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We have been rping together for 5 HOURS?!
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TOBIAS, Me and Forgy are making makya and Chasm fall in love. It takes a while.
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Forgy, yes. I counted.
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Its been 5 hours?!

But fever dreams can be fun sometimes
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o.o Oh jeez i could never
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But dreams
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TOBIAS, been roleplaying for..the past... 5 hours.
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Well then sleep, and then go outside and stare at a wall
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I would turn em to bones. :(
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Outside is dangerous

And it's 4am and dark
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Do not attempt that technique at home. At least do it outside with vitamin D
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-WP Click-

What do we think? Keep or turn to bones?
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But the sick will go away if I depressingly stare at the wall long enough
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I'm alright, you?


Not much! Been tired so i may play video games for awhile <3

My friend brought me some of his games that he doesnt play anymore

How about you?
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Be back!
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Yes, sleep!
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It's almost


Do I sleep? (I'm sick-)
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How come?
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Forgy, writing this is embarrassing meeee
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Dang it my bald eagle feather got stolen!


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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 01:50 AM

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This RP is open but is still a slight WIP. Please bare with me.

Through the Winter
Wolf - Literate - Semi-realistic - Long-term

"They say that the Above Ones will protect us. I haven't heard them talk to me in weeks."

Table of Contents

I. TOC (You're here!)
II. Introduction + Plot
III. World
IV. Roles Explained + Masterlist
IV. Character + RP Rules
VI. Links + Advertisement
VII. Character Sheet

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 01:53 AM

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Underneath the brutality of the Southwest Creek Pack, there has always been a code. One that every wolf within must follow. Trials and celebrations. Lives and deaths. Praying to the Above Ones and understanding that everything that has come to you has been destined. Your life is a pre-chosen path that is going to come to you even if you try to escape it.

However, the Pack was not expecting the worst Winter they've had in decades.

The Alpha, a younger male, struggles to maintain the worry in his pack. He continues to reassure them - "nothing will happen", "we have enough food", anything to help him and ease his pack. But there was a point where his subordinates got tired of it. With no current mate and heir, it was easy to watch him go.

Nobody knew how it happened. Their new alpha male, gone within the night. He simply had gone missing. Whispers among the pack began to spread like wildfire but nobody would take accountability for it.

"It was the Beasts of the Night."
"The Omegas plotted this."
"It was the Above Ones doing."
"He left on his own."

Regardless of all of this, a more powerful, slightly older male has taken over with his mate. He is extraordinary at what he does and has created a new order within the pack. The brutality is still there while they still live among their moral codes and general pack rules. But he's grown more harsh these past few months, and nobody's sure why. Some suspect he sould his soul for power. Others say he's expecting a litter.

Or perhaps it's the beasts.

A neighboring pack had sent an Omega to deliver one and only message to the Southwest Creek pack;

"When you are awake at night, you will hear voices. They will come from the treeline and try to lure you in no matter what. Do not respond to them. Do not acknowledge them. The Beasts of the Night are here and they are alive. They take on the voice and form of anyone you love or perhaps killed as a way to guilt you. Whatever it is - Do. Not. Approach. Them."

Soon, a strict curfew was placed and the new Alpha and his mate are ensuring the safety of his pack while they try to know what happened to the former and try to survive the rest of the winter.

"Once they start hunting, they do not stop."


The Southwest Creek pack, only about two weeks into winter, struggle as a strict curfew is placed and everyone questions what had happened to their former Alpha. Some become skeptical of the new mated pair who seemingly showed up out of nowhere. Others believe in the Above Ones, and some are concerned more about the Beasts of the Night. Whichever it is, something is brewing, and it's unsure of when it will expose itself.

Where will you stand in this time of turmoil?

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 02:19 PM

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Above Ones

The Above Ones are the deities of the wolves. Some have stronger beliefs than others, but everyone has believed at some point or another. You would always grow up hearing about them. The Shaman and Shaman's apprentice are considered to be closest to these deities, interpreting their will and words. The Above Ones are said to create the destinies that most of the pack believe in. Most would say that you can tell when the faith you have in the Above Ones is strong, as you gain some sort of luck, though this hasn't exactly been proven as others could say it's only dumb luck.

The pack believes in only five Above Ones/Gods. Each represent the following:
Names are unknown, but some wolves will make up their own ideas of names and what to refer to them as. There are some ceremonies dedicated to each god, but mostly any individual may pray to them... That is if you believe. They have been around for as long as anyone can remember, stories being passed down from generation to generation.

Beasts of the Night

These 'beasts' are shadowy figures that linger within the territory, mostly in the treeline and never truly make themselves known. They are nocturnal, their whispers being heard at night. They are known to mimic anyone - their voice, and even appearance if you ever encounter it. They're almost like spirits - demons, if you will - that are sickening the pack with unbelievable ideas ever since the former Alpha's disappearance. A Beast of the Night has no known way to be killed, or if they even can be.

Their basic appearance are shadow-like figures, almost like mists, with glowing red eyes. Their normal whispers when not trying to mimic someone, are super deformed and hard to understand. Nobody knows if what they speak is nonsense or if it makes sense, but these beings are mostly unsettling and not to be trusted. Their first appearance was around a year ago, just before the former alpha had taken over.

Neighboring Pack(s)

North Riverun Pack - This pack is made up of a smaller number of wolves, not really posing as any sort of threat. They are to the north of the pack, over fifty miles away. Very rarely do these two packs ever interact with one another but they are aware of each other's existance.

Eastern Timber Pack - To the east of the pack, roughly ten miles, lies this pack. They are larger but majority of their wolves are much older. The two stray away from one another, though not for any particular reason. Not much has ever been said, so they're unaware of each other's behaviors and such.

South Light Pack - This pack is known for their small numbers but their aggression. They are constantly moving. The pack has encountered them once years before and territorial issues occurred but the pack was able to maintain what is theirs. Their whereabouts are currently unknown, but they were down to about six wolves before ultimately disappearing. Is it the Beasts? The Above Ones? Who knows.

Important NPCs

Alpha Abel & His Mate Elia - The alpha pair before the previous Alpha Male. These two were known for ensuring the pack's dominance within their territory by training all wolves within hunting, scouting, and sometimes even battle. They made the pack even more brutal and strict as well, as those before them had, though it's said they had the biggest impact.

Alpha Waylen - The former Alpha male and the one who disappeared. He was young and unsure of how to lead, him taking over a sudden choice. He was respected but wolves grew more and more impatient as winter struck them hard and the pack struggled. He had only led for about nine months before he had died... or whatever happened to him. He has a sister, the beta female, and the alpha spot should've been hers alongside a male of her choice but the new alphas stopped that before it could even happen.

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 02:19 PM

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Roles Explained

Alpha Male
The most dominant and highly respected male within the pack, he is the leader. He appoints roles, rules, and enforces them to the best of his abilities alongside his mate. His word is law and should never be questioned. Though this rank can be challenged for, it is mostly attained through bloodline. A next of heir normally takes over, the alpha before probably either another older sibling or a parent. That said, there are rare occassions where the alpha male may be a wolf without any alpha bloodlines. This is normally challenged for in the fall.

Alpha Female
The Alpha Male's mate, her main job is to be the dam of his pups and continue the bloodline. She's quite the advisor as well though, and is considerably observant and motherly to her pack. She normally takes on smaller jobs like checking the dens and how much prey is left over. She helps to arrange hunting and scouting parties and might even join them if needed and if she's free. This position cannot be challenged for as she is handpicked by the Alpha Male.

Beta Male & Female
These two wolves (do not have to be mated) are not only the next alphas until an heir is produced, but they also help to enforce rules and mainly lead hunting and scouting parties. They have a way of directing others and report back to their Alphas whenever needed. They are both picked by the Alpha male and female respectfully and are normally close friends or even family to the Alphas (not including heirs, obviously).

The Shaman is more of a spiritual leader, interpreting the will of the Above Ones while also practicing medicine to heal the wolves in the pack. What they do is not magic. They have a different connection to the world than anyone else. This wolf is a bit on the older end, around seven and older, and their abilities become apparent early on but they aren't fully trained and developed in a while. The alphas normally go to them for advice.

Shaman's Apprentice
This wolf has shown signs of becoming a Shaman, and so they have become their apprentice. They learn from the lead shaman and take interest in it. They are around three or four years old and don't complete training until six or seven. They help with gathering herbs, studying certain things, etc. They sorta serve as an assistant as well.

Hunters & Scouts
These specific wolves are trained well in hunting and tracking. They are scheduled to go out as often as the Alphas request to check borders and look for prey. Scouts normally tag along hunting parties in case of neighboring wolves or other threats are posted, but scouts normally go alone on their parties. They help to keep the pack in a certain order and maintain safety and health.

The bulk of the pack. All of these wolves pull their weight to the best of their abilities. They all have a way of adding something to the pack. They have the chance of becoming hunters and scouts if trained, but they normally stay closer to the camp and helps to keep things organized. Everyone sort of mixes and mingles.

These wolves are 1-2 years old and are still learning their place among the pack. Some may end up subordinates, while others move higher up in the ranks. They're most likely the offspring of higher rankings as well, though it's not impossible that they're the offspring of a lower ranking wolf.

Wolves below the age of one. They are the future of the pack and are to be protected at all times no matter what. They are not orphaned pups and at least have a mother. Pups that become orphaned are normally drove out of the pack as their parent probably didn't end up gone for no reason.

Retired wolves basically. They share stories and their wisdom among the pack. They're about 10+ years of age and are near death which is why the Shaman respects them so much. They are highly respected.

The lowest of the low. These wolves do not have much respect under their belt. They could be newcomers still trying to prove themselves or wolves who have been demoted. They get stuck with the boring jobs and don't get to do much. They may tend to dens, watch pups, etc. However, threatening them is not allowed. It is the Alphas duties to ensure that the Omegas do what they are told and can prove themselves again if needed.

"We're going to get through this together."


Alpha Male
-Súsán | M | 6 | Space Man

Alpha Female
- Kéthil | F | 4.5 | Biologist at Work

Beta Male & Female
- Kairos | M | 6 | rolliesuchus
- Allouette | F | 5 | Spellbound

-Elori | M | 9 | Spellbound

Shaman's Apprentice
- Juniper | F | 3.1 | Bruiser

Hunters & Scouts
-Ranger | M | 5.2 | ScaredyKat
-Rena | F | 4 | Lost Rune
-Firefly | M | 5 | Raven Wing
-Alpine | M | 5 | Lost Rune
-Lilith | F | 4.5 | Spellbound
-Lorenzo | M | 4.8

- Deja | F | 4 | rolliesuchus
- Affogato | F | 6 | los campesinos!
-Esme | F | 3.2 | Biologist at Work
-Eirini | F | 6 | Lost Rune
-Zitkaduta | M | 6 | Spellbound
-Aoife | F | 2.3 | rolliesuchus

-Sullivan | M | 1.4 | Astrolistic
-Everette | M | 1.8 | Bruiser


-Vivien | F | 10 | ScaredyKat

-Belladonna | F | 4 | Moff

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 02:19 PM

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Character Rules

1. Obviously, all of SixBear/Eve's rules apply and trump all.

2. Characters are to be 1+ of age for now.

3. Please be sure to keep all characters realistic. I don't want to see a very powerful canine with no weaknesses, or a canine with rainbow stripes.

4. Your character must have three strengths and three weaknesses - no exceptions.

5. No OP characters.

6. You're allowed four characters.

7. Please keep genders as even as possible.

8. While romance is not a big deal in this RP, it is fine to have mini sub-plots for. That being said, do not make romance the plot of the RP - that just isn't what it is. I am not against it, but /no/ LGBTQ+ this RP. For the sake of realism and romance not being a huge focus.

9. Your character sheet must have at least 250 words in personality and appearance each. This simply proves your literacy. I will be checking, and no, I won't be making exceptions.

10. No characters will be of romantic interests to one another if they are your own two characters.

11. Don't have your character constantly running off, causing trouble - it's annoying, and honestly, it's frusturating to most players.

12. Your characters have some sort of bond, albeit new friends or best friends - but they all know each other somehow. Nobody is complete strangers.

13. I am going to be slightly picky when it comes to characters. I do not want to see the same copy-and-paste character. I want diversity. So please be creative!

"He's going to kill us all."

RP Rules

1. Again, Eve's rules trump all.

2. Type at least 300 words per post with proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. I understand writer's block, but 300 should be enough to keep everything going.

3. Have permission to harm/kill someone else's character.

4. Be sure to include everyone! This is not a 1x1.

5. If you have a question, please either PM me or ask in the discussion to prevent clogging this thread.

6. Swearing is fine as long as it isn't over-used.

7. Obviously, skip over explicit scenes if there ever is one.

8. Lastly, post at least once a week! That's all I ask. If you're going to be inactive or want to drop out, please do not just drop the RP.

9. Have fun!

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 02:19 PM

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"It has to get better, right? We aren't abandoned?"


After a mysterious disappearance of the former alpha, the Southwest Creek Pack is faced with more horrors than they could imagine while only trying to make it through the winter.

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 02:27 PM

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Character Sheet

Everything here is required. You may add whatever you think is necessary.

Note: If you have a pregnant character, they will not be due for a while. Also, if they already have children, those pups must be 1+. Thank you.

Desired Rank
Thoughts on Disappearance
Thoughts on New Alpha

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 07:18 PM

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Name: Juniper

Nickname(s): Juno, sometimes Juni.

Age: 3 and 1 month

Sex: Female

Rank: Shaman Apprentice

Desired Rank: Shaman

Reputation: A generally liked female. She's respectful and does as she's told. She's known for her patience and her work as the apprentice. Some will question her as their own beliefs waver in the Above Ones, though she figures that's not her problem.

Thoughts on Disappearance: As a youngster, it worries her. What if it comes after those even younger? Or maybe every alpha? She feels a certain respect for the disappearance as it's showing who does and doesn't believe, but as a strong believer in the Above Ones and the fates that are pre-planned, she can't help but think they had a hand. She wouldn't be surprised if anyone 'told her so' about it being something else.

Thoughts on New Alpha: She's unsure but still respects him and his mate. Juniper will simply continue her studies and be trained nonetheless.

Appearance: Juniper is a small little thing. Being born a bit early, she was the result of an accidental litter to begin with, though was blessed with a certain elegance. Or is it caution? Whichever it is, she stands at 2.3 feet tall and weights roughly 105 pounds. She stands with a lowered head and pinned ears most of the time, showing her subordinance to her superiors. She has very little liking to trying and be all big and powerful and she can't even look the part anyways. She takes a pride in smelling decent as well - pine and a certain mix of flowers almost always lingering on her coat. She would be considerably easy to track had she ever gone missing. Her face is slim and her build only appears to be slightly larger because of the amount of fur she has. In reality, she's quite small and only some muscle could be seen such as in her legs. Juniper appears as a very innocent wolf, and that she is.

Her coat is made up of thick, harsh fur that can be seen as simple yet distracting. While there isn't exactly a whole lot going on with this female, her coat is still interesting to look at. She's mainly light - made up of creams and lights tans. Her underside is the lightest whereas her topside is a bit more dull and appears to be a light gray in color. Her cheeks possess this lighter tone, the top of her nose being more reddish-brown. The light gray begins at her forehead and follows down, though her ears are untouched and are the same sort of brown that is on her nose. Juniper has a lightness above her brilliant amber eyes, giving a sense of more emotion when she speaks - almost like eyebrows. The gray coloring speckles throughout her backside, mainly towards her tail.

Juniper has a dark nose and paw pads, her nails being a bit lighter gray. While she has no apparent scarring that is super visible or notable, she does tend to have some sort of plant debris tangled within her fur. You can expect small plants, some dust and dirt, and probably random flower petals as well. While this is not intentional, she doesn't always exactly have the time to clean herself up, so they linger for a while before she can properly get to it.

©HOTNStock on dA - Stock Image


Social | Inclusive | Energized

Juniper is a social bee. She enjoys interacting with others and is quite the conversationalist. She has a way of starting them, normally asking out-of-the-blue questions. That isn't to say she has no filter, but rather she likes getting to know others. You can tell she is an introvert by the way she can just shoot the breeze with about anyone, even if it's for a brief moment. She enjoys the chatter to pass time and to get to know someone more. Juniper is not the kind to force a conversation though. She's able to read the room and understand that not everyone is going to want to listen to her. There are times for her conversation. Some other things you may notice is her witty sense of humor and her way of articulating her words. She speaks very elegantly and addresses everyone with respect regardless of rank.

Juniper, while social and a great conversationalist, she also likes to be inclusive. No, she's not going to randomly round up a group to just... talk, but she will however invite others around if she wanted and she always finds a way to bring others along. While she can be independent and do things on her own, as it was also the way she was raised, she finds that things go much faster when she has some sort of company. However, Juniper isn't always going to bring a large group. She normally asks the other wolf beforehand for permission and is respectful about their privacy. She also is known to be something of a 'therapy friend', being quite wise for her age and being a figure of comfort. She's definitely a shoulder to cry on, even if you don't want to tell her anything - she'll listen regardless. Because of her spirituality, she doesn't care about things like background and what you've done. She's there no matter what and isn't going to turn her back on you, even if you wrong her.

If you couldn't tell already, Juniper is quite energized. She's always ready for the day, eager to learn and achieve new things that some wolves don't even get the chance to. She has a way of keeping herself positive and believes that wanting to learn and do new things means that she will be able to do those things. Sorta like manifesting her life in a way, though she still follows the idea of being put on Earth for a reason. She's philisophical that way, while staying true to her spirituality and maintaining an idea that there is a greater above and the Above Ones are real. Her idea of a good day is simply just learning new things. She's quite simplistic that way and takes joy in the smaller things. She doesn't think every day has to be some huge accomplishment, but as long as you did at least something, that's enough for her.

Self-doubtful | Patient | Sensitive

As easy-going Juniper is, she's full of self-doubt. Knowing she could possibly become a very important member within the pack and knowing that not everyone is going to believe in what she does, she struggles with that idea of being depended on as well. Juniper has already prepared herself for the idea of being 'not super respected' because not everyone believes that she could even 'talk to the gods' or anything of the like. It's not the hate that bothers her, but it instead those who do believe in her. What if they hear something they don't want? What if she's wrong? She generally tries to make an attempt to push past these thoughts but sometimes it gets a bit hard.

Regardless of her self-doubt though, Juniper is patient. She patient with others and herself and knows that the things that happen happen for a reason, regardles of whether or not it's predetermined. She has a way of waiting that most are incapable of doing, her attention span being very long and focused as well. Not to say she won't pass time somehow when a long task is given to her, but she is able to wait a while before growing bored. With others around her, she's the type to sit and listen and doesn't like to pry at someone, normally wanting and waiting for them to feel comfortable. Patience is simply in her nature. You will never see her blow a fuse because someone or something wasn't fast enough for her.

One thing about Juniper is that she's going to feel things on a high level. She likes to be vulnerable and seeing the vulnerability in others makes her feel comforted in a relatable sort of way. She's very sensitive and while she knows the difference between a joke and a genuine remark, she still takes some things to heart. She finds the world to be a beautiful place and would like to be able to experience it to the fullest. That being said, she's bound to bring up slightly personal questions that make someone feel invaded or vulnerable, but only when she knows the other person feels comfortable in doing so.

Mature | Gullible

Juniper is quite mature. While still possessing some child-like traits, she knows when to be serious and when to clean her act up a bit. She's quite wise as well, learning from the best and understanding how to read others around her. She tries to give her best advice when needed and when asked as she doesn't like to speak out of turn. She has a way of keeping herself defined as easy-going and mature while still having fun, and she believes it's why so many others at least kind of respect her. She knows when to take it down a notch and actually listen.

The sad thing about Juniper is she can easily be manipulated. She can never see the bad in others and struggles to get rid of something or someone bad in her life as she believes that people can change for the better as long as they put their mind to it. Anyone could come into her life and make her believe a big lie, and she would let them walk all over her. She doesn't know how to speak up as she isn't confrontational and would rather keep someone in her life instead of risking losing them. It creates a weird rift where she may know you're lying, but refuses to do anything about it. While she could be in denial, she's looking at you like you're still the best thing in her life. It has to do with her undoubted loyalty but also being terrified of ending up alone.


Physical Strength

TBD -- PM me!

Kin: N/A (PM me if you're interested)

Mate: None as of now

Offspring: None, though she wants some in the future.

Other: PM me if you're wanting to plot anything with this gal.

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 07:18 PM

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Name: Everette

Age: 1 year and 8 months

Sex: Male

Rank: Juvenile

Desired Rank: He'll be a subordinate, working his way up to hopefully beta... though the expectation is more or less his father's not his.

Reputation: Everette is known to be your average troubled, reckless, and adventerous male with a certain youthful spark to him. Some don't like him because of how much of an asshole he can be at times, occassionally snapping when there's no reason to. Other than that, he's pretty hit and miss based on who you talk to. Some respect him because he's the beta male's son, others could care less for him.

Thoughts on Disappearance: The only thing he has to say about it is that somebody probably killed him. His guess would be the new alphas for power and getting what they want. Because his beliefs in the Beasts and Above Ones are the least of his concerns, he refuses to believe any 'higher deity' had anything to do with it.

Thoughts on New Alpha: Well, he is his uncle. As much as Everette may conspire against him, he's still family and helped give his father his position. He respects him nonetheless and allows himself to be open-minded. Not only is it his superior, but also a male with power. Everette wouldn't want to mess with that.

Appearance: Everette stands at nearly two feet, being considerably small. His build is skinny and lean, though not much for muscle is apparent. Some say it's his fast metabolism, but to him it's more or less being eaten alive by the guilt he carries inside of him. He doesn't have much for a powerful stride or anything extraordinarily eye catching about him either. He's sort of like a ghost in a way - slipping in and out of scenes without anyone really noticing. However, this male is still growing and its mostly likely that he will grow into his skin more, perhaps earning an adult height and two and some more feet. As of now he weighs roughly ninety five to a hundred pounds - again, probably reaching a maximum mass of one hundred plus pounds. It's hard to tell, but his size has never been much of a concern to him. It's the least of it honestly.

Everetts coat resembles something similar to fall. He has light cream that curves on his underside, following down his legs and paws. His face bud mostly light as well, the color carrying upon his eyes above and below. The color fades into a light orangey brown, covering most of his back which is accompanied by a black coloring, mostly towards his rear end and tail. There is a streakness of the light cream color on his back, carrying down to just behind his shoulders, almost like a saddle would on a horse. He has bright yellow eyes, almost as though he were from somewhere beyond Earth. They becomes especially pale in direct sunlight, and look a bit dull in average lighting.

His wide-ish face is accompanied by a dark nose, nails, and paw pads. His muzzle is whide with tall and rounded-tipped ears that are sensitive to the noises around him. His paws are a bit more on the smaller end of the spectrum due to his already small size. You can find Everette with a matted coat, covered in mud and dirt mostly.

©Khalliysgraphy on dA - Stock Image

Reserved | Humble | Immature

Everette isn't the most social being around. He prefers to keep to himself or within smaller groups. While he can communicate with others quite well, he finds it awkward when there isn't much to talk about or when he doesn't even know the other individual. He prefers to keep a lot of things to himself, especially is opinions... he tends to have quite a bit of those. He prefers to slowly open up about himself to others instead of just out-right saying personal things, though this young male is very honest and normally pretty straight forward. In most cases, anyway.

Troubled | Emotional | Determined

Adventerous | Troublemaker

Kairos - Sire
Susan - Uncle
Affogato - Aunt
Mother - Exiled due to disrespecting former Alpha Male and Female. Unknown if she is alive, but Everette can assume she's deceased.

Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A


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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 07:18 PM

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