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 Hunting Leopard
01:28:21 It's I Nesta
I'm fine. How are you?
01:28:03 Woods, Woody (he/ th
Hey Blazer! How are ya?
01:27:48 Salem (He/They)
01:27:45 Woods, Woody (he/ th
Hey Caeli! How are you?
 Hunting Leopard
01:27:19 It's I Nesta
01:26:17 Leaf
Okay now i can.
 Star Dancer
01:26:07 Calamity (she,her)
-WP Click-

oop forgot she was old enough to die 🤣
01:26:04 Woods, Woody (he/ th
Oh, hello Eve! ^^
01:25:50 Leaf
I can not see my pvp apponent.
 ~The Divine~
Yup mine works now thank you
01:25:29 evebot
The database hates the word "cross"
01:25:18 Woods, Woody (he/ th
Shepherd gives the Alpha a cheeky grin.

Stats: Social +1
Mood: Happy

Ah, yes, the future Alpha is being a turd.
01:25:16 evebot
Ok, try it now.
 ~The Divine~
So odd XD
01:24:11 Woods, Woody (he/ th
M0lk Tea,

Gift them.
 ~The Divine~
*says sorry correction
01:23:46 Leaf
The divine same thing is happening to me.
01:23:42 Morgana
These pups aren't bad just not for my pack- should I bone or gift them?
-WP Click-

-WP Click-
 ~The Divine~
Yeah mine is again. I tried to heal one of my wolves after a pvp and it syas 'oops! cannot locate wolf'


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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 9, 2023 03:26 PM

Wolf Pride
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Brute l 3 l Male l Hunter l M: Freyr, Kaido, Raven, Sarkana and Louvel (ind)
Brute nodded, "Thank you." He said, giving his head a slight bow in respect. "I'll get right on it." He turned away from the large Beta Male with a huge smile on his face. Him, Brute, lead a patrol! He'd never expected to lead one this early. Maybe he had potential. He gave his body a happy shake. Now just to find Freyr and Kaido.
Finding the two wasnt that hard, as they were bot that far away, luckily they were together. He'd just have to let Louvel catch up when Sarkana found him. He trotted up to the two of them. "Kaido, Freyr, Raven told me we need to get the patrol out, and Sarkana isnt back yet. He chose me to lead the patrol, and that Louvel will catch up when he can. But for now, lets get moving!" As he said this his eyes wandered towards the two of them, looking for any signs of agreement. Then he turned and ran towards the camp entrance, and out of camp, looking back to see if they followed him
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 15, 2023 06:30 PM

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|Sparrow|F|5|Alpha|M: Night|

Sparrow picked up a left leaded canter, her ears perked, listening for any sounds of prey. All she could hear was the steps of Night as they ran next to each other, her eyes straight ahead, scanning for any signs of life. She had to remind herself that this was a normal patrol, not a hunting patrol. Her love should be on the hunting patrol. "A lovely morning." She said, her tail wagging as she slowed for the Hunter. She wasn't in charge of Patrol, to be honest, she wasn't sure who was in charge of it. "Where do you want to start?" The large female asked, sitting down. She wanted his opinion, afterall, he'd be the one to have noticed anything off or weird doing on the past few days.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 22, 2023 10:54 PM

Red River Wolves
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Kaido | M | 5 | Hunter | Mentions: Freyr, Brute
Kaido watched as Brute walked away from the Beta with a stupid-looking grin on his face, rolling his eyes at his shake and all but scoffing as the younger male trotted up to him. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was being bossed around by pups. And this one looked like he was playing 'lead hunter,' trying to make himself seem more grown-up than he was. Still, if Beta Raven ordered it, he'd play nice. Giving his body one final deep stretch, he was about to ask where they were headed when Brute ran out of come. What is this? he thought, a snarl flashing across his face as he rushed after him. His facial expression calmed to a quiet anger as he caught up, barely a glimpse of the raging inferno inside. "What are you doing?" Kaido growled, harsh and gutteral. "Huh. Some patrol leader you are. Leaving behind your patrol and running off into the who knows where, scaring all the prey for miles while you're at it" His yellow eyes grew sharper than normal as his expression hardened even more. Subconciously, his lip lifted slightly to reveal a set of well-used fangs, as if to drive the point home. "You are hunting. Don't. Rush."
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 24, 2023 12:23 AM

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[Pistol]M]4]Lead Hunter]M: His patrol]

Pistol sat down, tail thumping the ground impatiently. He saw Jiro not too far behind. "Jiro, where is the rest of the patrol? Nevermind. We don't have time for that. We'll let the others disappear to their hunt, you are with me, I suppose. Anyone else joins us, welcome them with open arms." He said, a tired expression on his face. He slowly blinked, and stood up.

"Okay Patrol buddy, what do you say, do you want to find larger prey to take down together, or to have a friendly competition between the two of us as to who can responsibly hunt more?" Pistol looked around, surveying the sky and ground, picking the next best move, whether it be with Jiro or not.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 24, 2023 11:54 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Night | M | 4 | Hunter | M: Sparrow
Night stopped at the edge of the forest, his ears flicking to listen to the sounds of the forest. He could still hear the mingling of wolves in the camp. He sat down, waiting for Sparrow to catch up. Raven dashed past him, taking up the lead. Night had patrolled with the beta long enough to know he would wait farther down the path for Night to pass him. Kind of like a hopscotch game with their alpha being the center piece right now. What he was not expecting was when his alpha caught up to him to sit down.

He blinked slowly at her before clearing his throat, "Umm. . .well, Beta Raven is already starting towards the western border. We'll catch up to him and then take the lead roughly around the training areaa before we switch places. Then me and you take the lead while Beta Raven scouts that area out. He'll catch up to us when we reach the western border and then we can make our way up towards the north." Night said, coughing slightly from talking too much. He wasn't too used to that yet.

"Once we get to the northern border point, me and Beta Raven normally split up. I got to the eastern border and then hunt on the way back and Beta Raven uses his speed to get to the south border before heading back. If you wanted to, you could come with me to hunt on the way back," Night finished, standing up and swayed his tail slightly. He started taking a few steps forward, all ready to stretch his legs but also waiting for his alpha.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 28, 2023 09:37 PM

Biologist at Work
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Kírari | F | 4 | Queen | M: Celeste (Dir), Hunting Patrol (Ind), Open!
The female sniffed, turning her head around to see a fellow queen, Celeste walking up to her. Kírari's tail thumped lightly against the soft earth beneath her as the other female spoke. She admired how the queen was always so happy to see the world around her.
" Good morning Celeste! It is indeed beautiful this morning," she paused, breathing in the fresh air with the scent of the forest around the camp. Pausing longer Kírari looked around, noticing that the hunting patrol must have gone out a bit earlier.
"Hopefully the patrol finds some things for the pack to eat, I was sure I could smell creatures near the forest-" the queen brought her gaze back to Celeste. " How are you doing? Okay I hope?" Kírari questioned, glancing at the queens growing stomach.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 29, 2023 04:32 PM

Wolf Pride
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Brute l 3 l Male l Hunter l M: Kaido, Hunting Patrol
Brute stopped in his tracks and turned towards Kaido. Dont rush? He wasnt rushing, no prey was around here anyway. His lips turned into a snarl as he turned to face the male. "Obviously you've never hunted before, as you would know no prey would even be around camp. And for your information." Brute said, flicking his tail in annoyance, "I didnt leave anyone," He looked around, emphasizing his movements, clearly showing him he had merely crossed the border from camp. "What do you think I am?" He growled, licking his lips. Oh how he wanted to attack Kaido and show who was boss. But he managed to calm down. He took in a deep breath, and turned back towards the woods, and softly padded forward.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 29, 2023 09:46 PM

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Celeste | Female | 4 y/o | Queen | Interaction : Kírari(Dir), H.P (Ind), Venus (Ind), Open
Celeste tapped her paws lightly into the damp warmth of the earth. The queen licked her own nose and twitched an ear. Not only was the world around her beautiful but she loved a good conersation with others. Celeste nodded in response to Kiari. Each dip of her head, the sunlight would meet with her eyes blinding her. The female whined and licked her chops.
" Oh yes yes, I hope they do. But what can I say, they very often bring back goodies " she breathed. Celeste tilted her head backwards sniffing the air. She took a good thre whiffs before dropping her head. " Well, I don't smell any prey *very* close to the camp but I faintly smell some good catches " she responded before adding " I'm doing well! The sun is shining and my pup is doing well. I assume ha-ha. I'm quite excited for the ones on the way. How about you? "
Celeste thought of Venus for s split second, a smile forming on her muzzle. Venus was her pride and joy whether she knew it or not. Life had been hard since she lost Venus's litter mates in delivery and the father wasn't around. But it is all out of Celeste's hands, all she can do is provide and offer her pup(s) the world. " Hopefully you're taking life one day at a time, yeah ?" she laughed softly to the Queen.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 29, 2023 09:51 PM

~Terebinth Wolves~
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Chenoa & Zero | F & M | 4 & 3 | Hunters | M: Pistol, Jiro, Hondo and themselves
"...oa! Chenoa! Wake up!" Zero barked as he layed infront of the sleeping female, staring at her intently as his tail wagged eagerly. Chenoa groaned as she sleepily opened one eye. "Your louder than usual." She mumbled as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. "Sorry. Couldn't help it. You slept in. We're late for our hunting patrol. They already left." Zero answered, lowering his voice slightly. Chenoa snapped her head up, concern in her eyes. "How long ago?" She asked as she quickly stood up. "Couple minutes ago." He answered, getting up as well. Chenoa immediately picked up a trot and headed for the exit to camp. She really hoped they didn't get to far.
Chenoa focused her hearing on anything that spoke. She wasn't sure who was in her patrol but she decided she would just join whoever she found first. "...if I join the hunting patrol?" Chenoa perked and turned toward the voice who seemed to belong to a tired male wolf. Meanwhile Zero trotted behind her, being as quiet as he could without using his stealth so Chenoa could focus. "Heard someone." The female reported, remembering Zero was behind her. "Good. Hopefully we dont get in trouble!" Zero hummed cheerfully despite his words. Chenoa just shook her head and focused on getting to the wolves before they could move farther. Soon enough, the dou saw Pistol, Jiro and Hondo. "May we join too?" Chenoa asked as she approached them.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |August 29, 2023 10:17 PM

Stream <3
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Venus | Female | 9 weeks (2.2 Months) | Pup | M: Celeste, Kirari
Venus bounded out of the den with speed, full of energy from the nights rest. Her little paws hit the earth faster than her mom could turn her head before she came into view. She ran A small circle around Kirari and Celeste (mom) before sitting next to Celeste and nuzzling her rump. "Hi mom!' She said, her eyes beaming with joy and she snuggled next too her beloved mother, her role model and the thing she loved most in the world. Her Dark Blue eyes simmered and her red pelt glistened slightly in the sun. She nodded to the female she recognized as Kirari and said " Good Morning ", respectfully acknowledging her.

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