11:33:51 Cat/Cats
Is she Cathartic Vultures?
Cathartic Vultures
11:33:51 Krys, Vic

I'm on, just dissociating 🙂
11:33:45 Slender Man
They're cute
Just Peachy
11:33:24 Milk Babe
guess a link would help
-WP Click-
11:32:47 Slender Man
Night Sil.
Just Peachy
11:32:42 Milk Babe
I'm scared-
anyone wanna check the pups for me?
Arcane Loon
11:32:29 Loon, Fauna
Night Butter :)
Silhouette Butterfly
11:31:37 Flutterby Sil Butter
Goodnight Chat 🦋
Arcane Loon
11:31:07 Loon, Fauna

Yeah, she should be on currently.
Kyram Pack
11:29:25 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Unless it's degenerate I won't (kidding. I do that a lot)
11:29:03 Cat/Cats

Really? Does she have WP?
Arcane Loon
11:28:26 Loon, Fauna

I'm sure she'd take you up on that offer honestly
Glaciers Voice
11:28:20 This is the Voice!

-WP Click-
11:26:38 Moonlight, moon,

yeah same
Epiphany Insight
11:24:37 Its Inter, fishes
When you get caught up in some wattpad story and end up reading for three hours
11:23:57 Cat/Cats
Ooh does she want to name the rest of my unnamed wolves? I am terrible with names lol
Arcane Loon
11:23:10 Loon, Fauna

Lmao, I'm unsure also. My sister suggested it though, she's good with name ideas xD
11:21:22 Cat/Cats
Ooh I like that. I have no idea how to pronounce it lol.
11:20:36 Soup
Why does pixel art have to be so darn hard, but so darn addictive :,D
Arcane Loon
11:20:27 Loon, Fauna

What about Apoline?


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All Gone | RP Thread June 15, 2021 03:23 PM

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Edgar J. Hancock | M | 24 | Member | Mentions: Mireya/Lelia

Edgar has made up his mind, deciding to buy the sawed-off shotgun for some strange reason. Why was he even buying this junk in the first place? He should've used his money for actually useful purposes: gambling. Hey, what can he say? Once you gamble, you can't go back. Approaching the cashier, placing the gun on the counter, and pulls out the right amount of cash. The cashier greedily accepts his money, and Edgar watches every inch of his movements like a hawk. He better not try anything, Edgar is craving another hunting expedition, but animals didn't come into mind. "Thanks." He grumbled in return, eyeing him as he snatches the gun and walks out of the store with it.

A tumbleweed rolling around the main road, arching a brow, and something deep down inside of him is telling him that's an event that requires his attention is needed. Eyes shifting to the tavern, noticing a lot more people inside than usual, and a brow rise in curiosity. A familiar horse caught his attention, and he groans deep in his throat. "Mireya." The name dancing off his tongue, well, it was more of a terrible dance. Currently, he's having a debate in his head-go see what's going on inside? Or ride back to the gang's camp?

Hearing glass shattering, the bar has already set his mind, and he snorts. "I'm tired of being her blasted bodyguard." Storming over to see what the commotion was, and Traveler prances after him. While Edgar enters the bar, Traveler kept his distance from the annoying horse and gave the other stallion a death glare. Entering the scene, he sees a lot of drunk men dancing around like a bunch of idiots. The pianist playing an upbeat song, and he could tell that he was too drunk.

"Is this the only thing people are good at? Drinking? Honestly, they can't even think straight and can be...easily...tricked." The thought of it all made a mischievous grin on his face. He makes a beeline to the table with the drunk players playing a game of blackjack. It was until he hears a smack and the entire bar went dead silent. Edgar stops, staring over to see Mireya, who has a hand raised and with a man rubbing his left cheek in front of her.

The guy in front of her slaps her in return, Edgar feeling the strange urge of protectiveness rushes over, and stood in between them. Pulling out his shotgun, placing it against the man's stomach, and stares him dead in the eyes. Anger filled his body, as well the raging bloodlust twinkling in his eyes, and he could feel his heart beating even faster. "Put your hands on her again. I'll blow your fucking guts out, and I don't care if they're people around to see me do it." He stares over his shoulder to stare at Mireya, "Get on your horse. Now." Barking an order, and she did so without complaint.

Pulling his gun away, giving him a deadly glare before following her outside the building. Helping her onto Oro, grabbing her reins and passes them to her. He mounts on Traveler, following her back to camp. "Next time, you're not alone to go to the bar by yourself." They ride in silence back to camp. None of them daring to speak to each other. They break away to their separate tents when they arrive.

Mireya del Vall/Lelia Hancock | F | 18 | Member | Mentions: Edgar

Everything was going fine at the bar; everyone was drinking, dancing, and acting like complete fools. Mireya was keeping to herself, allowing the men to drank for them to hopefully spill any valuable information, as well, be on their good side. It was until a guy wrapped his arm around her and felt uncomfortable by his gesture. "Can you please let go, sir?" The drunk man didn't listen and tried to feel upon her. She forces herself out from his arm, which causes him to stand up, too. "You damn bi-" Smack! That's where she slapped him, and she was extremely pissed off at how childish this idiot was being.

Smack! He returned the gesture, the woman rubbing her cheek, and her eyes filled with fury. Wanting to hit him back, but Edgar shoved his way in front of her. Hearing his words, a grin appears on her face in amusement. Quickly her smile falters when Edgar looks over his shoulder to stare at her, and she feigned hurt. Seeing her expression made Edgar get set off made her grin, and she raises a middle finger towards the guy behind Edgar's back. "Vete a la mierda, gilipollas." She mouthed to the guy, a smile on her face when she knows that this simpleton can't speak Spanish, and she left the bar when Edgar ordered her to. Hearing heavy footsteps behind her, a feeling of comfort swells throughout her body when she knows that it was Edgar. She grabs onto her horse's saddle and lets Edgar help her get on. The two riding in silence back to camp, a sigh leaving her when they went they part. Hitching her horse on a post just outside her tent, and climbs down.

Sombra eagerly greeting her, the woman smiles and kneels in front of the dog to give him a couple of pets. "Aw. Don't worry, Sombra." She gives the dog a wink, "Next time I see that man, I'll let you bite his hand off, then his legs...perhaps his throat too." Mireya's attention shifts to the group gathering around Adeline, and she sits down on a chair to watch the whole scene. She was the youngest and somewhat the newest member of the group, so she's not voicing her opinions on this matter. Hearing what Vera said made her laugh, "Déjalos en paz, Vera. Son una pareja nueva y no pueden resistir la tentación de ponerse las manos el uno al otro." She says in Spanish towards the other woman, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 16, 2021 10:12 AM

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Connor O'Conner I Male I Newcomer I Mentions: Gang (Ind.), Malte, Astra, Ben

Conner was done with all this drama. It was so dumb and now it was unfolding in front of him with this newcomer, now known as Mathe, and Astra. He pushed the deer carcas off of him and stood up, frowning at the both of them. He needed to have some more alone time if this is what he came back to. He'd be back when things cooled off, for now he needed to leave for a bit.
He pushed past Asta, frowning at her.
"We'll hope to see you later Mathe." He said to the new guy, stalking off to the edge of camp to find his horse. The stallion trotted over to him nuzzling the man. Connor gave the horse a carrot for a treat and pet the horse's nose and down the horse's forehead. He sighed, stopping petting the horse so he could examine his bloodied hands. He drtermined that they were dry enough that he could handle his precious sketchbook.
Once Connor had tacked up the large stallion, he mounted up. He rode a few steps into the woods before grabbing the small book that was jammed packed of sketches and old photos. He also kept other keepsakes in the book that he would never dare to share with another living soul for the rest of his life. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings as his horse walked on. He suddenly spotted someone and was shaken, trying to put his book away too fast and it slipping from his fingers. He dived off his horse after it, but couldn't catch it in time as it hit the ground and papers and scraps of things erupted form it. He muttered curses as he got off his horse and desperately picked up the book and most of the papers, going after the ones that were starting to blow away as well.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 17, 2021 03:44 PM

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Ben| Male| Member| Mentions: Connor|

Ben rode his horse through the forest, he couldn't clear his mind. Ben wanted for Adaline to be leader but not everyone had the same opinion as he did. Ben was done with this drama, everyone was just arguing about who was supposed to be leader when it was clear that Adaline was the most qualified candidate.

Ben heard some ruckus, he looked around and saw that Connor had dropped a few pieces of paper. Ben had been so deep in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed Connor almost right next to him. Ben jumped off of his horse to help Connor pick up the papers that he had dropped on the ground. Some of them were pictures and others were sketches. Ben looked over to Connor "I'm sorry... I was just so deep in thought that I didn't see you." Ben said.

As Ben continued to pick up some sketches and pictures he saw two photos that were stuck together. The first one on the front was picture of a younger Connor holding a very small baby Ben could tell it was Connor because of the obvious facial features on his face. He’ wassmiling widely at the child in the photo, the baby smiling back at him. There’ was an absence of any woman in the photo, but around Connor’s neck was a chain with a ring on it. He also had a ring on his ring finger on the hand he’ was using to hold the baby’s shoulder and is visible in the picture because it was slightly reflective. The back of the photo has something scribbled on it, a date and time along with a small scribbled note reading “"I vow to be better than him.”"

The other photo was one of Connor who was probably 9-10 at the time, with his mother and father. The photo is slightly faded in the corners, but no visible damage. On the back of the photo is the date the photo was taken along with another small note. “Family photo.”

Ben dropped the photo "What the hell is this?" Ben said as he turned to face Connor "where did you get this from? How do you know the man in this photo?" Ben said as he go closer to Connor. The man in the so called family photo was Ben's father, how could Connor have a picture of Ben's father? Ben was suddenly overwhelmed with so many feelings.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 17, 2021 04:48 PM

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Connor O'Conner I Male I Newcomer I Mentions: Ben

Conner's face drew into a deep frown when Ben picked up two of his most valued photos. He moved to grab the photos from the other man, but he dropped the photos and turned to stare at Connor as he approached him, seeming to be upset. It made Connor mad too, Ben must have known the guy and had someone murdered by the dirtbag as well.
"You know that bastard too?" Connor asked the other man, face twisting into a look of hatred and disgust. He leaned down and picked up both photos, holding the photo of him and his son close to him. That was his most prized possession, a painful memory, but also one of the happiest in his life. But one glance at the other photo bright him back to the subject, his anger returning with a vengeance. "That damn bastard was my father. Don't worry about him going on any more damn rampages, I shot him dead when I when I got the chance." Connor was hit with a pang of sadness. He had never hated his father, well until his mother was murdered in front of his eyes, all for something that was supposed to be happy. "What the hell did he do to you?" Connor turned his attention back to Ben, showing a side he usually never showed. He was sifff, staring into the other mans eyes. His posture was stiff and muscles tensed. He had never thought he would meet anyone who knew the man he so dressed and hated.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 18, 2021 09:02 PM

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Korina Jefferson | Newcomer | Mentions: Gang and Ollie
After about an hour of roasting in the dry, crackling sun, Korina finished off her seventh bison. She approached the wooly beast carefully, and removed her arrow from its chest. She then carefully dragged her kill to the shade of the dense woodland nearby. Though she had no fear that the meat would spoil, she hustled herself and Ghost. She knew that bison's meat was tough, but the sun was broiling.
She walked out into the plain and gathered up the coyoties in her arms and laid them over Ghost's bare back. He snorted but remained still, only stamping a hoof. Their furry heads hung limp along Ghost's rear, blood dripping from their noses. Korina used the dead brush nearby to conceal the bison, as she would have to leave briefly to get help to haul the kill.
She saddled Ghost and rode him to the camp. He was breathing heavily once they reached camp. Korina slid off him and patted his neck before he briefly grazed his muzzle against Korina's cheek. She grinned and stroked his silky pale mane before scooping up the coyoties into her arms once again. She set them at Ollie's feet, as he was the closest.
"These need skinned, but I will need a few men to follow me back to our dinner for the night," she sighed quietly. She glanced up at Ollie in the eye awkwardly, then back at the coyoties.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 20, 2021 11:05 PM

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Amber | Female | Member | M: The gang
Amber watched as a few volunteered before sighing, "Adaline. I vote for Adaline." She said, walking over to them. She honestly didn't care who was leader but she would rather them be strong and willing to fight than stay in the shadows. Ollie seemed like the one to stay in the shadows and plan every little thing, and yes that was okay to a point. Ben looked at Adaline with a puppy like look meaning that he would agree with anything she said. It was no secret that those two were together, it was kind of obvious.

Amber blinked before walking back over to her horse. He nuzzled her for an apple which she happily gave to him. She pulled out some brushes to brush him down. She could see several come in and leave but she didn't react. It was none of her business. She sighed before sitting down by a tree, releasing Storm to go graze. She pulled out a book, starting to read but she was alert so that she could hear what the others were saying and what they were doing. Amber read while her thoughts took over. Other than Buddy leaving and the gang was now arguing over who should be leader, they had a train to raid.

There was also a slight other problem. One of the newbies was nowhere to be seen. Now, sometimess newbies would disappear for short periods of time but they always got back in a few days. Blaze on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. It was starting to be a worrying problem and one that they had to figure out what happened. If the boy was dead and his body got found, then the whole woods would be under investigation which would mean trouble for the gang. And they couldn't have that. Amber was no leader but even she knew that she had to do something.
All Gone | RP Thread June 21, 2021 01:35 PM

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Daniele "Dani" McShaw|Female|Member|Mentions: Camp
A whinny shook the woman from her daydream as her horse's ears flicked back and forth. Her hand instinctively went to her Navy Revolver, narrowed amber eyes roaming the tree line that her horse was looking at. She dug her heels slightly into the sides of the horse. The forest she was in wasn't the most friendly of places. Animal or human. Extremely aggressive grizzlies were known in these parts. As well as the occasional wolves you'd encounter The animals weren't even the worst part. The people that lived here were far worse, comparable to savages, torturing and killing people for pleasure before eating them.
A shiver ran down her spine, deciding it's be better to get out of this forest sooner rather than later. She dug her heels into her horse's side again, spurring the horse into a run. Her eyes kept darting to the treeline that flew past them. For a moment she thought she had seen someone holding a machete a little ways off the road, not knowing if her mind was playing tricks on her or an actual person that she had seen. She didn't stick around to find out, not wanting to risk falling into the savages hands.
She finally slowed her horse to a trot as they broke through the treeline and continued down the road. She was close to camp, which made her feel slightly happier of the thought. But at the same time she wished she was still on her hunting trip. She enjoyed the peace and quiet that being alone came with. She didn't hate anyone in the gang. She actually quite enjoyed them, for a limited time. She could only handle them for so long before she wanted to rip their head off. Though she never would. They were her family. A rag-tag family of outlaws but family none the less. More of a family then her blood had been.
As her horse trotted along the road she suddenly pulled left on the reins and guided her horse though the thick brush and trees. Most people would call her crazy for going into these woods, and maybe she was. But she didn't go into the woods for no reason. Lying in the trees, tucked away from anyone's eye, was the camp. No one would dare to enter these woods. What laid inside the dense forest scared people. But not her. She didn't care for the wolves. If she died she died. She didn't fear death. But she didn't welcome it either. She's give up a fight but if it was her time she had no place to argue. Especially not with God.
Eventually a small clearing came into view, and inside it was the camp. Wagons and tents were strewn across the area. Multiple horses and people were in the camp. "Hello!" She said with a wave before dismounting at her tent. She had been gone for roughly 5 days on a hunting trip. And she hasn't come back empty handed. She removed the large deer carcass from the back of her horse and let it flop to the ground. She had only killed the animal a few hours ago. "If anyone wants to clean this up, have at it. Pelt is up for grabs." She then began to unpack her things.
It hadn't been the best hunting trip. She had only seen some small game and medium game. Nothing too big. She had turned almost everything into jerky, besides the deer of course.

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