jiro listened for any indication of prey. Thump. There. Just at the outer edges of his range, he heard something that resembled a heavy, hooved footstep. Nothing was for certain, but it would be worth checking out. He opened his eyes at the sound of other wolves approaching. Hondo. Then Chenoa and Zero. "The more the merrier," he told them, Pistol's earlier words echoing in his mind. He wasn't sure how sincere the Lead Hunter was being at that moment, but he would have to stick by his word. "I think I'm hearing something large this way," he said, turning south. He set out in a steady jog, carefully to minimize any disturbance to potential prey.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 10, 2023 09:26 PM

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Flame | F | 13 | Elder | M: Sylvie
Flame sighed, looking around the clearing before her ears picked up humming coming from nearby. She turned her head to pick out their herbalist, who struts into the clearing. The swishing of the female's tail seemed to be of annoyance while some herbs dangled from her jaws. The female slipped into her den as their beta ran off and everyone was going about their duties. Well, Flame couldn't have the female being alone on such a fine morning. She lowered her head to the ground before boosting herself to her feet. She was old, but she wasn't going to let her body give up just yet.

Flame padded over towards the herbalists den, feeling the aches in her bones start to fade as her healing came in. Ever since that day last year, she hadn't had many wounds or aches. It was nice indeed. But, that only allowed her to walk more. Didn't help much with her being tired though. Flame dipped her head to push a few of the hanging vines out of the way before sitting down near the entrance. "It is a beautiful morning, isn't it? Did you enjoy the weather while you were gathering dear?" Flame said, a gentle note in her voice but also one of respect. She did not know the herbs as well as Sylvie did nor how to use them. It was foreign to Flame although still a fascinating thing to watch the herbalist do.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 10, 2023 09:59 PM

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Shia | F | 5 | Queen | M: Sadie, Aero(ind), Everyone in clearing(ind)
Light filtered into the den, although Shia had already heard the other queens wake up and leave the den. Including the other pups. Good, den was all to herself. Shia yawned, her jaws opening wide before she opened her eyes and looked outside. It sounded like Raven was giving orders again. To Shia, it sounded like "Blah blah blah". It didn't pertain to her so why should she care? She shifted slightly before looking down lovingly at the bundle of grey and white fur by her side. Her little Sadie. Her eyes were soft as she licked her pup's head, gently rubbing the fur smooth.

Her own cream and white coat could feel the slight breeze making it's way into the den. Another nice day. Another nice day to get into some mischief. She could already see the plan outlining itself in her mind. And she didn't have to stray far from camp either! A sly grin made her way onto her face, she just needed a few somethings from around camp. Shia looked back down at her little Sadie before saying softly in her ear, "It's time to wake up my little fox. If you would like to join me in my morning tricks, I welcome the help." Shia licked the top of her pup's head before getting up, making sure not to tussle her girl's fur. It probably would get tussled anyway but Shia wouldn't be the one to do it.

Shia moved away from her pup for a moment to stretch, feeling the nice stretch of her muscles. Shaking out her fur, she picked out the few pieces of moss that stuck to her fur, placing them neatly back down onto the nest. She paused at the entrance to the den, looking around with squinted eyes. As soon as she saw no one nearby, she licked her jaws and cantered towards the edge of the camp. Getting there, she once more looked around. Mainly back at the den to see if anyone had entered with her pup there. Seeing no one, she started to gently pull a few berries off the bush, making sure not to crush them in her teeth.

After gathering a good many of them, she slunk into the hunters den. Seeing that most of the hunters had left camp by now, she started hiding the berries into the newly made beds, curtesy of Brute. The big brute had been doing it lately which was odd, but perfect for her little tricks. Rolling the berries into the nests, she snapped her teeth afterwards, proud of her work. Tomorrow morning, or whoever took a nap today, would wake up with a reddish stain on their pelt. When they tried to lick it off, they would get a bitter taste of chokecherries. Shia snapped her jaws again, trotting back towards the bushes. Her swagger was very visible now but not many were left in camp to see it. Carefully picking a few more, she made her way over to the beta's den.

Slipping inside easily and quickly, she rolled a few berries into Raven's bed before slipping a few in here and there on the edges. Enough where they wouldn't be seen but would give him an extra shade of red. Shia peeked out of the den to make sure no one was looking before speeding back over to the den. Sighing contentedly, she sat down for a second before trotting over to the stream. A few of the other queens talked there but Shia simply got a drink and rinsed her mouth before leaving. Trotting back to the center of camp, she turned to poke her head into the Sentinel's den. Spotting her mate, she pawed his muzzle before licking his ears.

Leaving only a minute later, she returned back to the queen's den to lay down. Her eyes scanned the camp to see where Sadie was, if she was even up. Her priority now was to keep an eye on her pup. And maybe take her for a swim before sunhigh.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 12, 2023 07:21 PM

~Terebinth Wolves~
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Sadie | F | 4m | Pup | M: Shia
When Sadie had been temporarily woken by the other queens and pups, she shifted so that the sun wouldn't get in her eyes and fell back asleep. However, she quickly woke up again when she felt a tongue on her head. The pup groaned, not wanting to get up. Besides being an annoying trickster, she was also not a morning person. She much rather stay up late at night then wake up early in the morning. Granted, it probably wasn't that early anymore. But still! Sadie dozed off again until her mother's voice filled her ears. She stirred a bit more at the mention of tricks. There was nothing like tricks first thing in the morning. The pup yawned and sat up as her mother once again licked the top of her head. She growled a bit but was too tired to complain properly.
Sadie stood up and copied her mother. First stretching and then shaking out her fur. Unlike her mom though, she didn't bother with the moss that fell from her fur. She wasn't about to waste her energy on something she didn't have to do. She then followed her mom to the entrance of the den. The pup groaned again because of the bright light before yawning. So sleepy... Unfortunately there was no time for being tired because Shia took off and she intended to follow. After a nice stretch of the legs, Sadie found her mother picking berries. She approached the bush too and also picked some of the lower ones off. Weren't these the ones that tasted bad? The pup jerked her head back. Yes, they were! She spit them out, discust showing on her face. "Ewww!" She growled, but her mom was already off.
Sadie shook her head and did everything she could think of to rid the awful taste from her mouth. However nothing worked so she eventually realized only water would do the trick and headed there. So much for morning tricks. But, atleast she would still be able to see the victim of the prank if she was lucky. She loved seeing the faces of her mom's victims after a prank. It was just so funny! Once Sadie reached the stream she took an eager drink. And soon enough, the tase had finally vanished. She let out a relieved sigh, sat down and took a look around. She saw her mother go back to the bushes but had no intention of messing with the chokeberries again so soon.
Sadie's gaze then turned to the queens and pups close to her. She eyed them, wondering what to do. After a while she just decided to go explore and leave the other mothers and pups alone...for now. Leaving the stream, the pup immediately headed for the forest around camp. Months of exploring the forest had resulted in finding a nice little hideout she would often visit when bored. All of her treasures hid safely in her hideout. And so far, no one had found her playplace. Not even her parents knew. But she wasn't going to her place, she was just trying to find something to do.
After walking around aimlessly for a minute or two, Sadie caught sight of big butterfly. She crouched down, eyed the bug and licked her lips, wondering if she could catch it and if it would taste good. Seconds later, she began crawling forward. She could do this, she could do this. Taking a big breath, the pup got ready for the pounce. She then launched herself toward the butterfly with her mouth open. Unfortunately she didn't catch the butterfly but instead got a face full of dirt and pine needles. "Ugh. I hate this." She growled as she stood up before shaking out her fur. Her mouth now hurting, Sadie stomped back to camp.
Once Sadie got back, she found her mother waiting for her in the den. Wanting sympathy, the pup laid her ears down and tucked her tail before running up to her mom. "Momma! A big scary thing hurt me!" She whined, nuzzling into Shia's chest fur. She does have a small scratch on her muzzle but ultimately wasn't really injured. And of course, a "big scary thing" didn't hurt her. That was just her sarcastic talking.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 13, 2023 10:12 PM

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ignore for now

Edited at September 14, 2023 02:09 PM by Stream
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 18, 2023 03:08 PM

High Hills Pack
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Sylvie || Female || 4 || Herbalist || M: Flame

The wintery female pauses in her sorting – mouth slightly agape as she reaches for a bundle of sorrel – as a sound emits from the entrance. One of shuffling vines and a number of paw steps. Enough for one individual to make, but no more than that. A backwards glance and harsh eyes were all that the intruder of her peace initially received, exasperation a blatant emotion on her face. One that was now boiling within her very chest. Her agitation could also be clearly seen through the tight pinning of her ears accompanied by a grumble. If not for how articulated and “wordy” it was, the noise could have easily been mistaken for a growl.

Eyes flicker forwards and narrow with a snort, mouth snapping shut at the sound of a gently spoken voice. A rather annoying disturbance this was in her books. A distraction from the task at hand. This obviously wasn’t an emergency or medic matter in general (otherwise there wouldn’t have been such a question) so why must she intrude on her personal time. Doesn’t she see that she’s busy?

Lifting her head with upright yet “floppy” ears, the herbalist proceeds to spin and face the intruder – taking extra care not to brush the piles of herbs behind her with her tail. Her face still held a twinge of annoyance, but with the added expression of ‘I could care less.’ Meeting the eyes of the elder she goes to speak.

“Yes, I… suppose it is a beautiful morning,” her lips arch up on one side, showing off yellowing teeth and lack of care for the conversation. Her eyes roll as she speaks, starting from the bottom left of her face and circling around to meet Flame’s own, “It was a… pleasant time whilst I was gathering, with only the plants to keep my company. The breeze brought pleasing smells with it. Was quite handy, when it wasn’t turned against me that is.”

Shifting to a more relaxed yet still bothered stance, the frosted female narrows her eyes slightly, “Now, is there any reason you decided to visit my humble abode and interrupt my work besides needless pleasantries, or are you in need of something? I doubt you’d need one for pain relief considering that… ability of yours,” she lifts up a paw and swirls in a circle at the pause – only setting it back down after the coming of the word and a slight jab forward in a pointing sort of motion, “But I’m sure that this was surely more than just an intrusion to my schedule. Yes?”
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Open!September 18, 2023 11:01 PM

Red River Wolves
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Kaido | M | 5 | Hunter | Mentions: Brute

"And yet no one else is here," he muttered, half to himself. Unlike the younger male before him, Kaido did a far better job at quelling his anger, masking it until only a hint of mild annoyance remained. "Throw your weight around all you want, pup," he rumbled, "I've been hunting longer than you've been alive." A quick glance back towards camp told him they were probably on their own. It seemed all the other Hunters and Sentinels had set off on their own patrols. Well, whatever. Turning back to the woods, he set off at a light but steady trot, an effective pace for covering distance without disturbing potential prey.

Inhaling deeply, Kaido began sniffing out a trail. At first, he was greeted only by the scent of his packmates, but as the patrol headed deeper into the forest, the smell of wolves gave way to that of prey. For the most part, he ignored the tangle of intertwining smells, failing to identify anything worthwhile. An odd rabbit here or measly squirrel there would require more energy to hunt it than it provided. The meat trail carried him northwards, a slight shift in wind carrying the scent of deer to his nostrils. Finally, something worth his time.

He found the herd in the northeastern meadow, grazing peacefully on the tall grass, blissfully unaware of the new danger but not necessarily unalert. A intimidating-looking buck with an impressive rack of antlers atop his head stood around the outskirts of the herd. He looked old too, definitely nothing to scoff at. Yet his presence was strange, especially considering it wasn't even fall yet. Oh, well. They'd have to make do. There were a few old does who seemed to have a decent chunk of experience, but it was younger ones that caught his attention. Feeling the wind brush the tips of his ears, he check his position and began making a gradual downwind approach, his eyes scanning the herd for a target.

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