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We have been rping for 5 hours apparently
06:11:42 Leo, Lion (He/him)
A lot isn't enough 💀 You should see my game mail!
06:11:04 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Fuck! Some animal stole my bald eagle feather right when i needed it :(
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Alright, we should probably stop rping for now. At least until some other people get responses in. We've given them a lot of notifications too
 Austan vindar
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Forgy, okay ^^
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Yeah, figured. Yours it Aus
 Austan vindar
06:02:21 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, oh yeah, by the way, your nickname is forgy now.
 Austan vindar
06:01:32 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, I know, but big chuckling flustered guy over there doesn't speak to me as a squeaking type.
06:01:27 Silver
Pm if you want to rp
 Suburban Disaster
06:00:15 Key | Froggy | Keevy
You ever heard a fox squeak? Cutest thing ever
 Austan vindar
05:59:41 Dont call me Blep :P
Bro squeaked. XDDD
 Austan vindar
05:59:17 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, True, True.
 Austan vindar
05:59:01 Dont call me Blep :P
Tobias, what's wrong with taking 5 hours and using up twelve pages to make a character fall in love?
 Suburban Disaster
05:58:54 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Ey, we're keeping Fei's rp alive
 Austan vindar
05:58:04 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, we've filled 12 fucking pages. Oh my God, fei is gonna be so mad XD
 Austan vindar
05:57:01 Dont call me Blep :P
Froggy, yes and true.
 Suburban Disaster
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Correction, you are making Makya fall in love. Chasm was already head over heels for this man
 Suburban Disaster
05:55:35 Key | Froggy | Keevy
We have been rping together for 5 HOURS?!
 Austan vindar
05:55:14 Dont call me Blep :P
TOBIAS, Me and Forgy are making makya and Chasm fall in love. It takes a while.
 Austan vindar
05:54:43 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, yes. I counted.


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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 07:18 PM

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res jus in case B)
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 07:20 PM

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Name: DEJA[day-zhah], ("Day", "D" for nicknames)
Age: 4 years
Sex: Female

Rank: Subordinate
Desired Rank: Scout[she is too scared to leave the camp area]
Reputation: Fairly respected, known for her caringness. If you don't know her by name, you definitely know her by her odd appearance
Thoughts on Disappearance: Deja sees the uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of the pack's alpha with an empathetic view. While understanding the comfort some find in attributing it to divine intervention, she remains open-minded yet skeptical, questioning assumptions and searching for the truth amidst the pack's beliefs and theories. She doesn't have concrete beliefs of why or if it was a good or bad thing.
Thoughts on New Alpha: Because the pack is under a lot of stress, Deja understands the new Alphas harshness. She stays cautious towards him but still supports him and his mate.


LINES @ Space Man

COLORS @ rolliesuchus

Deja is a fairly big wolf, standing at a good 2.7 ft and weighing in at 115 lbs. This isn't all surprising considering both her parents were also larger. She has thick legs, a fairly thick body and a strongly shaped head. Deja’s nose bridge is slightly crooked, giving her a hard time to smell and breath, as the crookedness impedes on her nasal cavity. She has a defined brow ridge which can make her look angry in early/late lighting. Her fur is at its most thickest on the base of her neck and down into her chest area, giving her a “lion's mane”. Of course, wolves don't know what a lion is so it's just referred to as her mane. Her tail has the same fate, being bushy and wiry in feel. Down at her paws, where her dew claws are, are short patches of fur from her gnawing on the claw to keep them short. Deja’s eyes are a hazel-y green.

Yet, what truly sets her apart is a genetic mutation resulting in piebalding—a random scattering of white patches amidst her predominantly grey-brown coat. Under the piebalding, Deja is a brown and cream colored wolf. Her unders are more cream, with her eyebrows and back being covered as well. The cream on her back speckles down towards her rump. There is grey ombré-ing down from her forehead to the tip of her tail, in addition to the grey creeping down the back on her haunches and near down to her knees. A darker brown is observed on her ears, tail tip and on her muzzle. The darkest brown, almost a black, accompanies the cream on her back, as well as adds tier three to her three tier cake tail.

Now, on her piebald. White covers her right ear and a majority of the center/right side of her face. Her cheek tufts on the left side are completely covered, trailing down her throat and connecting on her left with white on the top on her neck/start of her back. On her stomach there is connected white with her back, and it stretches towards her knee. The separated patches on Deja are as follows: left front high socks(reaches towards her elbow), left front line that goes from the inside of her elbow to the shoulder, another small patch is located on her left shoulder, a patch on her left side by her haunches, a short sock on her left back leg, nearly all of her tail is covered, and lastly a patch located on her butt. Deja's nose is supposed to be fully black, or atleast a shade close to black, but due to the piebalding she has, pink covers 80% of her nose.


Deja, the wolf with a name that resonates with a sense of familiarity and mysterious premonition, embodies a captivating blend of traits that make her both endearing and enigmatic. At the core of her being lies a profound kindness, an innate warmth that she extends not only to her pack but also to any creature she encounters in the wild. Despite her quietness, Deja's heart is tender, and her actions are often guided by a desire to protect and nurture those she holds dear.

One of Deja's most distinctive qualities is her use of a mocking tone. Her sarcasm is not born out of malice but rather serves as a shield, a means to deflect attention from her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Beneath the surface of her taunting lies a deep-seated fear for the well-being of others, a fear that stems from a profound understanding of the dangers lurking in the untamed wilderness they call home. Yet, even in moments of jest and mockery, Deja's genuine concern for her packmates shines through, revealing the depth of her loyalty and devotion.

Despite her occasional teasing and sarcasm, Deja's commitment to her pack is unwavering. She is fiercely protective of her fellow wolves, standing as a loyal guardian in times of adversity. Her caring nature extends beyond mere physical protection; she also serves as a pillar of emotional support, offering comfort and reassurance to those who find themselves grappling with their own fears and uncertainties. Despite her quiet nature, Deja possesses a fierce loyalty to her pack and a willingness to protect its members at all costs.

Her understanding of the dangers lurking in the woods fuels her protective instincts, compelling Deja to do her utmost in assisting her packmates. With each rustle of leaves and distant howl, she remains vigilant, ready to lend a helping paw whenever needed. However, there is a lingering fear within her, a fear of venturing too far into the dense thicket where the shadows grow long and the unknown lurks. Deja strives to contribute in any way she can, understanding that their strength lies in their unity and cooperation.

She enjoys quiet moments exploring short distances outside the camp alone, finding comfort in nature's patterns. While disruptive antics annoy her, she admires the spirited playfulness of the younger wolves. She finds solace in cool, crisp nights under the moon's glow, where she contemplates the mysteries of the world.


  1. Deja's compassionate nature fosters strong bonds by offering unwavering support and comfort.
  2. With quick wit and humor, Deja diffuses tension, aiding in navigating challenges.
  3. Despite her lesser status, Deja's loyalty and devotion earn her some trust and respect.


  1. Insecurity hinders Deja's confidence and sense of belonging.
  2. Deja's tendency to hide vulnerability impedes open communication.
  3. Deja's avoidance of conflict may prevent her from asserting herself effectively.

Affiliations: knows nearly everyone by name
Kin: N/A i suppose
Mate: None
Offspring: Big no
Other: None

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 08:36 PM

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5.2 Years
Desired Rank
Ranger is a well known member of the pack, known best for being into everything. He's sneaky, and has mastered blending in, maybe as to why he's a pretty sufficient scout. Ranger is patient and kind, though he's very weary and cautious of almost everything. The male has experienced tough times in his life, so he's learned not to trust all that easily. That being said, the pack knows that if there's any secrets or tea to be had, Ranger probably knows about it. Of course, no information is free. While Ranger is fericely loyal to the pack, and would never dream of even once betraying it, there's always some... lucrative opportunities that come with selling off rumors and secrets. (He's a snitch essentally)
Thoughts on Disappearance
It's one thing that Ranger can't seem to understand. For someone who knows everyone's secret, how could he let this one slip through his paws? He'd kept tabs on the alpha like everyone else in the pack. Maybe he trusted him too well... It only secures the feeling that Ranger can't trust anyone fully.
Thoughts on New Alpha
Especially after the disappearence of the last alpha, Ranger is kept on his toes. He doesn't trust the new alpha, and is even one of the wolves spreading rumors and fairytales. He knows very well none of it's true, but something inside of him tells him that he can't trust this new alpha. Another side says he's betraying the pack just by believe that, but he can't deny his gut, something that's kept him alive thus far.
Ranger stands at an average 2 ft and is pretty light at 120 pounds for a male. His size allows for him to sneak around unnoticed and fit into places others can't. His paws are small as well as his claws, proving to be quite the hinderence when it comes to fighting. Inside his mouth are still sharp teeth, although he doesn't always have to use them. Interestingly enough though, Ranger is missing one of his teeth (excluding his canines) due to an accident he was in. His fur is dappled light grey with an almost white under belly while his tail, back, and neck blend into a darker grey, some parts almost black. His hind legs are dappled in spots, both black and white, while his sides almost have a bluish-grey hue to them. Ranger as larger, pointy black ears that rest atop his narrow head, perfect for listening and hearing secrets and rumors. His black and brown nose do well for catching scents and sniffing out secrets as well, and he has a few white whiskers already poking through. Ranger's dazzling ice blue eyes are usually narrowed and darting around himself with a cautious look stuck in his gaze. As for his fur, it's soft and thick, and Ranger has little to no scars whatsoever besdes a gnarly one on his left ankle, stemming from the same accident that he lost his tooth in. Nonetheless, Ranger is a healthy male with a lean build primarily meant for speed and stealth.
Ranger used to be a father and a mate. But that changed. Worst part is, he has no one to blame since they were ripped away from an enemy he can't fight. Sickness and disease. The poor thing never really got over it either. Though he's found ways to cope. Ranger has secluded himself from most of the pack since losing them. It's the reason he became a scout; to get away and be on his own. Of course he could never betray his pack. Instead he's chosen to protect it through the only way he knows how; secrets.
Ranger isn't big, nor strong, and he's not the best fighter either. However he does have one thing up his sleeves (or fur?) He's into everyone's business. He knows secrets about everyone (with other player's consent of course <3) and is steathly in doing so. Even though he is fericely loyal to his pack, he doesn't trust anyone completely. He's learned that turst is earned, and since the disappearence of the last alpha, a wolf he had his complete trust in, it's only made things more difficult for him. In the aftermath, a few came to him, to see if he knew anything. Yet... Ranger didn't understand it. None of it.
Through it all though, Ranger is a patient being. Even as his nerves grow with each passing day, he knows that something will be done, whether for the betterment of the pack or for the worse. Whatever the outcome, he is willing to go down with the pack need be. It's where his mate and pup lived and died, and it is where he will live and die as well.
-Finding out secrets-
-Very weak physically-
-Trust issues-
Affogato - Gossip buddy
Eirini - Friend

-Deceased- (I can do this right? lol)
-Deceased- (for juicy plot and backstory)

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 08:39 PM

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Rule update: I lowered the word count for personality and appearance to 250 each because I realized 300 might be a bit too hard to reach :")
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 08:39 PM

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Stock Image . Credits To Khalliysgraphy @ Deviant Art
Five Years Old
The Beta Female
Desired Rank:
To Be Alpha Female As It Is Her Birthright & She Will Not Be Settling For Less
A Well Respected Leader ; Everyone Knows Her & Knows To Respect Her. She's Diligent And Hardworking, With Much Love And Respect For Her Pack Members. She Has Been Groomed To Lead, And Most Take To Her Authority Quiet Easily - She's Respectable And Reliable. Most Agree That Only Fools Would Challenge Her Word - Because That's Like Picking A Losing A Battle. She's A Wolf Who Cares For Her Members Individually And Gets To Know Them On A Personal Level - She Has Connections & Strong Bonds With Members Of The Pack. It Isn't Presumptuous To Say That Most Listen To Her Than These . . . Rookies. After all, The Former Alpha Was Her Flesh & Blood.
Thoughts on Disappearance:
She finds it highly suspicious and alarming, and she finds it upsetting that one is talking about it nor doing anything about it. She is missing her brother, and she's grown bitter about this subject - it is a source of gossip among the pack and she knows it. It irks her nerves to even hear whispers of what others think happened to her brother, and not to mention how most are saying he displeased the gods and view this as punishment of some sorts. It's just disrespectful and disgusting, and she is losing her cool more often due to those slandering her brother.
Thoughts on New Alpha:
She has nothing but pure indifference towards them ; she will do her job to the best of her capacity. She definitely doesn't trust them nor respect them as leaders - as they have stolen something that is her birthright. It can be said she does have some underlying anger towards them but she would never let that show unless there was a cause to do such a thing. But for now, she's angry and upset that these amateurs have taken the lead, and then with such harsh rulership? She can only pray for their downfall so she can lead her pack to their destined glory.
The shadows bend around this female's massive paws, and the darkness makes her complete - she melts into it, becomes one with it, treading only where there are pools of shade to find refuge in. Indeed, her stark, black fur makes her seem a fixture of the night itself, a captured piece of a starless sky. She is larger than most females, and as moody as a storm swallowed sea. Her black body may make her of level height with some of the males, her being 32 inches in height, and her fangs are just as unforgiving in a fight. She is far from brutish, however. The female's golden colored eyes glimmer with intelligence and morbid humor. She dislikes displays of bravado and needless killing. She herself fights with a clean, deadly accuracy - her teeth sharpened and form lean, muscled and agile.

She walks with an air of sophistication, tail held neither high nor low, and she prefers it if no one steps in her path. Confrontations with other wolves seem tedious to her, but she does not shy away from them if provoked - one can see the evidence of her past altercations in the form of the various scars that litter the fur on her pelt, if one were to observe it closely. The mutilated tissue was created by fangs and claws alike. Push her and she will not bend. Walk around her, and you will be unhindered, free to go on your merry way. Her largest scar cuts right down the center of her snout. A souvenir from the creature she hates the most: her own mother.

When meeting this female the first thing you notice is the way she carries herself ; she walks with a certain poise in her gait and her head held high, their is certain bounce in her steps and elegance in her canter. One can tell she was raised to be a well-mannered lady ; from the way she speaks eloquently, and always has some sense of charm to her words - the way she speaks is soothing, like honey dripping from her tongue and gentle on the ears of others. When she speaks, she has a definite purpose, she will not make a fool out of herself - as they say, she knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them. She has a certain gift of persuasion, being able to change the mind of others and get them to see it from her point of view - it can be said she is a tad bit manipulative, able to guilt others into doing something or being able to extract information she needs. Now, most don't ring alarm bells because for the most part she is a genuinely nice soul - it is only when you've invoked her fury will she up the ante. She's very intelligent and sharp ; able to come up with plans and solutions to problems rather quickly and effectively, and she's also good with others - able to listen and empathize with them and sometimes even sympathize. She is one with the people, and has a strong connection with them - always willing to listen to their concerns and help them when she is able to. However, while she is giving and warm - she expects it in return, so if she has helped you in the past and she requests your help in a genuine time of need you best believe she expects you to help her. If not, one will find themselves on her bad side - she hates those who don't repay their debts or help others in need, and not to mention ; she absolutely detests her time being wasted by another. She does and will hold a grudge for a long time about that indiscretion ; and you definitely will receive the cold shoulder. One can say she is a bit petty and vindictive when it comes to being crossed or fooled ; you only need to break her trust once before you find yourself needing to feel remorse for being so rude to her.

This female is of an even-temper, able to keep her cool and patience under the most troubling situations - she can also hold a slight optimism, being able to rally and uplift others when they are down and give a heartfelt speech to inspire others to keep going. While she may be optimistic, she also is a realist ; able to see things for what they really are, however it's better to be optimistic and keep morale up than just rain on the parade. She keeps her bitter thoughts to herself for the most part - after all they don't do much in a tense situation, unless the moment really calls for it because someone is being dumb. One can say that this female is rather no-nonsense, and she doesn't stand for stupidity or anyone's bullshit - no matter the rank, she calls it as she sees it - if you're being a bully, then you're damn well a bully. She doesn't appreciate recklessness or foolish behavior out of those who are supposed to be mature, and she doesn't appreciate adults acting like children either - it grinds her gears when adults bicker like little children over something simple. Also, if you're being a jerk and abusing your power, then she will call you out on it. Just because you're in a position of power doesn't mean she will gravel to you - one has to earn her respect and loyalty, and that's a tough thing to do. She doesn't appreciate anyone who is unnecessarily bossy or micromanaging, and she will tell you exactly how she feels about that.

This female is rather spirited - she holds herself in high esteem, not in a arrogant way, but in a way of that she knows exactly who she is and what she stands for and she won't let anyone or anything change that. She is confident in herself and knows her self worth and won't let anyone tell her otherwise. She is rather opinionated and bold - not afraid to speak out against injustice or go against it, she knows when to stand her ground and when to find a better time to draw attention to a problem. While she does care deeply for those she knows, there are few that she would do anything for - and that means anything, even if it means breaking one of her own morals if she loves you that much. It's to be noted, she doesn't see the world in black and white - she understands the grey areas and isn't afraid to use it to her advantage, even if it means making enemies or others misunderstanding her intention. While this female is truly a loyal creature, she's only loyal as long as you are doing your job right - she's not one to sit by idly as you make her life miserable just for fun, if you can't get it right or are doing wrong then she will make you get it right. It's easy for her to make friends, she's charismatic and charming - easily able to attract others with her manners, but she's wary of trusting others and letting them into her heart. Why? Because she's trusted before and gotten burned . . . badly, and she isn't keen on letting that happen again - so if one wants to truly be her friend then they have to have the patience to consistently get her attention and stand by her side. It pays off in the long run, because you'll never find a friend as loyal as this female. Just know, that once she calls you her friend, you have someone that will stand with you until the end of time itself or until she takes her last breath ; just don't break that trust or you'll lose such special bond.

It's not common for this female to get upset, however annoyed or miffed are part of her. Once can tell by her speech that she's beginning to become a bit annoyed by something, her words become more sharp and witty - while the sweet flowery tone of voice is their, their is more sarcasm and wit in her remarks to the object or person of her annoyance. She can be quite sassy when she wants to be, and she's quite mouthy when she's annoyed - she can and will argue with you up and down as well. Now when it comes to her real anger ; when she's mad, you better take cover - no one is able to escape her wrath. It's safe to say, when she's mad - she is on a warpath and anyone who tries to get in her way will be crushed and ground to dust ; the object of her fury will have to deal with her, she can and will threaten them - but also, she is not above getting physical either, if they're itching for a fight then she damn well will give them one. And she will not be gentle about it, she will go all out and there will be blood drawn - so it's safe to say, be careful when challenging her to a fight because even when she angry to challenge her makes her annoyed and she will prove herself to be superior. It is to note that she can be rather fierce ; a force of nature not to be trifled with, she is a fierce protector of those she knows and cares for - sometimes even willing to put her own life on the line for them. While she may have an easygoing spirit most of the time, you can see her fierce nature blaze within her eyes in moments and other times you can see it when she's using it for good.

When it comes to her family ; you best believe that this female is highly protective of her own. From her brothers and sisters to her nieces and nephews - all of them fall under the umbrella of her love and her protection. There is no question that if you hurt anyone that is her family, you better believe that she will bring the pain to you - she doesn't tolerate anyone who will slander or harm her family members and if you thing of doing such a thing she will find a way to make misfortune come your way. Now while she is protective of her family, there is no one that she is more protective of than her children - especially her younger ones. She loves her children and she protects them with her life and all her souls ; after all that is a mother's sword duty to do so. She raises her children with love - yet, there will always be a firm hand if needed. She makes sure her children have manners, because she will not accept anything less than that - and they will be taught how to be respectful as well. She will not raise disrespectful hooligans ; and if her children are being naughty she knows just how to handle them. Even when her children are older they better show her some respect as their mother and better not think just because they're nearly grown it'll save them from a lecture about their deplorable behavior. While she gets that other mother's maybe worried about her children ; she doesn't appreciate mares taking it upon themselves trying to discipline or raise her children in any way., and she will let it be known. Unless you are her mother or father ; do not try and make "helpful" suggestions to her on how to raise her children.

When it comes to romance, this female is a rather possessive when it comes to her lover ; she doesn't tolerate females trying to make a move on her partner and if he's encouraging them, he'd better run because he will receive a scolding too. She also doesn't like females making bodily contact with her mate because it means that female has gotten too comfortable. Of course, this doesn't apply to his family or friends (unless they begin looking suspicious) . She is a loving partner, doing her best to make them smile and make them happy - she loves being with them and learning things about them. She is rather softer and more affectionate with her partner than most ; and you can see her being more carefree and happier with the person that she loves. And it is well noted that this female likes the small things ; surprises, flowers, little spontaneous dates, & anything creative. As long as you know how to keep her happy, she will be a loving and happy partner. One thing to mention is : she doesn't tolerate cheaters or someone who will treat her like trash ; so if you switch your behavior towards her, then she's switching hers towards you. Meaning, you making her out to be a bitch, then she will become the biggest bitch you've ever seen just to spite them.

+ Her Loyalty
+ Rather Patient
+ Her Charisma
+ Leadership Skills & Potential
+ Excellent Huntress & Tracker
+ Very Eloquent Speaker
+ Good With The People
+ Highly Trustworthy
+ Very Self-Assured & Bold
- Possessive Of What Is Hers
- Holds Grudges & Is Rather Vindictive
- Can Be Rather Volatile When Angered
- Those She Views As Friends And Family
- A Rather Jealous Romantic Partner
- Can Be A Bit Manipulative
- Highly Territorial
- Has No Sense Of Fear At Times
- Can Focus On Work Rather Than Resting
We used to be close, but people can go
From people you know to people you don't
And what hurts the most is people can go
From people you know to people you don't
These two have been inseparable since they were pups ; if you saw one, the other could be found close nearby. They been a lot together, they've rejoiced together, fought together, and cried together. If their was anyone in this pack that she trusted the most - it would be this female, she would dare say she views the younger female as a sister, and that there is hardly anything that she wouldn't do for her. So that's why this hurts, how could she betray her like this? And she's sure that the female doesn't even know what she's done, bless her heart, but that doesn't stop the passive aggressive and awkward nature of their current interactions. It's frustrating because she knows she shouldn't be mad at her, but she's his mate and she should know better and know the order of things. It was her birthright so casually stolen, and she just went along with it . . . and that stings. Maybe things would be better if she actually talked it out, she doesn't know. It's just tense right now. This would technically be the biggest fight they've had if you could even call it that. She wishes things were different and like before, she still loves and cares for the female - she just needs time . . .
Waylen | Brother | Former Alpha Male | Deceased
Abel | Father | Former Alpha Male | Deceased
Elia | Mother | Former Alpha Female | Deceased
She Has No Mate
( It's Complicated . . . )

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 09:10 PM

Biologist at Work
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If I could reserve the Alpha Female position, I'll get her form up tonight!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 09:13 PM

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 09:22 PM

Raven Wing
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Reserve a Scout please?
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 09:27 PM

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 10:07 PM

Raven Wing
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- Name -

- Age -
5 years

- Sex -
Male / Masculine

- Rank -

- Desired Rank -

- Reputation -
Firefly is known as a reckless but caring individual. A wolf of two faces. On one hand, he can be grounding and a reassuring wolf to be around, a sweet fool who cares a little too much. On a hunt, however, he is ruthless and bloodthirsty. A guy to avoid, else you meet the wrong side of his fangs

- Thoughts on Disappearance -
It's quite strange. Firefly won't deny he is a little suspicious that a grander scheme might be afoot. Something bigger than simple rumors and whispers. Though, another part of him, a darker side, is glad that fool is gone before he could drive the pack into the dirt

- Thoughts on New Alpha -
Suspicious, wouldn't you say? The new, young alpha goes missing and suddenly new, very capable candidates come out of nowhere and take his spot? While Firefly does agree they are quite competent he does hold some reservations against them

- Appearance -
Firefly is a handsome individual, sporting a lithe build and a pitch black pelt. He is an average size for a wolf, though maybe a bit on the smaller size of the scale. He is certainly not the strongest or sturdiest of wolves, but Firefly makes up for that in his quick and agile nature that helps to make him quite the effective scout. His pelt is a black ebony, like staring into a void, and slightly fluffy in nature rather than sleek or glossy. His fur is soft to the touch, especially around the ruff of his neck and the fur on his cheeks that poke out a little more. His most distinctive feature, however, would have to be his eyes, or rather, his eye. Yes, firefly has a singular right eye colored a light brown, bordering on gold. He did not loose the other eye in a glorious fight or fateful accident, rather it was simply a birth defect he was born with. In the cover of the shade when he blinks, it's as if a firefly is within the dark, their light flashing to some unown rhythm, thus earning him his name Firefly. Most of his expressions remain calm and maybe a little bit teasing, with a smooth and quick pace that allow him to turn on a dime and a fearless presence that spells trouble and a reliable member to be around in a dangerous situation. He has small paws, long lanky legs, and a long body too. Bruises and cuts are usually hidden amongst his fur, and he has no scars to note of.

- Personality -
Firefly is certainly an interesting male. While he appears calm and rather collected on the outside, he is dangerous and savage. A wolf who likes to appear unassuming and unimpressive, but in reality can deal the savage bite at the most unexpected moment. That is not to say he is a backstabbing traitor though. Cross him, and Firefly will forgive, maybe even in a situation he shouldn't have. He is temperamental and emotional fool, but a fool that cares and would fight tooth and nail for his pack and family. He's the kind of friend you'd stay up giggling with while watching the sky or crying on his shoulder due to a recent breakup. This male would stay by your side through thick and thin, even for just a brief action that earned you his dedication. Firefly is calm and collected most of the time you hang around him. Little times will he raise his voice or snap at another pack member, but on the hunt he is tunnel visioned on the ultimate prize, and little will get in the way of what he desires. When he hunts, Firefly is savage and merciless, toying with his prey, manipulating their every move, until they have nowhere left to run and the hunters can come in and make the finishing blow. Something savage also seems to unlock in him whenever he gets into a fight. A demonic presence, full of ruthlessness and uncaring for the wellbeing of his foes. A slip into the kind of mindset that would lead him to tear his enemies apart until there was nothing left of them but scrap and fur, and feel nothing from it. It's quite a baffling duality in personality if you were to witness it first hand. A duality he seems to barely notice sometimes. A shift Firefly would not apologize for

Fearlessness is a good way to describe him. Little can make Firefly flinch, from roaring storms to a group of adversaries. Truly a trait that is both a blessing and a curse. It can make him both rush into danger without a second thought with something to protect or with the promise of a thrill, and make him a reliable allie and soothing presence when things seem dreary. He does his best to look out for everyone, omega or otherwise. Little could convince him to abandon another pack member, and especially a wolf that's his own kin. Firefly does tend to have a bit of a protective streak too, bordering on protective older brother who watches his siblings new crush very closely. Love is something he is whole inexperienced in, and one of the few things you'll catch him stuttering and stumbling at. Firefly doesn't know the first thing about wooing another wolf, from sweet phrases to asking them to spend some time with him. Expect a lot of blushing and bafflement from this male, though perhaps that's something they may find endearing about him

- Strengths -
- Skilled scout. This certainly isn't his first rodeo, and his black pelt and lithe demeanor certainly also help him find and chase them down
- Caring. There is little that can make Firefly leave another pack member behind, no matter the danger or circumstances. He will protect his pack to the end. This also means he can be quite dedicated when he has something to protect
- Calm. Little makes Firefly flinch. From storms, fire, and outnumbering enemies! He is soothing to be around when all seems lost, and can act as a grounding presence for another

- Weaknesses -
- Fearless. Firefly has gotten into a bad jam or two due to his reckless nature. From running headfirst into terrible situations to saying something he really shouldn't have to a furious adversary
- Bloodthirsty. On the hunt he can be a total thrill seeker, playing and stalking his prey until their last breath is taken by the hunters. Little can deter him from his path, and interfering in his hunt is dangerous
- Emotional. Emotions run his course. He does not act on logic, but rather mostly on what he feels at the moment. This causes him to be impulsive, overly optimistic, or very cynical

- Affiliations -
Always Open

- Kin -

- Mate -
His one and only Lilith of course

- Offspring -
Teehee ;]

- Other -

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