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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 10:17 PM

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Name: Shadow
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Rank: Alpha Male
Desired Rank: Alpha Male
Reputation: A very well-liked and respected alpha. He respects and cares for the entire pack. He likes his mate very much and is known for his fairness and battle prowess.
Thoughts on disappearance: He is worried and questions what will happen now. He is wondering if more of his pack will disappear.
Thoughts on New Alpha: He is the new alpha.
Appearance: He has a midnight black base coat with a single white spot on his head. His nose is black and he has deep, piercing blue eyes. He has long, powerful legs and a white-tipped tail. His muzzle is narrow and has a few light white streaks on it, along with a few on his chest. The tips of his ears are also tipped with white but are quite faded and the inner parts of his ears are white. He has a strong, commanding presence and a conservative gaze. He has strong, sharp teeth that sink into prey quite easily. He is quite tall and has a thick coat that protects him very well. He has strong, rippling muscles and a few battle scars that streak across his body. He has a gentle, playful gleam in his eyes that can turn into a cold, commanding one within a second. Flecks of gray are also spread around, inside his eyes. He has no birth defects and is very healthy and strong. His claws are sharp and slice through animals quite easily. His tail is thick and bushy and sweeps around him when he is angry or excited. His lips draw back into a fierce snarl, showing his long, sharp teeth, when he is angry or protective. His eyes sparkle with happiness and his tongue lolls out when he's playful or happy. His shoulders are big and broad, perfect for jumping or leaping onto things. He has long, strong legs that make him a very fast runner and his strides are quite long.
Personality: He can be very commanding with his wolves. He is calculating, cold, and cool with his enemies. He does not accept or value traitors and deals with them very quickly, punishing them or making them leave the pack altogether. He cares for his mate very deeply and is very protective of her. He will fight any male that even thinks about mating with her. He always makes sure that she is protected and cared for and will lick her and nuzzle her many times. He is very respectful to the elders in his pack and makes sure they are well cared for. He cares for all pack members, even the omegas, and will play and care for the pups many times. He respects the Shaman and apprentice deeply and values their work. He is also very patient with all of the pack members and makes sure that all are cared for and listens and respects his betas. He deals swiftly with juveniles and will punish any bad behavior. He is mature when needed but playful when needed too. He will fight alongside his pack as well as go on patrols and hunts when needed. He respects other alphas and deals his punishments out fairly. He also does not belittle his enemies or rival packs. He makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. He always bases his decisions on the good of his pack and always thinks of them first and foremost. He loves his pack and will do anything for them, even die.
Strengths: Fighting, Hunting, Leading.
Weaknesses: Empathy, Charisma, Luck.
Affiliations: Entire pack.
Kin: One sister and two parents.
Mate: Alpha Female
Offspring: None
Other: None
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 10:30 PM

Biologist at Work
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… ° .° Kéthil ° . ° …
None. Just Kéthil, Please.
4.5 Years of Age
Female ⁄ Feminine
| ______ °. ° ☪ ° .° ______ |
Alpha Female
Desired Rank:
She is the most content she could possibly be at the moment.
The Alpha Female is known among her pack by her nurturing, motherly take on all of the wolves in the pack. She is known to be the quieter of the two Alpha's but is there to take over when her mate his gone on trips and runs, overall the female is known for her quiet yet lead early take on things in the pack.
Thoughts on The Disappearce:
She is quite surprised by the sudden disappearance of their last Alpha, it had been so sudden when he mate had been taken up as Alpha Male and her to Female that she was still trying to figure everything out. As for where he is? Or what happened to him? She has absolutely no idea- now... She would never be skeptical on anyone in the pack, but after the rumours spreading around maybe she has been contemplating on whether or not trust should be given out so freely to certain wolves.
Thoughts on The New Alpha:
Her beloved. The only wolf she would ever trust with her life. He has been doing a fine job of she does say so herself... But again there is that newcomer aura around both of them, they are still learning. And there probably will never finish learning, there is always new things the gain knowledge in on this rank- and as far as she's concerned, they can do it.
| ______ °. ° ☪ ° .° ______ |
Physical Appearance:
Kéthil is a stunning creature. Her build is lithe and graceful, she has slightly toned muscles that your average wolf may have, and appears average size, standing at just about 29 and a half inches at the shoulder. While not among the tallest of wolves, or not standing out with incredible brute strength, this female has other desirable features. Her stealth is unmatched, she weighs lighter, though she can reach up to 100-105 if she's eating well. She walks with light paw steps to the ground, with a sort of flowy movement allowing her to be almost completely silent while hunting. She is also quite agile and quick. While she couldn't hold out on her own against one with brute force for long, she could definitely start to get the upper hand if they tired quickly. Her movements are quick and the amount of endurance she packs makes it easy to run away if need be. Her speed is quite extraordinary, the way she can leap and bound through a dense forest, pulling ahead of those bulkier wolves.
This she-wolf has quite the appealing coat color. A bright white as the sun bleaches it out naturally during the summer, and early fall months, and then turns into a creamier white during the months when the suns rays aren't as extreme. During winter it may give off a slight yellow hint to it. As for scars, this female has some smaller ones from accidents earlier, though she does have one quite visible one on her muzzle. When this female was younger, being the poor listener she was as a pup, wandered outside of the camp and injured herself pulling a stupid stunt. Of cohrse, she was left with a mark and many questions when she was able to get free and return.
As for her eyes, lovely things. Her orbs are a rich brown, similar Story a chocolate color with even darker flecks around the rim of her iris. In the light, they do become slightly lighter and become brighter looking. Her scent is similar to wildflowers, not too overpowering, but fresh and wild.
|| Quiet || Neutral || Unbothered || May be Flirtatious || Laidback not Lazy || Picky Eater || Comforting || Affectionate || Drama-Free || Chill || Motherly || Kind-Hearted || Innocent || Well-Mannered || Innocent Souled || Reserved || Self-Dependant || Polite || Clear-Headed || Caring || Capable || Courteous || Protective || Faithful || Unconditional Loyalty || Friendly || Second Chance Giver... Maybe Third || Slight Judgmental || Fair || Workaholic || Honest or Blunt || Hardworking || Kind || Independent || Loveable || Modest || Patient || Relaxed || Mediator || Hopeless Romantic || Simple || Quite The Introvert || Tidy || Breezy || Peaceful Unless Provoked || Mellow || Poised || Elegant || Refined || Graceful || Observant... To A Certain Level || Intelligent || Calm || Level-Headed || Respectful & Respectable || Passive || Dismissive || Gracious || Steady & Stable || Charming || Self Confident || Understanding || Creative || Impeccable || Agreeable || Wise || Experience Smart || Youthful || Empathetic || Trustworthy || Understanding || Quick Thinker || An Absolute Dear ||
| ______ °. ° ☪ ° .° ______ |
Strengths & Weaknesses:
⊕ Her Patience Level
⊕ Impeccable Self-Control
⊕ Reliability
⊕ Motherly Instincts
⊕ Calculating & A Quick Thinker
⊕ Charismatic Charm, If She never Did Need To Persuade Someone... She Could.
⊗ Easily Distracted
⊗ Emotional Vulnerability
⊗ Deafness in One Ear
⊗ When She Really Gets Into Something its Quite Hard to Get Her Out of it.
⊗ Dismissive
⊗ A Tendency To Bite Off More Than She Can Chew
Likes & Dislikes:
⊕ Anything Having to do With Water
⊕ Pups, Little Balls of Fluff Bounding Around... I Mean- Come On.
⊕ Ability to Be Alone When She Wishes
⊕ Freedom
⊕ Nighttime Strolls, Something She Picked Up Before Becoming a Higher Rank
⊕ Lazing About, Something That She Rarely Gets to do Anymore... But She Always Savors Those Short Naps
⊗ Disrespect, Towards Herself, Others, And Especially Her Mate
⊗ Bugs, The Only "Animals" She Doesn't Like Much
⊗ Stressful Situations
⊗ Wolves Who Are Unwilling to Try New Things
⊗ The Heat
⊗ Loud Noises
⊗ Secrets
| ______ °. ° ☪ ° .° ______ |
Relationship Status:
Her Beloved.
Súsán , The Alpha Male.
Familial Relations:
Allouette - They were the best of friends...practically sisters before Kéthil was made an Alpha. Ever since, things have been...off about their relationship. Its awkward to even speak to Allouette now, and Kéthil has basically tried everything subtle to hint that she still wants some sort of positive relationship between them. It makes it harder on her rank now since Allouette is also supposed to be one of the Beta's she puts most of her trust in. Can she trust her? What has happened to this once sisterly bond between the two of these females...?
| ______ °. ° ☪ ° .° ______ |
Theme Song:
- Julia Michaels -
Finished with my girl!

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 30, 2024 11:01 PM

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Name: Kairos
Age: 6 years
Sex: Male

Rank: Beta Male
Desired Rank: He is content
Reputation: Known for being beta, being put into power by his brother(the new Alpha).
Thoughts on Disappearance: Kairos thinks of the disappearance of the old alpha with a mix of concern and suspicion, recognizing the potential threat to the pack's stability.
Thoughts on New Alpha: The new Alpha is his own brother, and he is proud of him.

LINES @ space man
COLOR @ rolliesuchus

Kairos is a heftier male, 2.5ft in height and weighs nearly 150 lbs. While this is mostly just muscle, you wouldn't know because of his big belly and longer, denser fur. He is in all ways a very pudgy looking wolf from just a few glances at him. His nose is a dark brown/reddish color, with all his paw pads following suit. Kairos’ eyes are large, almost puppy-like, and a very nice shade of amber-y orange with a slight yellow tinge to the centers of the iris(much like his brother's eye color).

He is a brown wolf with clashes of creamier browns/tans and darker browns. His face is nearly all creamy tan, making a W from his left cheek fur tuft, to the middle point which is his nose ridge and muzzle, and to the right cheek fur tuft. From the left and right cheek tufts, a darker less saturated brown creates a stripe-like appearance to his face, they come all the way up and wrap slightly around his ears and trailing off. His eyebrows and ear tips are a rich, dark brown that makes his face a permanent angry expression.

On his neck, the lower half has a creamy tan that goes into his belly, legs and travels across his ribs to sort of “cut” his body in half. His neck is also the same darker brown present on his face, which can also be seen on his belly sides, as well as little spurts on his tail and back legs. The rich, darkest brown swathes down the scruff of his neck straight down to the tail tip, with a broken branch towards his upper back legs/thighs and on his front legs are a patch on his shoulders.


Kairos is a wolf with a distinct presence, exuding a mix of confidence and quiet strength. Independent and pragmatic, Kairos is not one to seek the spotlight but commands respect nonetheless. His movements are always with a purpose. While he values his solitude, Kairos is a very social guy who enjoys his talks with other packmates.

Kairos’ siblings might have a connection with the Above Ones, or whoever, but clearly it didn't pass to him as well because Kairos doesn't have that gift. His relationship with the Above Ones is just about the same as any wolf other than the shamans. Even with a belief in the Above ones, he still does not believe they interact with the wolves of the pack and when something goes wrong, there is always someone close by to pin the blame on.

He's not one for unnecessary risks but will defend the pack fiercely when threatened. If he feels you have said something to be offensive, or he doesn't agree with your views on something, he will argue and even become aggressive if talked about long enough. Though this isn't often, if does get in between him and others.

In moments of downtime, Kairos can often be found patrolling the boundaries of his territory or lounging in a patch of sunlight, savoring the simple pleasures of life in the wild. When you do see him, he'll be in deep thought about his mate and/or son, or any current event happening. While he loves his son, and family is incredibly important to him, Kairos blames him for his mother’s exile. He doesn't want [his son] to be exiled either, and so he is incredibly hard on him. Kairos doesn't realize he is so harsh to him, and when it's brought up, he simply uses the phrase, “he needs to wisen up a bit” or “my parents treated me the same”. Kairos would never out right try and be mean to his son.


  1. Kairos possesses natural leadership qualities, exuding confidence and inspiring loyalty among his packmates with his quiet strength.

  2. He excels at finding practical solutions to challenges, adapting to diverse situations in the wilderness with his resourcefulness, ensuring the pack's survival.

  3. Fiercely protective of his pack, Kairos's unwavering dedication to their safety makes him a reliable guardian, willing to defend his territory at all costs.


  1. Kairos's strong beliefs and reluctance to change can lead to stubbornness, hindering the pack's adaptability and fostering discord within their ranks.

  2. Despite his usual composure, Kairos's quick temper and impulsive reactions when provoked or challenged can escalate conflicts, straining relationships and destabilizing pack dynamics.

  3. Carrying unresolved guilt and resentment, particularly regarding his son and mother's exile, Kairos's emotional baggage may cloud his judgment and impede his ability to maintain healthy relationships within the pack.

Affiliations: Any, dm me!
Kin: Affogato(littermate), Súsán(littermate)
Mate: Exiled for going against one of the past Alpha's ruling.
Offspring: Everette
Other: None

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 12:37 AM

Biologist at Work
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I've finished with Kéthil! Let me know if I need to add anything!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 12:38 AM

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Looks good! I will accept the personality the way it is because I know of your literacy and such, but I would like some sort of detailed personality sometime. Accepted :D
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 02:30 AM

los campesinos!
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is shaman taken?
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 01:32 PM

Space Man
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[Irish for "Moss;" named for his appearance specifically. Name can be written without the accents if easier]


6 years




Alpha Male

Desired Rank:

He is content


Súsán is, well, a rigorous leader and one who does his damn best to make up for lost time. He's the one who set the curfew, and he is the one keeping the pack safe. He's confident, portrays himself as a powerful being- even more than the former alpha, and is involved within his pack, though continues to ensure his role as alpha is understood and not questioned. However, these past few months he's grown to be harsh and is less forgiving of things he was once lenient towards. He can be argued now as cruel, or that he is simply doing what is needed for the survival of the pack.

Thoughts on Disappearance

It's odd; there is a lot that doesn't add up, but as of now it isn't his main concern to seek out the dead. He needs to focus on his pack more, especially with the recent stirring.

Thoughts on New Alpha

He is new alpha, he can't really vocalize his own thoughts on himself that'd just sound like his inner monologue.


Súsán is a dark pelted wolf, standing at around 30" to the withers, 6' from nose to tail, and weighting a hefty 145 lbs. His build is muscular, although it is often hidden underneath his thick coat. His paws have feathering, alternatively called tufts, and his chin too is tufted, almost like a beard. His cheek fur is long, hanging down similar to that of a lynx. His legs are stocky, not too long nor short, just right to carry his strong body across the terrain he resides in. Súsán has a long face, which some can at times tease about, his nose bridge having a bump on it and being best described as roman with its slight downward curve. His ears are small, which looks out of place compared to his long face and fur, making it seem like they never grew with him. There is a defining scar on Súsán's right side of his face, starting from his lip and ending all the way above his brow. The scar leaves a tear on his lip, exposing his canine. There are no other visible scars on his body.

His coat itself is a rich earthy color, a dark muted charcoal brown that comes off as black unless the sun bathes it in its rays. His muzzle is a slightly lighter brown, traveling down his throat before being segmented then continuing to travel down his chest halfway down his belly in a thinner streak. His paws are also this same shade of brown, only really painting the underside of his paws rather than the entire paw itself. His tail also has this slightly lighter undercoat, only going from halfway to his tip. Due to his age, he has greying on him. His muzzle, only around his nose and maw, has a much lighter earthy brown that can also be seen on his tail, ears, and chest. With his age he has some "greying" hairs on his pelt, those hairs mainly being the same color as his scarce undercoat and paling fur. They're sprinkled across his body, some on his face too, and it being especially concentrated on his snout by the base of his nose.

Besides his scar, there is yet another defining feature on Súsán's face: a 3 point marking in this same lighter brown. The marking is broken unevenly, and rests between his eyebrows. His eyebrows themselves are bushy, this same shade of brown, the right one being split by the scar. They're often furrowed, though it's less to do with his emotions and more that he is just very used to it. Were he not a hairy fellow he would be so very wrinkled on his face. His facial expression almost always defaults to a slight frown and furrowed brows, though he does have other expressions he shows. This is just his resting face, I promise.

His eyes are a pale yellow, ringed with a small variety of blue around his pupils. His right eye, however, has a clouded pupil; Súsán is blind in this eye, the cause being the scar he received on his face. The blindness he has in this eye is not total blackness, but rather vision that is so fuzzy he simply cannot recognize much besides lights and shadows. This means vision wise he relies more on his left, and will compensate with his other senses such as his hearing. His nose is a rich charcoal black, and his paw pads reflect that same color. His ears however are a dark reddish pink color, his scar being a lighter color of this.


Súsán can best be described as, well, rigorous. He rules the pack with an iron fist (paw ??), and while he is not of the lineage that initially ruled the pack he is, in ways, well adjusted to his position within the pack.

There are certain things Súsán can be described as, but no one specific word can truly describe this fellow. He just is. Súsán, as many may know, has a strong affinity for family. While he cares to keep the entire pack safe, he very clearly holds favorites which can be seen when he displays far more attention and affection towards them. He loves his sister, Affogato, and while he may hold himself above the "foolishness" of gossip he can never resist the temptation to sit down and let them lend him an earful a-many when the time comes for. He finds it to be an enjoyable form of bonding, and he's sure his sister can agree. His brother is of a position not that different to him, being beta male and all. Súsán will usually try to align their schedules so that they may have at least one slot of time that allows them to converse and just know how one another is doing. He too cares not just for his blood but for his mate as well. She is just as new to the job as him, and he makes sure she knows she isn't just his mate but his equal. He always consults her prior to making decisions for the pack, and gives her almost equally as much authority as he has. If he is to be ill, or absent, it is her and her alone who will hold the reigns; and if anything it makes him grateful she cannot have her position challenged as it'd mean he would need to place his trust in someone he simply wouldn't be able to trust.

Trust is another thing Súsán holds in high regard. He doesn't believe much in traitors, not in this pack, as there isn't much of anything to betray really. There's just the honest and the dishonest. The trustworthy and the untrustworthy. The loyal and the disloyal. If he trusts you, that is something to hold onto dearly, as his trust is rarely given out to anyone outside of his family. Yes, only a total of 3 wolves has his trust. The rest only have his faith- the faith that they will do their end of their bargains to aide in the survival of themselves and the pack as a whole.

Súsán is not a very social wolf. Well. He is, somewhat, a social creature. He makes sure he's active amongst the lower ranks and isn't just a voice that commands. He isn't foreign. He tries to be involved. He is, hopefully, familiar to any varying degree in the pack. But he isn't very interested in being social. This isn't helped much by the fact Súsán experiences antisocial episodes where he loses all empathy and sympathy, as well as any interest at all, with anyone but himself. He needs to be left alone during these episodes since he is cold and abrasive towards others no matter who they are. Luckily he learned how to tell when these episodes come on, and will promptly inform his mate and brother about them so they can handle things in the meantime while he does whatever and waits out his episodes. This episodes usually last a few hours tops, and only occur no more than 2-3 times a week.

As a leader, besides being rigorous and involved- as involved as he can be, he's grown more harsh these past few months. Súsán is doing it for the sake of everyone's safety, but there's no denying that there is a certain level of stress and frustration that also causes it. He knows there are wolves who don't trust him, wolves who don't see him as fit, and in some way he is trying to prove something.

The list can go on, discussion of his bluntness and active choice to not sugarcoat, his lack of empathy for others, his serious nature that can as easily turn playful when he so chooses, his confidence, and so on. However one thing that will play significance is his spirituality. Súsán grew up with the tales of the Above Ones. At one point he believed them too, but nowadays he isn't much of a believer at all. He simply lost the faith. Because of this, he isn't exactly fond of the spiritual nature behind shamans. He appreciates them for their work, they are a backbone in the pack, but only for medicinal purposes. They aren't much else to him, just doctors who interpret things that are supposedly spiritual. It is likely that he may even begin to stop seeking out advice from them, not wanting to place value on the uncertain, and only consult with his mate. This lack of belief will, eventually, take a turn and become something new for him but it isn't yet anything of importance.


  • Logical; Súsán is not one for allowing the words of shamans and believers cloud his judgement, and because of this he focuses more on the practical and logical. This is how he kept the pack safe thus far, and how he held onto his new position as alpha. This does, however, only take one so far
  • Leadership; despite not holding any relation to the alpha lineage, some can argue Súsán has a gift for command and control. He's done an excellent job so far, maybe even better than the previous alpha, and it's because of his skill in this field. A shepherd for lambs, so to speak
  • Physical strength; with his bulky build and heft one can only imagine Súsán has strength, and that he does. His strength not only aides him in fights, but it allows for him to have excellent stamina
  • Agility; while he lacks in speed and acceleration, Súsán is quite agile and is good at weaving through any terrain so long as it isn't something too narrow.. he'd be too big to fit through ahah


  • Empathy; Súsán struggles with empathy, being that he only has a low amount of it. Cognitive empathy he has little issue with, but emotional empathy ? He has very little of it, and mainly reserves it for his mate and his siblings as he has little emotional connection to anyone else in the pack
  • Spirituality; Súsán was never much of a spiritual being, believing more in practicality than the unsound. However this will be his downfall as he gains a newfound rekindling in beliefs that he once barely held onto or cared for, albeit ones that will turn out to be the last thing he needed in his life
  • Family; Súsán holds high value on family, blood and otherwise, and this can lead to some.. conflicts. It's hard to just ignore a family member in need, and he will do anything and everything for them
  • Speed; while things like agility and stamina are not all that affected for Súsán, he does struggle with speed. He can only top around 32 mph when most wolves can reach up to 37 mph tops. On top of speed there is the acceleration issue as well, takes longer to bolt into top speeds thanks to his build and weight


None that have any interesting meaning outside of the ordinary; DM



Affogato (sister)

Kairos (brother)




None as of now


Much like his sister, he has a connection to the Beasts of the Night. This is a rather new connection, one that absolutely no one is aware of at the moment. They're mere whispers, barely audible, and yet he knows what they say. They do not approach as sinister, albeit that their intentions entirely are. He is coaxed as special, that they are the whispers of the Above Ones, and that he is the only alpha to be touched by such divinity directly. This is something that will play out further into the roleplay.

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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 01:37 PM

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los campesinos,
it is reserved for spellbound :)

space man,
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 02:35 PM

los campesinos!
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do reservations have time limits?
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 03:37 PM

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deja is finished, lmk if theres anything needed to be changed

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