Investigator Saint
Mr. Licorice

Your lying you were being mean/j
lucid dreaming
06:18:13 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Saints bullying mee
06:18:05 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
I have a feeling Arctic will want her
06:17:33 *crying in slow-mo*

what do i do with her-
06:16:38 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
@Mister Timber,
That's the spirit! I'm happy it's over too, you deserve the rest.

:o That's right! Good memory
Arctic Angel
06:16:33 Seven
I'm sure it was. I do understand how scary it is, though, believe me. <3 Yeah, glad you're alright.
06:16:03 Luca Paguro
Okay I'll try
lucid dreaming
06:16:01 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Pinkie, how!? I did jack shit!
06:15:39 -Devil in closet-
Hello chat. I haven’t been active. Newborns are a handful
06:15:30 Luca Paguro
Okay. I'll do it. I'm just worried about me being- And he won't be-
06:14:57 Aey, Aeli, Timber
Yea, me too!
It was really scary being that weak and helpless..
But hay, im still here and thats all that matters.

Yea, so glad its over haha
Still got a long ways to go though, but im ready for it!

Sir Fridge! That was it!

06:14:49 Smallmach, Adon
@ Luca, I agree with Artic Angel. Talk to them.
06:13:18 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
@Mister Timber,
Aw ;; I'm sorry to hear that, glad you're doing better! <3

I think it was something to do with Fridge..
Interstellar Sun
06:13:12 I'm back y'all
I think she might be pregnant too so I'm worried.
06:13:12 -Devil in closet-
Investigator Saint
Mr. Licorice is being mean again!
Arctic Angel
06:12:49 Seven
Oh my goodness,, I'm so glad you're better now! >< <33
06:12:17 Aey, Aeli, Timber
Angel, Audreen
Eh, veryyy sick :")
I was on deaths doorstep for a month or so..
But im better now! :)

Also, Audreen, im so sorry bro but I forgot your nickname :"D
Arctic Angel
06:12:14 Seven
You should talk to them. It's not healthy to not talk to someone you like. :,) Once you start talking more soon enough you could confess to them. Best way.
Destinations End
06:11:36 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Poor thing


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All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 10:55 AM

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Slicker | Male | 27 | Member | M: Blaze (Dep), Stefan (Dep), Rose (Dep), Jesse (Ind), + Gunshot (Ind)

Slicker sat under a tree that gave off a nice breeze. For once, Snapple hadn’t wandered off too far from Slicker as she ate at the small blades of grass that poked out of the harsh ground by the tree. It was peaceful really. Now he could see why Ollie was trying to read here not too long ago. A lot had happened recently, but so had very little. It had been a relaxing few days despite it feeling like Gunshot’s arrival took up the entirety of the days. Gunshot returned so that was great, but after that, days just… blurred together. Entire days just went by so fast. He was pretty sure the highlight of everyone’s week would be Gunshot’s great return though. His grande arrival. Whatever you want to call it. And notably so. Everyone thought Gunshot was dead, but it was so good to have him back. Everything had just been so chaotic before Gunshot came back so these few days being nice and calm just made everything so much better. It was nice to have a break and not have to worry about anything for once.

Something that did bother Slicker was that Blaze was gone.

Sure, sometimes members of the crew would leave for long periods of time. Stefan always went out drinking for long periods of time, others in the group went out hunting for days sometimes, and some just went into town and bought a hotel bed for a week to escape the others in the gang. He honestly couldn’t blame those that did go for the hotel. The gang was a little… hard to deal with at times. But Blaze didn’t really do that. Sure he would sometimes wander off or disappear for a day, but this was the longest he had been away for any period of time. Maybe he should ask around to see if the others spotted him? Stefan went to town the most, always going in the morning for something to drink. Slicker could start there.

Slicker could see Stefan and Rose were talking from a distance. Slicker stood, lighting a cigarette. His pact was getting empty so he would have to go into town soon to buy more. He stared at the two from the foot of the tree before sighing and making his way over to the two. If he was being honest, he didn’t quite get Rose. Or Stefan really. He had figured out a lot about Stefan so far, with or without the man realizing it, but Rose was still an empty slate for the most part. Either way, he wasn’t super close to them like he was with Jesse, but he would say he was at least friends with Stefan. Maybe Rose if he was lucky. But that wasn’t the point. The point was if Blaze was or had been in town, Stefan would have to know.

“Hey you two!” Slicker called, half-heartedly giving a wave as he grew closer to them. “Not getting yerselves into trouble just yet, right? We still hava bit longer before the day ends so I would like it if neitha of ya blow up the town sky high or somethin’ till then.” Slicker laughed slightly before resting his elbow on Stefan’s shoulder. Slicker looked at Rose with a mischievous smirk. “If you two love birds are done flirting for now,” Slicker snickered before looking over to Stefan, “I need to ask you a few questions about Blaze. You haven’t seen him around lately, have you?”
All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 02:03 PM

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Giada| Female| Member| Mentions Buddy, Ollie and everyone|

Giada sighed as she finished getting dressed, she had just woken up. She pulled on her gloves, covering the many scars on her hands. Giada walked out of her tent.

Giada's jacket dangled at her hands, she rolled the sleeves of the jacket up and smiled. She wondered what everyone was up to. She looked around and saw Buddy walk out of his tent, he was holding a large brown suitcase, Giada shrugged and walked around camp. Giada wondered what Ollie was doing and figured she would go and talk to him later. She saw Stefan talking to Rose.

Giada sighed, there was nothing to do. Giada looked over when she heard Buddy's voice "all members of this gang come over here, I have an important announcement!" Buddy yelled. Giada ran over to where Buddy was standing and waited for the announcement to be said.

Ben| Male| Member| Mentions: Buddy and Adaline|

Ben made sure his hair looked nice in the mirror on his desk. Ben stepped out of his tent and looked around to see if Adaline was awake. Ben didn't see her around so he decided to go to her tent and say hi.

When Ben arrived at Adaline's tent, a sense of happiness washed over him, they had started dating which made him happy because he obviously liked Adaline a lot. Ben smiled "knock knock, I'm coming in." Ben said as he pushed the tent open "Good afternoon." Ben said happily as he looked at Adaline.

Ben sighed in frustration as he heard Buddy's voice call all members of the group over to him. Beb wanted to talk to Adaline. Ben walked out of her tent and over next to Giada where Buddy was waiting for the group to gather around.

Buddy| Male| Gang Leader| Mentions: Everyone|

Buddy took the last sip of his whiskey and lit a cigarette. He grabbed his suitcase filled with all of his belongings and walked out of his tent. He walked over to the middle of camp and sighed nervously. The truth was, he was sad to leave the group, he knew the group would get mad, especially before a train robbery. Buddy got ready for people to get mad at him. "All members of the group gather around me for an important announcement!" Buddy said in his loudest voice.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 05:50 PM

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[ Roxie Sweet ]

| Female | Member | Mentions: Buddy, Ollie, Gunshot, and Everyone Else |


Roxie had settled herself down beside a tree in camp. She was happy she had gotten herself a new horse, which she had named Bessie. Bessie was a large and sturdy tan and black kentucky saddler who was very calm and collected. But she was also very stubborn around people she didn’t know or like so she wasn’t the kind of horse you could just hop on and she would go. She’d more likely stand there and continue to graze instead. Roxie would make sure that she was able to take Bessie out of camp at least twice every week so she was at least in decent shape. But even if she let Bessie walk around on her own the horse would come back sometime, whether in a few hours or even the next morning.

She was quite surprised that Ollie had gone with her, and that he even talked at all. And it was even better since Gunshot had come with them. Roxie was so happy she had finally gotten an actual horse, and she had a feeling this would be her steed for a long time, so she actually named her. She had named the horse after an old horse her mom had owned when she had lived on a farm with her parents and two brothers.

When Roxie heard Buddy calling she got up to go and see what was happening. She saw he had a suitcase and was wondering what it was for. It could have been anything really.

She noticed Ollie already sitting on the grass next to his tent, head laid against his hand looking bored but slightly interested at the same time. She stood a few feet away from Buddy wondering what he was going to tell them.

All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 07:24 PM

Honeybee Falls
Posts: 3626
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Asta Shah l F l 24 l member l M: Slicker, Stefan, Blaze, Rose, Buddy

-setting: Nightmare, on a boat to America, 1872-

(translated to English for obvious reasons)

Asta ran across the ship’s deck gleefully. She chased the seagulls up to the railing, reaching out to them when they flew out of reach. The birds soared among the clouds before disappearing from her line of sight. A gust of wind flew through the air, blowing her long hair into her face. She sputtered, trying to remove strands of hair from her mouth and leaned up against the rails. In...and out… It felt nice to breathe in the salty sea air as it was a nice change of pace from the rotten fish smelling town she grew up in. She turned to run downstairs and chase around one of the ship’s cats they used to get rid of mice. Her father called her name before she could find one through.

“Asta, I’ve been looking for you!”

“But the kitties-”

“C’mon, your mother needs you,” He picked up the struggling child who kept yelling about cats.

Below the deck, down in the bowels of the ship was where the passengers with the ticket of the lowest cost stayed. That’s where they rested. Asta stepped as quietly as she could through the narrow passageway, not to wake any other travelers. There were people from many different countries there, though she was mostly fascinated by the Hungarians. Apparently whoever wore the most skirts was the most important lady there. Nine skirts must’ve been very important in her village then. She wanted to stick her tongue out at that lady whenever she tried to act better than everyone else. They were stuck in the lowest layer of the ship too, so how could a person with that many skirts be considered unimportant?

Asta finally found her mother near the far end of the boat. She sat down on her cot, facing her mom. She was laying down, occasionally sitting up to clutch her stomach and cough up blood. Hemoptysis was what someone near them had called it. The most they had understood was the coughing blood part.

Scooting back a bit, Asta glanced warily at her mother. She was scared. What if it was contagious?

Her mom held out a hand weakly to twirl a few strands of Asta’s hair around her finger. She looked up at her face, looking sad about something. “I- I’m only sorry I won’t be able to see you all grown up.” She coughed a few times and glanced over at her husband who nodded, sorrowfully. Seems he had finally managed to accept the fact that she was no longer going to be with them on that Earth.

Asta looked between the two frantically. What was happening? “No…” She finally grasped the concept. “No! I can’t-” Crashing through the clusters of people, she ran up the stairs with tears welling in her eyes. Her vision was blurry as she hid from the world on another layer. She was unsure of which it was, though found one of the cats on her way. It was strangely fine with her picking it up like the five year old she was and dragging it to a seemingly abandoned corner to think over life. Her only comforting fact to the situation being that her mother was going to a better place than this world, wherever it may be.

-The floor gave out, the ocean swallowing her up to the creatures of the deep, and faded back to reality-

Asta, present day Asta, stared up at the ceiling gasping for air. She wished there was a cat here to comfort her. Maybe she could petition for that later. She quickly dressed into her male outfit, checking on her cut before tying on her bandanna. It was starting to heal up fine and could probably use some fresh air at this point so she just tied it around her sleeve instead.

As soon as she walked out she noticed Slicker talking to Stefan. The only thing she picked up was ‘Blaze’ and that made her panic a bit. The wild animals could be a good scapegoat if needed. Was that Rose? It might’ve been a few days since she was around, but it seemed a long while. Her ears perked up at the sound of Buddy’s voice. She walked over to join everyone else for the announcement.

All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 08:20 PM

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Adaline I Female I Second in Comand I Mentions: Ben (Dir.)

"Gah die you worthless piece of trash." Adaline spat at the knife. She was laying on her stomach on the bed of her tent. She held a knife and a leather strip. She had been carving into the leather with her knife and the knife was dulling, causing her to have to press harder and barely cut the leather. She was pressing as hard as she could and suddenly it moved, slipping from the leather and across her hand that had been holding the strap. She dropped the leather quickly, not wanting to get it stained with her blood.
She grabbed some bandages she kept in her tent and quickly wrapped the cut. It was across her palm, not that painful for her. Her nerves had gotten messed up in some places though, so she didn't completely trust her pain tolerance anymore. She continued onto what she was going, but found it unbearable to not be using a sharp knife. So she set the leather belt down and got to sharpening the knife idly.
She looked up as Ben unexpectedly knocked and walked into her tent. She didn't mind at all, in fact she actually liked it. She smiled at him. She was actually dating for once, and she couldn't be happier. She smiled at him, excited to see him. She put the knife back in her sheath, she had been dressed all day in case of emergency.
"Good afternoon." She couldn't hold back her excitement, she genuinely loved being around him. Not to mention he was one of the best looking guys in camp, to her at least. She was about to say something else when she heard Buddy call for the gang outside. She slipped her boots on, ignoring her half chaps for this time. She grabbed her hat and swung her coat over her shoulders, following Ben out of the tent.
She stood next to Ben amongst the crowd of joining gang members. Her hand gently brushed his as she stood close to him. She really didn't mean to, but she didn't mind it for some reason. She didn't look over at him, she was looking at Buddy, ready to do whatever he needed from her.
All Gone | RP Thread June 7, 2021 09:00 PM

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Amber | Female | Member | M: Everyone(ind), Buddy(dir)
Amber leaned against the tree branch, watching the forest around her. The forest was thankfully quiet with the exception of chirping birds. She could make out the sparrow chirps and finch calls. She sighed contentedly, watching the leaves sway in the wind. It had been a few days since Gunshot had returned, but other than saying hello, she didn't talk to him much. There wasn't much to talk about. Especially not with him. Not with anyone really. She hadn't been really social the past couple days.

She didn't know what it was but she just felt more content with her horse and listening. Which was odd but it didn't matter to Amber at the moment. Climbing down from her favorite tree, one with lots of branches making it hard to fall off, she whistled sharply. Storm came trotting over from grazing and she climbed onto his back before kicking him in the direction of the camp. Ollie, surprisingly, had come up with an idea of a train heist so she was a little excited on that. Considering it came from Ollie was a surprise for most, but Amber felt that it suited him to plan things out. She had expected it to be more from Adaline but hey, it didn't matter as long as it was set into motion.

Making it back to camp, she saw the gang starting to gather around Buddy. Dismounting, she tied Storm to a tree before walking over to join them. She didn't think this meeting was about the train heist as they had most of the details still getting worked out. Or maybe it was done and she didn't know. "What did you need?" Amber asked quietly, her voice would most likely get drowned out but she didn't care. She wanted to know what this was about before she went to town to get a couple things. Including a new needle for leather-making. Somehow she had lost it, maybe in the rain last time she was skinning.
All Gone | RP Thread June 8, 2021 04:47 PM

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Jesse Flores | Male | 26 | Member | Mentions: Buddy, open

Yet another sleepless night... Jesse had woken up in a cold sweat barely an hour after actually falling asleep last night. Lately, his nightmares had been more and more frequent and it was driving him insane but if he was lucky, it would pass soon and he'd be able to sleep a bit more each night.
He shook his head a little as he sighed, "Oh Scamp... Why..?" he mumbled as he scratched the stallion's neck underneath his mane.

Scamp just let out a snort and picked up the pace a little as the duo was slowly approaching camp. They had been out hunting at the base of Deadrise Mountains and surprisingly enough, despite being sleep deprived, Jesse had managed to shoot a deer, one that he'd placed behind Scamp's saddle.
He glanced back at deer and made sure that it was still fastened well enough before urging on Scamp and getting him to start cantering, he hoped to be back before breakfast so that he could eat with the others.

After some time he and Scamp arrived at camp, immediately noticing how people were gathering around Buddy and he raised an eyebrow as he slid off the black horse's back. Quickly, he tied Scamp to a nearby tree and told him, "I'll untack you in a minute boy, be good."

Jesse removed the deer from Scamp's back and threw it over his shoulder before going over towards the food wagon and putting it down there, figuring that he could help skin it or something later, but first, he needed to figure out what was going on.
As he walked closer to the others he asked, "What did I miss? The Pinkertons find us already or somethin'?"
The question wasn't exactly directed at anyone in particular but he did wonder what was going on. Taking one look around at the others, they looked rather clueless too though. Guess he'd just have to wait for Buddy to start talking.
All Gone | RP Thread June 8, 2021 06:06 PM

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Evangeline J. Hargreaves

22 | Feminine | Bisexual | Member | M: Stefan, Buddy, Slicker, Rose, Gang

As always, she was beside her loyal horse, leaning against his rump and both chewing lazily on an apple. Of course, she had been forced to give Trigger two, double her portion, but the again, he was horse, and she was a relatively petite woman. Take her and Stefan, for example. He was, quite literally, an exact foot taller than her, which was both infuriating and entertaining considering their friendly relationship. Evangeline yawned and finished off her apple, offering Trigger the core alongside some flesh. He snorted in response. She rolled her eyes and muttered a small insult about his picky taste before chucking it across the field, the thing rolling and bouncing before stopping beside a rock. The two objects looked so lonely together. How fitting.

The sound of Buddy:s voice ringing through the clearing jolted her more awake. She snapped her head to look around, Trigger blinking blearily as if he had no idea what was going on. She sighed and patted him, a small smile on her face. "Well, seems the good ol' boss wants something. Don't get eaten before I get back, alright? I'll get to you soon, if Buddy's mouth isn't a'running like always." She did a little mocking bow with her head before wandering off, hands in her jacket pockets as she whistled, her gait lazy and long.

She passed Slicker and Stefan with Rose and stopped for a moment. She wasn't necessarily the closest to Rose, but she liked Slicker, and considered Stefan a friend. "Ayo. Top of the afternoon folks. Going to witness the darling boss's speech. Y'all coming?" Without another word, she left, a grin having formed on her face. She enjoyed loitering and making new friends or whatnot, but really, sometimes she had to do what she had to do and listen to the gang's leader. She noticed others crowding around Buddy as if he held the answers to it all and snorted softly.

Her big-mouthed self skittered forward and she smirked. "Whatcha got planned for your ragtag group of followers today Buddy? Some bad news? A death to announce? Someone missing? A thievery event you plan to host. Oh, a new member, possibly?" She grinned and leaned back against her heel, raising an eyebrow theatrically, clearly trying to irritate Buddy, as was quite obvious. "Please, darling, enlighten us. Only the lord knows how much we need your guidance."

She crossed her arms and waited for his response. By any means, she didn't hate the leader, no, but she didn't necessarily trust him or enjoy his company. Not everyone in life she would "want to be friends with", though. Honestly, she would personally want to be the second-in-command for a voice in the higher authority, and to have the ability and power above those who clearly didn't deserve their position. But, then again, she could hope for leader, but seeing as to the annoyance of dealing with the others, she decided against it utterly. Second place was where she wanted to be, anywho. Less power to have, but less power to be taken away.

All Gone | RP Thread June 8, 2021 07:04 PM

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Connor O'Conner I Male I Newcomer I Mentions: Gang (Ind.), Lotte (Ind.)

Connor looked down at the steep drop below his feet. He was one wrong move from plummeting a good 20 feet at very least, probably more like 40-50ish. He wasn't the best at measuring distance. He sat on the edge of the drop, lower leg dangling above the drop as he rested the rest of himself in the dirt. He was sitting up, looking from the drop below him and then back to his sketchbook. Which was once again open and displayed on his lap.
He was sketching two figures, one a shorter woman and one a taller man. Of course it was him and Lotte. He loved Lotte a lot, she was already so special to him even though he hadn't even known her for that long. He sighed, finishing the sketch and putting his pencil back beside him. He stared at it for a few more moment before sighing happily. He had been out away from the gang all day again, which he knew want them best. He flipped through his sketchbook, eyes catching a few sketches in particular.
He stopped at one, eyes examinating the image closely. He closed his eyes for a moment, placing his hand on the sketch to hide it. It meant so much to him, but it was all ripped away. He shook his head, slamming the small book shut before sticking it in his jacket pocket.
"Knight, you ready to get back?" He asked the horse that was grazing a good few feet away from him. He pushed himself up into a standing podition, taking one last look at the gaping drop before him. He turned and walked over to his stallion, the horse nickering happily. The stallion had been burdened by a deer carcass, something he had managed to take down for once in his life. He mounted up and started his return to camp.
He got back to camp late in the evening, which was not all the uncommon for him. He dismounted, seeing most of the members gathered around their leader, Buddy. He didn't go immidiately walk over there. He first took the carcass over to where Lotte usually made food. He'd start skinning it now and then hear what all the commotion later. He sat and pulled out his dulled hunters knife, starting to skin the deer. His skinning skills were far from good, but it did the job and he assumed no one would complain. Or at least he hoped so.

Edited at June 8, 2021 08:28 PM by Dragonhorse
All Gone | RP Thread June 8, 2021 09:10 PM

Hurricane blizzards
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Sameen | Female | member | M: Buddy (ind) The Dead person: blaze (ind) Lotte (ind) Connor (ind)
Sameen looked into the clear waters of the lake. It was so peaceful, unlike her life right now. She sighed, Connor had completely ignored her. But she knew why, he was in love with Lotte, she envied Lotte, and wished she had her life.
"Alright," She murmured standing up. "We'll go now.." Sameen said to Wildfire as she walked up to him, stroking his mane. Quickly she mounted him, urging him into a trot. Time to get back to camp.. Sameen sighed, she wishing she didn't have to.
As they trotted through the forest Sameen could smell something awful, and she heard the sound of flies buzzing. Something died.. She knew that, but what? "Cmon boy!" She turned wildfire in the direction of the flies and the smell. At first he refused, "I know I know, it smells bad and is probably something bad, but we need to check it out." Sameen urged him on.
The smell worsened as she got closer. "It's human" Sameen muttered. Getting closer she recognized who it was. Blaze.. "Oh god.. oh god.." Sameen cried, she didn't know him that well, but there was no way a wild animal killed him.. No, he had to have been murdered.
As quickly as she came Sameen turned Wildfire around and urged him into a gallop. She knew he was more then happy to leave the place. It had to be asta.. or someone else who's violent! The thought ran through her brain more then twice. She wasn't exactly sure who is was, but she felt it had to be Asta.
Upon Arriving at camp, Sameen heard Buddy call to all the Members. Just in time..! She quickly dismounted wildfire and ran over to join everyone else. I'll talk to Asta afterwards.. Thought Sameen anxiously.

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