06:30:17 Rushing Waves
I have got to get over my fear of driving. This sucks ass
06:29:56 Vice Versa
Hey chat
-WP Click- idk if i should retire him. thoughts?
06:28:59 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
notice how nothing has happened yet-

but i probably shouldn't say that, huh?
Investigator Saint
Mr. Licorice

No you started bullying me by calling me short
Arctic Angel
06:27:58 Seven
06:27:39 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
You'll give in :,) Arctic is good at persuasion

lucid dreaming
06:27:35 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Pinkie,your the one bullying mee
Arctic Angel
06:27:06 Seven
Spooder! I'm a big fan- :0
06:26:21 Techno | The Blade

He's back.
Investigator Saint

Dang..that is scary

Mr. Licorice

Uh huh sure
Interstellar Sun
06:26:13 I'm back y'all
If we get rid of her, I dont know what I'll do.
Arctic Angel
06:25:51 Seven
<33 :>
Arctic Angel
06:25:38 Seven
.-. No.
06:25:34 *crying in slow-mo*
[email protected]
nobody said i was giving in-
06:25:24 Luca Paguro
06:25:06 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
Shush. You're in big trouble young lady.
06:25:04 Luca Paguro
Bye chat I gotta poor something for someone.. G'day
lucid dreaming
06:24:48 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Corruption, i do
Arctic Angel
06:24:39 Seven


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All Gone | RP Thread June 10, 2021 10:42 PM

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Edgar J. Hancock | M | 24 | Member | Mentions: Everyone there

Hearing them bicker on who gets to be top dog is honestly annoying him to the point he might get up and leave as well. Now he could understand why Buddy left in the first place, and his heart is tempted to do the same. The man is like a shadow, already a loner in this godforsaken gang, and he's pretty sure that no one would notice his disappearance either. Most of it is his fault since he doesn't put himself out there to interact with his fellow crew. With the way this is going-he's glad that he did distance himself. "Bunch of sour snakes," he grumbled with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice. When he got down cleaning himself off, he whistles loudly for his horse to come, and the mount obediently did.

He climbs onto the saddle, clicking his tongue, and steers his horse in the direction of the group. Hearing Adaline's words, he snorts when she made such a sappy speech, and his hollow eyes examining the remaining members. Edgar can see that some are missing, and he's sure as Hell not going to look for them. As stated before, he has no real close ties with anyone except for Buddy. Well, that went away when the man left.

"Acting like a bunch of sour saps," licking his crusted lips to wet them, and his tongue tasting the dirt that was on his lips. "Honestly, our precious leader decides to retire, and instead of wishing him luck, you guys decide to squabble on who gets to be the alpha." He narrows his eyes as the Sun glares down at him, a grunt leaving him, and the man was, of course, disappointed with everyone's reaction. "I've been gone only just for a couple of weeks, and everything went downhill on my arrival."

"I don't care who gets to be the leader." His eyes turn to Adaline, giving her a calculating look with his hollow eyes, and Traveler steps side to side impatiently. "I don't want a leader who'll lead me to my death. If I were to die," his brows furrow a bit, "I want it to be where I'm set on fire with a wild cougar that's also on fire on my back. That's how I would like to go." He sighs, staring at his mount, then towards his weapons. "If you need me, then I'm going out on another hunting trip."

Turning the reins, riding back into town to get fresh ammo for his weapons, and didn't dare look behind. The Sun beating down on him hard, yet the man didn't seem to care about it since his main focus was the gunsmith. Hitching his horse on the post when he arrives at his wanted destination, climbing off, then heads inside to browse the ammo self. Something caught his eye while he was shopping, and that is a sawed-off shotgun. He didn't want it, but the design on the gun did pique his interest.
All Gone | RP Thread June 11, 2021 07:40 AM

Black Witch Hollow
Posts: 29
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Korina Jefferson | Female | Newcomer | Mentions: Gang
Korina had been watching the gang since dawn's first light hit. In a way she enjoyed watching the white men quarrel, especially about their leader, but she couldn't forget that they were also her gang just as much as any other gang members.
She decided that she would hunt for their dinner, to at least play a part of some sort. She refused to be viewed as a savage, though she knew deep down that she was one. A savage. A man killer. And there wasn't anything she could do to change it. Nor did she want to. Her white stallion, Ghost whinnied softly as she placed a hand on his neck and mounted him. His blue eyes glimmered with excitement as she ushered him forward, his dark eagle feathers whisking along his neck as they began to increase speed.
Korina hoped to slip past them without getting noticed, so she kept Ghost at a silent trot. The gang's bickering died down as she and Ghost got further away. He was snorting as they neared an open plain, where many bison grazed. She narrowed her eyes with determination and hurried Ghost forward. They snuck up to a bristly bush. Korina slid off and got down on her belly. Her bow lay flat on her back, and her sheath of arrows made little noise as she army crawled to the nearest stump.
She loaded her bow with an arrow, and peered out from behind the rotted stump. She let out a soft groan as she realized her friends had already joined her. Their brindled pelts stuck out like a sore thumb to her eagle-eyed vision. She aimed for one of their heads, and let her arrow fly. A loud yelp of alarm sounded and a coyote went down like a dead bird. It flailed only for a moment before death hit it like a stone. She smiled triumphantly and glanced at the unbothered bison. The hunt was just about to begin.

Edited at June 11, 2021 07:50 AM by TheBlack_Wolf18
All Gone | RP Thread June 11, 2021 08:35 AM

Posts: 3414
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Evangeline J. Hargreaves

22 | Feminine | Bisexual | Member | M: Buddy, Adaline, Ben, Ollie, Gang

Not even a few minutes later that she had entered had Buddy started his oh-so sorrowful speech. Lords above. He loved the dramatics. She snorted at some of his words. As if she'd miss him or be pissy and throw a fit because he was abandoning them. On top of that, the choices he had made for potential leaders was absolutely horrendous. Votes would have been thousands of times better. She noticed the ones he chose were both people he was close to, which would make sense, if they deserved to be genuine candidates. Bickering began rising up as Buddy rode off into the sunset as if he didn't give a fuck. Classic Buddy, being the great straggler who Evangeline had no doubt she would take down next time he attempted to step foot into the gang's territory. Vote on either Ollie or Ben? How about decide which one to murder in the night first? Why was it that the leader was always someone she reviled?

Hell, even Adaline would make a better candidate, even Stefan, definitely Lotte, but never in a million years excitable, but unfit Ben, or the irritable, also unfit Ollie. That was when the irritation began spiking up more and more, the raised voices trying to calm the chaos and others trying to stew. Evangeline was on the verge of snatching the pistol she had found in the dirt two days ago, and shooting it into the air. She didn't necessarily know if it had ammunition, but either way, the sound would be enough to forestall the noises. She sighed out, seeing all the offended looks of those who hadn't been chosen as candidates, or the smug gazes of those who were being supported. It was good enough when the noise began to die down. Adaline asked for someone to count the tally, and that's when Evangeline finally decided to get of fher rear and do something.

"I can count the votes and tally them up. I don't care about any of the candidates to the extent where I would cheat to help them win. But, I think we shouldn't do what the great ol' Buddy asked. Sure he was our leader, but who else thought he wasn't the best fit? I mean, take a look at Lotte, for example. She makes a great leader, but then again, it's on choice. I say we elect others. Elect four members, any ranking, and see who gets the most votes after that. Having the old leader vote was sure damn stupid. No offense to Ben, but he's too caught up in... Other priorities, and Ollie can be a bit of a, well, he can be a bit too hard-headed to listen to anyone else. What do the two candidates that Buddy voted have in common, though?" She glanced from eye to eye, trying to convey her message clearly. "They're both close to him. They're both men. Do you see what I'm getting at? It's always been like this, the previous leader's best mates, never someone really genuinely the best candidate."

All Gone | RP Thread June 11, 2021 04:24 PM

Honeybee Falls
Posts: 3626
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Malthe Shah l M l 18 l Newbie l M: Asta, Connor

Malthe stepped out of the front door of his home. He closed the door as quietly as possible to not disturb anyone still inside the building. If they knew he was sneaking off again, he’d be dead. Paper tube roll in hand, he set off to try and find the gang his older sister was part of.

The path through the forest was still old and worn. An entrance to an enchanted forest, basically. It was lacking a bit of magic though. He smiled confidently after checking no one could see him enter and walked in. The amount of silence was quite peaceful, really. It was a big change from the town which was always full of noise. A few birds flew overhead, his only companions in this journey. This would’ve been quicker with a horse. Malthe ran a hand across the rough bark of a nearby tree. His last expedition to the camp didn’t go so well, being caught in the process of it. No one was out here yet, though.

When he was near the camp, Malthe was expecting to have to run around to find it due to the path breaking off. Instead it was rather loud. He became concerned over the conflict and walked around through the back half of the camp. Being careful not to step on any twigs this time, he neared the commotion to see what was happening.

Not being sure of the situation, he walked up to the friendliest person he saw. On the way over he picked up snippets of the argument. It was something about voting on a new leader? What a bad time to come. “Why hello, good sir,” Malthe was already tired of talking fancy. “Actually, I’ve been trying to join this gang for a while, much to someone’s disappointment. Er- I’m not sure where to go after this mess,” He waved an arm out towards the argument laid before them. His first day here and they’re already losing people. He was just glad Asta wasn’t around; that’s the other person who might kill him for this.

All Gone | RP Thread June 11, 2021 05:37 PM

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Connor O'Conner I Male I Newcomer I Mentions: Gang (Ind.), Malthe (Dir.)

Connor was skinning the deer still, trying his best to do a good job. He had never been very careful with his skinning technique, but he was determined to change that and skin the animal nicely for the gang. He might get in trouble if he didn't, besides, he wanted the deer to look the best it could for Lotte. She was probably the one to cook it, so that was mostly his main selfish motivation.
He was still adjusting to his life in a gang. He liked being in it, it led him to a new securit. But also it was odd to him, he was still in his headspace of being on his own. He had tried to settle down in the past and have a nice life. On his own, accompanied by a woman of course. He shivered at the memories, sighing deeply. It made him think about Lotte. Maybe he was better off without going after her. Bad things always seemed to happen to him and he had ruined enough people's lives.
While he was pondering that question someone approached him. He looked up at the man in front of him, scanning him over slowly. He started to ask about joining the gang, something which Connor surprisingly knew a lot about. Because he was new. He finished skinning the deer, it only needing a few more cuts to be free of its pelt. He pushed it away from him and stood up, wiping his bloody hands on his shirt before looking back at the man in front of him.
"Have you been accepted into the gang? Forgive me but I do not believe I've seen you around before?" He said it as a question even though it was worded as a statement. "You might just want to let the drama all die down anyway, I usually just avoid it and then someone comes and tells it all to me. You may wait here if you'd like." Connor told the new guy, not really sure what else to say or do. "Oh. Connor by the way, what is your name?" He offered his hand to the new guy, forgetting that it had some blood stil stuck on it.
(crappy, sorry)
All Gone | RP Thread June 12, 2021 06:26 PM

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Jesse Flores | Male | 26 | Member | Mentions: Everyone (Pretty much)

Jesse stood looking at everyone while they bickered about who should get to be the new leader. He'd never really thought about someone ever replacing Buddy, he'd never thought that the male would leave them like this.
He let out a sigh as he leaned his head back a little. He didn't have the energy for this, normally he'd consider himself pretty cheerful and careless but tonight he'd barely gotten any sleep at all, on a good day he got around 4 to 6 hours of sleep but tonight he'd gotten a maximum of 2 hours of sleep. It didn't help either that his dream had been very vivid and he wasn't able to fully get it out of his head.
The man listened half-heartedly to the others, waiting for them to come to a conclusion. To be honest, he didn't care much about any of this, sure it sucked that Buddy had up and left but he'd never had much of a relationship with the previous leader and ofcourse the gang needed a new leader, someone had to have the responsibility of keeping everyone safe and in check but who was best fit for the job, he didn't know.
He loved the gang, it was the closest thing to family that he had, even if most people in it were more like distant relatives that you didn't know much about, there were a few people in it, like Slicker for example, who he felt really close to, like a brother almost. He smiled weakly at the thought, he still missed his real brother, even if it had been years since he'd died.

He heard Evangeline speak up and he looked over, pushing away the thoughts about his brother, he didn't like to think about it anyway.
Jesse listened to hear, nodding a bit for himself, he agreed mostly with what she was saying, four candidates per person seemed a bit excessive though, he couldn't think of four people who all seemed fit to lead.

Lotte was a good candidate, that was true, she truly cared about the whole gang and she was like a mother to them but he didn't know how she'd act when it came to making hard decisions. Stefan, well, he had his alcohol problem, a drunk leader didn't seem like the best option. Ollie was unpredictable, the man was smart but more of a loner, same with Gunshot, they both seemed to like keeping to themselves, and Gunshot had been gone for a year. Adaline was already second-in-command so she had experience leading but she was also extremely stubborn and had a short fuse. Ben was, as Evangeline put it, too caught up in other priorities.

Ugh, he hated this, everyone has good characteristics and bad, there's something about everyone that makes them fit to lead and not lead. He wasn't a serious person so having to get serious now and actually think hard about this wasn't something that he wanted to do, especially not now that he was running on little to no energy.

The man made his way over to his beloved horse and started untacking him as he hadn't done that earlier.
"You have good Scamp, you know that? As long as you're being well taken care of you don't have to care about who leads you."
Jesse pet the horse as he glanced at the others, he knew he'd have to make a decision but what was the right decision? This is why he didn't like thing's like this, he felt the need to constantly make the right decision, if he didn't then he'd have to suffer the consequences and so would the rest of the gang. Surely, he had to be overthinking all this but he couldn't help it...

Edited at June 12, 2021 06:26 PM by Roaw
All Gone | RP Thread June 12, 2021 09:55 PM

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Amber | Female | Member | M: The gang
Amber finished before exhaling slowly. Going over, she collected the daggers before sheathing them. Dipping her hands in the water, she pulled on gloves to help heal her scratched up hands. Once fit snugly, she whistled sharply and Storm came prancing. She patted his nose once before swinging herself onto his back. Bringing him into a trot, they went back towards camp.

As they made it in, she could hear the arguing of the gang still. Trying to decide what to do. Dismounting, she left Storm tacked before tying him to a tree. She walked over to lean on a tree close to the gang, wondering what they had decided by now. Looks like nothing, comes her conclusion. Amber sighed, none of them would fit the leader but who actually would? Even Buddy made mistakes too. Now, everyone had something that wouldn't make them 'perfect' at being leader. Lotte was clever and creative but might be a bit soft when it came to hard decisions. Adaline had experience but had attitude. Ben was. . .complicated while Gunshot and Ollie were sort of loners. Evangaline might make a good leader but she was always so blunt.

Amber would take the leadership role herself but she wasn't exactly known throughout the gang too much. Even though she had been in the gang for quite some time, she preferred to stay in the shadows and watch. Amber could be calm and collected but still wouldn't think of herself as a leader. Like come on! Her? A leader of a gang? Pfft no. No one would think of that and honestly, Amber thought that even Jesse would be better than her in the position. She sighed again, watching the argument continue in front of her.
All Gone | RP Thread June 13, 2021 08:56 PM

Honeybee Falls
Posts: 3626
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Malthe Shah l M l 18 l Newbie l M: Connor, Adaline, Asta

Accepted into the gang… Those words rang through Malthe’s head as it was what he was currently working towards. Yeah, he hasn’t been around because his sister had always managed to bribe him back with candy. The only reason he did head back was because it was a rare treat. His face made a pained expression as he shook Connor’s hand. He let go in a few seconds to wipe the deer blood on his pants. “I’m Malthe, the one and only.” He smiled and looked down at the deer. The thought of skinning something sickened him a bit, but it’s how food was prepared. He’d honestly rather not think too hard about that topic so he knelt down in the grass to think about the debate. The current drama had a lot of names in it. Was it accusations or…? No, something about a leader from what he heard. The main three names that came up were Ollie, Adaline, and Ben. He looked around to identify who those people were. While he didn’t know the people very well, it couldn’t stop him from having an opinion. His first thought was, “She looks nice.”

Within a few minutes, Asta walked out from the forest. She was holding one of her blades and therefore labeled potentially deadly. A better word for this would be life-threatening, but that’s understating it. She noticed Malthe and walked over. “What are you doing here?”

“Why hello, Madam. I must say you look quite lovely today. Very menacing, one might say. I regret to inform you that I am joining the gang now,” he joked.

“Ondt Flint-hjerte udvaskning, hvorfor?”

“English please,” Malthe stated. While he understood a few words of her first language, he made it a point to always be able to understand her. How annoying would it be for someone to call you names in a foreign language?

“I- Fine! Ugh, I’ll just try not to kill you for this,” she stormed off grumpily, calling back, “And don’t die!”

“Well someone’s unhappy,” he stated calmly. This was normal. Death threats were normal. Everything was perfectly fine. Once all this leader conflict ended he could finally join up and that’d be one issue solved.

All Gone | RP Thread June 14, 2021 04:21 PM

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Giada| Female| Member| Mentions: pretty much everyone|
Giada heard something about a vote. She put her head in her hands as she sat in her makeshift bed. Why did they have to make a huge deal about it? Giada thought about going out and voting but she just shook her head. She went out of her tent and got on her horse, she rode towards Openshaw, she didn't know where she was going but she just wanted to get away from camp.

Giada arrived at Openshaw and decided to just go to the saloon. She brought her horse to the front of the saloon and tied her horse to a small worn out wooden post meant for horses. "I'll be back soon." Giada said and she patted her horse on her nose. Giada walked through the swinging doors of the saloon and sat down at the bar. "What can I do for ya?" The man tending to the bar asked her. "Rum on ice, please." Giada said as she slid some money towards the man. Giada sighed, she had just saw one of her good friends leave without any words. Giada felt like punching someone but she didn't because she didn't want to get into any trouble.

Giada sighed as she finished her drink. Her thoughts wandered to who she thought would make a suitable leader, but then she realized that nobody in the group would make a great leader. Giada thought about Stefan but he was too much of an alcoholic. Then there was Adaline who was nice but wasn't really leader material. Ben who was just too immature for the role. Lotte would be a good choice, but Giada didn't think she would want to be leader.

Ben| Male| Member| Mentions: Adaline and Everyone|

Ben looked at Adaline and sighed "I vote for Adaline." He said with a confident voice "I don't think I would make a good leader... but she would make a great leader, she has already done a great job at being second in command, so why wouldn't she be able to be the leader?" Ben said the the people gathered around him.

Ben sighed as he waited for other votes to be cast. He hoped that Adaline won and became the leader. Ben decided to go on a walk to clear his mind while the gang decided on who they would vote for.

Ben got on his horse and his horse started walking into the forest. Ben sighed, why did this have to happen? Why hadn't Buddy just waited a while before leaving? Ben was stressed, he just hoped that he didn't become leader.
(sorry if it is crappy)

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All Gone | RP Thread June 15, 2021 09:25 AM

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Slicker | Male | 27 | Member | M: Buddy (Dep), Blaze (Dep), Stefan (Dep), Rose (Dep), Jesse (Dep), Gunshot (Dep), Malthe (Dep), + Everyone Else (Ind)

Slicker was seriously pissed at Buddy for a second. Slicker had been trying to get information out of Stefan and Rose about how Blaze somehow went missing, and Buddy thought now, of all the times Buddy could have decided to say anything, was an amazing time to talk about whatever the hell they were going to talk about. These ‘family meetings’ were never important anyways. Mostly about who was going hunting, who was going to do what in the next robbery, and who drunkenly tried to shoot the ‘rabbits in the sky’ three weeks ago. That last one was not Slicker. He knew that for a fact since at the time, he had been drunk at the back of the bar staring at guys. Part of Slicker wanted to figure out who had done it, but he had a bigger mystery to worry about: Blaze’s disappearance. Slicker walked over to the others, expecting Buddy to talk about the usual: ‘blah blah blah, don’t get yourself killed, blah blah blah.’

Instead, Buddy said he was leaving. And just like that, he was gone.

Buddy hopped on his horse and rode away. No goodbye, no nothing. Buddy had been the leader of the gang for… for as long as Slicker had been a part of the group. And now of all times he had just decided to leave? No goodbye. No nothing. Buddy. Buddy. Motherfucking Buddy. No goodbye? That just seemed… Slicker had just been repeating the scene over and over again. No nothing? He just got on his horse and rode away. No goodbye, no nothing. Slicker wanted to drag the man back here and punch him repeatedly just for the audacity of suddenly leaving like that. Not even a warning. Slicker didn’t even get to open his mouth to say goodbye. His fists shook slightly as he honestly felt like grabbing his guns and shooting things at random. Instead, he stalked over to Gunshot and Jesse, two of his closest friends. Surely they had a better idea of at least why Buddy left like that, right?

“Hey, Guns! Jesse!” Slicker called, a wide grin on his face despite how fucked up he felt. “Look- I just have one question. What in the fresh fuckin’ hell just happened exactly?” Slicker paused as he could hear everyone arguing over who would be the next leader. Which was great. Slicker sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose with one hand and placing a hand on his hip with the other. “Am I the only one confused about all of this? He just said ‘fuck it’ and left! He was around forever, right Guns?” Gunshot and Slicker had been around the gang for awhile, Gunshot surprisingly longer than Slicker. “And what in the- I mean, Jesus, he can’t just leave like that! He can’t just leave like that, right?” Slicker looked from Gunshot to Jesse. Slicker shook his head before throwing up his hands dramatically to show he’d given up on logic. “Well fuck it. At this rate a fuckin’ child might as well be the next goddamn leader…” As if God himself wanted to poke fun at Slicker, there out of the corner of his eye, he saw a kid who was probably no older than 20. Slicker spun around a dime as he eyed the kid, disbelief in his eyes. He just groaned, hiding his face in his hands before slowly turning back to Jesse and grumbling to him. “Jesus mother-shittin’ Christ. If that kid becomes the leader- Someone just shoot my brains out already ‘cause this is some complete bullshit."

Vera | Female | 26 | Member | M: Buddy (Dep), Adaline (Dep), Ben (Dep), Ollie (Dep), Evaline (Ind), +Everyone (Ind)

Vera had been awake and training for a while. Vera normally got up early every other day and started to train. While punching her handmade punching bag, she distantly heard Buddy call for the gang and let out a small sigh. Because of her slow walking pace, by the time she got to the meeting Buddy called for, she just got to watch him leave. Maybe Vera just didn’t know her leader well enough, but watching him leave, Vera felt a bit happier that he’d be gone. She didn’t know his full story. She only knew Buddy had a family somewhere. She was glad he was going home to them despite the fact that he was abandoning them. It meant whatever kids or wife Buddys had would at least get a father and a husband rather than a deserter.

The moment he left though, the touching part of Buddy’s departure was ruined by everyone arguing for the role of leader.

There were three candidates: Adaline, Ollie, and Ben. Adaline was one of the few people who held Vera’s respect in the gang. She was a strong woman who could hold her own in any situation or circumstances. Ollie… Now Ollie was a strange one. He might have been weak, but he was smart and planned most of the gang’s raids and missions. Ben on the other hand, wasn’t as strong or as intelligent, but he was kind. Evaline made a great point too. Both the other candidates were male and Adaline should be the leader based on her current role. Vera thought for a minute longer, looking at all of the candidates as she nervously scratched at her burn bandages. Vera swallowed hard as she finally made a choice.

“Adaline,” Vera piped up, pointing at her. She kept a calm expression and went quiet again briefly before explaining herself. “Adaline strong woman. Very strong. Strong woman makes good leader.” Vera flexed her arm muscles with a tiny smile that quickly faded and tapped them as if to show that Adaline was strong. “Ollie smart so he is good second command.” Vera motioned to the man for a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder briefly. “Very smart little man. Ben good leader too, but he is Adaline’s boy toy and to put them in leadership together would result in…” Vera paused for a moment to try and think of what to say let alone the English for it. Vera swallowed hard before finally finishing her sentence. “... lo más probable es sexo y besos.”

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