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teaching my puppy "quiet" was the best thing i've ever done. 😴
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Woke up to a tornado warning in the area and severe weather 🫠
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Welcome to my life.
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PvP anyone?
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hello chat
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yeah you gotta be careful or it feels uncomfy
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I feel sick chat x.x
I need to stop eating foods I'm allergic to x.x
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hey chat
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Your wolves played: Glove(give dom please) falls down.
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I gotta go now:.... Bye! XD
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Somebody give me a noun. Somebody else, provide a joke based on the noun.
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Chat is indeed tired. XD
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yeah chats tired XD
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I said*
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Hmmmmmm.... No way i can see my god damn message where is said goodbye, 2 hours ago! XD
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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 10:48 PM

Devils Heart
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Atheia | Female | 5 | Herbalist | M: Grenith
Atheia fluttered her eyes open, seeing a bright light shining into the den, looking around she could scent a lot of timid and overwhelmed wolves. As she got up, she'd walk towards the alphas, seeing what she could do next to help solve this stress. Walking towards the alphas, she noticed Grenith as she walked towards him. "Good morning, Grenith" She started speaking, "Would you like for me to go gather some herbs? The pack seems rather.. stressed."

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 11:07 PM

Biologist at Work
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Kírari | F | 4 | Queen | M: The Pack(ind), Open!
A low growl emerged from inside one of the dens, the sun peaking through the little cracks in between the sticks. The redish looking wolf, Kírari had curled herself into a ball the previous night. Her nose tucked neatly under her front paws and her long, fluffy tail wrapped around her body. After a moment of silence there came a huff from the female and her bright eyes fluttered open.
It was too bright for her at the moment, as it seemed to be every morning...at least for the first few minutes before her eyes adjusted. Taking a big yawn, Kírari open her eyes fully , lifting her head to look around sleepily at her den. "I suppose there's no real reason to go back to sleep. It feels like a nice enough day out.". The small female stood up, streched, and groomed herself before shaking and walking sleepily out the entrance of her small domain.
The pack seemed like they were also just waking up, the Betas were up, as well as one of the packs Alphas. Kírari yawned again before deciding it could be nice to take a little walk down to the stream for a refreshing drink of water. Maybe when she came back she would feel in the mood for socializing. So the female slowly made her way down to the stream, making sure to take in the beautiful forest around her.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 11:33 PM

Pink Floral Cavern
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Freya | Female | 4 | Queen | In; Open

The brightening morning sun was the thing that woke her up. The gripping of her claws along the ground of the den she occupied made a soft screech as she yawned tiredly. An annoyed rumble grew within her throat when she feels the heat of the sun begin warming her pelt, causing a shift in her position before remembering her pups were snuggled so very close. The soft click of her tongue against her canines snapped against the cool air as she glanced at the entrance. Seeing the beautiful saturation of light bouncing against the world was a serene and nostalgic sight. Whining softly as she tucked into her pups a little closer, not wishing to rise from her sleep, especially since her body felt excruciatingly sore. The pains of stress and over-exerting herself to the brim of exhaustion last night, having taken a long run on the outskirts of the territory under the guise of the other pack members.

Alas, the night was a delightful time for her to just..let go. Even so, she doesn't regret it, having let her anxieties finally ease to a more appropriate level. Giving her time to clear her head of the turmoils of her rather sad measly life, the thoughts making her unconsciously snuggle closer to her daughters. Breathing in the comforting scent that they were alive and well, a soft smile graced her lips before vanishing as she took another glance towards the entrance.

A whine neared her throat before she swallowed, gripping herself mentally as she shifted into a more comfortable spot. She'll wait for her pups to wake, then she'll eat. Maybe her brother will notice her not leaving her den, and bring something to ease her stomach. Freya could only huff, rather embarrassed for having to rely on her brother to bring something.

Humming softly even if her throat makes her voice crack, the queen could only keep herself from growing bored. Then again, she's never really bored of keeping her pups. She wonders if she really the outlier, keeping herself isolated, only allowing her pups to interact unless she was within range. Freya felt guilty, remembering her brother's words about her needing to let the pups socialize and get accustomed to the pack. The argument lasted for a while, only for Freyr to win. That brute was right, as much as she hated it, and always did whenever she denied the idea. Sighing, maybe she'll allow it, see if her pups were okay with having the day to themselves for once, Of course she'll be around, but she won't make an effort to socialize herself.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 11:35 PM

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Celeste | Female | 4 y/o | Queen | Interaction: Opened

Celeste sneezed before looking down her snout at the flowers. Then she twisted and turned gently around the flowers steering clear of any twigs and thick hedges. Her tail swayed softly behind her, Celeste’s ear flicked as she’d hear movement coming from her pack. Her body was still, apart from her tail. The lass would snap her head towards the distant cheerful greetings from her Alphas and then to Night’s paws plant themselves beneath a tree.

Celeste blinked slowly, her head beginning to lower. She flattened her ears and swiveled her attention towards Kírari, who had just awoken from slumber. Celeste yawned followed by a whine. Her tongue was a bit dry and so was her nose. She would stick her tongue out to lick her nose but stopped before deciding to get a drink. Then she padded briefly over to the stream and drank away. The gentle sounds of the rushing waters sounded like music. Mother nature was a beauty to Celeste, nature is something she does not take lightly.

After a few sips Celeste stretched once more before plopping her body beside the water. The lass dipped her tail in it as she took in her nearest sounds and surroundings. Celeste had felt at peace. Early morning grace was a beauty to her just as pups, and the members of her pack. There is beauty in everything, as long as you look is what Celeste believed. The lass turned her head ever so often to look at a flower or to steal a glance at her Pack-mates. Her ear twitched once more before she took another refreshing sip of water.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 15, 2023 11:48 PM

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Azuria l Female l pup l M: Freya
Azuria blinked her eyes open. She let out a soft yawned and lay still for a while with her eyes open where she was curled up by her mother's side. After a few moments she raised her head to look around the den. The den was small and the light was dimmed by the curtain of long, green vines covering the entrance the floor was smooth with patches of moss growing in small patches near the entrance. Azuria's mother Freya was awake but it looked like her sister Acadia was still asleep.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 12:07 AM

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Sarkana | Female | Four | Lead Sentinel | M: Night
The small wolf twitched as she awoke after her restless night. Her eyes slowly opened up, seemingly hazed from sleep. Rays of warm light lit up the den, matching her rusted red fur. Kana stretched back and arched her spine as a soft growl escaped her lips. Standing upright, the she wolf shook her fur of the dust from the night and stepped out of the den. The sun glared through her fur, outlining it in a shimmery gold.
Sarkana glanced at the sun for only a second before continuing on her way. One of her sentinels, Night, was just ahead of her. He was lean but still a good bit larger than she. Kana couldn't help but scoff at him plopping in the shade. Pushing her head down, she walked towards the gathering area, where she would wait for the Alphas.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 12:51 AM

Pink Floral Cavern
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Freya | Female | 4 | Queen | In; Azuria, Acadia

Freya's humming continued, her rather unflattering tone turning whimsical as she waited for her pups to wake. Only a gentle smile grazed her maw as she saw one of the balls of fluff open their eyes. A soft rumble rolled in her throat as she nosed at Azuria, licking the pup softly before looking over the other. Seems Freya's other pup was still very much asleep.

Softly chuckling as she placed a paw on Acadia's body, rubbing softly as she tried to gently rise the pup awake. Looking over at Azuria in the meantime, curling her tail around the two, "Morning dear, you sleep well?" The queen asked, her eyes glazing over as she hides the pup from the light, it was rather daunting to just wake up to herself. "Once Di-Di wakes, we'll greet the day alright?" She said hushed, her voice cracking a bit, but she already knew her pups wouldn't mind it

Freyr | Male | 4 | Hunter | In; Open

Freyr couldn't help the grumble of his throat from escalating as he was annoyingly awoken by the pure sounds of his packmates waking themselves. Nevertheless, the huge wolf simply huffed in annoyance, yawning as a whine cut through. Lifting his large body as he shook his fur from the dust that settled on his pelt, and stretched himself to rid of the locks on his bones and arms. Despite his more outgoing personality, Freyr didn't feel like saying hello to everyone, despite needing to. Exiting his den as he scented the air, finding the area fresh with unnatural scents that didn't feel too foreign. Grinning softly as he forced himself to head through the area, surveying it as he looked for that one familiar wolf.

Freya, where was she? The thought of his sister still in her den brought a huff out of him. Must be hiding again, not that it was any different, but Freyr wasn't going to bother her unless she decided to just stay in there forever. Drag her out himself, help his nieces socialize if he must, and make sure his sister doesn't keep isolating herself all the time. It was a pain, but he dealt with it for years and it wasn't an inconvenience to him. Freyr still cared for his sister deeply, and it was awful seeing her...always alone.

Sighing, the hunter simply ignored this knawing feeling as he grinned to keep a more cheerful attitude as he always did.

~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 01:13 AM

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Grenith|M|5.5| Alpha| M: Pack, Sparrow(Dir)
An impressive yawn left Greniths maw as he awoke. The floor next to him now cold with the absonce of his partner. Pulling his large brown coated frame from the ground. Grenith exited his den with a stretch. Large jaws clamping shut with a loud snap. Padding over to the area that his pack mates had begun to gather. Greniths eyes lit up as his gaze landed on Sparrow. He approached his mate and gently touched his snout to hers in greeting. Sitting next to her, he smiled at the betas. "Fine morning for a hunt". It was indeed the sun shining through the trees of there impressive den site. The trickle of the river nearby and the sound of the pack waking up for the day; Was a beautiful thing to behold.

"I'll trust you to send out patrols this morning when the pack is ready" He spoke to his betas Raven and Sasha trusting them to make the decision. "I'll be joining the hunt today I need to stretch these old legs of mine" he said with a deep chuckle.
Turning back to Sparrow he smiled even deeper.

"How did you sleep My song bird?" He asked his mate doting on her with her nickname. A strong shoulder leaned into her for comfort. But not enough to unsteady her. If anything her presence steadied him. The scent of wildflowers on the wind heightened by his enhanced sense of smell made his nose tickle and he fought a sneeze. Luckily this time he won that fight and the smells around them didn't start a sneezing fit. When you where as strong as Grenith now was, violent sneezing ending up destroying things. And he liked his territory well...not destroyed.

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~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 09:05 AM

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Azuria l F l pup l M:Freya
"Ok!" Azuria replied to Freya. While she waited for her sister to wake up she sat up and shook out her bluish fur. Azuria liked the den but she wanted to go outside and play. Her stomach growled and she wondered if there was any food left from yesterday or a hunter had decided to go on an early morning hunt. Probably not though she would have to wait.
Azuria shifted her paws relentlessly waiting to go outside and see the sun and the sky..The den was nice though it kept them safe.
~ The Awakening ~ RP Thread | Closed |July 16, 2023 09:20 AM

Biologist at Work
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Kírari | F | 4 | Queen | M: Celeste(ind), The Alphas(ind), Pack, Open!
After the short walk to the stream the red wolf plopped herself on the soft, mossy earth below her. Taking a few laps of the chilled water. The warm sun felt nice against her pelt as she continued to lay down, looking at the pine trees around the camp and herself. Little critters jumping from branch to branch and the little melodys coming from the song birds. Kírari heard pastels behind her, turning her head she spotted another one of the queens coming to get a drink as well. As Celeste walked back to the camp, Kírari's eyes fluttered shut. Maybe she could just take a little snooze before walking back, she wouldn't be gone too long.
A few minutes passed and the red wolf opened her eyes, a perfect little cat nap had done the trick. Kírari stood up, shaking her fur off before taking another drink from the cold spring water. She starting padding back to the packs camp ready for the day to begin. She wondered if she would be allowed to tag along for a hunt later, it could be good for her to run around.
The female got to the camp, she sat near her den and began cleaning herself. She had to look presentable if she was going to as the Alphas to go on a hunt. Kírari licked around her belly, after all, her pups weren't due for a while now. She would be able to do activities for now, it would just be the last month or two that she wouldn't be able to do literally anything.

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