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Ooooh that sketch looks good already!
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I could be wrong, but I think Venn sells a dark mode palette
05:19:30 ET
Chainsaw dawg gonna get some art
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Im not a chicken guys
05:18:48 Chior, Jax
Still not a good eanough dark mode
05:18:28 i can smell you
Eve consider a dark mode for us night time silkies

Never mind I forgot we had default palettes to choose from too
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Me too considering there was a good hot moment I didn't think I was gonna be able to. I wasn't sure my parents would allow me to.
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I looked it up. I was right about Josh Gad!!! I knew it was him!!! Omg I have to tell my dad I saw him!!!!
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I think we can all afree on that
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HorseEden Palettes: photomanipulated rog coding paradise
Wolf Play palettes: thousand of eye deaths in australia alone
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my old palette used to get so many 'Ouch, my eyes!' comments ahah. This one not so much.
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I'm so happy you get your dog back!
 Cypress Road
05:12:54 Cy, love
So glad I was talking to a different lady today at the pound. She was so nice about all of it and even took 50 dollars off the charges for me to get my dog out so only had to pay 160 instead of 210. Gizmo will be back home on saturday
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Agreed! Some of them are pretty, but the ones that burn my eyeballs the most is Sweet Poison's.
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hi chat!!!
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I thought I saw Josh Gad and Luke Evans sitting together!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! It might not be them but still!!! {If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're from Beauty and the Beast live action. Gaston and LeFou!!!! I hope I'm right!!! I don't know if I'm right though. . . They really looked like them though. . .}
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In general bright pallettes hurt, but I suppose some of them can be pretty
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Hi chat!
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I hate bright palettes at night, but love them throughout the day. Not my palette, but other people's palettes. That's why--if you've ever heard me--I complain and say something like, "Ack! Bright Palettes hurt!". But I don't really care.
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ough my tongue is numb


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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionNovember 23, 2021 06:44 PM

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If you aren't Adapa(Lost Memories) or I (Socrates/Overthink101), please don't post here.

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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionNovember 23, 2021 07:22 PM

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The Leader; He ended up jeopardizing the mission a few times due to his lying and secret keeping. This hasn’t taught him anything though. He was also dragged into saving The Inventor, being completely against the idea at first. He also killed some people that he told The Turncoat he wouldn’t.


The Second In Command: She actually might’ve ended up being a better leader than the one they decided to go with had she taken the job from the get go. She was the first to suggest going to save The Inventor, and stuck with her belief the whole argument. She’s almost died the least out of all of them, with a grand total of twice.


The Diplomat; Once had an axe go through her, which is how she got the scar. She’s used her illusions against both friend and foe before, though only for good reason. She refused to take a side when the debate of saving The Inventor was going on.


The Medic/Healer; Is probably super close to The Inventor given how many times she’s had seen them by now, aka way too many. Ended up being crucial to their success, and if she had died then everyone else would be dead by now. She certainly has been in her fair share of pickles, and most definitely ‘slightly’ blames herself for the injuries she couldn’t fix completely(or at all).


The Inventor; Has almost died the most out of everyone, and doesn’t even seem to care. After a terrible crash planned by the enemy, they were taken captive by the enemy; Vipers, where they were tortured for information. They assumed they were going to be left for dead and still refused to reveal anything. In the end, they were one of the sole reasons the group won.


The Traveler; Was on The Second’s side in the argument. Saved the group multiple times from imminent doom. Almost died the second least amount of times, for a total of three(tied with The Mentor).


The Skeptic/Grouch; Basically never liked The Inventor, too risky for their liking. Was on The Leader's side for the argument. Probably regrets this now though, because they do learn unlike The Leader. Was nearby when The Inventor was taken captive but was too late to do anything.


The Mentor; They tied with The Traveler for almost died the second least amount of time with three. Was on The Leader’s side for the argument just because of how things seemed to be. Has practically adopted The Ranger as their child. Still thinks they know better than the rest of the group.


The Ranger/Weakling; Was pro-saving in the argument. Ended up being vital in locating and saving The Inventor, and in just locating the gang Vipers. Probably killed the most people on the mission, second only to The Inventor or The Turncoat.


The Turncoat; Was working with the group the whole time, only The Leader knew. His found family within the group died despite a promise. He only survived because he was able to get to the rendezvous point of The Leader and his in time. Still feels guilty for betraying, and is totally done with The Leader.
    Whispers Cost | DiscussionNovember 23, 2021 08:23 PM

Lost Memories
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Affiliations Sheet



Esta thinks that Amel is okay, he's a decent leader most of the time, and he seems to know what he's doing, so Esta will follow him. She, being her naturally trusting self, chooses to believe that he wouldn't lie to her or the others, and she is determined to believe that Mel feels bad about wanting to leave Illon behind, or is at least happy they're back. After all, no leader would want to lose a teammate...



To put it simply, Salen is one of Esta's favorite people. She's smart, confident, honest, trustworthy, and a peace-maker. Everything Esta looks for in a friend. She only wishes that Salen would take better care of herself, she always seems so tired, and that worries Esta. She never wants to see anyone she care about hurting like that.


Best friend! Of course, most of the times that Esta sees Illon are not necessarily for good reason, but she does love being around them. They're smart, analytic, and usually happy to talk. Esta hopes she's a comfortable person to be around for them, she knows they find communication hard. Esta also gets mildly upset with them sometimes because they're not taking proper care of themself. It scares Esta to think she could lose a friend.


Eni is great! Esta loves how patient and supportive they are of everyone, especially Agnar. She was a little upset when Eni sided with Mel against getting Illon back, but that's over now, and, like with Mel, Esta is determined to believe that they meant nothing by it and are glad to have Illon back.

Blair- Haven't met-


Respect. Full respect. Isabella is one of the strongest people Esta knows, and she loves her for that. Esta feels protected around Isa, and even though she can get a bit of a hot-head, Isabella has great humor and is a great friend. She's a good leader and friend.


Agnar. The child. Okay, not really, he's an adult, and he can obviously fend for himself, seeing as he's one of the people Esta sees the least (For medical purposes), and has one of the highest kill rates, but to Esta, he is still a child. A kid who wants to impress everyone else and make them happy, Esta likes that. He's sweet, and even though he's stubborn, he's fun to be around.


Well, Karma is a bit... Stubborn? Instinctive? Rude? Esta isn't sure, but they're a little hard to get along with, especially when they're hurt. Like, seriously. They won't stop complaining, but then they get all defensive when Esta tries to help! Esta tries to be nice, but sometimes it's just hard.


Ambrose is a sweetheart! Esta likes him quite a lot, they have good conversations. He's quiet but knowledgeable and his singing is awesome! She asks him to perform for her any time he feels up to it, and they get along great!




Annoying but cunning. Karma respects him enough to follow his lead, even if they may regret it later. The guy is really smart and knows what he's doing, so why not. They don't like Mel, necessarily, they just do what they believe to be right.


Loud and indecisive. Honestly, Karma is appreciative that Salen is so educated, but finds it annoying that she can't just make up her mind and, you know, maybe do something other than using her illusions on people? They kinda just ignore her a lot. What's the point anyway?


Why are they here again? Oh. Right. To be truthful, Karma does feel a little guilty about what happened to Illon, but they'd never show it. They pretend not to care and often avoid Illon as much as possible. Emotions are weaknesses. Weaknesses should not be shown.


Eni is fine. I mean, they aren't as annoying as most of the others, and they aren't too loud, so Karma doesn't hate being around them. That's really all though.

Blair- Haven't met- (But knowing Karma, probably not good)


Loud. So. Fucking. Loud. Plus, she's kinda scary. Karma isn't a huge fan of Isabella, but they'll sometimes listen to her... if they think it's worth it. They don't like her yelling, and she makes them nervous, which, in turn, makes them even more fidgety than normal. Not cool.


Ugh. This one. Karma doesn't like Agnar... Or at least they pretend not to. In reality, they admire him. Agnar never stops working, and even when things seem hard, he never gives up. That's something Karma hasn't figured out how to do yet, and it makes them jealous sometimes. How come a kid is doing better than them? It's not fair.


Esta's... okay. She's nice to Karma, which is saying something, but she's loud. She always acts way too happy, even when she is most definitely not. Karma doesn't really understand how she just keeps talking all the time, or why, and they don't understand why she can't just leave them alone. They can deal with themselves.


Ambrose is actually kinda okay to be around, Karma doesn't mind him too much. He's quiet and calm. Plus his voice is one of the few things that Karma can focus on for more than a few seconds. He's helpful and quiet, what more could Karma ask for?




Agnar isn't too sure how to feel about Amel, he wanted to leave Illon behind, which just felt wrong to him, but then, Eni sided with him, and Eni is great. Mel seems smart, but he gives Agnar bad vibes, like something in his gut just tells him that this guy may be lying to him. He won't follow Amel, at least not directly, but he'll follow Eni, and if that means listening to Mel on certain occasions, then so be it.


Agnar respects Salen a lot, he admires the fact that she had the guts not to choose a side in the argument, most people would have given into pressure. He looks up to her for knowledge and understanding and respects her greatly. He hopes he can make her proud.


Well, Agnar fought for them, and he would do it again. Illon is stupidly courageous sometimes, but in general, they're very smart, and Agnar enjoys talking with them, even if they are a little awkward. He respects them and is glad they are back.


Eni is like a parent to Agnar, they took him in, and, in many ways, treat him like a son. Agnar would follow them almost anywhere, and, though they have their differences, and Agnar was most definitely upset when Eni sided with Amel, he looks up to them and loves them like family. To Agnar, Eni is one of the greatest people on earth, but that also means that betrayal hurts more and is harder to move past. Even when he tries his best.

Blair- Haven't met-


Boss bitch. Hell yeah! Agnar's happy to follow Isabella's lead. She obviously knows what she's doing, and she's open about it. She's blunt but understanding, and she helps Agnar a lot with training. Agnar really wants to impress her by being the best he can be because he thinks her combat skills are amazing and he sees her as a great leader. Plus she's not afraid to call him out if he's working too hard.


Ayyyy! Esta's awesome! She's super sweet, and Agnar can strike up a conversation with her any time, anywhere. They get along really well and Esta, well, she keeps the gang alive. Literally. How awesome is that! Plus she's totally open to shipping, which is right up Agnar's alley. What can he say, he's still a kid at heart.


Oof. Okay, so Karma doesn't like him. At all. It's pretty obvious. Agnar's tried to talk to them, but they just snap a rude comment or roll their eyes and ignore him. It doesn't seem fair to Agnar, he's working as hard as he can. For the most part, he just ignores Karma, he doesn't like being brought down, and that's exactly what Karma does. Bring him down.


Ambrose is chill, Agnar likes that. He's the type of guy that you can just get along with. Like, without even doing anything. Agnar doesn't really feel pressured by Ambrose like he does the others, he feels like he can finally just relax a little. Not for long, but a little. And that's nice.




Eh, Amel's smart, but he's dangerous. Anyone can see that much. He's got smarts to match, and maybe even surpass Ambrose's, and that scares him a little bit. He'll listen to Amel when he needs to, but he's determined in his passive, soft-spoken way, not to be deceived. 'You're smart, so I have to be smarter.'


Ah, yes, another person with a beautiful voice. Ambrose wonders if he can get her to sing sometime, but he's too nervous to ask. She has an amazing talent when it comes to talking, and Ambrose has not missed the fact that she can play an instrument. He finds Salen to be a smart and well-grounded individual that he believes he can trust. She's honest and a peacemaker, and for that, she has fully earned Ambrose's respect.


Ambrose often feels bad about what happened to Illon, but he's too shy to really say anything. He generally smiles at Illon and waves, not really sure how else to interact. He wants to help them, but he's scared he'll just make things worse. Besides, they have Esta, why would they need a shy oddball?


Eni is quiet and patient, and Ambrose likes that. He doesn't approve of the fact that they sided against Illon, but everyone makes mistakes and Ambrose is willing to look past that. He appreciates Eni, and, in many ways, looks up to them.

Blair- Haven't met


Isabella is a firey spirit, and Ambrose admires that. He's a little scared of her, but she helps keep Agnar from killing himself from work overload, and she's a good, strong leader, so he can't say he's against her. She's nice when they talk, though a little sassy, and they get along okay. If she was a little quieter, that would be nice, but Ambrose is okay with her overall.


Agnar's a sweet guy, and Ambrose worries about him. He pushes himself far too much, and Ambrose is concerned that he might go over his limit one day and break. He does what he can to help Agnar relax, and when they talk their conversations are always nice and casual, so Ambrose likes him.


Karma can be disrespectful and kind of a pain, but at least they're nice towards Ambrose, honestly, as long as they keep themselves from spouting insults, Ambrose doesn't mind them too much.


Esta's really kind and Ambrose likes her a lot, she's like a safe space. He knows he can go to her when he just needs a place to be relaxed and calm, and she always welcomes a performance, loving everything he does.




Honestly, Isabella doesn't like him. Not because he's competition, but rather because he's too secretive. He's two-faced and does what he can to get what he wants. That's not what a leader should be. A leader should be honest, kind but firm, and, overall, trustworthy. That's not Mel, and it upsets Isabella that he could be so selfish.


She's smart and beautiful, she knows what she's talking about, and, above all, she's honest. Isabella trusts her, and that's something that she doesn't do lightly. Trust is the greatest weapon in Isabella's eyes, and it's something that should never be broken. If she believes Salen is trustworthy, then she's obviously doing something right.


Isabella fought for them for a reason, she likes Illon, they're smart and strong, if not a little odd... and kind of suicidle. Hey, they know how to make things work, and that's impressive. Honestly, Isabella respects them and will take their side against Amel anyday.


They've got a good head on them. For the most part at least. Isabella hasn't quite decided how to feel about Eni yet, they seem reasonable, and they're helpful, but they also jump to conclusions, and that can be deadly.

Blair- Haven't met-


The healer. She's cool, and she's saved Isabella's life on many occasions, so she can't really say she has a problem with her. The girl is pretty and optimistic, even if she's not great at fighting. She's got her own skills and she owns them. That's more than Isabella could ask for.


Now, this is a guy Isabella can work with. He's stubborn sometimes, yes, but so is Isabella, the kid is smart and determined, plus he's amazing on his feet. Even Bella couldn't beat him in a knife-throwing contest, and that's her main weapon! If he would stop pushing himself so much he'd be absolutely perfect in Bell's eyes, but he still tends to overwork himself.


Stubborn and a jerk. Honestly, Isabella's not a fan. Karma's just too much attitude and not enough care. They spit out insults at practically everyone and don't do what they're asked unless they absolutely have to. It's annoying.


Ambrose is a very kind soul, and Isabella secretly likes him a lot. I mean, who wouldn't? Even Karma seems to like him! The guy's got a heart of gold and a voice of silver. He always tries to help out, and Isabella really appreciates him.

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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionNovember 23, 2021 08:34 PM

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Amel’s Affiliations

Isabella; Okay. So. One, he doesn’t need a second in command. He’s perfectly capable of doing everything himself and the one time he got separated from the rest of the group wasn’t even for that long! He would’ve gotten back to them eventually and then they could’ve continued. No one needed to step up. Two, she is so disrespectful! Honestly! Not everyone gets saved! Especially people that no one cares about. And no one really cared about Illon, so just accept that they shouldn’t have gone and saved them! Jeez.

Salen; He can respect her for knowledge and keeping people in line… Not for much else. Seriously, she needs to pick sides more often. Stand up for her beliefs. It’s kind of sickening how real her illusions are too. Plus, he’s never given her his word on anything, due to the fact that he knows how she is with promises. Just isn’t his flow, you know?

Esta; Her blind trust is almost as disgusting as it is helpful. It just means she’s easier to manipulate to his needs and wants. He still has a hard time respecting her though, given how close she seems to be to Illon and all. And her blind faith in the idea that he regrets not wanting to save them. Ha! Yeah right, as if. But, she heals all of them, so he won’t complain about that in front of her too much.

Illon; Honestly? The team probably still could’ve won without them. He doesn’t know why so many people were bent about getting them back. They were practically useless for most of the time anyway, in his humble opinion.

Ambrose; Okay, so. Ambrose. Ambrose is okay, he supposes. Though again, he should learn to be more respectful and to listen better. Amel knows what he’s doing, Ambrose doesn’t need to try and outsmart him all the time. Besides that though, pretty nice guy. He can respect him.

Karma; Finally, someone else who understands that useless people get left behind. Also someone who’ll listen and follow his lead… Yeah, Amel can definitely respect this person. Their attitude is annoying sometimes, but as long as they pull their weight(unlike a certain someone) then they’re alright with him.

Eni; Someone who usually knows what’s going on, and sided with him when it mattered most. Though the elder has crossed him sometimes, definitely not as much as some of the others. Which is good, it makes them more respectable.

Agnar; He’s smart, which is unfortunate. Because he’s so smart and intuitive that sometimes he figures him out. Multiple times Amel had to use his amazing intimidation skills on the kid. But that’s fine, since everyone in the group probably already knows that if he wanted them all dead… Then they would be. One thing that’s more annoying though is that he also didn’t want to leave Illon. Honestly, why does no one understand that the ones who require more effort than they’re worth get left behind? Whatever, at least the kid can kill and track good.

Blair; Ah, his good old ‘friend’. He was a good way to get information and get rid of troublesome members inside of the enemy, but Amel could never let any of Viper’s crew get away. Honestly? Amel hopes he tries to find him, that way he can truly finish the job.

Salen’s Affiliations

Amel; He’s… Uh… Different. A bit high strung and rude at times, sure. Oh, and he’s never been one to make promises with her which speaks volumes in trustworthiness to her. But he’s also got the air of a good leader, so she’ll follow him. Provided that the majority does too, this is a democratic group in her opinion.

Isabella; Isabella while loud and headstrong, is also caring. All of the things that Amel isn’t. In all honestly, Salen isn’t sure how Isabella wasn’t elected as their leader instead. She certainly would’ve made a better one, in her opinion. Though she’d never say so out loud in fear of starting an argument. Isabella has her respect and trust.

Esta; She’s beautiful and needs to figure that out fast. Honestly, how is Salen supposed to keep enough of a smooth, monotonous voice around her when she just so obviously isn't happy? Other than that though, Salen respects and trusts Esta. She’s their medic, so of course she would Esta.

Illon; They’re nice, if not a bit strange. She doesn’t know if she would’ve risked her life for them in other circumstances and didn’t really know if they should do so even during the argument. Salen also isn’t too sure about how the group isn’t telling them the truth. But, she supposes that as long as no one gets hurt then it’s the best course of action. Plus, their deafness in one ear and injuries to the lower face, despite everything, kind of make her pity them. Even though she knows she shouldn’t. She just worries.

Ambrose; She trusts him with her life. Ambrose keeps his word and understands the importance of tone and diction and everything else having to do with the voice and speaking. She wonders if he’d ever be interested in playing together, though she isn’t sure if she could ever match his level of talent.

Karma; Karma and Salen don’t interact much, which is completely fine by Salen. She doesn’t know why, but like with Amel… Karma’s got an attitude that makes it hard to truly trust them. At least they can be trusted to keep their word most of the time.

Eni; The two usually get along greatly, she’ll be honest. Salen can appreciate how mature they are and how even though they sometimes believe their ideals to be right just because of age- They always apologize if they were wrong in the end. So they’re definitely respectable.

Agnar; The youngest of them, Agnar is basically the definition of pure to Salen, nevermind the kill count. He’s nice and always works so hard. She just hopes he remembers to take care of himself too, even if she doesn’t say it aloud since that would make her a hypocrite and all.

Illon’s Affiliations

Amel; Okay, Amel obviously doesn’t like them. Which is fine, he doesn’t have to. They understand where he’s coming from. They can be a bit much in terms of personality. But honestly? Knowing that Amel and the others risked their lives for them? It makes Illon wonder if they were wrong about Amel disliking them. Oh, yeah, and Amel’s a great leader for the most part so there’s that too.

Isabella; Amel and her seem to have a sort of bad rivalry thing going on that frankly, Illon doesn’t understand. Both of them are great! Imagine what the two could do if they worked together! Of course, Illon isn’t about to get between that. Amel already isn’t a giant fan of them. But back to Isabella! She’s amazing, and kind, and caring, and they definitely trust and respect her.

Salen; Salem’s great, definitely. Able to keep everyone from killing each other and more. She should take a break more often though, they don’t want to see her collapse because she doesn’t. That would definitely be bad. Besides, what kind of example would that set for every other workaholic on this forsaken team? Though she could certainly lay off with the worries, they’re fine! Honestly.

Esta; Yooo! It’s their bestie! Who’s saved their life so many times, wow. Surprisingly enough, the bubble of ‘don’t talk, you’re annoying’ is lessened when around her. Which is both a blessing and a curse. Because on one hand, Esta doesn’t seem to mind and they’re so social that they really have missed talking to people more. But on the other hand… It means it’ll be harder for them to revert back to isolation whenever the group inevitably splits up. Plus, most of their meetings are made due to erm, unfortunate circumstances. And with their amazing lower face, talking and eating is harder, with doing it too much reopening wounds that still haven’t truly closed. They just hope Esta doesn’t blame herself about the ear.

Ambrose; Ambroseeee! Like the bird? Is that a bird? Illon isn’t sure, that’s more Agni’s area of expertise but still! Ambrose is awesome, and nice whenever they talk. Which is rare. Half due to Illon, they’re sure. Plus, they’re annoying, they know. But they have caught Ambrose waving at them and smiling, so that’s a good sign! Right? Unless if it’s an insult about how they can’t return it… Ambrose wouldn’t do that though.

Karma; Karma didn’t seem to like them too much before, but they don’t interact too much now. Well, either way, Illon has been waiting for a good time to thank them for the help and all. Given that everyone else has already been thanked privately too. Karma’s always just seemed cool to them though, to be fair.

Eni; Illon definitely respects and looks up to Eni. They’re great at teaching and have some amazing stories if you ever try and hear one from them. Plus, as the eldest, probably has the most wisdom. At least sometimes. Plus! Flight! Which is pretty darn cool. But, uh, Eni does need to realize that just because they’ve suffered through a face injury it doesn’t mean they suddenly understand how they feel.

Agnar; It’s the mannnn. Agnar is nice, and definitely amazing. The two have listened to Eni’s stories together. He just seems like an all round good guy to Illon… They really hope that the group at least tries to stay in contact…

Eni’s Affiliations

Amel; Amel is… Well, Amel is Amel. Not up to learning anything unless it helps him but still assertive and dominant enough to come out on top as their leader. Honestly? Eni can respect him, though they would never trust him.

Isabella; She’s loud and impulsive, but still willing to listen at times where Amel is not. They just wished that she didn’t have to learn some lessons the hard way. But, well, it’s not like they can truly stop her, given how stubborn she is. They don’t mind her at all though, they can respect her as a leader should Amel ever go down.

Salen; Ah, the compromiser. They respect her greatly, and have never gotten into an argument with her. In their opinion, she seems completely fine to them. They just wished she would take a break sometimes, or at least pick a side in the bigger arguments.

Esta; Esta is nice and knows her way of healing, so Eni doesn’t mind her much. She’s willing to learn and always so kind to everyone. They haven’t apologized about the argument just yet, given that they haven’t been presented with the best time, but they hope to explain themself soon.

Illon; Ah. Illon. Eni doesn’t hate them, per say, they’re nice and all. It’s just… They didn’t really think Illon would still be alive, so why risk anything? Plus, they didn’t have nearly as long a wait to see Esta when Illon was gone so maybe them being gone was a slight advantage. Honestly though, Eni doesn’t understand the mask. Their face was injured too but you don’t see them wearing something to cover it up.

Ambrose; The one that truly started the group, Eni certainly gets along with him whenever they talk. Which is basically all they could’ve asked for. A good listener, a good singer, and a good person. Eni’s cooed at him a few times on accident and then covered it up as a birdsong, hoping that he wouldn’t notice. All in all, Ambrose is trusted and respected by Eni.

Karma; Karma isn’t that bad, and they did side with them in the giant argument about Illon. Of course, that isn’t what matters to Eni. But it’s good to know that they’re similar in mindset about statistics of someone that’s captured still being alive.

Agnar; Ah, their son. Okay, so maybe not actually their son. But Agni is definitely their son. They don’t care, Arrow is their son now. Always willing to learn, always willing to listen, and though they don’t always see eye to eye- Agnar certainly tries to forgive them and they couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Blair’s Affiliations

Amel; A bloody liar. A cheat. A scam. A backstabber. A family killer. A downright criminal that doesn’t deserve to breathe. Blair is done with him and is about ready to hunt him down and kill him for what he did to the only family he had since he joined Vipers. Not everyone in an evil organization is evil, dude! Look at Blair, or Ryan, or Jackson, or Carlos, or Lenny, or Scarlet- Oh wait! You can’t! Amel killed them! And by god, should Blair ever see him again? The manipulative piece of shit is going down.

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    Whispers Cost | DiscussionNovember 28, 2021 10:25 PM

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The Argument

Amel was sitting down, going over plans in his head, trying to find the best course of action for victory. Now that Illon was out of the way, everything should and was going smoothly according to his plans. It’d been around a week since Illon was captured, and quite honestly? Amel couldn’t be more happy about it. He knew, don’t think he didn’t, how highly Illon thought of everyone. There was no way any information would be taken from them. Even better, Amel doubted the idiot had any information that they could share.


Isabella was pacing while Ambrose watched silently, his expression worried. Illon had been taken, and if they didn't do something soon, he'd probably end up dead. Not only that, but he was most likely being tortured right now. Illon should be their top priority, they could figure out how to deal with the rest of the Vipers later, right now they just need to focus on saving them. The only problem was, Amel didn't seem to actually care very much, or even at all that Illon was gone, which made Isabella angrier.

What kind of leader didn't care if a teammate was taken?


When Amel decided that he had a good enough plan to share with the others, he stepped out of his tent only to see Isabella pacing outside it and Ambrose standing nearby. “Where is everyone? Ambrose, go get them. I have the plan ready, if we’re lucky then we’ll be able to attack the headquarters of Vipers tomorrow and completely take them out. With only one casualty the whole time, I’d count this as a win.


Isabella whipped around and marched right up to Amel, no longer able to contain her anger. "What the hell, Amel?!" She shouted, causing Ambrose to flinch.


"No, I've had enough of this! We can't leave Illon behind, we can't! They're a part of this team, whether you like it or not, and I'm not just going to leave them to die!" Ambrose clenched his jaw, not happy about the yelling, and slipped away to gather the others. He knew there was no point, once Isabella got like this, there wasn't a good way to stop her. "You're stupider than I thought if you think leaving someone to die is a win!


Amel’s eyes narrowed but other than that, he didn’t react. “Look, Isa, it’s their own fault they got captured. They threw themselves in the line of fire, so they finally got shot. It’s what happens to insubordinate people. We aren’t going after them, if they’re worth the effort then they’ll escape on their own. Until then? Shut up and take orders, they escape then they escape. If they don’t? Oh well, so sad. Most wars end up with millions dead, so one compared to all is a pretty good deal to me. I’d rather have one die than five, let them take the fall for their actions.

Salen looked out from her tent, stepping out and watching as Ambrose went off to get the rest of them. She hated to see the two fighting, but this was obviously needed; there'd been too much tension between all of them since Illon was taken. She slipped back into her tent slowly.


"Forgive me if I'm not willing to take orders from a liar, it just doesn't suit me too well. I'm not willing to leave someone I care about behind! And you know what? If I die saving them, then so be it! At least I'm dying doing something good rather than knowing I gave up on someone that I could have saved!"

Esta stepped quietly from her tent when the shouting started, she had dark circles under her eyes and her face, which was usually lit up with a smile, looked strained and exhausted. She'd been worried sick since Illon was taken, and it was rather obvious that she'd been crying. She hated losing people, and Illon was her best friend.

Ambrose quietly walked over to Agnar's tent, finding it empty. When he looked around, however, he found that the youngest member of the group had his bow and quiver slung over his shoulder and a determined look on his face as he marched over to stand just behind Isabella. Wonderful, that would certainly end well. Sighing, Ambrose walked over to Eni's tent and called his name softly. "U-Um, Eni? There's something going on. Amel wants you."


Amel looked at Isabella and Agnar, eyes narrowing. “Look, I understand how you feel. Truly, I do. But we can’t risk the mission just for one person. If we lose? The whole world is going to fall, and I’m not going to risk everything for one person that never even contributed to anything more than using up supplies.

Eni stepped out, thanking Ambrose quietly before looking over at all of the commotion. “What’s happening? Are we talking about Illon? It’s been a week, they’re probably already dead. No one survives torture for that long, not even Illon.


"Illon did much more than that!" Agnar snapped before Isabella even had time to retort. "We can't just leave them, it's not fair!'

Isabella's head whipped around when Eni spoke, eyes turning dark, besides her, Agnar's eyes widened and a look of pain and betrayal flashed across his face. Esta gasped quietly and covered her mouth, tears rising in her eyes.

"Don't say that, Eni, please don't!"

"Of course he's alive!" Isabella added, taking a few steps to wrap an arm around Esta's shoulder. "You can't be serious, Eni."

Agnar clenched his jaw and looked away from his father figure, unable to speak for the time being. Meanwhile, Karma approached from where they'd silently been watching in the shadows and shrugged. "I really don't see the problem, Eni's right. Illon's gone. Deal with it and move on."

"Shut up. SHUT UP!" Agnar shouted, losing it, while Esta broke down and started crying and Isabella held her tightly.

"We're not giving up on, Illon. I don't care what you three say. I'm saving them. With or without you.


Amel rolled his eyes, “You three can’t be serious. They’re dead. Honestly? I’m surprised they didn’t kick the bucket sooner. So either you three can suck it up, or Ambrose can escort you three back to the city. Because I don’t know about Eni, or Karma, or Ambrose. But I can do all of this by myself. I don’t need any of you to do this job, but I’m not letting more people die that don’t need to. Illon’s gone, accept it already.

Eni nodded, “It’s just impossible that anyone would live through a week of torture at the hands of people like Vipers. Much less likely for Illon to do so.” They sighed and looked at Agnar, face softening. “Come on Agni, you know I cared about them. But you have to accept that no one lives through torture without being trained to do so. Illon didn’t have that training.


Esta was sobbing too hard to respond at this point and Isabella tightened her grip on her friend's shoulders, glaring at Amel. Ambrose flinched slightly when Amel suggested that he escort his friends back to the city. He was on Isabella's side, honestly, he didn't like the idea of leaving Illon. It didn't sit right with him, but he didn't want to jump into this argument either, it scared him to see this group arguing like this.

"They aren't dead. Nothing you say can make me leave them." Isabella hissed, eyes dark with anger.

Agnar looked away from Eni, trying to hide the tears that were rising in his eyes. "I don't believe you. I'm sorry, Eni, but I can't. I can't just give up. Not even for you."

Karma scoffed. "How dull are you guys? Just forget them and let's get this over with."


Eni went over to Agnar, putting a hand on his shoulder. “I know you haven’t been in as many situations like this as I have. But I’ve dealt with something similar before. Someone trained to survive an interrogation and torture had been captured during my first mission. A week after they were captured, if they didn’t escape, then we were supposed to go after them. They were dead when we found them. Illon’s been gone the same amount of time but they didn’t have training. They’re long gone at this point, and we’re just risking ourselves by going after them.

Amel stared at Isabella. “How about you listen to your superior? You want to challenge my authority then we can go at it and see who ends up winning. I can assure you that your little flames won’t be able to beat me. But I won’t stand for your insubordination, Finley.


Agnar shook his head, still refusing to make eye contact with his mentor. "Maybe I'm young, Eni, maybe I'm stupid, but I can't leave Illon behind. I don't care if they're dead, because what if they aren't? I could never forgive myself for not trying, even if it's hopeless. If we get there and they are dead, then at least I know I couldn't save them, but if I don't try, if I don't know, for a fact, that they're dead, then there's always a chance that I could have saved Illon and chose not to." The ranger took a deep breath and looked up at Eni, eyes teary. "I'm sorry, Eni, I don't want to disobey you, but I have to do this. If I don't I won't ever be able to forgive myself again."

Ambrose walked over quietly and pulled Esta into his arms, nodding quietly in response to the grateful look that Isabella shot him. He didn't want to get too involved, but he didn't want to leave his friend like this either. Besides, he really did want Illon back. "I-I don't think Illon's dead." He said quietly, voice shaking. He refused to look at Amel or Karma, scared they might yell at him.

"Thank you, Ambrose." Isabella said, giving him a comforting smile. "You aren't my superior, Amel. You never were. I do what I do because I think it's right, and you know what? I think you're a selfish bitch. You and Karma both. You just want to win. That's all. You want power and glory, you don't care, you never cared. You just do what you do for yourselves. Selfish." Karma curled their lip but said nothing, waiting for Amel to respond instead.


Eni looked at Agnar, eyes soft and sympathetic. “I understand that, Agni. But the chances of us being able to even get to them aren’t high either. You have to think about the probabilities. It’s most probable that Illon is dead, and it’s most probable that if we go to rescue them that we’ll die too. Illon wouldn’t want us to do that, right? You know them, they wouldn’t.

Amel clenched his fists and glared at Isabella. “Look, I am doing what needs to be done for the majority to survive. Protecting everyone would be nice, sure. But it's impossible. We aren’t going after them. And if you have a problem with that? Either you suck it up and follow me, or you can go up against me in combat and we can see who wins there. How’s that?


Agnar clenched his jaw and stepped back. That kind, soft expression hurt more than anything. How could someone be so calm while they were talking about leaving someone to die? Without giving them a chance?! "I know, I know that Eni. Please... I-I know, but I can't leave them. I can't." He looked away, hating how his voice shook and tears gleamed in his eyes. He hated every second of this. "I can't leave them. I'm sorry. Please understand, Eni, I don't want-" He swallowed hard as tears threatened to spill. "I don't want to disappoint you, I don't want to leave you. Never. But, I can't just leave Illon without knowing for sure. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"Fine then! I have more than half the group on my side, Amel. I'm willing to fight for Illon, and I'm willing to fight for them. Unlike you, I'm not a coward." Isabella clenched her fists, summoning fire. Ambrose gasped and stepped back, dragging Esta with him. Karma tensed, unsure of what to do.

This was not good for anyone.


Amel stared Isabella down, his signature look of sizing someone up on his face. And then electricity crackled at his fingers, the voltage high enough to knock someone out on the first hit. For days. As if he’d step down now.

Salen stepped out as she heard the sounds of an actual fight starting up, looking between Isabella and Amel. She walked between the two and threw out her own hands, stopping them when they were in the position to be shaked. “Stop fighting. Now. How about this? We try to find them first, see if they’re alive. If Amel is right then we no longer argue with him. Ever. If Isabella is right then we get Illon out of there.

Amel looked at Salen’s outstretched hand to make a binding swear and then glared back at Isabella, waiting to see if she was going to step down first.


Isabella quickly got into her fighting stance, glaring at Amel, and then froze when Salen stepped between them, she didn't want to accidentally hurt her. Hearing Salen's suggestion, Isabella hesitated, locking eyes with Amel across from her. Neither wanted to be the first to step down, but if there was a compromise...

"Isabella, please!" Bella broke eye contact with Amel to look over at Esta, who had pulled away from Ambrose and was watching her with tears still streaming down her cheeks, voice thick with pain. "Try this, I know you don't like losing, but if there's any way this can work-" She shook her head and Isabella sighed. She knew there was no way she could deny Esta when she looked like this, so broken, tired, and sad. "Please?"

Bella stepped down, extinguishing her flames. "Fine. I'm willing to give this a try, Salen."

Ambrose let out a quiet sigh of relief and closed his eyes for a moment, grateful a full-on fight hadn't broken out. Karma stood to the side, crossing their arms and eyeing Salen with annoyance. Truthfully, they weren't sure how to feel.


Salen sighed as Isabella stepped down, and Eni looked at the three. Amel slowly stepped down as well and then went to turn around.

No, you don’t get to walk off yet. You both need to shake my hand first. To make sure neither of you break this. Agree to the terms I’ve already set up and shake my hands. Alright?

Amel stopped and looked back at them. He tsked and then walked back over, taking one of Salen’s hands. “Fine, whatever. This just means that once you all know that I’m right, I don’t want to hear any complaining.


Isabella nodded and took Salen's hand without hesitation. She was still very upset with Amel, but this was a solution that she could approve of.

Esta ran over once both Amel and Isabella had stepped back and threw her arms around Salen's neck. "Thank you." She breathed. "Thank you so much."

Karma scoffed and turned away, walking off. Ambrose took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, a grateful smile touching his lips. At least for now, the fight was over.

Agnar dipped his head respectfully to Salen, his sign of thanks, and then turned and walked silently to his tent, determined not to cry until he was out of everyone's sight, especially Eni's.


Amel scoffed as the people who’d been trying to convince him to save Illon celebrated. Oh well, they wanted to get Illon back? If they were somehow alive then he’d be making sure personally that they pull their weight.

Salen blushed at the thanks and dipped her head self-consciously. Amel had actually done that, she honestly hadn’t expected him to shake her hand. She supposed that that was how confident he was though.

Eni watched as Agnar walked off, and then sighed. Their wings came out and in seconds they were in the sky, deciding to take a breather for a bit. They doubted Illon was alive, but the compromise was fine with them.

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Lost Memories
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Imma just-

Relationship songs (By their pov or singing to the others)

Falicia(Yes, I know she's not a part of the RP, but I had to add this one song. She's talking to Salen and Isabella)


If You Love Her- Forest Blakk

Esta's Relationships

Falicia(Somewhat toxic, but feelings of mutual affection)

Hoodie- Hey Violet

I hate you, I love you- Gnash

Closure- Hayd

Year From Now- Katelyn Tarver

I love you so- The Walters

Please Don't Go- Abbey Grover

Flying- Cody Fry

When We Were Young- Adele

More added later

Isabella and Salen

telepathy- Egg

Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (nani cover)

If I could Ride a Bike- Chevy

Despair- leo.

Sweet Tooth- Cavetown

Please Don't Go- Abbey Grover

More added later

Karma's Relationships

Kostas(Never official, but they may as well have been dating)

As The Earth Caves In- Matt Maltese

Trying- Cavetown

We'll Meet Again- Vera Lynn

Overgrown Garden- Beetlebug

A Non-Love Song From Nashville- Dodie

More added later

Illon, Ambrose, and Kataru

No Hope Left Here- Abbey Grover

Dream of Me- Abbey Grover

One Day- Tate Mcrae

If I'm Being Honest- Dodie

Never Leave Me- Abbey Grover

Isolation- Abbey Grover

Rainbow- Dodie

Everything I Wanted- Billie Eilish

Train Wreck- James Arthur

Half a Man- Dean Lewis

More added later

Ambrose's Relationships

Karma, Illon, and Kataru

I know a place- Conan Gray (Cavetown cover)

Sunkissed- Khai Dreams

It's you I like- Dodie

True Colors- Cyndi Lauper

I Hear A Symphony- Cody Fry

Fix You- Coldplay

Taking Care Of Things- Cavetown

Infinity- James Young

Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars

Talk to Me- Cavetown

Easy On Me- Adele

More later

Isabella's Relationships

Davian and Arika(Started out fine, became toxic)

Build a Bitch- Bella Poarch

No Tears Left to Cry- Ariana Grande

Titanium- David Guetta ft. Sia

Confident- Demi Lovato

More later

Esta and Salen

Classic- MKTO

A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

All of Me- John Legend

Emerald Eyes- Anson Seabra

I Kissed a Girl- Katy Perry

Brown Eyes, Brown Hair- Caleb Hearn

More later

Agnar's Relationships

Blair and Mion

Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor

Teenage Dirtbag- Cavetown

Boys Will Be Bugs- Cavetown

City of Stars- La La Land

I'm Yours- Jason Marz

They Don't Know About Us- One Direction

Unconditionally- Katy Perry

I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore- Lucy Dacus (This is just all Agni's insecurity spilling out-)

Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me- From Waitress

Never Gonna Let You Down- Colbie Caillat

More added later

Eni (Parent & son relationship, obviously)

Family- Mother, Mother

Humble and Kind- Tim McGraw

A Mother (Parent) Like You- JJ Heller

See You Again- Wiz Khalifa, ft. Charlie Puth

In My Blood- Shawn Mendes (And this is either Agnar having a mental breakdown and ranting to Eni or just losing it when Eni gets with Amel and Agni feels betrayed and forgotten)

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WIP Relationship Songs


Benvolio (The Old Colleague. Never made official, but like Kostas & Karma- The two might as well have been dating.)

feelings are fatal by mxmtoon.

Facetime Unavailable by Delaney Kai & Kyoto Black.

idfc by blackbear.

Comatose by jxdn.

Dead Roses by Ollie.

Miss YOU! by CORPSE.

Nightlight by ILLENIUM & Annika Wells.

New Perspective by Radnor.


I feel 2 much by blackbear.

ANGELS & DEMONS by jxdn.

Foresight by Lund.

Not ok but its ok by Lil Bo Weep & ELHIXIR.

crash by EDEN. (For both parents and Ben, actually.)

Last Time I Checked by lil aaron & Goody Grace.

Moment by Nate Ruess.

It Only Gets Much Worse by Nate Ruess.

Fire For You by Cannons.

The Science Love Song by AsapSCIENCE.

LESS THAN THREE by XAM & Lil Happy Lil Sad.

More To Be Added.

Karma + Ambrose

Arms Tonite by Mother Mother.

Problems by Mother Mother.

anxiety by blackbear & FRND.

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur.

Are You Bored Yet? by Wallows & Clairo

Falling for U! by Peachy! & mxmtoon.

Fool by Cavetown.

I Wish You Didn’t Love Me by Jake Miller.

Antisocial Love Song by Alex Frew & A is for Arrows.

I Don’t Sleep by Sarcastic Sounds.

Unsteady by X Ambassadors.

Nightlight by ILLENIUM & Annika Wells.

New Perspective by Radnor.

Damaged by Bmike & JayteKz.

More Later.


Isabella + Esta

Dance in the Dark by Au/Ra.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Christian Leave.

I Want To Be With You by chloe moriondo.

Come to My WIndow by Melissa Etheridge.

Dusk Till Dawn by Madilyn Bailey.

Someone You Like by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

More Later.



More Later.


Ebele (A past love, actually very stable. Until she died.)

Queen of France by Imad Royal.

Number 1 by Tinchy Stryder & N-Dubz.

16 Shots by Stefflon Don.

I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young.

Lemon Boy by Cavetown.

Little Poor Me by Layto.

New Perspective by Radnor.

Mr Loverman by Ricky Montgomery.

Slither by selki girl.

Far Too Young To Die by Panic! At The Disco.

Issues by Julia Michaels.

Kids Again by Artist Vs Poet.

Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes.

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine.

Royalty by Connor Maynard.

More To Be Added.


Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe).

More Later.



Dandelions by Ruth B.

Strawberries & Cigarettes by Troye Sivan.

More Later.

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Also, incorrect quote generators are really good at making Eni and Agnar quotes, apparently:

Computer: Please enter a password.
Agnar: *types in Eni*
Computer: Your password is too weak.
Agnar: How fucking DARE YOU-


Eni: Agnar, can I speak to you for a minute? In private.
Agnar: Ooh, someone's in trouble. It's me. I don't know why I did that.


Agnar: *Kicks the door open, looking panicked*
Eni: What did you do?!


Agnar: Okay, two person huddle.
Eni: You can't huddle with two people. This is just a hug.


Eni, gently nudging Agnar aside with their foot: Agnar, move out of the way so I don’t trip on you.
Agnar, their eyes enormous: You kick Agnar? You kick their body like the football? Oh! Oh! Jail for Eni! Jail for Eni for one thousand years!


Eni: I’ve only had Agnar for a day and a half but if anything happened to them I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

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These are my characters' hometowns and different tragedies that happened when each character lived there. You have to unlock information about each by having me mention them in a post. If I only mention the city then you get information on the city, if I mention the tragedy at all then you get both.

Town of Luxor

Luxor Information;

A small town of only a few thousand people. Most of the citizens are either wealthy or live in poorer conditions, with very few being in the middle class.


In the entire town, there’s only two schools, a primary(Kinder to Seventh) and a secondary(Eighth to Twelfth) school. Both are private. Despite this, education is top-notch, the wealth of the upper class being able to pay for better teachers.


Adults either have a well paying job or one that doesn’t pay well. There’s a downtown area and an uptown area of Luxor. Being in the northern part of Luxor is the absolute powerhouses of wealth, while the southern and more eastern areas have the less desirable living. Despite this, Luxor has a rather low crime rate. It’s the type of town where most people know one another, or at least know of one another.


The geography of Luxor is more in the north, with colder temperatures and not-so-fertile soil. The town is southern enough to not get snow year round though, and they have plenty of woods and streams around.

The Luxor Prodigy;

Illon was not born in Luxor. They weren’t even explicitly raised in Luxor. But at the ripe age of 10, their mother had moved to Luxor due to her job and brought them with her. The two lived in the northern part of town, their mother’s job quite generous in pay. The started school in the private primary school, where the teachers did semesterly tests to test for higher intelligence.


At 10 years old, in 5th grade, Illon had taken one of these tests and was found to be intelligent enough to be taking secondary school courses, up to even 12th grade levels. They also found that they’d be able to take even a few college courses.


Their mother was told, and they were given the option to do it. The decision was left up to their mother and father. The two had to talk about it for a bit, as they were sharing custody over them at the moment, where they stayed one week at their mother’s and then one week at their father’s, something that made friends hard to make.


Eventually, the two found a way to allow Illon to partake in the courses that would still listen to the agreements. Illon started taking them, along with continuing their average school too. People started coming over to see them, meet them, give them proposals for their intelligence. It went like this for 2 years.


When they were 12 though, taking secondary courses and college courses along with their 7th grade work, they slipped into a catatonic state. The exact details of why and how and where were left unknown to the public.


For almost 3 years, they did not come out of it. But while 15, they finally did. And after two years of getting used to everything again, they were back to finishing their secondary school career, having been moved up to 11th since their intelligence had stayed with them,and taking college courses at the same time.


After finishing secondary school, they left Luxor with the memory of a prodigy that fell before getting back up. Of course, many things are still a secret to these people, and the full story has been washed away by Illon themself.

Town of Nox

Nox Information;


The Savior of Nox;


Town of Diae

Diae Information;


The Dianision Vows;


Town of Falter

Falter Information;


Falter’s Mirror;


City of Cezar

Cezar Information;

Cezar is a huge city, with only the uptown and the downtown though. It doesn’t go through a middle area, just a sudden change between wealth and poverty. Cezar’s solution? Once every half decade, they send in soldiers to march down the downtown area for a week, killing anyone in sight. Stay in, or die.


To the wealthy, this is a week of joy. A day to get rid of filth from their prosperous city. For those less fortunate? A week of reckoning. Of death and misery. Everything closes, and people are told to stay indoors if possible. Many families harbor each other, whichever one with the most room will house those who don’t have much. Everyone gets together to survive.


Everything else about this city follows suit. Education, business, food, water, crime, electricity- Everything. And in a city as big as this one? Changing things is much harder than letting it go on. And so it goes on, because there’s too many people to reasonably figure out how to fix things.

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Things I'd like to see in this RP, but may or may not happen-

- Someone making Esta so mad that she loses her shit and scares literally everyone around at the time (this is likely)

- Agnar bringing Eni little gifts (This will happen)

- Amel genuinely caring for someone in the group (???)

- Agnar using Eni's wings as a comfort item (This is highly probable)

- Illon and Esta bestie moments! (These will occur)

- Karma awkwardly accepting Ambrose's and Illon's affection (Will happen, maybe-)

- Agnar shipping everyone (Will definitely happen)

- Agnar running into danger to help Eni and getting hurt, breaking promises, angst central, etc. (Will honestly probably happen because we are both obsessed with angst)

- Salen and Ambrose performing together! (May or may not happen, we'll see)

- Flustered Esta (Will happen. A lot)

- Isabella trying to flirt and getting flustered by Salen instead (Will also probably happen a lot)

- Blair (Will happen)

- Nicknames (Will happen)

More shall be added as I see fit

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