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05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.
05:20:39 Amy
For now...
05:19:30 Fei the writer
at least he left Bo alone
05:17:18 Amy
Beats me...maybee because i break to many chatspeak rules XD
05:07:36 Fei the writer
Yes, I will memorialize him so he can still haunt everyone when they visit
05:06:19 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
If Salad dies you will memorialize him right? Bringer of Nightmares to many packs
05:05:43 Fei the writer
why is he following you?
05:04:42 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Salad's up for one last jaunt, it seems. XD
05:04:33 Fei the writer
oh fucking hell. He is 20. Can't he wait until death script is over?
05:02:52 Fei the writer
You know that most of the time he is out and about is when I'm away.

He loves giving your wolves and other packs nightmares XD
05:02:30 Amy
Look who just showed up in forest XD
04:59:12 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
My wolves are very much not fine. XD
04:58:14 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Okay I trawled through forums for a bit
According to ET in January 2023 Deathscript is at 7:45am GT. So you have... less than three hours
04:56:48 Fei the writer
anyway we'll see about Salad if he lives or dies
04:55:03 Fei the writer

04:52:34 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
I guess we'll see. Not too sure what I want but my wolves want Salad goooonnne. Even though he's still going to haunt them in their nightmares.
I have no idea what premium specializations is. O.o I'll figure it out, no need to explain though.
04:51:36 Fei the writer
Salad also has a daughter


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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 11:49 AM


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|Pistol|M|4|Lead Hunter| M: Alphas, Raven, Sasha, open|
Pistol whined in his sleep, paws raking the air as he ran in place. He didn't know what he was running from, but he didn't like it. His body jerked, and he sat up, alert and ready to take on what ever he thought he needed to. Pistol quickly looked around, still on alert before glancing outside. He could hear voices. Reluctantly, he stepped out of his den, and looked around. Assuming he was on the first hunting patrol, he headed towards the Beta and Alphas.
"Good morning." He said, sitting down and yawning, waiting for someone to tell him what to do.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 12:12 PM


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Acadia | Female | Four Months | Pup | M: Freya, Azuria
The pup wiggled in her slumber, feeling her mother's soothing touch on her back. Her dark paws stretched out, pushing against her mother's side.
Acadia nearly stood, yet instead stumbled into Freya and nuzzled into her fur. Her sleep drawn eyes squinted open, looking up towards the larger wolf with a smile.
Di-Di's mouth turned into a smirk as her eyes glared over to her sisters. Within seconds she jumped over to her and tumbled onto her back, nuzzling the smaller pup.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 02:21 PM


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Fen | 12 | F | Elder | M: Atheia (ind), Kirari (ind)
Once upon a time, Fen would have been the first awake, trotting out of her den well before sunrise to gather herbs and prepare for the day. This morning, she wakes only breifly to drag her old bones into the sunlight at the mouth of her den, and dozes there until the pack comes awake around her.
She felt good that day, could hear the birdsong in the trees, her stiff joints obeying when she commands them to stand, shake out her pelt. Her eyes lit on Atheia, the young she-wolf healer who had taken her place. She had been a wonderful apprentice and was now a wonderful herbalist, and Fen wondered breifly if she might stop by Atheia's den and see if she had any ginger for her joints.
She had it in her mind to swim in the stream, while she still felt young enough to do so. The walk was not far, and on her way there she passed Kirari, seemingly on her way back. Fen slunk into the bushes to let her pass. It filled her with a sort of pride to see the she-wolf pregnant; she had attended her mother's whelping many moons ago. Though she would likely not be present at Kirari's, she was eager to see what the queen would produce.
The stream was pleasantly cool as Fen strode to her chest in it. It moved slowly today, the current laughing against the stones, and Fen dunked her head under, shaking the water off voilently. Distanty, she wonderd if there had ever been a finer summer morning.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 03:32 PM

Shadow Masters

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Lykka | Female | 5 | Hunter | Mentions: Open

Lykka was woken by the sound of the pack coming alive outside the den. It was comforting and familiar, letting her know that nothing unusual had happened during the night. It was rare for her to be up earlier than the rest of her pack, simply because she tried to be as useful as she could during the day.

Lykka shook her head as she stretched her legs out, staying low so her back didn't scrape the roof of the den. She squinted at the sunlight as she made her exit. Birdsong filled her ears as she glanced at various members of the pack before laying down out of the way. She'd take any moment she could to wake up fully before having to set out and hunt.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 17, 2023 01:56 AM

Red River Wolves

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Jiro | Male | 4 | Sentinel | Mentions: Night, Sarkana

The gray wolf remained still as he heard his fellow sentinels begin to rise. From his spot near the den's entrance, he listened as someone rolled over and stretched. His nose twitched slightly as he felt a presence pass by and exit. Night. The male's scent faded as he himself left but Jiro still did not move as he sensed another wolf stirring. Again, he listened to the usual morning sounds coming from his packmates: a soft growl, a shake, and then footsteps leading away from the den. Sarkana he determinded as her scent weakened. Time to get up.

His yellow eyes opened, gazing patiently at the den's interior as he waited for them to adjust to the morning light. Yawning, Jiro picked himself up, stretching his legs and shoulders, releasing the tension from each limb. Shaking off the last remnants of sleep, the gray wolf made his way out of the den, stepping fully into the warm sunlight. Scanning the camp, he gazed at the circle of the dens, watching some of his packmates going about their morning routine before his eyes landed on the center rock. Closing his eyes for a moment, he took a deep breath, briefly basking in the familiar smells of the camp. Though he picked up on bits of conversations here and there, he drowned most of it out, letting it become nothing more than background noise. Opening his eyes again, he joined Sarkana in the center of camp, dipping hus head slightly in greeting.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 17, 2023 10:19 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Raven | M | 7 | Beta Male | M: The Pack(dir)
Raven perked his ears, hearing Sasha waking up first. He tilted his head over to her, seeing the small greeting and gave a smile in return. Good, his fellow beta was awake. Now for the rest of the pack to come alive so he could start getting patrols out. One of the queens, Celeste, was soon to follow, heading over to a flower patch. Raven closed his eyes before raising his head as his alpha came out. He watched the spotted pelt female make her way over to them. At her greeting, he sat up into an almost regal position but with his dipped respectfully.

"Good morning Alpha. I hope you slept well," Raven greeted in return before replying to her question, "As for patrols, we will let the pack wake up first before we decide who to send on patrols." He did not have to wait too long either. Night slipped by him into the shade, per normal, before being followed by Sarkana a couple moments later. The lead took a position by the alphas and Raven looked around for any hunters. He spotted Freyr looking around, no doubt in mind that he was searching for his sister.

Raven's thoughts were interrupted as he heard his other alpha start towards them. He dipped his head both in respect and greeting before listening to his response. Raven nodded, "I think that will do you well Alpha. I'm thinking two hunting patrols and a regular. I too, am ready to stretch my legs." He looked around, noting that Kirari was sitting near her den, Pistol had come to join them, Lykka was off to the side and Jiro had joined Sarkana. Seeing everyone he needed to create a patrol, he stood up before turning towards the leads.

"Pistol, I would like you to partner up with Lykka and Kiari and take Jiro as your sentinel. You can head towards the river to the south. Sarkana, you will lead a larger patrol up to the meadow northeast of camp. Take Kaido, Freyr, and Louvel with you. Sasha, Alpha Grenith, and Alpha Sparrow, you are free to join any of these patrols. I will take Night towards the western border for a regular patrol and we will make our way up to the north before circling down south." Raven said, giving out orders before looking over to Sasha. He normally left it up to her whether to take over a patrol or not as well as the alphas.

Finished with his routine, he jumped down before Night met him halfway. Raven sat down, waiting for what his alphas would do before he would start the patrol. Night sat quietly next to him, awaiting orders and the command to go. Both were itching to go run but were hiding it quite well.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 17, 2023 11:02 PM


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Sasha I F I 5 I Beta Female I M: Raven
Sasha pricked her ears when she heard Raven send out patrols. She was eager to join one, so she got up and padded over to the center of the camp, exactly where the patrols were being assigned. The beta female sat down, gazing thoughtfully at her denmate. He was just finishing giving orders. "...I will take Night towards the western border for a regular patrol and we will make our way up to the north before circling down south." Raven's voice was full of authority, yet he looked kindly over to her. She blinked in response and said warmly to him: "I won't be joining a patrol today," she said, loudly enough for him to hear her but quietly enough to not let anyone else know. "I will be patrolling the eastern border alone, and hunt some breakfast. Don't worry, I won't be out too long." Seeing Raven's face, Sasha chuckled, since the last time she had been on an independent patrol she had been out until sunset. The whole pack had been terrified, sending out search parties to find her. When she had come strolling into camp like nothing happened, the alphas made her clean all the nests for a month. "I'll be back by sunhigh."
When the beta male nodded in agreement, Sasha trotted out of camp and sniffed the air. It was wonderful. The sweet smell of fruit blossoms mingled with the scent of prey, making her legs itch to run and bring down the fattest rabbit in the world. But not right now. Sasha corrected herself sternly. I have to patrol the border. She pointed her nose towards the rising sun and wandered east. Prey trails crossed her path here and there, petals and sunlight falling on her. Absolutely beautiful. A soft breeze tickled her ears. She wandered in the forest and it wasn't long until she came to the eastern border.
The eastern border was on the mountainous side of the valley, making it almost impossible to cross. The mountains were dangerous, in the summer, there were rockslides, in the winter avalanches, and in the fall and spring months, mudslides threatened wolves who strayed too close to them. But Sasha ignored the dangers, looking only for trespassers. There weren't any, so she turned back and bounded through the stretch of forest in leaping strides. When she found a promising prey scent, the sun had already climbed above the mountain peaks, and beat down mercilessly on Sasha's back. She followed the trail and came to the meadow, sighting her prize; a fat, juicy rabbit that was just asking to be caught. She dropped into a crouch, and snuck up on her meal. It's ears shot up and twisted in her direction. Oh no. Sasha froze, praying that it wouldn't see her. The rabbit decided to get back to eating. The beta sighed in relief. She snuck closer, but just when she was about to make the kill, something startled the rabbit and it fled. Sasha wasn't about to give up her well-earned meal, so she gave chase, but by then it had disappeared. Muttering curses under her breath, Sasha turned around to see what had cost her her breakfast. But when she turned around, the meadow and the forest behind it, were deserted. Deciding it was nothing, Sasha bounded further into the meadow, hoping to find more prey. She did, and brought down another rabbit and some mice. The mice served as her breakfast, while the rabbit would be brought back to camp. Freya and Celeste would love this, she thought as she trotted back to camp. About halfway there, she paused, and rested her legs. Sasha dozed awhile, but a quick glance at the sky got her running. Whoops! Almost sunhigh. Well, in about 6 hours, but still. Sasha picked up the pace and trotted to camp.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 18, 2023 05:44 PM

Pink Floral Cavern

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Freya | Female | 4 | Queen | In; Azuria, Acadia, Freyr, Pack

Freyr | Male | 4 | Hunter | In; Pack(Ind), Freya, Azuria, Acadia

Freya couldn't help the soft wheeze coming out of her maw as she felt her pup stir awake, a smile widening when Acadia tackled her sibling. Stifling a laugh, the queen nuzzled her two pups before taking a glance back out the den. She should really go out, knowing her littermate would come to get her if she tried to stay within the confines of her safe space. Growling slowly urged through her throat at the thought before regaining her composer, only sighing as she returned to her more placid face, only grinning at her daughter's actions.

Despite the loneliness, she was more than content with it all. Having not been bothered for most of her life, only grew bitter when comments were thrown on her as a light long faded. Always the scapegoat she was, always the runt. Even so, she continued on, defying her authority and being on equal footing with her larger in comparison brother. It isn't a mistake on her part, but unfortunate circumstances have led her to be the wolf she is today, and by far, she wasn't sure if the pack accepted her in that regard.

unfortunately, her thoughts were cut off when a very family wolf's face appeared at the entrance to her den. A sudden bark echoed from Freya as her brother grinned back sheepishly at having startled her, and by startled, she jumped back incredibly hard into the wall at the back of her den causing a yelp to stifle out as well. "FREYR!... You scared me." Freya's ears folded back as the male simply hummed in response, not even a sorry, but he seemed awfully cheery for having made her jump so hard. "Yeah well, get out of the den. I have to go soon."

Freyr had decided to just make sure his sister didn't stay here till he came back. Having heard the others discuss patrol and hunting plans earlier, he'll be taken with Sarkana and head through the meadow, to which his sister nodded her head along as he explained his expedition. "I understand that you wish to stay within here, but that won't do today, you'll have to leave the den and get something to eat. Come on-" The bigger wolf said, entering the smaller den with a little struggle before nipping at her pelt to bother her a little more.

"Frey for the love of the moon, please stop!" Her voice cracked and agitated from lack of use, only really holding so much actual strength behind it. "I'll go, let me out," Freya said, pushing Freyr forcibly so she and the pups could get a move on, Moon knows she hates her brother's constant pestering, but deep down she knew it was for good intentions.

Having exited the den, the she-wolf shook her pelt and stretched her legs, only waiting for her pups to leave as she followed her brother to where the others were located. Suppose she'll be staying in camp to tend to her pups, but she still needed to know where everyone else will be going along with her brother, being the hunter that he is. Freya herself used to be considered a scout, alas since having pups, she has wasted away, though the urge to hunt was always present.

Keeping her pups close as she listens in, her ears swiveling when she sees Sasha take her leave. Rubbing her head against her brother's shoulders as a farewell as Freyr walked towards Sarkana to begin his own duties. Sighing, she always felt awkward without her brother by her side, Yet Freya kept a strong regal posture, waiting for the other parties to leave, shrinking a bit as she doted on her pups a bit more.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 18, 2023 07:45 PM

Former Pack

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Celeste | Female | 4 y/o | Queen | Interaction :Pack, Kírari, Night
Celeste had woken her self up with the sips of water. Her nose no longer dry and her head beggining to think smoothly. Her right ear flattened as her left twitched. The movement and livelihood of the pack had increased. The dame blinked a couple of times before rising to her paws. She stretched once more after her long sit. Celeste turned around and she'd seen many faces she hadn't prior to her wake. Each wakening member doing something, living their own very lives uniquely. It was beautiful to her.
Her paws stamped into the soft crust of the earth each step of the way. The siblings and the pups seemed to be awake to. What a surprise! Her brown eyes locked on the family for a little while. Celeste couldn't remember the last time she'd seen them all together, or the mother and her pups at all for that matter. Celeste switched her gaze to Raven now. Hearing the Beta speak with respect and assertiveness was never out of the ordinary.
The sentenial and hunters had seemed to be awake as well. She lifted her head and trotted a little slower as she noticed her friend Night was up as well. She'd pad to his direction to greet him but got distracted by her fellow queen Kírari. She dipped her head a little bit with a smile. Her aspirated voice began to voice, " Good morning lovely! Isn't the pack so lively today? Oh and the flowers look nice, and the sky, and the trees. And oh, the bird over there, and that shrub too! ". Celeste could go on and on about what she was seeing. She loved nature, what could she say. It was all beauty in her book.
Celeste tossed a few glances in Night's direction as well. While she waited for the queen to respond her tail bobbed side to side, and her ears constantly moving. Her hieghtened scenses made it often tough for her to focus.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 18, 2023 11:05 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Flame | F | 13 | Elder | M: The pack(ind), Freya & Pups(dir), Fen(ind)
Flame lifted her head drowsily as she heard Fen, a fellow elder, wake up. The one thing that she dreaded about her hearing was that she couldn't turn it off. No sleeping in for her. Her ears twitched as she heard the pack wake up around her. Grrr. Oh well. She supposed it was time to get up anyway. Flame shifted, lifting herself off the ground and yawning wide. Ah forget it. She thought to herself, laying back down. She could hear the alphas and betas talking and then the orders being given out. Lovely. The day was getting off to a good start.

As she was concentrating on hearing the alphas, she did not hear Fen take off. Finally tired of staying put, she pulled herself back onto her feet and walked slowly to the entrance of the den. It wasn't that her joints hurt, her increased healing took care of that. It was the walking. Healing or not, age was age. She was too old for a hunt, as much as she wished to go on one again. And right now, she was a bit too tired to go on a walk. Maybe in a little bit. Flame looked around, taking in every wolf before her head swung over as one of the queens herded her pups out of the den. Freya. Her brother was close behind, and Flame could see the agitation on her face.

As patrols started to go out, Flame made her way over to the queen, sitting down a few feet away. She hadn't talked to the female quite nearly enough as a few of the others, but hoped that Freya would allow her pups to be more social with the pack as she was. Flame greeted her with a gentle smile and a calming tone, "Good morning Freya. It's a lovely morning to bring the pups out of the den. The weather is just perfect for a walk. How is Azuria and Acadia doing?" She asked, her expression staying calm yet with a gentle look that could have been taken as a motherly look.

Flame never had offspring of her own, the only male to try to court her left the pack many years ago. She wasn't one for pups even though she absolutely loved them. They were the future of the pack, of course, and were to be protected no matter what. Although, she could also sneak a cuddle in here and there if the mother allowed it.

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