08:35:50 The Monster
It has something in it that also relieves stressed muscles and discomfort in the body. At least the kind my dad buys does.
08:34:59 The Monster
Like acetaminophen
Ghost Eater
08:34:55 Ω Hunting Souls
why would that help though?
and i don't think i have anything like that...
08:34:24 The Monster
Ghost, medicine specifically for headaches.
Ghost Eater
08:33:28 Ω Hunting Souls
what do you mean by headache meds?
08:32:48 ;)
PvP anyone? You put the bid up
Ghost Eater
08:31:34 Ω Hunting Souls
aight, so the shaggy demon dog it is then lol
08:31:07 The Monster
Ghastly, maybe take some headache meds?
Aethelwood Grove
08:30:54 Æthel
-WP Click-

Just got this boyo, I am debating on changing his pelt to the black and white husky one
08:30:46 Ω Forseance
I recommend getting the Moddey Dhoo then
08:29:45 ;)
Ghiost, always wings
08:29:40 they/he/it α
if it's an event item, you can probably find the wings later in barter
08:29:36 Rushing Waves
My child is obsessed with Frozen, so that's what I've been listening to for two hours
Ghost Eater
08:29:35 Ω Hunting Souls
i have been drinking water ;-;

aethel, forseance
the Moddey Dhoo or the molten wings
08:28:50 Ω Forseance
Ghost Eater
What familiar or wings are you wanting to get?
08:28:26 The Monster
Ghost, drink some water? It may help.
Aethelwood Grove
08:28:10 Æthel

Which familar and which wings?
Ghost Eater
08:27:20 Ω Hunting Souls
ignoring the feeling of about to throw up, then

should i get a familiar or wings?
08:26:58 they/he/it α
82-101 hours total. please pay attention when people answer you the first time.
Hey!! My female is 76 hours pregnant, how long will it be until she has puppies?


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All Gone | RP Thread June 1, 2021 10:06 PM

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Please do not post here unless you are accepted into this RP here.


Where To Start:
The gang will be in camp, simply waking up to start their days. Some might be up bright and early, while others are just waking up. Perhaps your characters might be heading into town, scouting the area, etc.

The forecast is partly cloudy, with an 82% chance of rain.

The time of day is currently around 7 am.

Name | Gender | Rank | Mentions

You may add to this, but you don't need to.


Stefan Althaus | Male | Member | Mentions: Lotte

All Gone | RP Thread June 1, 2021 10:34 PM

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Stefan Althaus | Male | Member | Mentions: Open
The morning sun had slightly peered through the fabric of the tent, making Stefan's striking eyes flutter open. He huffed, grumbling in the slightest to only hear the distant voices of other gang members. Stefan's tired eyes drifted to the whiskey bottle that sat on the small wooden desk that was tucked away in the corner. The man sat up, rubbing his eyes, before he decided he would grab the bottle and take a quick swig before setting it back down.

Stefan changed into his normal, everyday attire, which mainly consisted of a white button-up shirt, a black vest with red paisley design, and denim jeans with his black hat and boots. He took no interest in cleaning himself up, leaving his face slightly dirty, alongside his hands from working to build the gang's camp more and more. Stefan coughed slightly as he found his way out his tent, the morning sun already beating down on himself and the earth below him. Although the weather seemed debatable with the clouds in the distance, which were dark, so far it seemed like it would be rather hot, and Stefan wasn't sure he appreciated the way the earth decided to greet him this morning.

Stefan found himself already on his horse, Caelum, slipping out of the woods and towards Openshaw, the closest town near the camp. He gave Caelum a slight kick in the side, making the gelding's speed go from a walk to a lope, in which Stefan would be there in no time.

Along his way, Stefan listened to the morning birds' choirs chirp throughout the forest, taking in the scenery around him. Caelum gave slight snorts at the noises, in which the gelding was quite reactive, but Stefan just continued on his way until the town came into view.

Ah yes, Openshaw. Luckily, the gang hadn't been tracked to the camp area just yet, therefore Stefan could easily drink with ease and not have his face be known. Stefan went down the muddy trail into the town, in which people were waking up and following their daily routines. Some eyes landed upon him, in which Stefan eyed said eyes back, allowing them to observe him. Stefan didn't care that there were eyes on him, as sooner or later, his face would be planted on wanted posters as the law would sooner or later, be on their tail.

And did he give a fuck? No. That was the solid answer - no, he didn't. And why didn't he care? Cause in all honesty, he didn't have much to lose anymore.

Stefan halted and hitched Caelum to the post just outside of the saloon, walking in through the swinging doors. The voices grew slightly more quiet as more eyes landed upon him, but the conversations between people grew louder as he simply ignored them and went to the counter, the bartender approaching Stefan from behind the counter.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender asked.

"Your strongest whiskey," Stefan sighed, his German accent shining through with a hint of rasp.

The bartender nodded as Stefan placed a few scents on the counter, beginning to sip on the glass.

Ah yes, a hard's day work drinking.


Lotte Althaus | Female | Member | Mentions: Everyone
Lotte was already up and awake, long before most. Tending to other's tents and setting out some food, mainly venison that had been hunted not too long ago by some of the members, Lotte began working as she normally would. Cleaning clothes, setting out food, just doing things to help around the camp. That was until she spotted Stefan already leaving, in which the small woman watching him leave through the trees.

Off to the saloon already, she thought, shaking her head. Not even there to say hello to his own sister, Lotte became tempted to follow him, but talking to Stefan grew more and more difficult, so why would she bother with it? He always shut her down, and she felt she had no place in his life. Again, so why bother?

"Up, everyone!" She exclaimed, yelling out to those who were around who who maybe weren't. "Food is set out!" She called out, setting out some bowls on one of the tables, stationed with the venison. Although not the most healthiest breakfast, she figured it would work and be an okay morning meal. "And your guys' dirt clothes are washed," she mumbled under her breath, aware that nobody could hear that part.

With a soft sigh, Lotte began going around into tents to wake those who weren't awake. Some tents were empty as others were luckily awake already, seeing that Lotte did this almost every morning. Considering the fact that she had a rather nurturing nature, she figured that these certain actions proved that in most cases. And perhaps annoying, that didn't stop her at all.

Lotte sighed softly, the small women making her way towards her own tent. Slightly towards the middle of camp is where her tent sat, therefore Lotte had little privacy. Although the tent was in fact secluded, she figured that anyone could walk in at any moment to see her changing... In which this what she was doing now. Changing from her more pajama clothes, she slipped into a button-up shirt, which was lose fitting, and put on a long skirt, reaching down to her ankles.

She sighed, "another day."

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All Gone | RP Thread June 1, 2021 10:39 PM

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Ben Hanson| Male| Member| Mentions: Buddy Thornson|

Ben shot up from where he was laying. Sweat drenched his blanket and he was breathing heavily. He looked around with a frightened look on his face but he soon relaxed as he looked around. Ben saw that yellow sunlight had just begun to pour into the crevices of his tent. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stood up. He began to dig through his tent in search for his clothes and managed to find a clean white cotton shirt and his brown pants. He buttoned up his shirt and pulled on his pants and grabbed his hat that was sitting on a very small dark brown table in the middle of the tent. Ben put on his boots and opened his tent. As he walked out of the tent he saw Stefan ride away on his horse.

Ben looked around and saw Buddy struggling to get out of his tent. Ben figured that Buddy was probably fixing to go to the saloon. Ben sighed and he walked over to help Buddy get out of his tent. By the time he got over to Buddy's tent, Buddy was already out of it. Buddy mumbled something that Ben couldn't make out. Buddy was dressed in his suit meaning he was going to be going into town. Ben nodded his head to Buddy as he walked over to his horse and galloped off.

Ben decided that he would go fishing, so he grabbed his home-made fishing tool and got on his horse, Whisling Bird who made a loud snorting sound before she galloped off towards the lake. On the way Ben closed his eyes as he listened to the peace of the birds chirping.

When Ben arrived at the lake he looked at the emerald green water. Ben got off of his horse, he rolled his pants up to his knees, took his fishing tool in his hand and walked into the still water. He stood as still as he could as he threw the line into the water and waited for a fish to bite.

Buddy Thornson| Male| Gang leader| Mentions: Stefan Althaus|

Buddy had been awake in his tent for about an hour just drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes. Once he ran out of whiskey he decided to go to the saloon. Buddy got his suit on and popped a cigarette in his moth as he put his boots on. He put some money in his pocket along with some extra cigarettes and matches.

Buddy struggled to get out of his tent and he saw Ben start to come over. Buddy finally managed to get out of the tent before Ben could get to him. "Stupid damn tent..." Buddy mumbled as he walked over to his horse and jumped onto him. Buddy ride away without saying another word.
He smiled as he smelt the familiar smell of morning dew and heard the chirping of the birds. It made him feel at peace.

Buddy's horse, Whiskey got him to Openshaw pretty fast, thanks to how fast It is. Buddy slowed Whiskey down to a trot as he rode through Openshaw. Once he saw the Saloon come into view he smiled and rode Whiskey over to the front of the building. He tied his horse to one of the wooden posts in the front and walked through the doors. He noticed a few people steal quick glances at him but he thought nothing of it. He went to go sit next to Stefan at the bar. " What can I do for you today?" The bartender asked Buddy "I'll take whatever he is having." Buddy said as he pointed to Stefan. Buddy slid Stefan a cigarette and a match.
(WIP for Buddy's post)

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All Gone | RP Thread June 1, 2021 10:56 PM

Former Pack
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Diamond Caleden | Female | Member | Mentions: Open
Diamond's eyes slowly opened as she rolled over away from the sun light shining threw her tent.
"Damnit....must get up...."Diamond mumbled to herself as she sat up.
She stumbled up and took her time getting dressed in her normal attire,which was a red cotton shirt,some brown ranch pants,a black fringe jacket,and some boots.
Diamond stumbled out of her tent,she heard the voices of the other gang members.
"I might as well do some hunting...."Diamond whispered to herself has she grabbed her gunbelt and her weopons.As her slouched her bow over her shoulder alone with the sack holding arrows she let out a tired yawn.
Diamond quietly made her way over to her horse,Smoke."Easy girl,Oh you want a carrot?"Diamond cooed patting Smoke then got a carrot out of the saddle bag.As Smoke ate the carrot Diamond busied herself with thinking of places to hunt.
"Hmmm....maybe"She mumbled before she mounted Smoke.
Diamond gave the mare a quick pat before gently nudging her in the side with her heel.
As Smoke started at a steady trot Diamond closed her eyes listening to the birds chirp.Suddenly Smoke reared up startled by a rattlesnake.Diamond clutch onto Smoke's mane"Easy girl!"she cooed calming the mare down rather quickly.A bit down the trail Diamond pulled Smoke to a stop.
"Easy"was the only word that escaped her lips.Diamond dismounted and tied Smoke's reigns to a sturdy tree branch.Diamond quietly crept threw the forest before scrambling up into a tree.As she waited she listened to everything.Diamond waited a good bit before getting her bow ready as a doe walked into veiw.Notiching the arrow Diamond took aim for the neck,as she released the bow string the arrow flew forward piercing the deer's throat.
As the doe dropped dead Diamond jumped down from the branch she was in.She walked over and pulled the arrow out slowly being careful not to break it.Once the arrow out of the doe and back with the other arrows Diamond grabbed the doe by the hind legs and dragged it back to were Smoke was.Once she got the doe on Smoke and secured it,which took about ten minutes Diamond mounted Smoke and headed back to camp.
Diamond pulled the mare to a stop and got the doe off putting over her shoulder"Good thing that wasn't as hard as getting on you!"Diamond joked patting Smoke with her free hand.
As Diamond walked to the edge of the camp she found a sturdy branch and tied the doe up.
Diamond took her fringe jacket off and started to clean the doe.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 1, 2021 11:19 PM

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Adaline I Female I Second in Comand I Mentions: The gang

Adaline had awoken early in the morning, like every morning. She didn't stick around for long, it was on her to make sure the perimeter was secure safe for her gang. Well not her gang of course, she wasn't the leader. She was the second in command, so the responsibilities fell to her. She had pulled on her jeans quickly, nto bothering to even button them. She pulled on her white button up over her undergarmets, not bothering to button it yet. She pulled her jeans over the shirt, buttoning them and sliding the belt into the loops. She fastened the belt before grabbing her boots.

She stumbled out of her tent, coat having been put on along with both of her pistols. She had draped the repeater over her shoulder and was struggling to button her shirt as she walked swiftly through the camp. Her hat was haphazardly resting on her messy hair, she had forgotten to take it out of the long braid that snaked down her back and it was full of stray hairs that had rebelled against the confines of the braid. She went over to Burboun and greeted her, not bothering to finish buttoning up her shirt as she threw the saddle on her horse's back and tightened the cinch. She slipped the bridle over her horse's head and mounted up.

She clicked the horse into a swift canter into the woods, the mare listening with a quick pinning of her ears and tiny buck. Adaline rolled her eyes, thinking the mare was giving her too much attitude. She let the horse canter for a little bit without touching the reins, she needed to take a moment to actually button up her shirt the rest of the way, then tie her bandana around her neck.

She slowed the horse, grabbing the reins in her hand. The mare did what she asked and slowed down, throwing her head up and pinning her ears for a moment. Adaline just smiled at that, patting the horse on the shoulders with her free hand. She was in a trot now and Adaline was just casually scanning the boarder around the camp. She liked to get a good view of the weak spots and easy ambush points there were near the camp. The more she knew about their location, the safer they would be in time of emergency.

Once Adaline had made a thorough scan of the perimeter of the camp and she was satisfied, she headed back into camp. She estimated that it was still early morning, which was pleasing to her. She hadn't run behind on her patrol, despite her late starting. She was going on the hunt for some food, she was starving already. Her stomach growled in agreement and she chuckled to herself.

When she got back to the camp she untacked her mare, leaving the tack on the post so she could throw it back on the horse whenever she needed. She grabbed a handful of oats and gave it to the mare before walking back into camp, spurs clinking with every step. She wondered who was up yet, she spotted a few gang members, but didn't pay them any heed. She went back to her tent, grabbing her hunting knife and a shapening stone. She went outside her tent and found a tree to lean against while sharpening her knife. She was waiting till the others awoke to do anything else. Besdies, she didn't do anything until breakfast time. Well... not including her morning patrol ride that is.

She heard Lotte call that breakfast was ready and she grinned, pushing off from leaning against the tree and dropping the sharpening stone into her coat pocket. She walked over to the food, taking her seat at the table. She stuck her knife in the table next to her food, then proceded to devoer the food hungrily.

Connor O'Conner I Male I Newcomer I Mentions: Lotte

Connor sighed happily. He wasn't in camp like the rest of his gang mates. He was instead out near the lake, staring at the water. He had been watching the sunrise for a few hours, enjoying the scene. He loved seeing the sky change as the light started to flood the day, even through the dark storm clouds that were approaching. He was sitting with his back against a tree, ankles crossed together. In his lap he had a pencil and book. The book was small and thin, easy for him to carry with him wherever he went. It was filled with drawings of very random things. They all had a purpose and significance to Connor, it was his little secret with himself.

Drawing was Connor's way of expressing his thoughts, pouring his emotions into a sketch. It helped him get rid of those emotions, but also be able to go back and go over them and feel those same emotions. There was one sketch in particular that was special to him, but he would never let anyone see it. He closed the sketchbook, hiding the sketch he had been working on. He grabbed the small leather bag the sketchbook was kept in and slid it back in, tying the top closed. He knew it was a good time to head back right about then, so he took one more view of the scenery.

Connor whistled for his horse, which came trotting over to him. Knight nuzzled him, happy to see his rider like usual. Connor pet the horse, scratching behind the large horse's ears. The horse enjoyed that and nickered in delight. Connor grinned wider. He liked seeing the horse happy. Knight had been Connor's travling companion for so long he had become more than just his horse, he was his friend. Years alone on the road would do that to a person.

Connor gave his horse one last pat before walking over to where he had set the horse's tack. It was old used tack, worn with lots of aging. He swung the saddle on the large stallion's back, patting the horse's shoulder before tightening the cinch. The stallion stood still for him, not wandering away despite his lack of bridle. Connor grabbed the bridle that was laying on the ground and put it on the stallion. Knight chewed a few times when the bit was in his mouth, but he didn't protest. Connor put his foot in the stirrup and swung his leg over the saddle, sitting comfortably. He urdged the horse to move along and it did, picking up a slow and steady canter.

Once Connor was back at camp he untacked the stallion quickly, tossing his tack haphazardly on the ground, where it usually rested. Knight started grazing once again, seeming to eye some of the other horses. Connor chuckled as he walked away from the stout stallion. He noticed that food had been set on the tables, which he took note of, but didn't do anything about. Despite his very underweight self, he didn't actually like to eat a lot. He instead decided to go see Lotte again.

He walked over to her tent, which was in the middle of camp. He ignored everyone else in the camp, not that they paid him much mind either. He ignored his ragged appearence. He hadn't put his hat on that morning and his his hair was a complete mess like usual. His shirt was untucked and boots weren't even tied correctly. He ran a hand through his messy hair and quickly tucked in his shirt. He brushed off his jacket and walked over, knocking on the frame of the tent and poking his head inside to see Lotte.

"Good morning!" He said cheerfully to her. He was ignoring the hair that was falling into his eyes. He was grinning at her too, he was just very happy that morning, especally after seeing Lotte.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 2, 2021 12:01 AM

Former Pack
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Sameen .F. Jones | Female | Member | Mentions: Open
Sameen sat in the woods her rifle over her shoulder, and her horse nearby grazing. Later she would hunt, but for now she needed to clear her mind. Why do i feel like going to check out dead drop.. Sameen broke from her thoughts, "Forget it!" She muttered, annoyed at herself for even thinking that, it was far to risky.
She walked over to where her horse (wildfire) was grazing, "c'mon buddy, let's go." Wildfire threw his head up and whinnied, turning to run away. "Oh no you don't!" Sameen yelled as he galloped away towards camp. "Damn it!" She sighed and started to run after him, not that she would catch up. Sameen wasn't exactly worried though more just annoyed.
Just turn around! She thought angrily. Sameen loved that horse, she loved his spirit, but the fact that he did this was annoying. She heard a sharp whinny and saw wildfire galloping back. "You just had to run away like that! Honestly I think you enjoy annoying me!" She laughed, now feeling amused at the situation. Sameen mounted Wildfire and kicked his side urging him into a gallop towards the camp. "No detours though!" muttered Sameen as she grabbed the reigns.
As she entered camp Sameen could smell breakfast, wonder what it is. She dismounted her horse and led him over to some water. "I'll untack you later.." For now Sameen just wanted to eat, then she would possibly hunt. Slowly she walked over to the table "did I miss much?" She asked as she sat down to eat the venison.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 2, 2021 08:20 AM

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[ Roxie Sweet ]

| Female | Member | Mentions: Gang |

Roxie had already been up for a few hours folding her clothes in her tent, already dressed in her normal gray shirt and black sweater with her knee-length skirt and shorts underneath. She really wanted to get up and go hunting but she had already heard a few of the others going off without her so she decided to stay in her tent and fold her laundry, too annoyed to do the others. “Always leaving me behind… Can’t ever go anywhere…” She muttered crossly, setting one of her folded white shirts on top of the small pile she had made. She grabbed another one and began to fold it as well, glancing around her tent in boredom. She didn’t mind doing chores but the fact that nobody came to ask her to hunt with them, like normal, always bothered her.

She was lucky if anyone even wanted to take her out of camp. She didn’t particularly understand why since everyone always made excuses and then walked away. She put the last messily folded shirt (She wasn’t paying much attention) onto the pile and then sighed.

Roxie got to her knees and crawled her way over to the opening of the tent. She peeled it back and peered around. It seemed like most people were already out and about doing their normal routine. She looked around one last time before getting up and putting on her boots. She grabbed her white scarf and strung it around her neck before walking out of her tent into the open camp. She took in a deep breath before walking over to the breakfast table to eat. She sat down with a half-fake yawn and looked at the venison. “Another day, another deer that I didn’t get to kill myself…” she sighed, grabbing her fork.


[ Ollie Bright ]

| Male | Member | Mentions: Gang, Roxie |

Ollie’s eyes flickered open at the sight of the bright sunlight pouring through the holes in his tent. He narrowed his eyes at it and turned over on his side, not wanting to get up yet. He laid there for about 5 minutes before finally getting bored. He sat up with a sigh and started to get dressed. He didn’t bother even trying to brush his hair since he didn’t really care how he looked to anyone. He buttoned up his shirt and put on his dark brown vest before grabbing a book titled “History of America” and sitting back down in the corner of his tent.

He turned it a few pages to where he had left off and started to read quietly to himself as he flipped through pages. He was a pretty quick reader and had started the book yesterday when he had bought it from someone at OpenShaw. He didn’t go many places but if he ran out of books to read and reread he would go and buy another one. He read for about 10 minutes before getting up again. His tent wasn’t the most comfortable place to read so he took his book and stalked outside, his book held tightly in his hands. He walked around the camp instead of going straight through it to avoid drawing attention to himself. He didn’t really want anyone, especially Roxie following him to the quiet place where he wanted to spend his free time without any interruptions from the others.

After he was far enough away from the camp he sat down under his usual tree and opened his book up again, flipping the pages back to where he was. He settled himself down and relaxed as he started off from where he had ended.

“Another peaceful day…”

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All Gone | RP Thread June 2, 2021 08:41 AM

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Ignore this ;-;

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All Gone | RP Thread June 2, 2021 09:09 AM

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Slicker | Male | 27 | Member | M: Vera (Dep), Lotte (Dep), Ollie (Dep), + Everyone (Ind)

“I win, again, mi amour!~” Slicker purred. He tossed his cards down on the ground, revealing his hand to her.

Bullshit,” Vera hissed, glaring angrily at Slicker.

The two had been playing card games before dawn while they had waited for the others to get up. Vera had been training all night long, as she does almost every other night nowadays with the threat of someone wanting to skin the outlaw group alive only growing, and as for Slicker, he woke up in a cold sweat in the very early hours of the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. To pass the time, Slicker asked her to play cards with him. This was a common occurrence because the two were close. You would have thought they were sleeping together or something based on how close they were. Come to think of it, Slicker wasn’t even wearing his shirt while they played and relaxed in his tent. Just because he was too damn lazy to put one on. Vera instead of wearing her signature poncho, the one with the Mexican orange and red patterns with a mostly brown fabric, Vera sat on it, revealing her white shirt and coyote skin satchel. That was just how close as friends they were though. Slicker couldn’t care less if he was wearing next to nothing around her and she couldn’t care less either. It was almost as if she was a guy, but better only because he didn’t have to worry about falling for her like the hopeless romantic he was. Even though the two were super close though, he still refused to tell her about how he was gay. Can you believe what would happen if the others knew? Nothing good, that’s what.

“Aww, look who’s bein’ a sore loser!” Slicker smirked, the cigarette between his lips being pushed to the other side of his mouth as he watched with amusement as Vera’s face grew a bright red. For him, seeing her grow mad at him was always a funny thing. “What’s the matter, chiquita? Not like losin’ for the twenty-third time?” Technically it had been twenty-four times she had lost to him in a row, but he wasn’t going to bring up the warm-up round where she basically lost immediately.

“You cheat. You cheat!” Vera said, standing up quickly, waving a finger directly into his face. Slicker put his hands up defensively as she stalked closer. “Show me tus bolsillos! ¡¡Enséñame tus bolsillos!!

Right in the nick of time, Lotte called for breakfast. Slicker was really counting his blessings then. Vera swore under her breath before turning and picking up her poncho off the floor of the tent and dusted it off.

“We go to food and we fight later, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Slicker said. A wide grin was still plastered to his face as Vera left his tent and walked over to the others.

Slicker exited the tent, shirt and vest in one hand and his hat in the other. His fourth cigarette of the early day was still securely in his teeth. Slicker didn’t realize just how much he had smoked up his tent till he stepped outside and got a breath of fresh air. The wind only mess up his already crazy hair, but it was nice to feel the early morning breeze before the sun and ground became a goddamn boiling pot of hell. He opened his tent up to let it wear out before putting on his loose, white, and dirt-stained shirt with long sleeves to protect him from getting sunburn and his black cowboy hat. Lastly, Slicker sported his open vest with his card deck, cigarette pack, and lighter inside. His vest was his most favorite piece of clothing he ever has, and ever will, own.

Slicker could smell the venison from the entrance by the tent despite the heavy aroma of tobacco and whiskey that poured out of the tent behind him. He’d have to thank Lotte afterwards for cooking again. As he watched Vera go and silently take a seat to grab food, he noticed Ollie out of the corner of his greenish-grey eyes. Ollie was a peculiar guy if Slicker had ever meant one. Believe me when I say Slicker has meant plenty of ‘peculiars.’ The guy was so quiet and the second he talked it was always rude insults and mean jabs. Ollie was sitting by some tree and reading a book of some sort. Ollie was always reading. Constantly, really. It was just about the only thing he did. Slicker loved a good book and loved to read, maybe not as much as Ollie. Occasionally, he would borrow some of Ollie’s books. Slicker would always put them back and would be careful not to get ash on them so Ollie didn’t think much of it.

“‘ey Ollie!!” Slicker called out to him. He took the cigarette out of his lips and cupped his hands to his mouth to make sure Ollie could hear his already loud voice. “You comin’? It’s time for food, el cerebro!”
All Gone | RP Thread June 2, 2021 10:29 AM

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Amber Zambak | Female | Member | M: The gang
Amber woke up groggily. She was not a morning person at all. Nocturnal maybe, but never a morning person. She had been up half the night practicing with a butterfly knife, a tiny dagger that can easily slice. She almost had the hang of it but a couple scratches on her hands could say otherwise. She sat up before stretching.

Getting up, she pulled out some of her usual clothes. A t-shirt and blue jeans. She pulled on her favorite sports jacket before throwing back her hair. Her necklace was still on her neck as usual as was her bracelet on her wrist. She touched them both once before hiding the necklace away in her jacket. Putting on her boots, she walked outside of her tent. There was venison out and ready but Amber was ready for a ride instead.

Going over to her horse, she tacked him up before mounting. Turning him, she urged him into a trot towards the perimeter, passing the gang that was starting to gather round the breakfast table. She smiled slightly before kicking her horse in a fast lope. Weaving through the trees, she came out close to the town before riding back into the forest. Her prime focus was the lake at the moment. Her horse shook it's head as she slowed it into a slow trot.

Amber patted his side, smoothing down a couple stray hairs that looked wild on his mane. His beautiful black and white coat stood out in the morning light. She loved paints for several reasons. One, they were easy to train for several different reasons. Two, they were not the meanest horse. And three, their coats were beautiful and unique. Storm had a white spots and streaks on his black coat. He had pretty light blue eyes too. Amber sighed before nudging him into a slow lope.

Making it to the lake, she dismounted to let Storm have a break and a drink. Looking across the crystal waters, she breathed a contented sigh before seeing Ben fishing as usual. Nodding to him, she mounted up again as Storm finished and kicked him gently into a canter back towards camp. She slowed as she made it close to the clearing before stopping Storm near a tree to tie him.

Dismounting, she untacked him before pulling out a couple of apple slices. He gobbled them up before nuzzling her to see if there was more. Amber chuckled, "No more for now big guy." Rubbing his ears one last time, she made for the breakfast table where she could see everyone. Sitting down, she pulled over a bowl of venison before picking up a fork to start eating.

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