06:51:21 Satan
I started at no tundra and now I'm at level 17 tundra lol. I have bought so many moves
06:48:46 Satan
No the 2000 is the total. I will probably have 10 lmao

So you still have 2k coins after buying everything?
06:43:40 Satan
I bought so much gear and need to stock up on a dye or two for the future but I do want to get the baby dreki too.

2000 gold coins??? That's awesome
06:39:41 Satan
True I'm only 175 away from 2000 so that would be faster

Hm...well, if it isn't a really solid bonus, i'd just farm coins personally
06:37:47 Satan
No idea lol. Never got one before

What do you get for killing the mothers?
Lunar Eclipse
06:36:55 Lunar, Eclipse,Sun
Oooo maybe Bumble
06:35:22 Satan
06:35:16 Satan
I'm not sure it's even worth trying to get the mothers to kill or if I should just try for coins? Swamp isn't good for coins so I might move. Not sire
Stardust Hurricane
06:34:09 Leon (They/Them)
Blaze or Bumble.
Lunar Eclipse
06:32:03 Lunar, Eclipse,Sun
I don't really think that would fit him but I'll consider it
British Empire
06:31:46 Alice

Lunar Eclipse
06:24:40 Lunar, Eclipse,Sun
-Click- anyone got name ideas for my new oc?
Stardust Hurricane
06:23:49 Leon (They/Them)
Is anyone up for a My Hero Academia pm rp? Please pm me if you are.
Mafia Queen
06:20:31 Queenie
I'm looking for Rp partners if anyone is interested!
06:19:06 Satan
Yeah have only found 1 when I used 1200 on the swamp. And it fled at 40 health


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    Whispers Cost | Discussion September 10, 2022 07:20 PM

Posts: 7376
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Aura Colors

(Basic) Yellow - Happy

(Basic) Dark blue - Sad

(Basic) Dark red - Angry

(Basic) Purple - Anxious

(Basic) Black - Depressed

(Basic) Light pink - Flustered/Embarrassed/Affectionate

(Basic) Dark Pink - In love

(Basic) Gray - Worried/Confused

(Basic) Dark Green - Jealous/Disgusted

(Basic) White - Calm

(Basic) Orange - Passionate/Determined

(Basic) Light blue - Trusting/Hopeful

(Basic) Brown - Unconcerned/Content

(Basic) Red-Orange - Pain/Hurt

(Basic) Indigo - Shy

(Basic) Pale Yellow(green-yellow) - Curious

(Basic) Forest green - Sympathetic

(Basic) Brass - Regretful

(Basic) Lavender - Vulnerable

(Basic) Navy - Protective

(Basic) Turquoise - Grateful

(Basic) Light Green - Guilt

(Basic) Bronze - Frustration

(Basic) Lime - Lucky

(Basic) Neon, literally any neon color - Dizzy

(Basic) Caramel - Relief

(Basic) Umber - Unlucky

(Expert) Gold- Bossy/Overly confident

(Expert) Ash gray- Powerless/Helpless

(Expert) Cole- Sincere

(Expert) Dark Purple- Trapped

(Expert) Coral- Belonging

(Expert) Auburn- Suspicious

(Expert) Tan- Numb

(Expert) Ivory- Bitter

(Expert) Midnight blue- Grief

(Expert) Platinum- Distraught

(Expert) Onyx- Disdain

(Expert) Blood red- Scornful

(Expert) Rosewood- Heartbroken

(Expert) Peach- Mature

(Expert) Dandelion- Creative/Inspired

(Expert) Amethyst- Insecure

(Expert) Burgundy- Violent/Dangerous/Aggressive

(Expert) Blush- Despair

(Expert) Aegean- Disappointment

(Expert) Chartreuse- Amused/Sarcastic/Mocking

(Expert) Medallion- Pity

(Expert) Apricot- Miserable/Melancholy

(Expert) Cherry- Agony/Anguish

(Expert) Frost- Hate

(Expert) Graphite- Dread

(Expert) Thistle- Shame

(Expert) Silver- Mistrust

Basic; The colors a soul user starts out being able to see.

Expert; The colors a soul user starts being able to see after training/learning a bit of control and understanding.


I'd say that Esta can already see Expert colors too. We should probably make lists for our characters auras so that they can be referred to whenever you're making a post where Esta uses that.

    Whispers Cost | Discussion September 12, 2022 12:10 PM

Posts: 7376
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1 Navy(Protective)

2 Orange(Determined)

3 Peach(Mature)

4 Cole(Sincere)

5 Gray(Worried)

6 Bronze(Frustration)

7 Graphite(Dread)

8 Midnight Blue(Grief)

9 Rosewood(Heartbroken)


1 Gray(Worried/Confused)

2 White(Calm)

3 Light Blue(Trusting)

4 Graphite(Dread)

5 Tan(Numb)

6 Peach(Mature)

7 Light Pink(Affectionate)


1 Purple(Anxious)

2 Black(Depressed)

3 Gray(Worried)

4 Red-Orange(Pain)

5 Brass(Regretful)

6 Lavender(Vulnerable)

7 Light Green(Guilt)

8 Umber(Unlucky)

9 Ash Gray(Powerless/Helpless)

10 Frost(Hate)

11 Amethyst(Insecure)

12 Blush(Despair)

13 Apricot(Miserable/Melancholy)

14 Thistle(Shame)

15 Cherry(Anguish)


1 Dark Red(Angry)

2 Orange(Determined)

3 Navy(Protective)

4 Bronze(Frustration)

5 Ivory(Bitter)

6 Midnight Blue(Grief)

7 Onyx(Disdain)

8 Gray(Worried)

9 Peach(Mature)

10 Aegean(Disappointment)

11 Frost(Hate)


1 Black(Depressed)

2 Navy(Protective)

3 Turquoise(Grateful)

4 Light Green(Guilt)

5 Bronze(Frustration)

6 Tan(Numb)

7 Ivory(Bitter)

8 Midnight Blue(Grief)

9 Onyx(Disdain)

10 Amethyst(Insecure)

11 Burgundy(Aggressive)

12 Chartreuse(Amused/Sarcastic)
13 Apricot(Miserable/Melancholy)

14 Frost(Hate)

Edited at September 17, 2022 01:08 PM by Overthink101
    Whispers Cost | Discussion September 12, 2022 01:50 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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1. Pale Yellow(Curious)

2. Forest Green(Sympathetic)

3. Chartreuse(Amused/Sarcastic)

4. Brass(Regretful)

5. Frost(Hate)

6. Ivory(Bitter)

7. Navy(Protective)


1. Purple(Anxious)

2. Ash Gray(Helpless/powerless)

3. Gray(Worried)

4. Cole(Sincere)

5. Auburn(Suspicious)

6. Navy(Protective)


1. Navy(Protective)

2. Dark Red(Angry)

3. Purple(Anxious)

4. Black(Depressed)

5. Lavender(Vulnerable)

6. Bronze(Frustration)

7. Gray(Worried/confused)

8. Forest green(Sympathetic)

9. Ash Gray(Powerless/helpless)

10. Dark Purple(Trapped)

11. Tan(Numb)

12. Apricot(Miserable/melancholy)

13. Graphite(Dread)

14. Brass(Regretful)


1. Purple(Anxiety)

2. Brass(Regret)

3. Gray(Confusion/Worry)

4. Red-Orange(Pain)

5. Indigo(Shy)

6. Light Green(Guilt)

7. Umber(Unlucky)

8. Dark Purple(Trapped)

9. Amethyst(Insecure)


1. Peach(Mature)

2. Gray(Worried)

3. Medallion(Pity)

4. Cole(Sincere)

5. Purple(Anxious)

6. Light Blue(Trusting/hopeful)

7. Forest Green(Sympathetic)

8. Navy(Protective)


Here's this! I did one for Esta, even though it's not technically needed, lmao-

Edited at September 17, 2022 11:40 AM by Lost Memories
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 06:46 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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Hello again!
Okay, so when we start were you thinking they've all already met up or their on their way...? I just need to know how to get started, lmao
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 06:55 PM

Posts: 7376
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They all already know each other(Minus Blair). They've just defeated a group known as Vipers and are on their way to recovery. Blair is the lone survivor of the group, and kind of betrayed them.
There are a few secrets about their past journey for each role that I'll tell you of whenever you decide you want to know.
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 06:58 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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Alright, then! You can tell me whenever I suppose XD
Since they're heading to recovery I'm gonna guess they have some injures- Should I start on my post or do you plan on posting first?
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 06:59 PM

Posts: 7376
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Nah, I mean- It's more so recovery as in them trying to move on from all the trauma.
I'll tell you soon, I just gotta get all of it into one place.
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 07:02 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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Ah, okay, trauma... Yeah, no, most of them probably aren't going to recover from that XD
Sounds good!
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 07:40 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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Beautiful, the trauma is amazing. I shall have fun with some of these-
Okay, so should we put affiliations here, since it's probably easier to organize?
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 23, 2021 07:42 PM

Posts: 7376
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Yeah... That'd probably be best lmao
Note that only The Leader will actually have an affiliation with The Turncoat so far lol

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