07:33:30 katy | beetle
-WP Click-

name ideas? :D
 Stray Secrets
07:33:21 Stray.
she looks so much like him gahh
07:33:17 Nightshade

I just imagine a pup getting dragged through mud for some reason.
07:33:00 ET
Omg,, she is pretty *^*
 Stray Secrets
07:32:38 Stray.
pretty lady
-WP Click-
07:32:37 ET
I forgot I had a request thread, whoops
 Avatar Of Lust
07:32:37 Asmodeus (he/they)
-WP Click-

pup check? I'm kinda scared to look
 The Midnight Howlers
07:32:02 Midnight, Night
Though, I am currently looking at your requests forums. Umm, I'll PM you the rest of this stuff.
07:31:00 ET
Midnight Howlers
Oh sick! I hope they get back to you soon, new OCs are always fun *^*

And I appreciate that! :0 tragically my queue is suuuper long right now, so it might be a lil bit before I can open comms again.
07:29:32 katy | beetle
i think i'm at the point where all my wolves have at least 1000 mush worth of gear and decor xD some have up to 10 apples worth
 Sassy Otaku
07:28:40 Chuuya/Ruggie
Less than 300 CP and I'll be done dragging this pup through explore
07:28:18 katy | beetle
see i try to save for art... then i end up drawing my OC's myself and wasting my mush on gear and decor xD
07:27:50 Nightshade
Technically my time on WP should be 4 years on the 25th, but alas, I've lost that account :')
 The Midnight Howlers
07:27:50 Midnight, Night
No worries, I am stalking your forums. I was looking for a wolf OC and then found someone. Still haven't responded. But like, ready to commission you >:D
07:27:35 Fei the sleepy demon
I like to save for art
07:26:42 katy | beetle
oh wow! happy early decade of an anniversary ^^
07:26:27 Old
My account turns 6 in a few weeks
07:26:20 Nightshade
A decade of Silly :)
07:25:31 katy | beetle
yeah! it's alright though, i'm sure i'll find one for sale later on ^^

and he's gorgeous!! pretty sure i bred one of my girls to him already lol
07:25:15 Sil, SL, SilverLined
Oh hey my account turns 10 tomorrow :D I thought it was a few days out.


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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 11, 2023 03:52 PM

Banana Gecko
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Shika | F | 6 | Lead Sentinel | M: Raven

Shika flicked an audit backwards once again as if trying to detect something unheard. A soft shiver ran through her frame making the tip of her banner tremor ever so slightly. Shika wasnt cold though simply uneasy which she had been for the past few days on top of being exhausted.

Shika returned her Focus on his reply to her jest and rolled her optics in response as she moved along side him her pelt ever so slightly brushing his. It was rare that she offered any sort of touch but, right now it was comforting in a sense. Not that she would in any way verbally admit that no, she still had to keep the thorns prickly.

"Yes Nights usually fairly good at getting that done."

Shika said in agreement before she snorted at his mention of going back to camp a short huff leaving her maw.

"If Shia put something in my den again im going to personally drag her out by the scruff and tie her tail to a tree.. queen or not."

Shika said sternly her optics holding no jokes. Though, aside from her gaze she seemed calm.. even when the enviroment became eerily silent and still.

"Interesting... tis like the calm before a storm. Though there are no clouds in sight that would be a concern."

Shika murmured raising her cranium to look around her muscles still relaxed as her banner swayed behind her. A silent hum seemed to emit from the surroundings like a steady pulse of energy rippling through the air.. startling all creatures into a silence like none other.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 11, 2023 07:52 PM

East MountainClan
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Mithra | Female | 4y | Sentinal | M: Shika, Raven
Once she'd conected to the spot the lead sentinal had left off Mithral turned and decided she'd head back to camp. An uneasiness had come over her causing her fur to prickle uncomfortably.
As she made her way through the forest her ears strained to pick up activitiy, the quiet had her on edge she stopped paying attention to the familiar scents that started to get stronger. However a voice sounding nearby made her pause, shaking her head she brought herself back to her surroundings.
Noticing the strong scent of the beta and lead sentinal being blown toward her. making up her mind she loped toward them her paws thudding softly against the ground. Pushing through the undergrowth Shika and Raven came into view, skidding to a halt Mithra dipped her head to the two.
An ear swivled back, listening to something unknown. "Shika, Raven" she greeted briefly. "Do you guys feel that. Something isn't right" Mithra voiced uneasy, her fur prickling uncomfortable. Her blue gaze shifting from the two wolves to the forest and back.
Feather | Female | 6y | Queen | M: Night(ind), Kaido & Aspen(dir)
Sunlight filtering through the branches rosed her from her slumber, grumbling softly as she lifted her head. Blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light, Feather frowned noting Night had already left. He was likely on patrol but she still felt his absense like a knife.
Groaning she stiffly rose to her paws and stretched, pushing through into the clearing. The scent of deer hitting her nose not moments after, along with the scent of two hunters. She smiled spotting them across the clearing and trotted over, her belly swaying to each side as her did.
"Quite the catch guys" she complimented nearing the two. Stopping beside the rest of the kill that'd bee brought to the pack, pausing as a wave of unease passed over her. Feather frowned glancing towards the forest, her tail flicking nervously. Night's scent was a distance off which made her unease more noticable.
Something felt wrong and she couldn't place the cause, glancing back to the two hunters she wondered if they felt it as well. The felt still and the noises from the forest were far quieter than they normally were. Feather flicked an ear, wishing her mate was there to lean on.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 15, 2023 09:49 AM

Red River Wolves
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Kaido | M | 5 | Hunter | Mentions: Aspen, Feather

Kaido grunted, releasing his hold on the deer. With some of the best, huh? Although the statement had its appeal, he had never been one to invest heavily in titles. He'd been called many things before, some more flattering than others. "The strongest" was one of them. And what did it do for him? Put a target on his back and turned more than a few places hostile to his very name. But at the end of the day, might ruled over all, and as he eventually wiped out all those that came for him, leaving behind only the arrogant—or rather foolish—weaklings to contend with, one thing became clear: being "the strongest" was no fun.

He would surpass them all one day, his superiors. His ambition would settle for no less. As far as he was concerned, it was inevitable. But he also knew it would not be easy in the slightest, and he welcomed that with open arms. One day he would surpass them, but until then, he could bide his time, pushing himself against those stronger than him.

Despite what some might think what with his hunger for adversity and open hostility to weakness, Kaido had never truly sized up most of the pack, nor was he about to start. He saw no reason to. The Alphas and Leads were strong, as were the rest of his superiors. He'd acknowledged that from day one. Those that were above him had the might to back it up, and those that were not knew their place, more or less. As he'd grown stronger, the order had fallen into place around him. He would disrupt that order, but his superiors were not his opponents.

That doesn't mean you should let it go to your head. Kaido echoed the Senior Hunter's words to himself, holding back a light chuckle. Although the saw the wisdom in the older male's words, it was nothing new. Aspen may be older but Kaido had seen enough to know that the past did not dictate the future. Strength alone meant nothing and the greatest could fall at any time. These truths had been etched into his being.

His yellow eyes followed Aspens gaze into the forest, failing to spot what the older male had but picking up on his unease. But when the Senior Hunter turned back to him, he trusted his judgment to ignore it for now. "Skill means nothing if you lack the sense to use it," he scoffed. "And I'd rather not waste years of my life beating it into him," he added, brushing off the hypocrisy. He moved to leave when he heard someone else's footsteps, his ears turning to the sound, head soon trailing after. Feather. A queen, formerly a Hunter. Kaido nodded a greeting. "All this guy," he said, gesturing to Aspen with his muzzle. "Would've been more if Sentinels knew to be quiet during a hunt." With that he took his leave, wanting no more idle chat. The darkness of the Hunter's den was all that more appealing in contrast to the bright summer day and lackluster morning hunt.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 01:03 AM

High Hills Pack
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Aero || Male || 5 || Sentinel || M: Shia & Sadie

Sleep was a treasure in the lives of most wild animals – a fleeing treasure that was a blessing to obtain without death looming over one’s shoulder. Few could ever truly obtain it, having adapted to life of a light-sleep – startling at the slightest of shifts in the environment – or being tough enough to barely bat an eye in the face of potential danger. Those too weak could only ever dream of reaching such a status, but thankfully, the black mass of fur slumbering away within his designated den was not one of those.

The sentinel den was quaint and peaceful now that all had left it (all but one that is), being void of the shuffling of early birds and noisy wakers. A soft warm breeze could be felt making its way into the den, worming its curious tendrils into the enclosed area and tickling the moss and leafage that resided inside. Slinking past the moss neatly decorating the floor, the small brush of wind just barely reaches the remaining sentinel residing in the den – gently fluttering the fur of his cheeks and ears. The rise and fall of his chest almost beat in time with the caressing of the late-morning breezing, rising whenever it touched and falling when it swiftly fled.

Taking a slightly larger breath than before, the dark pelted male adjusted his head to the smallest degree – tilting it to lay on its right cheek before releasing a steady stream of air, rustling the moss beneath his nostrils. His pelt was pleasantly warm thanks to the linger beams of light straying into the den, but in just enough shade in order to not overheat. It was enjoyable to the young wolf, who was quite content on just laying there for another round of “five more minutes” in order to soak it all in.

A disturbance, pushing his head a tad further to the side and ruffling the once smooth fur of his muzzle. His eyes tightened at the touch, not pleased by the interruption but knowing well enough who it was not to be annoyed (which was already an unlikely occurrence). A sleepy grumble left his mouth in retaliation to the “rude” awakening, followed by a relenting huff once the licking started. His ears flicked at the feeling of his mate’s tongue, unhappy with the change of moisture that came with the action. A half-hearted “I’m up. I’m up” flowed from him as he curled tighter on himself, hoping for just one more minute of rest. His was, much to his glee, soon granted to him… Except he no longer felt tired.

A soft and amused sigh left him as he shifted once more, uncurling from his “protective” ball and finally accepting his fate of getting started with his day. An earlier riser was something that Aero was not, and likely never would be. He despised the act of getting up earlier than necessary, and slept in as much as he could whenever he got the chance. It wasn’t that he was precisely lazy – truthfully being anything but – he just had a poor habit of staying up a bit too late in order to guard the camp. Especially since the arrival of his darling Sadie. He had to ensure that all was secure before sleeping himself, lest something terrible happen to both his little one and his beloved. Not the healthiest practice, but one he would be keeping up what would likely be the majority of his life.

Rising to his feet, the bulky male gives his contrasting pelt a good shake – relieving it of any unwanted moss before releasing a big, wide-mouthed yawn in hopes or ridding himself of any leftover drowsiness. Slowly blinking his still heavy eyes, he proceeds to meander his way out of the den, mulling over the route his morning walk would be taking this time. Except, upon exiting the den, he is greeted with the delightful sight of his darling girls. A smile makes his way onto his face as he treads his way over to the duo, softly butting heads with his mate at his arrival and sitting down beside her. Without a second thought, he proceeds to reach out a paw towards Sadie – scooping his young daughter up with a paw and pulling her in as a sort of a hug.

“How are my two girls doing this morning,” he eyes – once focused on Sadie – flicker up towards those of Shia, “fine, I hope?”

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 12:05 PM

Inferno Abyss
Posts: 13147
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It is now Sunhigh. The sky seems clear, not a cloud in the sky. However, everything has gone quiet. There is no wind, no birds chirping. The prey has disappeared into hiding spots, no longer in the meadow and fleeing in the forest. Something has spooked them.

A crack of thunder sounds from above you, yet there is no storm or clouds nearby. A violet flash appears above your heads, weaving in the sky long enough for you to see it. It disappears with a gold streak and the sky goes back to normal, as does the forest as if nothing happened. The birds start singing again and the prey will start coming out of hiding.

Yet you feel different. Powers may be coursing through your veins now, pelts are starting to change, and you. . .you feel different.

You guys can begin from here and let the Awakening begin!
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 01:04 PM

Banana Gecko
Posts: 708
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Shika | F | 6 | Lead Sentinel | M: Raven // Mithra

At the crack of thunder Shika spun her large body around her motions incredibly fluid as she pinned her sentinel down to the ground before she lunged and used her body to shield the beta upon the earth from the unseen threat. Her optics narrowed dangerously at the sky above them... the trail of purple made her hackles raise as her pelt began to lighten her optics flaring between blue and orange then back. Shika was sure he would tease her of such actions later, but her duty was to him.. as well as the alpha.

Her nostrils flared before a cold chill wrapped its way through her, a soft puff of misty breath left her as she exhaled a breathe she didnt notice she was holding. Shika then staggered back off of Raven the danger seemingly passed but the sensation flaring though her body was strange. A growl of frustration left her as she aggressivly shook her cranium back an forth. Shikas claws gripping the ground frost began to damped the hairs upon her legs.

A startled sound left her before her legs buckled below her, her body lost to the changes. The overwelming senses coursing through her frame would only last a few minutes before she rolled awkwardly to her stomach her heart pounding as she turned to Raven.

Edited at November 16, 2023 01:07 PM by ~Spice~
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 01:37 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Raven | M | 7 | Beta | M: Shika, Mithra
Raven was a bit surprised when Shika brushed her fur against him but simply smiled at her. He chuckled at her response about Shia before responding, "You'll have to get past your sentinel for that. I'm sure Aero will have your pelt for that." At her murmur, he nodded, looking towards the sky before tilting his head as Mithra came running over. At her words, Raven nodded, "Something isn't right indeed. Even more reason we should--" he started before a crack of thunder rumbled through the sky.

His ears flattened, there was no clouds. So what-- his thoughts were interrupted as Shika pinned her sentinel to the ground before coming over to be a body shield. He gave her a huff before spotting the trail of purple across the sky. How very familiar yet different. Last year, when they gained their heightened skills, that flash had been a light green. So what did the purple mean? It flashed gold before disappearing but his pelt was humming. Ever so slightly, yet his eyes darkened and he shut them tightly.

He could feel the cold coming off of Shika, and moved slightly away from her before stopping as something gripped him. His pelt tingled like it had been shocked but was otherwise just humming. He opened his eyes, not much difference that he could see. However, for anyone that was looking at him, the grey parts in his pelt had melted into a pure black, leaving nothing but raven black fur. As he turned to meet Shika's eyes, she would see black eyes with a slight glint in the center. Basically looking at a raven in a wolf's body.

Raven shook out his fur before flicking an ear at the two females, his voice changed slightly to a lower voice track, "Are you two alright?" Shika seemed lighter colored than she normally did but also had. . .antlers?--sticking out of her head. He blinked once before flattening his ears as he felt something stir beside him. He looked over, but there was nothing there. Didn't stop him from being paranoid though.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 01:43 PM

Posts: 2014
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Pistol | M | Lead Hunter | 4 | M: Patrol

Pistol's head snapped up at the sound of thunder. What was that? He begun to question his sanity, looking around at his group to see if any of them heard it. A burning feeling flashed through his body, he closed his eyes, letting out a yelp from the pain, his paws feeling really warm. The pain made him drop down and curl into a ball, whining in pain. He was panting, and sure what he was dying. The smell of something burning made him open his eyes, who's paws was he looking at? And why were they on fire? "Fire!" He yelled, jumping up. Those were his legs? A million questions ran through his head as he begun to spin in a panicked circle. What was happening? His breathing was quick, and he was suddenly really thirsty. He let out a whimper as he stared at his paws that had changed color and the fire that was just sitting on his paws. This was not normal.

In his panic, he didn't think to look up at his patrol, but once he did, he found it hard to reconize some of his packmates! Did the large thing of thunder do this? What'd happened? Once he calmed down, the fire on his paws went away, hmm. He glanced at his packmates, wanting to see if they saw it too. However, his panic soon returned when a rock next to him went flying into the river. He had a feeling that he'd done that. "Wha- Jiro?" He asked, walking towards the male. It seemed like Jiro, but it also didn't. "Your pelt." Pistol turned to see Chenoa and Zero, startled. He looked at the sky again, the birds coming out. What happened? Where they all radioactive now? He stepped back from his packmates, looking around yet again, trying to determine what the hell had just happened.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 16, 2023 01:55 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Night | M | 4 | Hunter | M: Sparrow(ind)
Night watched his alpha head off in one direction and his beta off in another. Oh boy. He thought about following his alpha but decided against it, she was probably going to find her mate and Night definitely didn't want to get in the middle of that. It reminded him of his own mate for a moment. She would be hungry. He turned towards the edge of the territory, loping towards the river. Fish sounded good. It had been a while since they had fish, and the river was full of them this time of year.

And it was in the woods. Which meant that he could get away from the sun. It wasn't scorching but it was sunhigh which means that the sun was above him. He did not feel like getting burnt again. Night slowed as he reached the river, about to dip a paw in when his ears flicked up. The forest had grown quiet. That wasn't normal. Even the river seemed to quiet down. He blinked before practically jumping out of his fur at the crack of thunder. He did a full circle before finally calming down, barely catching a look at the purple streak in the sky.

Panting, he looked around as the forest came alive again. He shivered, his fur felt weird. Night took a look around him, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. Odd. Night shook his head before dipping his paw into the river. And paused. He knew he was on end, but now he was seeing things? He lifted his paw to his muzzle, turning it over a few times. Why did it look like the river? Night turned to look at his tail and almost jumped out of his fur again. Where was his tail? He could feel it yet he couldn't see it. He wagged it, seeing a slight movement along the tree before sitting on it.

Okay, calm down. Calm down. Calm. Down. Night slowly calmed himself down before looking at his paws again. They were normal again. It had to do something with that crack of thunder. He didn't care at the moment, he needed to get back to his mate. Making sure he stayed calm, he slowly started walking back towards camp, focusing on trying to stay calm while completely worried for his mate. What he didn't notice was that the worry was showing on his back, becoming a light orange.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |November 18, 2023 06:11 PM

Wolf Pride
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Brute l 3 l Male l Hunter l M: Kaido, Night
Brute took a deep breath, he gave a flick of his tail in annoyance, before going off by hinself. The hunting party didnt show up, except for Kaido. He'd get more prey by himself, as with Kaido his emotuons ran high. With a shake of his coat he cleared his mind, and focused on the hunt.
He decided to hunt for most of the day, capturing two squirrels and a rabbit. He was on the trail of a second rabbit, he could see his prey in front if him. His eyes narrowed and his mouth started to water. He stalked the rabbit until he was almost on top of it. Its scebt flooded his nose and mouth. He was about to pounce when all of a sudden, it ran away spooked, yet he hadbt made a single noise. He cocked his head in confusion. Suddenly he heard the crack of lightning. He looked up tiwards the sky, shocked to see nothing but blue sky. Then a violet flash weaved across the sky, turning into gold as it ended. The ground around him seemed to buzz, and a shock courses his coyote colored body. He looked at his paws, which became semi translucent. Was he a ghost? He ears started ringing, and suddenly his gaze turned purple. (A flash of light blue light appeared as he teleported, and when he reappeared)
Next thing he knew, he was sitting next to his fellow packmate Night. The forest around him felt normal, but Night looked different. His tail for one was gone, his back was, wait orange? His eyes showed everything. He looked Night up and down. He felt stupid for asking, "Night what happened to You?" He then looked around and said, "How did I get Here?" He panted, a crazed look in His eyes. In front of his semi translucent paws was a small puddle. He looked taken aback as his eyes were a brightbpruple, and he could see through his body.

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