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I'm gonna go and listen to music before bed. Have a good day/night everyone!
04:33:17 Leo, Lion (He/him)
:) Rematch again? :D
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No problem!
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04:29:23 Silv, Via
good advice, thank you! :)
04:29:01 Auk, Locket, Anklet
04:28:24 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Good game! Rematch?
Choose what you do the best. If you prefer doing animals and do it well, do them. If you do humans better, go with that.
04:26:58 Chior, Jax
I have Bones by Sail North in loop in my head
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04:26:51 Silv, Via
nope, not that I know of
Is there any theme?
Ugh, I've got Pedestal from the Eurovision stuck on my head in loop
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04:25:41 Silv, Via
So, I have an art competition coming up, any ideas of what I should enter?
04:24:41 Leo, Lion (He/him)
PvP anyone?
One really good thing I will note is due to work experience I now know I wanna be a vet nurse.
04:24:03 Boeing, or Boe
Uh... I don't think I can do more at this point lol
One of my U25s are pregnant, one is now at 1 HP, one leveled up yesterday, and the final one has really bad battle
So... not really... you guys have made me spend so much mushrooms healing my wolves lol
04:23:57 Vah is banned

Eventually, yes.

Right now? I'm still staring. Respectfully of course.
Thanks for explaining the test stuff lol
04:23:48 ancient as hell
I guess technically half of my driving test was multiple choice, the other half was driving with an instructor lol
04:23:32 ET
You know what that means:
More winged dudes.


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Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 13, 2024 11:46 AM

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You're totally fine! Hopefully the choir trip is going well!
Glad you enjoyed the post! And yeah, Simon trying not to get distracted but cats are adorable.
Yeahhh, surely won't cause any problems.
Or at least not as many as when Garvin would start to ration his own food even more. One plate a day for everyone else still, but he knows he can handle going days (or longer) without anything so you better bet it's going downhill quickly.
And if it's during colder months where it wouldn't get hotter than what the refrigerator runs at, you better bet he's turning it off and turning off the heat and just letting the cold weather do everything for them.
Oooh boy. That'll totally be fun. Revan will probably be a better help than Garvin for Ingall at the moment. Especially since Garvin wouldn't want to risk a slip near him. Or anyone, really, because he's the type to think he should just immediately be over it and all. But that's not going to happen. So. Yeah.
I will say, when the manic laughing happens, you better bet Garvin's trying to play it off as him finding the joke hilarious instead of him having a small mental breakdown.
Also, I've been listening to stuff and realized some things... If AFCS were ever a show somehow. I've found songs.

Themesongs for AFCS

good for Starting Up Arc, Introducing the Arena Arc, and Rowland Arc


good for Baggage Arc and Briar Arc

Goodbye by Jhariah. (good)

Killer by The Hoosiers. (mid)

good for Andi Arc

Fascination Street by The Cure. (mid)

Whose Eye Is It Anyway??? by Jhariah. (good)

Push by The Cure. (mid)

Doomsday by Jhariah. (it’s a creepy instrumental, that’s all, that’s the reasoning)

good for July Arc

Is This It by The Strokes. (good)

The Rat by The Walkmen. (mid)

SPLIT! by Jhariah. (also good for Recovery Arc)

good for Starring Simon Arc, Oh My ‘Sol’ Arc, and Co-Star Irfam Arc

City of Ashes by Jhariah. (good, also good for Anna Arc)

These 4 Walls by Jhariah & Luis Chavez. (mid)

Doomsday by Jhariah. (again, it’s just a very creepy instrumental)

good for Enter Clio Arc, For Science! Arc, Run Clio Run Arc, and Wisp Arc

Not So Bad by Jhariah.

good for Regroup Arc, Here We Go Again… Arc, and Cliffhangers Arc

The Great Tale of How I Ruined It All by Jhariah.

good for What Now? Arc, Explain Thyself! Arc, Dear Revan, Arc, and Friends? Arc

To Take for Granted. by Jhariah.

good for Liar! Arc, and No, But… Arc

PRESSURE BOMB 3?!?! by Jhariah.

good for Drawn Lines Arc, and Can You Repeat That? Arc

PRESSURE BOMB 2!!!! (Bonus Track) by Jhariah.

good for Overreach Arc and Across The Line Arc

PRESSURE BOMB!!!! by Jhariah.

good for Preparations Arc

Reverse by Jhariah.

Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 05:31 PM

Lost Memories
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It was great :)
The unlikely trio eventually bonding over cats (before, you know, everything falls apart-) lol
Oof, yeah, and that certainly won't cause problems either-
Not Akira mildly panicking about being stuck in the cold again, totally not a trauma topic- Lmao
Probably, honestly. It'll take a hot minute for Ingall to be able to rationalize enough to get out of certain relapsed habits though, even with a good support system. The hair-pulling and clawing at the back of his hands will definitely be the worst physically (learned and encouraged by, you guessed it, Amar, yay!) and the mental shit won't be good either. The rest won't be too bad though, at least! And, I mean, nothing will be as terrible as it was when Gall was alone, so that's a definite plus.
Yeahhhh, I don't think he'll be tricking anyone with that, sorry Garvin XD
Ooo, I love that! AFCS would be an amazing movie/show, I think. If not a little traumatizing, lmaoooo
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 05:46 PM

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That's good!
Haha, yeah, it'll be hilarious
Yeahhh, Garvin totally isn't retraumatizing both himself and Akira with just how extreme his poverty mindset gets-
Literally this guy would have the gas turned off if he thought that there was a cheaper way to do whatever it does. And you better bet there's a rule about only using cold water, no hot water. I mean, do you know how expensive it is to heat water?
Yeah, oh boy, Revan definitely going to be the better out of my two in the polycule at helping. Garvin would be so bad at helping though, like, seriously, terrible ay helping. Especially if he slipped up in mindset around Ingall. You have Gall clawing at the back of his hands and Garvin slips and then starts getting upset because do you know how expensive bandages and shit are?? Revan meanwhile would be a bit better at helping, especially since he definitely isn't qualmed about using the internet to find tips on how to help.
Yeah, Garvin definitely isn't tricking anyone, but he's still going to try because what else can he do?
Haha, yeah- Definitely a little traumatizing of a show. I would never let it be a movie though, not completely at least. Movies don't tend to work as well. I'd definitely rather it be like... An animated show.
Also. I realized something about the polycule.
It could be called
G - Garvin
R - Revan
A - Akira
I - Ingall
N - Nico
Which I think is hilarious.
You know
Grain. Like a grain of salt or grain of oats or... You know. Just. Grain.
It's funny to me.
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:11 PM

Lost Memories
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Poor things. And you know damn well Akira won't say anything about it because "Garvin's struggling enough already, this won't help anything." :')
Yeahhhh, that wouldn't be good at all-
Welp, at least someone can help? Lmao
That's so fair though, honestly
Yeah, that's true. Movies tend to be rather compact, haha. Oooo, I would love to see it as an animated series! Oh, have you seen RAMSHACKLE (PIOLET) by Zeddyzi on YouTube by chance? I was watching it a couple of days ago and literally could not stop seeing Garvin/Akira in Stone and Nico in Skip-
Just a random thought, lol
I totally recommend it if you haven't seen it yet though, the style is fucking gorgeous-
Oh my god, that is literally the BEST
Yessss, this is what they're called now. The polycule is officially called GRAIN, I love it so much XD
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:20 PM

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Haha... Yeah. Definitely wouldn't be a fun time for anyone.
Yep- At least Revan knows what he's doing enough lol
I have seen exactly one YT short about it where the person showed different scenes of Stone and uh. I also immediately tilted my head in thought of Garvin and Akira.
I have be meaning to actually watch it too. So I definitely will lol
Glad you like that as their name now- GRAIN is such a funny name for them and certainly fits. I am working on a playlist for them. If you have any song recommendations, let me know. I will get a list of what is already in it soon-ish... Probably.
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:27 PM

Lost Memories
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Oh, yeah, I was watching it, and the second Stone came on screen I was like "Holy shit, that's literally just Garvin and Akira rolled into one-" XD
It's great.
Agreed, it's funny and adorable.
Oooo, fun! I've actually been working on one too, funnily enough, though it's very short since I literally get distracted every two seconds, lmao
Here's the five songs I have so far though, and I'll let you know if I find more! :)
Unspoken by Welshly Arms (probably gonna write this one out eventually, haha)
Habibi by Tamino
The Cult of Dionysus by The Orion Experience, ORION, Linda XO
It's On Us by AJR
Somethin' Stupid by Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra

Edited at April 14, 2024 10:29 PM by Lost Memories
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:31 PM

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Love that we both immediately just recognize our street rat characters in Stone lmao
Ooooh, those are good ones. Let me add them to the list and- Here's the list!

Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

La Da Dee by Cody Simpson.

Rock and A Hard Place by Bailey Zimmerman.

Can’t Break Up Now by Old Dominion & Megan Moroney.

Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON.

Beggin’ by Måneskin.

It’s On Us by AJR.

Classic by MKTO.

Train Wreck by James Arthur.

Sunkissed by khai dreams.

Fallin’ (Adrenaline) by Why Don’t We.

a thousand years by Christina Perri.

I Wouldn’t Mind by He Is We.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers.

Glad You Came by The Wanted.

Honey, I’m Good. by Andy Grammer.

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor.

It’ll Be Okay by Shawn Mendes.

Falling by Harry Styles.

Dandelions by Ruth B..

Please Stay by Lucy Dacus.

Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer.

Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi.

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine.

Heat Waves by Glass Animals.

Dark Red by Steve Lacy.

The Joker by Steve Miller Band.

Unspoken by Welshly Arms.

Habibi by Tamino.

The Cult of Dionysus by The Orion Experience, ORION, Linda XO.

Somethin’ Stupid by Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra.

Edited at April 14, 2024 10:32 PM by Overthink101
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:33 PM

Lost Memories
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Yess, it's amazing XD
The songs all look amazing! I love them! :D
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 14, 2024 10:40 PM

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Glad you like all of them-
Also. Some small ideas for GRAIN-
Nico and Garvin dancing while it's raining. It'd be adorable and you cannot tell me they wouldn't. They sing to each other too. For sure.
Revan and Garvin teaching each other different styles of dancing which eventually just turns into them learning to do really complicated waltzes.
Ingall and Garvin obviously have their stargazing dates. You cannot tell me otherwise.
Akira and Garvin binge watching sci-fi shows together. Which, actually, I have a whole other thing about that-
With only a few days left in June one year, someone ends up turning on, like, Star Trek. Just because. Why not. They weren't actually watching it but wanted background noise or something. Garvin walks in and gets distracted by it, and then the hyperfocus kicks in and literally all of July passes with Garvin not even noticing because of Star Trek. It's hilarious and I could actually understand it happening.
Whispers Cost | DiscussionApril 15, 2024 12:41 PM

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Okay so I watched RAMSHACKLE (PILOT) and I have to say...
I feel like Skipp and Nico is totally true. But I also think, uhm, both Vinnie (which, ha) and Stone have traits of Akira and Garvin. Which, I mean, makes sense. The two street rat characters ending up similar to two out of three street rat characters makes a lot of sense.

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