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I come on and she's been in labor for who knows how long
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Oh ok, so that is the new normal then?
Eve upped the CP today :P It's supposed to be staying
Quick question why do I have so many cp that I can give to other players, it says I have 30 cp for players and 10 for new, instead of the normal 5 / 1. Is that normal the longer the log in streak continues?
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Your wolves played: ☿ Kiiya and ☿ Seeker relentlessly chase AI-Generated Sadness of pack Ecifircas through the meadow.

I snorted
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Even if you do get something good, goo luck selling it
Not really, low chances of getting something good
Is opening geodes worth it?
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At least he isn't rebellious. I have a DH that has a rebellious disposition.
Not sure if I wanna dye her or wait for a better boost/defect >.>
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I'm sad, his rating T.T
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Royal dye?
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My cat started sitting on my chest and purring magical triangle ear healer baby
Reaper RP
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Charlie snaps at Fish Boy 🍂 🍃 for getting too close to their food.

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Me to Charlie, me to.
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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 08:34 AM

Inferno Abyss

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In a secluded valley, a formidable pack lives in blissful ignorance, enjoying a peaceful existence for many years. Though their numbers are few, their strength is undeniable. They have relied on their natural abilities and camaraderie to thrive in their harmonious sanctuary.

Little do they know that the tranquility they cherish is about to be shattered. Unbeknownst to the pack, an impending threat looms on the horizon. A year ago, a mysterious burst of power surged through the valley, augmenting the pack's skills, senses, and physical prowess. It was a phenomenon they couldn't comprehend, but they adapted and learned to harness these newfound gifts.

Now, as they stand on the cusp of another fateful event, the pack remains oblivious to the impending upheaval. They continue their daily routines, unaware of the imminent surge of unknown power that will reshape their lives once more. It is a day like any other, filled with the usual activities, hunts, and the echoes of their joyous howls resonating through the valley.

As the sun sets on this seemingly ordinary day, an ethereal energy begins to crackle in the air. The pack members, consumed by their routines, are oblivious to the growing tension surrounding them. Suddenly, the valley is bathed in an otherworldly light, its brilliance casting long shadows across the landscape.

One by one, the pack members are caught off guard, frozen in awe as the energy envelops them. Time seems to stand still as their bodies tremble and pulse with unimaginable power. With each passing moment, their very essence undergoes a transformation, unlocking one or two additional powers beyond their wildest imaginations.


Through trials and tribulations, you must learn the value of unity, trust, and self-control. You will navigate the treacherous path of harnessing your powers, finding solace in each other's strengths and providing support when weaknesses emerge. The journey becomes not only about survival but also about preserving the harmony of your cherished valley and protecting it from those who would abuse the gifts bestowed upon them.

Your characters will shape the destiny of the pack, discovering whether they can transcend their individual struggles and find harmony within themselves and their newfound powers, or if the internal conflicts will consume them, leading to the downfall of the pack they hold dear.


So will you learn to face the challenges these powers give or will you be destroyed by them?



Sign-ups: Here!
Discussion: Here!
RP thread: You are here!

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 08:37 AM

Inferno Abyss

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Master List:

The Ascendant Valley Pack


I would prefer it if Alpha's were mates but Beta's do not have to be!


Alpha Male:
- Closed for now
Alpha Female:
- Sparrow | F | Played by Nevermore | Stealth - Agility | Page 8

Beta Male:
- Raven | M | Played by Inferno Abyss | Speed - Senses | Page 1
Beta Female:
- Sasha | F | Played by Mai | Stealth - Senses | Page 2

- Sylvie | F | Played by High Hills Pack | Smell - Stealth | Page 14
Herbalist's Apprentice:
- Zenda | F | Nevermore | Healing | Page 3

Lead Hunter:
- Pistol | M | Nevermore | Strength - Speed | Page 3

Hunters: {Max of 6}
- Aspen | M | East MountainClan | Strength - Stealth | Page 18
- Kaido | M | Red River Wolves | Speed/Agility - Strength | Page 7
- Chenoa | F | Terebinth Wolves | Hearing - Healing | Page 13
- Zero | M | Terebinth Wolves | Stealth | Page 14
- Silver | F | by Luna | Agility | Page 17
- Hondo | M | Wolf Pride | Speed/Agility | Page 3
- Brute | M | Wolf Pride | Strength - Stealth | Page 5

Lead Sentinel:
- Shika | F | Spice | Strength - Healing | Page 13

Sentinels: {Max of 5}
- Night | M | Played by Inferno Abyss | Senses and Speed/Agility | Page 7
- Jiro | M | Red River Wolves | Healing - Senses | Page 4
- Mithra | F | East MountainClan | Speed/Agility - Healing | Page 18
- Valdis | F | Spellbound | Speed/Agility - Senses | Page 11
- Aero | M | High Hills Pack | Strength - Agility | Page 15
Elders: {Max of 3}
- Flame | F | Inferno Abyss | Senses - Healing | Page 7
Apprentices: {Max of 2}
- Aria | F | East MountainClan | Senses - Stealth | Page 18
Queens: {Max of 3} {Open}
All mothers that will have pups during the RP will play the newborns. Once newborns reach 1 month old, they then can be played.
- Shia | F | Inferno Abyss | Speed/Agility - Healing | Page 15
--> Sadie | F | Terebinth Wolves | Speed/Agility | Page 15
- Celeste | F | lyn2nicee | Page 7
- Feather | F | MountainClan | Speed/Agility - Senses | Page 19

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 08:39 AM

Inferno Abyss

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The Valley of Whispering Pines is a picturesque landscape, bathed in the soft golden glow of summer. The valley is a serene sanctuary, enclosed by majestic mountains, their peaks stretching towards the clear blue sky. The days are filled with warm sunlight, casting dappled patterns through the dense canopy of towering pine trees that blanket the valley.

As you step into the valley, you find yourself immersed in a tapestry of vibrant colors. Meadows carpeted in wildflowers stretch out, their hues ranging from vibrant yellows and purples to delicate pinks and blues. Bees and butterflies flit from blossom to blossom, adding a touch of life and movement to the tranquil scene.

Nestled within this natural haven, the Ascendant Valley Pack has created their camp. The camp rests in a clearing, surrounded by a protective circle of tall pines, their needles whispering secrets with every gentle breeze. The ground is covered in a soft carpet of moss and pine needles, providing a comfortable resting place for the wolves.

The camp itself consists of several well-crafted dens, nestled against the base of towering trees. These dens are constructed from fallen branches, leaves, and other natural materials, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Each den is customized to suit the needs and preferences of the individual pack members.

In the center of the camp, there is a communal gathering area, marked by a wide, flat rock that serves as a meeting place. It is here that the pack gathers to share stories, make important decisions, and strengthen their bonds through social interaction. Nearby, a small, gurgling stream provides a source of fresh water for the pack.

As the sun sets over the valley, painting the sky in shades of orange and purple, the camp takes on a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The nights in the Valley of Whispering Pines are filled with a symphony of sounds. Crickets chirp in harmony, while owls hoot softly from their perches in the trees. The cool night air carries the sweet scent of pine and earth, wrapping the camp in a soothing embrace.


The RP begins at the beginning of the day, the Ascendant Valley Pack waking up under a clear summer sky. The sun, radiant and full of warmth, has already begun its ascent, casting a soft golden light over the landscape. The air carries a gentle breeze that rustles through the leaves of the towering pine trees, creating a soothing melody.

The weather is comfortably warm, with the temperature gradually rising as the day progresses. The meadows glisten with morning dew, and the fragrance of wildflowers permeates the air. It's the perfect weather for the pack to explore their surroundings, engage in their daily routines, and bask in the tranquility of the valley.

The flash will come near sunhigh. That will give us enough time to engage in the regular routines and get to know the characters a bit more before the powers come in. I will control when the flash comes and will give you all a warning in discussion when it's almost time. :)

Current Weather:
Roughly 11 o'clock in the morning, there is a gentle breeze and it is indeed summertime. Right now, it is comfortably warm outside, however, this may or may not increase throughout the day. There was rain the day before so there will be dew on the grass. It is one hour before noon. All of your characters should be out and about, doing normal routines or activities.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 08:40 AM

Inferno Abyss

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Start posts with:
Name of character | Gender | Age | Rank | Interaction (Mentioning)

You all can post now <3

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 09:01 AM

Inferno Abyss

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Raven | M | 7 | Beta Male | M: Open
Light filtered into the den, a gentle breeze washing over the large male. His obsidian ears twitched as he opened his eyes. He yawned before stretching, his long legs stretched out in front of him. Raven shook out his pelt before blinking his sleepiness away. Another day and it was time to get patrols out. He would let the pack wake up around him first before sending the sentinels out. The hunters would probably be thrilled to sleep in a little longer.

Raven flicked an ear, taking in the den. He couldn't tell if Sasha was still asleep or not. Or in the den at all. He padded to the entrance, looking out over camp. The wind was making the leaves flutter in the trees around them. Even though there wasn't many predators, well those that attacked, he was thankful for the extra protection. Raven turned his head towards the other dens, counting the places like he did every morning. The sentinels den, closest to one of the exits of the camp. The hunters den close by, tucked between the sentinels and the apprentices. The apprentices den, which was pretty empty this time of year, was tucked between the hunters and the elders den. And then the elders den which was tucked between the apprentices den and the betas den.

The dens would make a complete circle and Raven turned his head to look over at the alphas den beside his. I wonder if Sparrow or Grinith is up yet. He wondered before walking out to the middle of camp. The large flat rock was nice and warm, even in this early of the day. Laying down on top of it, he looked out over the camp. Soaking in the sun, he waited for his pack to wake up around him.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 01:34 PM


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Sasha I F I 5 I Beta Female I M: Open
Sasha rolled over onto her back to let the morning sun tickle her face. She had been awake for only a few moments before dawn. Slowly Sasha got up, stretched, blinked the sleepiness away and looked around her den. It was empty, but she could tell that Raven had been here a short time ago. A playful breeze stroked her white muzzle, urging her to go outside and hunt herself something to eat. But no. Not right now, she thought. I'm waaaay too tired from last night's hunt. Sasha had been out almost all night hunting for fun. She did this almost every night, unless she was on a nightly patrol.
Instead she padded out of her den and gazed around the camp. She took in her surroundings and checked if all the dens where still in their places. They were. The sentinentels was near the exit, next to the hunters den. The hunters were inbetween the apprentices and the sentinentals dens. The elders den was tucked inbetween the betas den. Sasha gazed a the alphas den beside her. If Sparrow and Grinith are sleeping, then I won't bother them. She wondered who to send out on morning patrols. The hunters liked to sleep long, and the sentinentals prefered to be awake just before them, which was why they were usually out by now. But they wern't. Sasha heard snoring from their direction and had to conceal a smile. Other than her and Raven, the clearing was empty. I wonder who else is awake. Sasha wondered for a moment and spotted Raven laying down on a large rock. She nodded her greetings and padded over to her favorite spot; a shaded patch of earth by a small creek. Sasha liked this spot not because it blended in with her gray fur, but because she could see most of the camp, and it always brought relief from the burning sun. She floped down and waited for the rest of her pack to wake.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 12, 2023 10:32 PM

Former Pack

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Celeste | Female | 4 y/o | Queen | Interaction : Sasha, Raven
The warm sun rays crept into the den Celeste was sleeping in. The den she slept in was cool and damp with moss growing inside of it. The smooth pebbles and rocks scattered across the room adding A home like feeling. In random spots where the moss thrives a flower or two would bloom nearby. The cool-damp air of the den offered a comfortable and tranquil enviroment for a female like Celeste.
Upon awakening to the beauty of the den and welcoming sunlight Celeste slowly blinked herself awake. Her deep brown eyes would slowly gain focus and so would the rest of her senses. The lass flicked an ear before rising her head with a yawn. Celeste looked from her feemble limbs to the growing moss and flowers around her. The nearly bloomed flowers were just as delicate as she was.
Celeste took in her surroundings before deciding to finally get up. The lass pressed each paw firmly into the soft and crumbly layer of the earth. Her front paws went downwards as her rump went up. Celeste needed to stretch her limbs horribly. She wasn't fond of the stiff feeling following her deep slumber. Once she finished stretching, Celeste licked her chops a couple of times before pressing her snout to the moss and flowers. The earthly smell gave her comfort and joy.
The lass swiveled her head towards the direction leading out of the den. The exit of the den looked as beautiful as ever. It had almost seemed as if it were a portal to an etheral beauty. Celeste furrowed her "brows" while exiting her den. The warm rays of sunlight kissed her smokey brown pelt A good morning. The lass shook her thick pelt and began padding around. While strolling around sanctuary she noticed both Beta male and female Sasha and Raven were awake. Celeste stole a glance at them before frolicking around flower patches.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 13, 2023 09:50 AM


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Sparrow | F | 5 | Alpha | M: Raven, Sasha|

Sparrow's eyes fluttered lightly as the light flickered into the Alpha's den. Her aqua eyes gently and slowly opened. She glanced over at her sleeping mate. She gazed at him for a moment. He just... seemed so perfect. Sparrow let out a dreamy sigh before getting up, doing her best to not disturb him. Sparrow glanced back at him before her tail disapeared out of the den.

Eyes closed at the bright light outside, pulling her head to her shoulder trying to block it out. It didn't work... She opened her eyes, and saw her pack awake. Her tail began to wag slowly, happy that the camp was already moving around. Sparrow spotted her Betas. She made eye contact with both, and trotted over. Her eyes were bright, and full of life, a huge smile on her maw.

"Good morning Raven!" She said, stopping by him, "Hello Sasha!" She called out to her. Sparrow turned back to her Beta male, Sasha a bit far. "Any plans for who is to lead patrols today?" She asked, still trying to blink sleep out of her eyes. A large fluffy brown tail wrapped around her white, speckled legs as she sat down, eyes slightly closed in the morning sun, nodding to what her Beta was saying.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 14, 2023 11:02 PM


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Moved for better flow.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 10:38 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Night | M | 4 | Sentinel | M: Pack(ind), Alphas and Betas(ind)
Night rolled onto his back, the cool breeze washing over his fur. He didn't want to get up. However, he had work to do. Rolling to his feet, he stretched each limb, careful not to hit the other sentinel's in the den. His tail swayed slightly behind him as he walked outside. It looked like his betas were already awake and so were his alphas. Flicking an ear, Night padded out of the den enough where the others wouldn't trip over him when they came out. He sat down, his ears already swiveling as he picked up up the sounds of the camp.

One of the things he had finally adapted to over the year was his hearing. He still didn't like loud noises...period. However, the enhanced hearing allowed him to do his job better than ever. As did his speed. He was already itching to get out on patrol. Sitting still was not his strong suit. The sun was starting to peak through the trees now. Not wanting to get sunburn so early in the morning, he looked around before finding the perfect spot for some shade once the sun got high enough. Hopefully, Night would be out on patrol by then.

Night closed his eyes, something that he often did when he was listening. There were a few birds singing high above him and deeper in the forest. It sounded like Celeste was playing in the flower patch nearby. At least, he assumed it was a flower path as he couldn't see the queen floundering in a dirt pile. His alpha, Sparrow, was greeting the betas. He kept listening as he heard Grenith come out of the den as well. Perhaps he would hear where he would patrol this morning. Hopefully, it was somewhere with shade and trees. Not the meadow. Night was hoping Sarkana or the betas would say he could patrol the forest and not the meadows where the hunting patrols would most likely go out.

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