09:44:26 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Fire, good game!
09:43:44 Vanta
-WP Click-

keep or retire him?
09:43:20 Vanta
oops forgot i put him in an auction
09:40:58 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Vanta, rarity is decent but the rest isn't. I'd say retire.
09:40:55 Queen / Jo
I don't even know what I would do with the GB
Star Tha AOD
09:40:39 Star (she/her)
ok, good to know
Colliewolf pack
I think that retire
09:39:39 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Star, I get that a lot haha. All good.
Either pronouns are fine.
09:39:30 Vanta
-WP Click-

keep or retire?
Star Tha AOD
09:39:27 Star (she/her)
Falls only has food, but i just dropped a Berry Tart in
09:39:18 Queen / Jo
Just a albino neither parents a GB and only dad is albino
09:39:03 Vanta
Your wolves played: Pup 80 cocks their head to the side, listening to the howl of a far off wolf.

Star Tha AOD
09:38:30 Star (she/her)
ok, i wasn't sure if it was a typo or what you meant
Howling to the moon
09:38:03 She/they
Hello. I'm back
Star Tha AOD
09:37:58 Star (she/her)
Your wolves played: Calico chases their tail.
09:37:53 Vanta
-WP Click-

wish i had a Jasmine so i could breed her again
09:37:51 Sunny/Glaze (ey/him)
Star, I know.
Those are my pronouns ^^;
Colliewolf pack
Omg…….boost and two defects? Really? Is it possible from THIS wolf? Sorry but this wolf is kinda bad for breeding……..who was sire of litter?
09:36:53 Queen / Jo
How is that even possible
09:36:42 Ozzie / Asmodeus
Paws? ^^
-WP Click-
-WP Click-


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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionFebruary 12, 2022 10:51 PM

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Niceeee, I loved that.
I can't wait to show you more of him! He's going to be fun.
Also, hear me out- All Of You from Encanto but it's these characters;
Esta; "Look at this home, we need a new foundation
It may seem hopeless but we'll get by just fine
Look at this family, a glowing constellation
So full of stars and everybody wants to shine
But the stars don't shine, they burn
And the constellations shift
I think it's time you learn
You're more than just your gift."
Amel; "And I'm sorry I held on too tight
Just so afraid I'd lose you too
The miracle is not some magic that you've got
The miracle is you, not some gift, just you
The miracle is you
All of you, all of you."
Blair; "Okay, so we gonna talk about Illon?"
Agnar; "That's Illon!"
Illon; "Yeah, there's a lot to say about Bruno
I'll start, okay
Sal, I'm sorry 'bout your wedding, didn't mean to be upsetting
That wasn't a prophecy, I could just see you were sweating
And I wanted you to know that your sib loves you so
Let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it gooooo."
Joliqun; "That's what I'm always saying, bruh!"
Illon; "Got a lotta 'pologies I got to say-"

Eni; "Hey, we're just happy that you're here, okay?"
Illon; "Uh- But-"
Salen and Eni; "Come into the light, the brainers all reunite
And no matter what happens we're gonna find our way."
Karma; "Yo, I knew they never left, I heard them every day."
Blair; "What's that sound?"
Agnar; "I think it's everyone in town!"
Joliqun; "Hey
Lay down your load (lay down your load)
We are only down the road (we are only down the road)
We have no gifts, but we are many
And we'll do anything for you!"
Salen and Esta; "It's a dream when we work as a team
You're so strong."

Isabella; "Yeah, but sometimes I cry."
Salen, Esta, and Joliqun; "So do I!"
Isabella; "I may not be as strong but I'm getting wiser!"
Salen; "Yeah, I need sunlight and fertilizer
Come on, let's plant something new and watch it fly-"
Salen, Esta, Isabella, and Joliqun; "Straight up to the sky, let's go!"
Eni and Agnar; "The stars don't shine, they burn
The constellations glow
The seasons change in turn."
Eni; "Would you watch our little boy go?"

Amel; "He takes after you."
Esta; "Oh
Hey Ambrose, why so blue?"
Ambrose; "I just have so much love inside."
Esta; "You know, I've got this one friend too
Have you met Karma?"
Karma; "Okay, I'll take it from here, goodbye
You talk so loud
You took care of your mother and you've made her proud
You write your own poetry every night when you go to sleep
And I'm seizing the moment, so would you wake up and notice me?"
Ambrose; "Karma, I see you."
Karma; "And I hear you."
Esta and Agnar; "Yes!"
Ambrose; "Let's get married!"
Karma; "Slow down."
Esta; "Home sweet home
I like the new foundation."
Amel; "It isn't perfect."
Esta; "Neither are we."
Amel; "That's true
Just one more thing
Before the celebration."
Esta; "What?"
Illon; "We need a doorknob."
Agnar; "They made this one for you."
Eni, Ambrose, and Karma; "We see how bright you burn."
Salen, Isabella, and Joliqun; "We see how brave you've been."
Agnar and Blair; "Now, see yourself in turn."
Illon; "You're the real gift, Star, let us in."
Amel; "Open your eyes
Abre los ojos
What do you see?"
Esta; "I see me
All of me."

Edited at February 12, 2022 10:58 PM by Overthink101
    Whispers Cost | DiscussionFebruary 13, 2022 10:44 PM

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We just got the real first self-destructive moment with Illon. A rant to Ambrose about how he should just leave Illon be. Great one, Illon. I'm sure the traveller will listen, dear angsty child.
Ambrose; "Illon is perfect because they care about people's feelings."
Illon's Self-Destructive Nature; "I'm about to end this man's whole career."
Illon; "Haha. Hold my totally not-poison, poison."

Edited at February 13, 2022 10:44 PM by Overthink101
    Whispers Cost | DiscussionFebruary 20, 2022 05:13 PM

Lost Memories
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Micha Affiliations


Kage is great in Micha's opinion, he can be a little... much... at times, especially when it comes to flirting, but he's fun to be around! Plus, it's nice to have someone that'll talk to Micha without pressuring him to speak too much. Now, it's become pretty obvious to Micha that Kage is a rather impulsive liar, and, to be completely honest, that can be annoying sometimes. Other than that though, Kage's great, and the two are pretty close!


Ah, yes, the other member of the pride circle. Ami is amazing! I mean, who wouldn't love someone so moral and trustworthy? If Micha's going to tell anyone a secret, it would probably be Ami... and maybe Kage. Anyway, Ami is super open about his sexuality and just in general. Micha kinda looks up to him, honestly. He's just so awesome!


Micha isn't super close to Dendritic, but he honestly wouldn't mind getting closer to him. The few times Micha has talked to him, the conversation came easier than normal, which is saying a lot considering how awkward he usually is. The two could be great friends if Micha was more confident in approaching other people.


Kind of the same as Dendritic, Micha doesn't know Loreto very well, but they've interacted a few times. The interactions they had were pleasant, but not super social. Loreto was helping out as a tutor and Micha needed help with a math problem (because numbers suck-), so Loreto helped out. He was very helpful, and Micha became quite fond of him.

Achlys Affiliations


Cute girl, not gonna lie. Achlys is fond of her, and they've probably hung out at least a few times, though Achlys may have kind of dragged Jass into it in the first place... She's good at that. But, hey, as a fellow trouble maker and lover of music, Jass is exactly the type of person Achlys looks for. Needless to say, they probably get along quite well.


Dramatic, angsty poet. Hell ya! Achlys can totally vibe with Gen'ya, they're chill and nice to talk with. Plus, they're helpful and caring. Achlys doesn't have a lot of caring people in her life, so Gen'ya's a nice change.


He's sweet, different than most of the guys Achlys has been around. She still doesn't trust him, she probably won't ever trust any guy after... the incident... but Dendritic is alright. As long as they aren't alone, she probably won't mind having him around.


Ew. A nerd. Gross. I mean, Loreto acts nice enough, but Achlys would rather not get close. He's fine at a distance, but she won't be asking for his help any time soon.


Sure, Achlys will invite Ash along on one of her scandals. They seem cool, reserved, and self-assured, though maybe not confident. They don't seem to like people much, but Achlys can respect that, and it's not like she'd ever try to pressure them into anything. The invitation is there, though.

Cherry Affiliations


Probably the only person Cherry might consider a friend. He's smart, welcoming, and helpful. They've talked several times, and Cherry doesn't mind his company. Granted, most of their time together is spent studying, but he's nice to be around.


He's fine. Cherry hasn't seen him much, and she doesn't really care to. He seems nice enough, but Cherry's not going to try to win his friendship or anything.


The guy is so quiet that Cherry doesn't realize he's there half the time. It's odd because their first interaction was simple eye contact, but now Cherry kind of sees him everywhere. It's honestly a little creepy, but not really bad. Atlas doesn't seem like a creep, just... lonely. Cherry understands that very well.


Annoying. There's really not much else to say. The guy keeps flirting with her and joking around despite her open annoyance with him.

Atlas Affiliations


He makes a valiant effort of talking to Atlas every time he appears in the library (which is very often, as there isn't really anything good about the school except the library-), but he rarely succeeds. Loreto seems nice enough, but Atlas isn't interested in friends. At least he hasn't given Atlas anything to hate him for yet-


He's... nice? One of the few people Atlas would let hang around him. He still won't talk to him much, but if the guy wants to just chill nearby Atlas won't be bothered.


They've never met, Atlas doesn't even know his name, but because of one occasion where he (Adbrei) was being bullied and Atlas was a bystander, Atlas will never forget this boys face. Every time he sees him in the hall he feels a wave of guilt and regret.

He should have done something.


Cherry is interesting. One of the first people to actually notice Atlas. It was an odd thing because Atlas always notices everyone else. Not the other way around. Yet, somehow, this girl keeps seeking it out. They made eye contact once, across the room in English class, and Cherry is somehow always able to find him now. They've never talked, but Atlas can see that there's a kind of understanding between them. Not friends, but silent allies.

Kage Affiliations


One of his besties! Ami is moral and kind and helpful. Plus proud, you go, King! Kage loves hanging out with him and will easily rant with him all day long. Kage, Ami, and Micha are defo an inseparable trio, let's be honest. Even though Ami can get a little jealous sometimes, he's a great friend!


His other bestie! Micha is a sweetheart, there's really no other way to describe him, in Kage's mind. He's proud but also shy and quiet. It always makes Kage's day to see him smile, and to think he's scared of talking to people! He's so sweet, there's literally no way you could not love him. Oh, but if you hurt him, you better believe Kage is going to rip you apart.


Sweet guy, cute too. A perfect combo. Kage honestly loves flirting with him, just 'cause he gets flustered quickly. He's really helpful too, he's saved Kage from completely failing school several times-


This guy! Kage's a big fan. He's chill and probably won't kill him over a prank. He's fun to talk with, and Kage would like to be his friend.


Very fun to toy with. Kage is pretty sure she doesn't know he's gay, and it's kind of hilarious to see her flip her hair and give him the murder glare. Kage will watch himself, of course, he's always careful to keep himself in line and not overstep. He doesn't want to cross boundaries. This is just a game, and he doesn't want anyone hurt.

Ash Affiliations


They're okay, not overly loud or emotional, and not pushy. Ash likes poetry, so they certainly don't mind the references Gen'ya drops all over the place (and they're also one of the few people who can quote almost as much as Gen'ya). Really, as long as they don't feel pressured to talk to them, Ash doesn't mind Gen'ya's company.


She's louder than Ash would like, honestly. Her music taste is alright, but she makes them nervous in general. Jass's rebellious, loud behavior causes Ash to naturally draw away from her per the simple fact that they fear loud noises, and unpredictability is never good.


Ash feels kind of the same way towards Achlys as they do Jass, she's just a little too loud and unpredictable for their taste. They do silently appreciate Achlys's non-pushy effort to drag them into things though. At least she's respectful.


He's not pushy and he's helpful, so Ash is fine with him. Ash doesn't see him much though, as they typically avoid spaces with lots of people, and Loreto kind of does the opposite.


Dendritic is... approachable. Not that Ash would approach them, but they also wouldn't mind his company. He doesn't seem like the kind of person that would push them to talk, they just seem more laid back. That's... nice.

Loreto Affiliations


Cherry's a very intelligent girl and Loreto likes her a lot. She's one of the only people that comes to see him without needing his help(and she helps explain some English stuff to him that he can't understand). Usually, they do a study when they hang out, but it's nice to have someone that isn't just there to learn or flirt (*coughKagecough*).


She's nice enough, though a bit of a rule-breaker. It's very important to note that Loreto does not condone this sort of behavior! He doesn't mind talking to her every once in a while, but he'd rather not stick around her.


Pretty much just the same thing as Jass-


Ah, yes! One of his more social friends. Loreto likes Dendritic quite a lot, and it's nice to have someone that can fall into a conversation just as easily as he can. These two probably get along pretty well.


Ash is interesting, though Loreto doesn't see much of them. They seem to avoid people as much as possible, which Loreto respects but doesn't fully understand. It'd be nice to get to know them, he thinks, and help out if he can.


From what Loreto has seen of Ami, he's very kind, very moral, and very proud. Loreto respects him and would like to get to know him more. Though he does hope that Ami doesn't hop onto Kage's flirting ideas, he sees the two hanging out a lot.


Okay, okay, so maybe Kage is a little cute, but that doesn't give him any right to come in and flirt with Loreto all the time! When they first met, Kage was asking for help with a scientific question (one that Loreto was quite interested in, mind you), and then he just stopped halfway through Loreto's lesson to compliment him and call him 'babe!' And now he keeps coming back!!! Loreto really doesn't understand it, and he continues to get flustered every time this happens.


Micha looks really sweet and kind, he's come in and asked for help from Loreto a few times, always shy and respectful. Loreto likes him a lot and finds his shy, kind nature kind of adorable. He hasn't ignored the fact, though, that Kage is consistently watching Micha with a rather protective look that's different from his usual flirtatious, mischievous nature. Micha must be really special, Loreto thinks, if he can earn the full attention and unclouded respect from someone like Kage.


Loreto hasn't seen Adbrei much, but from what he has seen, the poor guy seems extremely anxious around people, and having conversations doesn't seem to be in his interest. In all honesty, Loreto really wants to get closer to Adbrei to see if he can help him at all.


Again, Animus isn't someone Loreto has seen a lot of. He does know him though! Well, he doesn't know know him, but he knows about him. He's one of the few students who could rival Loreto in intelligence, right up there with Cherry. He's probably approached Animus at some point and tried to speak to him, never pressuring him to speak, of course, but then feeling slightly awkward when he didn't know what to talk about-


Gen'ya's really cool, actually. Loreto likes talking to them when he can... which honestly isn't a lot. They're very gentle and kind from what Loreto has seen though, and he appreciates that.


Loreto really doesn't know Apache at all. He just knows that he's often by himself reading and doesn't care much for social interaction.


Ah, Atlas. The person that Loreto has been trying so hard to interact with since he first saw him. The guy just looks so sad all the time, and he's always in the library, which is Loreto's domain, but he never responds to Loreto's kind comments. He just keeps looking away and ignoring him, looking slightly annoyed. Loreto really wants to befriend him, but he's not sure how.

Edited at February 21, 2022 05:14 PM by Lost Memories
    Whispers Cost | DiscussionFebruary 20, 2022 06:22 PM

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Ami’s Affiliations

Kage: Bestie!!! Well, one of them. Kage is great! And definitely on the hotter end of the spectrum. Pulling pranks on people with Kage is one of his favorite activities nowadays. Plus, the two get into great flirt wars with each other! It’s a lot of fun.

Micha: Another bestie! Ami is honestly a bit more protective of Micha than he is of Kage, but that’s only because Micha is quieter than Kage is. And sure, Ami makes sure to bring him cookies once a week but that’s totally fine. He brings Kage cookies once a week too. Ami likes to bake, and if the cookies make the two happier too then that’s just a bonus.

Dendritic: Ah, Dendritic. Ami doesn’t know him too well, but every time the two have spoken they’ve gotten along great. So things are fine.

Loreto: From what Ami has seen of Loreto- Ami would absolutely love to hang out with him. His everything during June is on point, and honestly? Ami’s certainly given Kage some good flirts to use, because Loreto certainly is deserving of them. And he knows that Kage would never overstep boundaries so the slight jealousy there isn’t too bad.

Jass’s Affiliations

Achyls: A total goth hottie. Jass is definitely into her. She’s an absolute boss, not to mention the fact that she has the looks and personality to make anyone love her. Jass has definitely flirted with her before, whether it be in a teasing way or almost sincere way- Jass has definitely done it. Achlys is just fun to be around too, so yeah, things are good between them.

Ash: Ash is cool, though Jass can tell that they get more nervous with her than others. The two have hung out whenever Achlys invites them both to whatever she came up with, but Jass never really seeks them out on her own accord.

Gen’ya: It’s Gen’ya! The emo/poet/nerd! That literally has never accepted a compliment without making themself seem terrible in comparison to whoever complimented them! Jass honestly enjoys spending time with them, as long as it isn’t when someone is trying to compliment, thank, or congratulate them for something. Because that’s awkward to hear go on. They have pretty good taste in music, and Jass definitely loves it when Achlys, Gen’ya, and her hang out(sometimes with Ash). Especially when it’s one where they have to do a car ride somewhere because the music is always great, no matter who’s picking!

Loreto: He seems cool- Except for the fact that he’s such a nerd when it comes to rules! She honestly wants to get him to skip, just once, so that he understands why she does it. Though she also can’t deny that his pride during June is amazing and she would love to get all dressed up too. Maybe then she wouldn’t skip as often. And all he’d have to do is bribe her with awesome pride face paint and fashion. Seems like a fair trade to her.

Dendritic: Den is chill, and Jass actually hangs out with him a lot. He’s funny and easy to talk to. So she doesn’t have any problems with him. He’s just cool. She does kind of wish that he and Apache would finally figure out just what their relationship is. Though, even she isn’t sure.

Apache: Ah, yes. Apache. He’s honestly almost intimidating. Only he isn’t. Because she met him through Den. And Dendritic definitely isn’t the type to hang out with people who are actually threatening, though technically Apache is, since he’s certainly beaten a few people up without even getting in trouble for it. Honestly though, it was almost funny the few times she’s seen it happen. And the fact that he doesn’t get any repercussions is hilarious to her. He can also just be chill though, which is nice. Jass can get along with him any day, basically.

Gen’ya’s Affiliations

Ash: They’re great to hang around, the poetry references are truly amazing. Truly, Ash is one of the rare breeds left in humanity that understands true art. And their music taste is splendid as well. “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

Achlys: Achlys is certainly a different breed compared to Gen’ya, they have no qualms in admitting this. For she is of a much more daunting type, rather than their meek care and thought. She is loud, full of spark, and always ready to try something new. They certainly respect her, and don’t mind her company. “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Jass: Ah, yes, whom is practically a Achlys clone. That is almost always complimenting and flirting with her too. Jass is certainly amusing, especially whe she actually manages to get one of their many poetry references, because despite her being able to get at least one every time the two hang out, they’d already dropped ten other ones. Though, it’d be wrong to say that Jass isn’t far better than them in other departments, such as music and the arts. In bravery and leadership. She is simply always trying and always gaining, truly, watching her in the spotlight is quite fun especially because she knows she’s in it. “The ninety and nine are with dreams, content but the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true.

Dendritic: Dendritic is a man of great skills, Gen’ya has certainly found out. Conversation follows him with ease, dancing is an art that looks flawless when preformed, and he seems to get along with everyone. They’re still just a tad wary of speaking to him. “I have no faith in human perfectability. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.

Loreto: Though they do not speak to him often, Gen’ya makes sure to offer a kind word whenever they do speak. Loreto is kind, intelligent, patient, and self-assured so while Gen’ya doubts that they’re actually doing anything with their words, they’re at least glad that Loreto doesn’t really seem to need them. “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

Adbrei’s Affiliations

Dendritic: Adbrei doesn’t notice people, doesn’t meet people’s faces, Dendritic is no exception. Besides, the man is kind of intimidating with how tall and obviously muscular he is. Adbrei would rather just avoid him, if he’s being honest.

Loreto: This is someone that while Adbrei has never talked to him, he’s tried to talk to Adbrei at least once. Probably for a bad reason. Adbrei just ignored him though, of course. He’s seen him in the hallways a few times since then, but never actually looks at him long enough to truly remember anything. Not like there’s a point in remembering anything about him anyways.

Animus’s Affiliations

Dendritic: As with practically everyone at the school that actually has friends, Animus doesn’t really know Dendritic as much as he knows of him. Of his existence. From what he hears, Dendritic sounds alright.

Loreto: He knows more about Loreto than he does about Dendritic, but that’s only because Loreto’s tried talking to him before and though Animus was felt insanely guilty about it, had mostly decided that Loreto was better off without any answer from him.

Apache’s Affiliations

Dendritic: Ah, yes, Tic. His best friend. With benefits. He absolutely refuses to recognize that Denny probably has deeper feelings for him than just that, so what they are is basically just a compromise for them both. Don’t get him wrong, Apache’s own feelings most certainly go deeper than friendship for Denny, he’s just never going to actually allow them actually getting together. He’s already pushing his luck by the compromise.

Loreto: Ah, yes, Loreto. One of Denny’s friends. That’s basically the only way Apache knows him, that and he’s smart enough to be able to actually tell Loreto apart from a crowd. For the most part, at least. It’s fine though, because either way, the two don’t talk much so Apache is under no obligation to remember anything about him.

Jass: Ah, Jass is cool. Relatively chill and easily someone that Apache can hang with outside of school. The two skip a lot too, though Apache definitely denies any invitation to meeting her other friends. He’s not for social interaction that involves more than two people at a time, max. It’s chill though.

Tic’s Affiliations

Apache: Would it be wrong for him to say that he was only slightly, just the tiniest bit, pained by the fact that Apache will probably never realize that he loves him as more than just a bestie? He isn’t exactly sure how to make that clear to Apache without ruining things, he isn’t sure if he can tell Apache without ruining things. It’s really ironic though, the fact that Denny’s great at talking with everyone except for his best friend that he’s had a crush on for years.

Loreto: Ah, Loreto! Ret and him get along greatly, to the point where Den can easily be sure that a nickname is totally fine and not awkward. Probably a bit strange, since his name is a harder name to come up with nicknames for, but definitely not unheard of or uncalled for. The two are easily the duo of the century at school, both popular kids that don’t really have it out for anyone.

Cherry: She seems cool, but they haven’t talked much. Well, he isn’t going to seek her out or anything, that’d be kind of weird. But if they happen to hang out or get partnered up for something in a class, he’s totally fine with it.

Jass: Such. A. Tease! Denny knows that he should talk to Apache, you darn musician! Jass is hilarious, she flirts with literally any woman she sees and sometimes the men too. It’s honestly entertaining, she’s smooth enough that even some of the straightest women he knows get flustered at her flirts. She’s great to hang out with.

Achlys: She’s cool. And he definitely gets back at Jass by teasing her about Achyls. But whatever. Yeah, Achlys is fun to hang out with, and whenever he does hang out with her and her friends, she seems chill in the ‘I’m going to jump out a window and spray paint the entire school’ kind of way. Which is a pretty cool kind of way, if you ask him.

Ash: He hasn’t talked to them much at all, but whenever they end up in the same general vicinity Ash seems alright. The kind of person that doesn’t like to talk others much, but they also seem to know themself well enough to be alright by themself. So it’s all good, if they do talk then it’s cool. Not like Denny’s ever going to make them talk to him.

Amittai: Ami seems cool, Tic can admit that. Honestly, he’d probably hang out with him more if the two had more chances to do so. But between school and everything else? The two haven’t really gotten the chance. Which is completely fine by Denny, he’s not going to go chasing after any friendships.

Kage: Kage is fun to hang out with, and to prank people with. The dude keeps calling him babe, which is honestly hilarious in his opinion. If they ended up hanging out more, Denny definitely wouldn’t complain.

Micha: So sweet! The few times they've spoken, Dendritic can already say that Micha is absolutely the kindest person they’ve ever spoken to. Honestly? If they started hanging out more, Den would be 101% okay with it. He’s cool and chill.

Adbrei: This dude, from what Dendritic has been able to tell, is insanely anxious and one of the few people that actually find him intimidating. Which is fine, of course, Denny just wished that the dude would like… Chill, just once.

Animus: Dendritic hasn’t actually spoken to him at all, and only really knows who he is because of rumors he’s heard and seeing him in the halls every now and then. He’s not too sure what to think as of now, though he’s sure that Animus isn’t as much of an idiot as some of the rumors make him out to be.

Gen’ya: Gen’ya is pretty cool, only they always deflect all of his compliments. Like, dude, just accept that you’re cool? That your poetry knowledge is unbeatable? That the references are amazing and hilarious and so well done? That your taste in music and fashion is completely fine? Like, come on now, just accept that you’ve got good qualities. But yeah, Gen’ya fun to hang out with, they’re just really chill.

Atlas: Atlas is cool, though they don’t talk much. The two can hang out in each other’s presence though and not be pressured into talking, which is chill. On days where Den’s feeling more introverted, he tends to just chill around Atlas if the dude doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionFebruary 24, 2022 05:48 PM

Lost Memories
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I have created another thingy from an animation I can't draw-
This one is mostly angst, enjoy.
Song- 'Smile' by Ukuletea

Illon(To Ambrose): I don't want you to know how I'm feeling, but you can read me like an open book. (I) don't put on a show.

Ambrose(Comfortingly): I'm right here.

Karma(Also to Ambrose): You don't need to cry or show me sympathy, don't waste your time on me!

Illon: I'm used to being alone, so step away from me!

Illon & Karma(To Ambrose): I don't need anything apart from distance to make sure that you're safe.

Karma: Cause I'm a ticking time bomb in need of assistance, but I need to know that you're okay. So hurry on by!

Illon & Karma: I'll see you off with a smile!

Illon: I'm used to being alone, so I guess this is goodbye.

Karma: Just get rid of me my toxicity will cut you like a knife. Like the river flows, just head off and go!

Illon: Leave the biggest weights behind, leave the burden in your life and move on!

Karma & Illon: So hurry on by! I'll see you off with a smile!

Illon: I'm used to being alone.

Karma: So I guess this is goodbye.

"Whether you smile or not, whether you push me away or accept me, I won't leave you. I'm forever on your side." - Ambrose

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Lost Memories
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Lunch 1; Cherry, Loreto, Atlas, Micha, Adbrei, Gen’ya, and Ash.

Lunch 2; Animus, Ami, Kage, Jass, Achlys, Dendritic, and Apache.

Periods Shared

Period 1

Class 1; Dendritic, Apache, Loreto

Class 2; Gen’ya, Atlas

Class 3; Ami, Animus, Ash

Class 4; Jass, Micha, Cherry

Class 5; Adbrei, Achlys, Kage

Period 2

Class 1; Cherry and Atlas.

Class 2; Jass and Gen’ya.

Class 3; Ami, Achlys

Class 4; Animus, Micha

Class 5; Adbrei, Ash

Class 6; Dendritic, Kage

Class 7; Apache, Loreto

Period 3

Class 1; Kage and Cherry.

Class 2; Ami, Micha, Loreto

Class 3; Jass and Apache.

Class 4; Gen’ya, Ash, Achlys

Class 5; Dendritic and Animus.

Class 6; Adbrei, Atlas

Period 4

Class 1; Apache, Dendritic, Ash

Class 2; Gen’ya, Kage

Class 3; Ami, Animus, Loreto

Class 4; Jass, Achlys, Atlas

Class 5; Adbrei, Micha, Cherry

Period 5

Class 1; Gen’ya, Jass, Ash

Class 2; Ami, Kage, Micha

Class 3; Apache, Animus, Cherry

Class 4; Dendritic, Loreto

Class 5; Adbrei, Kage, Achlys

Period 6

Class 1; Jass, Achlys, Ash

Class 2; Ami, Atlas

Class 3; Gen’ya, Cherry

Class 4; Animus, Kage

Class 5; Dendritic and Adbrei.

Class 6; Apache, Micha, Loreto

Period 7

Class 1; Ami, Loreto, Kage

Class 2; Gen’ya, Micha

Class 3; Adbrei, Ash

Class 4; Jass, Cherry

Class 5; Dendritic and Apache.

Class 6; Animus, Atlas, Achlys

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Lost Memories
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Soooo, I got bored. Have an Ambrose short story :)


Ambrose short story

*TW for derealization/disassociation, bloody description, and panic attacks.*

The young traveler was on the move yet again, humming a soft tune to himself as he walked.

He'd been traveling for about two years now, and he liked to think that he knew what he was doing at this point.

Of course, there was still plenty to learn, but Ambrose was content with letting everything happen in it's own time. Why try to rush things when they wouldn't cooperate anyway?


This morning, the traveller had started off, heading North on a makeshift path away from the hotel he'd stayed in for the night, and, more importantly, farther away from home.

It was a quiet day, sunlight peeking through the various tree leaves above, and the wind racing around in a gentle, playful way. Ambrose was alone on the road, as he usually was, and the only really sounds were the rustling leaves and occasional shuffling of animals.

Ambrose was undisturbed by the noises. His normally peak awarness had dipped, and his usual anxiety was eased by the warmth of the surrounding nature and sunlight.

There was still a voice in the back of his mind, of course, one that told him he should be paying more attention to what was going on around him, warning him of potential danger. Traveling alone wasn't exatly safe, after all.

Still, Ambrose found himself simply unable to fully concentrate today, for whatever reason. It happened occasionally, though the traveller hadn't been able to figure out why.

A gentle tugging in his mind and gut accompanied by an odd sense of déjà vu.

His sight changed too, seeming to almost dull a little. Like a thin layer of fog covered everything.

What was most confusing about these moments, however, was the images that often followed them, and the way they seemed so real that Ambrose couldn't ever quite differentiate them from reality.

To him, they were just as real, just as normal, as anything else.

Who was to say they weren't real? Nothing could prove it. So he continued to walk, continued to hum, continued to ignore the steadily growing feeling of unease.

To his left, shuffling started up again, louder now, something larger than a squirrel. To his right, wings flapped and a bird screeched. He kept moving.

The light shifted, from yellow to crimson. The wind grew bitter and cold. His pace quickened.

Someone screamed his name.

He froze.

"Ambrose! Bo! Help me! Help me, I'm dying!"

His breathing spead up and he clenched his fists, unable to move.

A hand fell onto his shoulder, liquid trailed down his arm, warm breath brushed his neck.

"Please help me! Save me! I'm so sorry, Ambrose, please!"

That voice.

Her voice.

Right next to his ear.

"Why did you run? Why did you leave me? You let him kill me!"


"Come back home! Please, Bo. Please. Help me! Save me!"


"Ambrose, come back. I just want to see you again. I want to be your family. I don't want to die! I don't want to loose you!"


"Don't let me die, Bo. Please. Save me."

I can't.

"Son, please. Help me. Save me! We can run together, it doesn't have to end like this!"


"Come back to me. Please. I love you."

"I-I'm sorry!"

She moved, stepping around and infront of him. Ambrose choked on air, and the smell of blood. He wanted to throw up.

He face was a mangled mess, her eyes nothing but empty sockets, her mouth cut open and wider than it should be, the skin of her neck was peeling, falling off, her hair was matted and tangled, stickingto her disformed cheeks. She stood slouched, her long fingers digging into Ambrose's shoulders.

And the blood.

There was so much blood.

It covered her whole body, dripping to the ground steadily, pouring out of her empty eye sockets and her gapping mouth. It ran down Ambrose's back and arms as she grasped him. It was warm, thick, and red.

Everything was red.

"My precious, Bo. Come home. Come back to me. Save me."

The traveller could do nothing but stare, breathing rapidly and shaking violently.

Tears poured down his cheeks, mingling with his mothers blood as they hit the dirty ground. She lifted one hand to cup his cheek and slowly shook her head.

"You failed me."

And she slowly disappeared, melting into a puddle of blood on the ground, and then into nothing at all. The traveller fell to his knees, clutching his head and gasping desperately for air.

'Why? Whywhywhywhywhy?'

He only ever saw her like this. Only her corpse.

He saw this and remembered it vividly, but when he tried to remember her smile or her eyes, he saw nothing at all.

He'd run.

He'd run to get away from her, and away from him, and yet, they both followed.

No matter how far Ambrose went, they pursued. They tormented and begged, they wouldn't let go.

Often, the traveller thought he'd dreamed it, but, in moments like these, he became positive that none of it was a dream at all.

It was real.

All of it was real. And there was nothing he could do but run.

Run and keep running. And never, ever look back.

Eventually, he'd loose them, or else, he'd run himself to death.

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While waiting for my post, here are some incorrect quotes for Whispers Cost.

Ambrose: Sometimes I drink milk straight out of the container.

Illon: The cow???

Ambrose: What?

Karma: Illon, W H Y?



Illon, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?


Ambrose: In your opinion, what’s the height of stupidity?

Karma: *turning to Illon* How tall are you?


Ambrose: So, what, now I’m just supposed to do anything that Illon does? I mean, what if they jumped off a cliff?

Karma: If Illon were to jump off a cliff, they would’ve done their due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, and the angle of entry, so yes. If you see Illon jump off a cliff, by all means, jump off a cliff.

Ambrose: You jump off a cliff!

Karma: Gladly. Provided Illon did first.


Eni: Tell Agnar about the birds and the bees.

Amel: They're disappearing at an alarming rate.


Ambrose, at a restaurant: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.

Karma: Okay

Waiter: Can I get you guys anything to drink?

Ambrose: Orange soda, please!

Karma: I'll have the strawberry soda.

Illon: Me too, strawberry soda.



The squad is trying to con some random guy

Ambrose: Um, Karma, why are you pretending I'm this guy's family?

Karma: We need money!

Ambrose: You're scamming him?

Karma: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from him?

Ambrose: What?! No way!

Karma: Why not? We already stole Illon!

Illon: Hey guys

Ambrose: No, we didn't. Illon can think and talk for themself, they can do whatever they want!

Illon: I wanna steal.


Ambrose: What's a word that's a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?

Illon: Disgruntled, miserable, desolated-

Karma: Smad.


Illon: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Ambrose: Wasn't Karma with you?

Karma: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.


Eni: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it

Agnar: Just rip the bandage off.

Eni: It’s Amel.

Agnar: Put the bandage back on.


Ambrose: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me.

Illon: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?

Ambrose: Yes!

Karma: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.


Illon: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste

Ambrose: We got spring water

Illon: NO.

Karma: with EXTRA minerals

Ambrose: it's like licking a stalagmite


Karma: Mmmmm cave water


*The group is getting into the car*

Salen: I’m driving.

Isabella, out of view: Shotgun!

Esta, turning to face Isabella: Aww! But you had it on the way here-

Everyone except Isabella: WOAH-

Isabella, holding a shotgun: No! I found a shotgun! And I want the front seat! *Pumps gun*


Esta: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and you’re all invited

Amel: If?

Illon: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited to and they might not even die.


Salen: Dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life

Esta: Fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?

Salen: Unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the conventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn. Happy. Bastardous. Friends with bees. Highly disapproving of lawns. Full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.

Isabella: edible


Ambrose: Illon and I were crossing the street, and this dude drove by and honked at us

Karma: *Sighing* What did Illon do?

Ambrose: They chased him to the next red light, then reached into his window and...

Illon: Who wants a steering wheel?


*Agnar and Illon sitting in jail together*

Agnar: So who should we call?

Illon: I’d call Esta, but I feel safer in jail.


Agnar: What did you do with Amel’s body?

Blair: What didn’t I do with the body?


Blair: Okay, that sounded more sexual than I intended. I disposed of the corpse respectfully.


Karma: Hey Ambrose,

Ambrose: Yes?

Karma: Can a person breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?


Ambrose: Where’s Illon?


Amel: Don't worry, I got a plan.

Eni: Alright.

Amel: TraitorSayWhat?

Salen: Excuse me?

Amel: What?



Amel: No wait-


Karma: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.

Ambrose: Karma no.

Illon: Mistlefoe.

Ambrose: Please stop encouraging them.


Illon, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!

Karma, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids

Ambrose: what the fuck are you guys doing?

Illon: playing systemic oppression


Illon: Naturally, we are on the cutting edge of technology.

Ambrose, amazed: Wow...

Karma, to Ambrose: Well what does that mean?

Ambrose: I don't know.

Ambrose, to Illon: What does that mean?


Salen: Are you sure this is the right direction?

Amel: Certainly, I'm as sure as I am honest!

Blair: In that case, we're definitely lost.


Ambrose: Karma, what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean?

Karma: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later

Ambrose: Ok, I love you too, I’ll just ask Illon.


Illon: Come on, I wasn’t that drunk last night.

Ambrose: You were flirting with Karma.

Illon: So what? They're my partner.

Ambrose: You asked them if they were single.


Ambrose: And then you cried when they said they weren't.


Illon: I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on.

Karma: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Ambrose isn’t.


Amel: Blair, my old arch enemy.

Illon: ... I thought I was your arch enemy?

Amel: I have a life outside of you, Illon.


Illon: Hey, Amel? Can I get some dating advice?

Amel: Just because I’m with Eni doesn’t mean I know how I did it.


Agnar: Why are you on the floor?

Illon: I'm depressed.

Illon: Also I was stabbed, can you get Esta, please.


Ambrose, trying to ask Karma out: Would you like to stay for dinner?



Ambrose: If Illon and I were drowning, who would you save?

Karma: You two can’t swim?

Illon: It’s a hypothetical question, Karma! Who would you save?

Karma: my time and effort.


Illon: I have a bad feeling about this...

Amel: What do you mean?

Illon: Don't you ever get that little voice in your head that tells you if you're going to get into trouble?

Amel: No?

Blair: That actually explains so much.


Amel: I hate Illon.

Esta: "Hate' is a strong word.

Amel: I have strong opinions.


Amel, smugly, after security arrives to escort Agnar and Illon out: So, do you wanna walk out of here or do you wanna be carried out?

Agnar, in defeat: Let’s go.

Illon: Wait.

Agnar: What?

Illon: I’d kinda like to be carried out…


Esta: You don't think I can fight because of my gender!

Blair: I don't think you can fight because you're in a wedding dress. For what it's worth, I don't think Isabella can fight in that dress either.

Isabella: Perhaps not. But I would make a radiant bride.


Esta: Breathe, just breathe.

Illon: I’ve done nothing with my life! I’m a failure!

Amel: Awww, that never bothered you before.


Eni: We can’t tell you because you’re not a member of the club.

Illon: What club?

Amel: The hating Illon club.

Illon: …The fuck? I should be the leader of that club!


Esta: Guys, Illon is missing.

Amel: Good.


Esta: I'm very disappointed in you, Amel.

Illon: C'mon, don't get mad at Amel!

Esta: Illon, stop telling Amel it's okay for them to punch you! They need to learn not to punch people!

Illon: But I'm not a person!

Amel: Which is why I punched them!


Esta: Illon has never seen Star Wars? Ambrose, the only people in the universe who haven’t seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that’s cause they lived them, Ambrose! That’s cause they lived the Star Wars!


Amel, watching Agnar do something stupid: Illon, you're officially only the second highest risk here.

Illon: Hell yeah! I'm gonna—

Amel: Don't finish that sentence, you'll move back up.


Amel: So... This is my full potential?

Blair: Yes.

Amel: So, then it's...

Blair: All downhill from here.

Amel: Like Illon.

Blair: I do not know what this Illon is. But it sounds disappointing.


Amel: What is everyone for Halloween?

Agnar: I’m superman.

Illon: A clown.

Amel: So I’m guessing we don’t need to get you a costume then?




Eni: I did?

Amel: Kiss you and buy some more, you haven't been eating anything today Eni.

*walking away*


Eni: Their gone Illon.

Illon, coming out the closet with bread stuffed in their mouth: Twankh uh!


Illon: Hold on! I’m having one of those things... a headache with pictures.

Amel: What the fuck?

Blair: They’re having an idea.


Illon: Did Ambrose just tell me they loved me for the first time?

Karma: Yeah, they did.

Illon: And did I just do finger guns back?

Karma: Yeah, you did.


Karma: Illon has no survival skills, their need to win has replaced them.

Ambrose: That can't be true!

Karma: Watch this.

Karma: Hey Illon, race you to the bottom of the stairs!

Illon: *Throws themself out a window*

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Lost Memories
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Thank you! Also, I shall return the favor, have some more incorrect quotes!


Amel: I am so evil, my soul is darker than the night, I am so, so scary-

Isabella: You're holding a stuffed bear.

Amel *holding bear protectively*: iT's A gIft FrOm EnI!


Blair: Dude, stop. If you keep complimenting me I will fall in love with you.

Agnar: Guess I have to keep complimenting you, then.


Blair *seeing someone do something stupid*: Ha, what an idiot.

Also Blair *Realizes it's Agnar*: Oh no. That's my idiot.


Esta: Illon! I'm bac- WHERE ARE YOUR LIMBS?!

Illon *confused*: What?

Esta *panicking*: WHERE ARE YOUR LIMBS?!

Illon: I'm just sitting.

Esta *somehow more concerned*: ... Oh my god, you're doing the cat loaf thing.... Illon, human limbs... ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND LIKE THAT!

Illon *now visibly confused*: They're... Not?

Karma *having walked in just after Esta*: Okay, it wasn't me this time. I didn't teach them that... They picked this up themselves.


Salen: How on EARTH did you two get arrested.

Isabella: I dunno, we didn't do anything wrong!

Esta *who was dragged into this*: When the police pulled us over he aske "papers?" and Isabella replied "scissors" and drove off.

Isabella: you sNITCH!


Ami: Are you a boy or a girl?

Eni *mildly annoyed and sarcastic*: I'm a bird

Isabella: And you, Karma?

Karma: I'm a menace to society

Esta *hesitant*: And... And you, Illon?

Illon: I'm a touch-starved, constantly in pain, depressed bitch.


Isabella: This is the box where we put the things we love.

Eni: Can I put Agnar in the box?

Isabella: No.

Esta: Can I put Agnar in the box?

Isabella: No.

Blair *appearing from thin air*: Can I put Agnar in the box?



Esta: We can't go in there! It says "18+!" There's only two of us!

Agnar: You're so stupid, Esta!

Agnar: We'll just get more people!


Amel: I think both you and Agnar are immature.

Esta *looks back to Agnar*: Hmmm, what do you think, Agni?

Agnar: Well first of all, Amel doesn't get to come into the blanket fort with that attitude.

Eni *from inside blanket fort*: Agreed!

Amel *gasps*: Traitor!


Illon: Sorry I'm late, I was doing a little B and E.

Karma *offended*: You went to a bed and breakfast without me?!

Illon: No. B and E. Breaking and entering.

Karma *more offended*: WITHOUT ME?!


Agnar *making everyone friendship bracelets*: Here, best parent ever!

Eni *happily accepting, ruffling Agni's hair*

Agnar: And to the girls! My queens! Hey, still need that crown, ya know!

Esta: Soon! Thank you so much, I love it!

Isabella: Hell yeah, best bracelet ever!

Salen: This is very considerate, thank you, Agnar!

Agnar: Ambrose!

Ambrose: I will keep it always, thank you!

Agnar: Illon, Karma! Here's yours!

The angst duo *teary-eyes and in shock*

Agnar: And for Blair!

Blair: Thanks, babe, I love it!

Agnar: That's all!

Amel: ...

Amel: Um, did you forget me?

Agnar: Nope, I just hate you :)

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Oooo those are all great too, and yeah- Agnar is the hardest to find a dress for.
And alright, here are some things that will end up happening. In no particular order;
1. Amel risking his life and saving the group out of the goodness in his heart.
2. Eni and Illon getting into an argument.
3. Karma and Ambrose(and maybe Esta) going to a STEM convention with Illon and running into Benvolio.
4. It being revealed that Salen is actually the leader of The Vipers. This one is going to get messy, because even Salen doesn't know it yet. It's called Whispers Cost for a reason, shhhh.
5. Blair getting over his fear of mirrors and using them to his advantage by a power that he has but never developed(due to the fear and all).
6. Amel's powers developing to have more control over how they were when he first used the lightning one. Which was a much more lethal version.
7. Illon locking themself into their apartment and isolating themself, and actively refusing the group's attempts to keep in touch and developing more abilities in the quiet of their apartment. Nothing much, you know, just some 'predict by impulse/instinct' stuff.
There are some of the plot points I have planned so far. Do you have any so far?

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