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07:12:29 Kodiak
Voxtexy, sleep well. Buy some peanuts for me.
07:12:06 Vox
Best part is, they do sell over priced peanuts. xD
07:11:55 Kodiak
Leo, much appreciated. (I'm the best alliance owner in all the land.) (I have no idea what's going on with PvP events.) (I run a PvP alliance.)
07:11:49 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Goodnight, Vox!!
07:11:26 Vox
Gosh, I want to chat but I know my ass is going to be tired tonight (unless I down a couple cans of NOS)

I hope to chat again soon! I expect the wifi to shut down soon, for some ops, so hopefully that won't last long
07:11:06 Kodiak
Voxtexy, I see you have to go so I'll keep this short but oml. I cannot imagine anything more embarrassing than that.

Most people's idea of the military is Black Hawk Down or something, selling over-priced peanuts would make me cry.
07:10:48 ET
At that point I'd just lie to my fam and come up with some random job LMAO
07:10:48 Leo, Lion (He/him)
and it's you*
07:10:12 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Top Dawg
I'm not that good
at explaining at it's you who should choose the distribution when it's made. I'll get Auklet to message you! I know she can explain as she also did to me. Basically it's a PvP centered event that happens each month. It's based on power rank :) I'll get Auklet to message you :-)))
07:08:28 Vox
I just wish everyone who enlisted knew that they could get a bogus job. Like how there's some supply personnel that do nothing but act as a cashier in the snack store we have 😭

I just can't imagine enlisting and calling the family to tell them I'm a cashier

Oh! I hope you get to be what you want, it honestly sounds like it'd be a rewarding job. I've always liked jobs in that line of work, probably would've tried that route if the Navy didn't snag me
07:02:37 Kodiak
Leo, not really, if I'm so honest. Come explain it in my PMs, please.

Voxtexy, I hate that. Even at my little food service job, I'm more than down to help out but doing things out of my paygrade for the same flat rate is. . . tedious to say the least. I like the variety, sometimes, though.

It's nice you get to do what you're actually there to be doing, though.

I should have specified I'm not a firefighter medic just yet, that's just what I'm on the path for. I'm a volunteer EMT at the moment. Not very different. Firefighter paramedic is more paperwork, lmao.
07:01:13 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Bye Vox!
07:00:54 Vox
Ah, shit. Shift starts in 7 hours. I outta leave and try to get some sleep. e.e
06:59:45 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hey, Top Dawg did you reserch what WoW is? It's really important for Top Dogs as we're are PvP centered. And it starts in a week! I think people wanna know how we'll do the apple distribution :)
06:59:03 Vox
You dodged a big bullet there! Even people with my title can get stuck with stuff they didn't sign up for, it's so sucky. I got lucky and actually do electrician stuff on aircraft parts.

I definitely am not well versed in all of it, since Navy schools actually suck and barely taught me my specific job, but I'm learning! (Kinda)

How's it like being a firefighter medic?
06:56:09 Kodiak
Voxtexy, that's a conclusion I kind of reached. xD I was like, "This seems lame and I have to be in the middle of the ocean."
06:54:13 Vox
Best part of that is, everyone is considered a fire fighter in the Navy. The people I know with that job title do like... everything but firefight unless the ship catches fire or something. Or they teach the fire fighting courses 😭

Firefighter medic sounds better than the fire fighting jobs we have
06:49:21 Leo, Lion (He/him)
If i could i'd telepathically send some wifi to you guys XD
06:49:13 Kodiak
Voxtexy, well, thank you, Voxtexy's autocorrect, then.

Honestly, not really. I was talking to a recruiter for a very long time about joining the Navy as a Naval firefighter or just joining the Marines but my boyfriend protested and so I settled for firefighter medic.
06:46:35 Vox
I'm surprised my phone is allowing it. Normally it horribly autocorrects everything

If you wouldn't mind being on an aircraft carrier, then 100%. Or maybe I can somehow telepathically connect you to it.


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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:15 AM

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It's every time you type w o l v e s (but not spelled out like that lol)
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:17 AM

Lost Rune
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Got it I just tested it out lol, I'll get my form done by Tuesday
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:28 AM

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sounds good!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 02:25 AM

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I could show you things that'll make you scream

The All-Seeing God
Ten Years Old
The Shaman
Desired Rank:
He's Content
Thoughts on Disappearance:

This is a highly distributing occurrence.

He just has this feeling that there is something shady about this ; something all about this situation is suspicious. There is an unsettling presence surrounding the pack and it's a bit unnerving and his alarm bells are going off. His senses are also telling him that this disappearance is not as it seems, and that there may have been foul play . . .

Thoughts on New Alpha:
He's keeping his thoughts to himself

Stock Images. All Credits To Shitani @ DA
You say I'm your savior, then I need you to bow

When you first meet this male, there is a calm and inviting aura about him - you feel rather safe and at ease when you are with him. He is a rather charismatic and charming individual, being gifted with a silver tongue - his words gliding off his tongue like honey, sometimes tickling the ears of others around him. He has a rather persuasive effect when it comes to his words being able to subtly coax or persuade someone to do something that's to his advantage - not to mention he's rather skilled when it comes to giving speeches ; able to comfort and uplift others and give some semblance of hope, while simultaneously being able to rip someone to shreds for being incompetent, not doing something correctly or calling someone out on their bullshit. He's rather direct and to the point when the time calls for it, and he can be rather cruel and callous in his words if he finds himself disliking you or you've done something wrong. This male is also rather confident and sure of himself ; and also sure of his words , he's one to make a promise and do his best to keep said promise. One can say he's a rather skilled manipulator, able to tug and play with the hearts of others - knowing just how to use his words to get what he wants and how to tug just the right strings to push the buttons of someone else. Always operating from the shadows, and watching the show with malicious interest making power plays when needed - one wouldn't suspect him, after all he keeps his involvement in such things under wraps. Because how can he be a mastermind if someone knows who he is? He's one who enjoys drama, and is rather invested in the latest gossip and drama - hell, sometimes he might even stir up drama just for the fun of it or because he's bored. After all, it's a good source of entertainment and to see who would be good to use as a sort of pawn.

This male is rather unassuming, one wouldn't believe he has such a side to him. Most would say that he's quiet, and keeps to himself mostly - always lingering in the background and not participating in events actively. Yet, they know when he does, this male does well - there is no question about his skill or hardworking nature, he can and will step up when needed, he just doesn't do it voluntarily. This male is highly observant - always watching and listening, it can be said that he knows everything about everyone, just from his observations and what he hears from others. He can be social, and when he is - many would agree that he's rather polite and respectful, always attentively listening to them and having some scarily good insight to some things. He notices and sees things that most don't, from the smallest gestures to the unspoken and lingering words between others, or even the slightest change in body language or behavior - he's adept at reading body language and behavior, and not to mention he can quite confidently deduce when someone is lying to him. It's hard to get things past him, it's just creepy about how he just seems to know things, sometimes even before others do. It can be said that when he's working, he's scarily focused - he is highly efficient and makes sure things gets done and will stop and nothing to make sure his results are nothing less of perfection. He requires total concentration, and when interrupted the person can expect to get an earful from him. It's not be noted that he's no slouch when it comes to hard work, and he will do his absolute best to achieve anything thrown at him, especially if it's a challenge and even if he doesn't win said challenge he will take the defeat with grace and learn from it. He's not a morning person, so most avoid him during that time as he is rather grouchy at that time and sometimes he's just plain grouchy for no particular reason. It can be said that are blindly positive get on his nerves and make him sick - and he does his best to avoid them.

Many would say this male is highly intelligent, and some would even argue he's a genius. He is a quick thinker and fast learner, being able to accurately find a way out of a bind in a manner of seconds to minutes - depending on how fast a solution is needed. He is also able to learn and pick on things rather quickly, always looking to expand his knowledge and understanding of things and gain more experience in certain things - he's not above learning or asking for help if he doesn't know something or needs help, he may be a bit prideful but not to that extent. He is a rather calculated and strategic thinker, able to see things quickly and farther ahead than most - while they're playing checkers he's playing chess. Able to see possible moves of his opponents , and finding ways to use their own strengths and weaknesses against them . When someone thinks he's down and they've got him cornered, he'll come out of left field with some damage dealing move - it can be said it's foolish to get into a battle of wits with him because he most likely will win unless he finds his match and their is a genuine challenge. And he adores a good challenge, it gives him life - so bring on the challenge, and you better be a good challenge because he hates when they're boring and he will be annoyed if you aren't that much of a challenge to him. When comes to his speech, he can be polite and courteous - and all of the above. Being able to charm others with his eloquent and flowery speech, and impress them with his extensive knowledge as well. However, you will discover there is a more sarcastic and witty side to him. Full of snarky remarks and rather snippy comebacks, so just because he's kind doesn't mean he's not above getting into a verbal confrontation with someone and as you'll later find out a physical confrontation either .

Now when it comes to anger, there is something eerie about this male - he doesn't get mad easily, as surprisingly he can be rather patient with others, however he does have limits to how much disrespect he'll take from someone. Now, most wouldn't know this, but this male is quite vindictive - he can and will hold a grudge for years if needed to and he's patient about exacting his revenge for it, but don't worry he's not one to hold grudges for petty or trivial matters. He has this almost chilling anger, one that just screams that you've fucked up, and their is this certain malicious look that he gets in his eye as well - his words won't become just threats, no, when you've invoked his ire - they become promises. And he doesn't yell when angry, which makes him even more unsettling - he will say the most heinous threat in the most casual and sweetest tone of voice, not at all giving the person a chance to process what he's said. He's rather cutthroat and bloodthirsty, one will never suspect it until they see him in a fight or on a hunt - their is a certain look he gets in his eyes when he's thrilled to shed blood and when you just know he's coming in for the kill, most would think he's wrong in the head because he can go from this bloodthirsty mode to being the calm and charismatic person that they know. But either way, when you challenge him to a fight and he's angry? You better expect to beg for your life and come out of it with a lot of scars, because he doesn't show mercy for those who challenge him. He will toy with your life, after all it will be in his hands because how dare you challenge him? And you expect him to lose? No, he'll show you the true meaning of terror, with a smile on his face as he rips your throat open. Most don't know, but he's not exactly loyal - he's only loyal when it serves him. After all, being blindly loyal doesn't get you anything good, especially when the person could change their morals and values on a whim to something you don't agree with. The moment something better comes along, he can be persuaded to change allegiances - however it's to note, that if he does find someone he truly respects then he would do anything for them, including kill if they so asked. So when he's loyal to someone or a cause, you better believe he will die for it - but it's rare to find someone to be so loyal to, maybe one day he'll find that person or cause for fight vigorously for, as of now he's still searching for it.

When it comes to romance, this male is quite suave - able to entrance the ladies due to his charisma and gentlemen like behavior. He's always respectful of females and would never harm one, and he would be offended if you think he would do so, his father didn't raise a despicable male - he may have some questionable morals and values but even he wouldn't stoop that low, he's not that much of a monster . . . . sheesh. He is quite the flirt, being able to smoothly compliment females and charm them with both his words and actions ; flowers, romantic walks, cleaning their den, or even hunting for them. He will do his best to genuinely impress a girl he likes ; sure he flirts, but only his love gets the special treatment. When he finds his partner, you can expect that he will wholly be devoted to her - he will treat her as if she hung the damn moon and stars, she is his queen and he will treat her as such. She will never have to worry about him having straying eyes, because they will only be for her. While it may not seem like it, but if his mate ever cheated on him or was unloyal his heart would break . He's also a rather jealous and possessive creature, not appreciating if a male looks at his mate with less than honorable intentions and he is not above getting into a fight about it - and even if they're just courting, she's still his girl and he won't give her up without a fight. So in short he would be a loving and rather doting mate, she could ask for him to burn the world and he would find a way to do it since she asked. Now when it comes to his family, it can be said that he's a family man - he will be involved in his children's life, not missing a moment of it. He is protective of his family, and will do anything for them including fuck someone up for messing with them. He will teach his sons to be gentlemen and treat ladies right and be disappointed if they don't and teach his daughters that they are queens and they shouldn't think any less of themselves and don't settle for just any guy. When his children start looking for mates, he will be supportive but also cautious especially when it comes to his daughters, they are his princesses - not just shy hoodlum can court them, you better damn well be worthy of her, and if you break her heart you're signing your own death wish. You can also believe that he will spoil and adore any grandchildren he is given, and he's definitely the embarrassing type to ask his children when they're going to give him grandchildren, but in an affectionate way. In short, this male is someone who loves and cares deeply for his family, and one shouldn't do anything to get in the way of that unless you want to face his fangs.

+ He's Physically & Mentally Strong
+ Strong Spiritual Connection
+ Great Tracker
+ Highly Intelligent & Perceptive
+ Well-Versed In Physical Combat
+ Good Swimmer
+ A Rather Charismatic Individual
+ Rather Protective Of Family + Friends
- Rather Bloodthirsty & Vindictive
- Highly Territorial And Possessive
- Only Loyal When It Benefits Him
- Manipulative
- Enjoys Watching The Suffering Of Those Who Wronged Him
- Not Trusting Of Everyone
- Can Be Two-Faced At Times
- Can Be Rather Aggressive At Times
Juniper | "Junebug" | His Little Apprentice
Would Be Interested In Him Having A Sibling Or Two
His Beloved, Vivien
His Sons
His Daughters
Juniper [ Adoptive Daughter ]

Edited at April 2, 2024 09:54 PM by Spellbound
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 08:00 AM

Lost Rune
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4 years





Desired Rank

Beta female


Rena is known and somewhat respected but not for her skills of hunting, but for her inner self. She is respected for who she is, how she acts, and everything she puts her pack before. Shes respected for her loyalty.

Thoughts on Disappearance

Deep down she can hear a voice telling her it was the beast of the night. It makes her puff up with nervousness. She'd rather try to not talk about it or think about it...

Thoughts on New Alpha

She respects the new alpha, hoping she can get on his good side. She's scared what will happen if she doesn't.


credits to images, @HOTNstock on DA

Rena at her best state of pride stands at 2'0 feet tall. Shes not exactly tall but not exactly short. Though when she respects someone she often tries to keep lower than their sight. When provoked she is a bit more taller often puffing out her fur to seem larger than what she is. She often is told to have good posture that keeps her level and swift on her paws. Though she often trips over her paws when not focused because of this. With sharp reflexes she usually saves herself and her pride when falling. Moving to her body structure, she has a firm yet soft looking form. With a more feminine look, but that doesn't mean shes soft when fighting, hunting, and etc. She has profound muscles hidcave under her pelt that are fitting and firm. They don't make her look buff or muscular but they do fit her well for strength. When one studies her looks you could say she does have firm jaws built for crushing things between them. Including her unusally long fangs, yet shes never seen any fangs as long as hers. They're hooked on the end making her skilled in the hunting area. Shes more on the agile and lean side mostly. While her legs are perfect fitting to carring her swifftly.

Her pelt is gray blended over with some yellow and orange that fades into a white at her legs, belly, muzzle, and paws. In the winter her pelt seems to grow even more bushy making her look a bit bigger than what she actually looks. She has an odd scar over her thigh that looks deep, something bad happened here. Though she doesn't remember very well what happened. Her pelt smells of conifers and pine woods mixed with rosemary.
Moving to her eyes, her eyes are a pretty gold, green that shines lovingly on anyone at first sight. They carry a sense of firm yet gentle loveliness. She usually always is easy on her eyes but if angered or annoyed they can show boiling fury in them easily. Some could say the show off her emotions too much for comfort


Rena can be described as aloof and loving to most. Though there's always the flicker of fury in her eyes. Only some have seen her angry and they can tell you its not pretty. She isn't often mad though so usually you don't have to worry about her temper. You can always tell when shes on the verge of snapping. It's like a golcave fire burning in her eyes. Moving on from her anger she is very trustful, she believes everyone deserves a second chance. Though there are some wrongs you can do that she will never forgive you for. Not many dragons have ever done such a terrible wrong to make her not forgive them. It has happened unfortunately and she often tries her best to forget it. Then theres her loyalty, shes worthy and loyal forever bound to her pack no matter what. Even if it mattered losing her life she'd stand by her pack daring the danger on. But don't forget her pride, shes a VERY prideful dragon. Her pride is a very firm thing that stands by her It's always her pride and dignity after her pack. She can also be said to be very funny. At her best shes always trying to make others laugh and shine.

Aloof || Bouncy || Joyful || Two Sided || Charismatic || Wishful || Hopeful || Longing || Caring || Funny ||

Strengths & Weaknesses

Shes quite good at fast thinking but sometimes she can loose focus due to this.
She also is good at proving her point often with a sassy look on her face.
Though she does suffer from over thinking
She can be bad at small area hunting or fighting, shes claustrophobic.


Open pm me <3


Her older brother <3


Open pm me


Maybe later...


Edited at April 2, 2024 11:43 PM by Lost Rune
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 08:26 AM

Lost Rune
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Reserving another hunter >3
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 05:19 PM

Biologist at Work
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Reserving a Subordinate please! I'll have them up tonight.
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 06:08 PM

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All completed characters and reservations will be added shortly!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 06:11 PM

Raven Wing
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Firefly is done on page 2 :)
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 06:11 PM

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I have updated the list - I put everyone's forms that were posted and that looked near-done. :) Please be sure to finish in a reasonable time, however!

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