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06:49:21 Leo, Lion (He/him)
If i could i'd telepathically send some wifi to you guys XD
06:49:13 Kodiak
Voxtexy, well, thank you, Voxtexy's autocorrect, then.

Honestly, not really. I was talking to a recruiter for a very long time about joining the Navy as a Naval firefighter or just joining the Marines but my boyfriend protested and so I settled for firefighter medic.
06:46:35 Vox
I'm surprised my phone is allowing it. Normally it horribly autocorrects everything

If you wouldn't mind being on an aircraft carrier, then 100%. Or maybe I can somehow telepathically connect you to it.
06:44:02 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Yeah sorry! Sailor then! :)
06:43:35 Kodiak
Voxtexy, finally, someone who doesn't dumb down my username into awful shortenings, mashallah.

Please share the slightly more favorable wifi with my laptop, thank you in advance.
06:42:49 Vox
I wish I was Army!

I'm a salty Sailor :')
06:42:35 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I'm at home but the wifi is still shitty XD
06:41:58 Vox
Oh lord. I think the ship wifi might be better than McDonald's wifi by like.. a smidge

Both are unfavorable lmao
06:41:39 Leo, Lion (He/him)
No problem! :)
06:40:38 Vox
It's fine!

Thank you! It's one of my favorite palettes that I've ordered :0
06:40:01 Leo, Lion (He/him)
The TH god decided to help you as thanks for your help to the army XD
06:39:03 Kodiak
Voxtexy, I feel your pain. I'm on land so in theory, my wifi should be up there but nope. McDonald's wifi.
06:38:53 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Sorry didn't see your bio XD Love your palette though!
06:38:51 Vox
TH has blessed me. Now I just need to upload two images 😭
06:38:24 Vox
I am! Hopefully I'll actually be back home soon. 6 months at sea is draining :'D
06:36:58 Leo, Lion (He/him)
PvP anyone?
06:36:27 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Understandable XD You're american, right? lol.... Lets hope that sometimes come soon 😅
 Suburban Disaster
06:35:45 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Night chat!
06:35:20 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Top Dawg
No problem! I'm good but have some school i need to do, probably polish my shoes, take a walk to stress off and some other stuff! But other than that i'm good. Ya know AvA'ing, PvP'ing and so :)
06:33:39 Vox
Mine is very reasonably shitty lmao

Being in the middle of the Red Sea isn't the best for uh, wifi lol

Sometimes it gets just fast enough for me to upload images to TH... sometimes 😂


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Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 05:49 PM

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not as of now, but i'd prefer if they were done within a few days time but no longer than a week ^^

los campesinos! said:
do reservations have time limits?

Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 05:49 PM

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accepted B)

rolliesuchus said:

Name: DEJA[day-zhah], ("Day", "D" for nicknames)
Age: 4 years
Sex: Female

Rank: Subordinate
Desired Rank: Scout[she is too scared to leave the camp area]
Reputation: Fairly respected, known for her caringness. If you don't know her by name, you definitely know her by her odd appearance
Thoughts on Disappearance: Deja sees the uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of the pack's alpha with an empathetic view. While understanding the comfort some find in attributing it to divine intervention, she remains open-minded yet skeptical, questioning assumptions and searching for the truth amidst the pack's beliefs and theories. She doesn't have concrete beliefs of why or if it was a good or bad thing.
Thoughts on New Alpha: Because the pack is under a lot of stress, Deja understands the new Alphas harshness. She stays cautious towards him but still supports him and his mate.


LINES @ Space Man

COLORS @ rolliesuchus

Deja is a fairly big wolf, standing at a good 2.7 ft and weighing in at 115 lbs. This isn't all surprising considering both her parents were also larger. She has thick legs, a fairly thick body and a strongly shaped head. Deja’s nose bridge is slightly crooked, giving her a hard time to smell and breath, as the crookedness impedes on her nasal cavity. She has a defined brow ridge which can make her look angry in early/late lighting. Her fur is at its most thickest on the base of her neck and down into her chest area, giving her a “lion's mane”. Of course, wolves don't know what a lion is so it's just referred to as her mane. Her tail has the same fate, being bushy and wiry in feel. Down at her paws, where her dew claws are, are short patches of fur from her gnawing on the claw to keep them short. Deja’s eyes are a hazel-y green.

Yet, what truly sets her apart is a genetic mutation resulting in piebalding—a random scattering of white patches amidst her predominantly grey-brown coat. Under the piebalding, Deja is a brown and cream colored wolf. Her unders are more cream, with her eyebrows and back being covered as well. The cream on her back speckles down towards her rump. There is grey ombré-ing down from her forehead to the tip of her tail, in addition to the grey creeping down the back on her haunches and near down to her knees. A darker brown is observed on her ears, tail tip and on her muzzle. The darkest brown, almost a black, accompanies the cream on her back, as well as adds tier three to her three tier cake tail.

Now, on her piebald. White covers her right ear and a majority of the center/right side of her face. Her cheek tufts on the left side are completely covered, trailing down her throat and connecting on her left with white on the top on her neck/start of her back. On her stomach there is connected white with her back, and it stretches towards her knee. The separated patches on Deja are as follows: left front high socks(reaches towards her elbow), left front line that goes from the inside of her elbow to the shoulder, another small patch is located on her left shoulder, a patch on her left side by her haunches, a short sock on her left back leg, nearly all of her tail is covered, and lastly a patch located on her butt. Deja's nose is supposed to be fully black, or atleast a shade close to black, but due to the piebalding she has, pink covers 80% of her nose.


Deja, the wolf with a name that resonates with a sense of familiarity and mysterious premonition, embodies a captivating blend of traits that make her both endearing and enigmatic. At the core of her being lies a profound kindness, an innate warmth that she extends not only to her pack but also to any creature she encounters in the wild. Despite her quietness, Deja's heart is tender, and her actions are often guided by a desire to protect and nurture those she holds dear.

One of Deja's most distinctive qualities is her use of a mocking tone. Her sarcasm is not born out of malice but rather serves as a shield, a means to deflect attention from her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Beneath the surface of her taunting lies a deep-seated fear for the well-being of others, a fear that stems from a profound understanding of the dangers lurking in the untamed wilderness they call home. Yet, even in moments of jest and mockery, Deja's genuine concern for her packmates shines through, revealing the depth of her loyalty and devotion.

Despite her occasional teasing and sarcasm, Deja's commitment to her pack is unwavering. She is fiercely protective of her fellow wolves, standing as a loyal guardian in times of adversity. Her caring nature extends beyond mere physical protection; she also serves as a pillar of emotional support, offering comfort and reassurance to those who find themselves grappling with their own fears and uncertainties. Despite her quiet nature, Deja possesses a fierce loyalty to her pack and a willingness to protect its members at all costs.

Her understanding of the dangers lurking in the woods fuels her protective instincts, compelling Deja to do her utmost in assisting her packmates. With each rustle of leaves and distant howl, she remains vigilant, ready to lend a helping paw whenever needed. However, there is a lingering fear within her, a fear of venturing too far into the dense thicket where the shadows grow long and the unknown lurks. Deja strives to contribute in any way she can, understanding that their strength lies in their unity and cooperation.

She enjoys quiet moments exploring short distances outside the camp alone, finding comfort in nature's patterns. While disruptive antics annoy her, she admires the spirited playfulness of the younger wolves. She finds solace in cool, crisp nights under the moon's glow, where she contemplates the mysteries of the world.


  1. Deja's compassionate nature fosters strong bonds by offering unwavering support and comfort.
  2. With quick wit and humor, Deja diffuses tension, aiding in navigating challenges.
  3. Despite her lesser status, Deja's loyalty and devotion earn her some trust and respect.


  1. Insecurity hinders Deja's confidence and sense of belonging.
  2. Deja's tendency to hide vulnerability impedes open communication.
  3. Deja's avoidance of conflict may prevent her from asserting herself effectively.

Affiliations: knows nearly everyone by name
Kin: N/A i suppose
Mate: None
Offspring: Big no
Other: None

Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 06:26 PM

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Rule Update:
Your characters can be your own designs, as long as they are not super unrealistic. I would still like realistic colors and patterns, but things that you wouldn't regularly see on a wolf are welcome as long as the coloring is realistic. Also, please make sure to credit images properly!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 07:27 PM

los campesinos!
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6 years old

Female (she/they)


Aspires to be Shaman

Affogato... couldn't be called the nicest wolf in the world. She can't imagine anyone who isn't close to her could view her in a positive light. Then again, it probably isn't a negative light either, pe se. Just a bit... snooty? Yeah. She's snooty.

Confusing, that the alpha would just disappear, but she can't say she's entirely distraught... She hardly knew the wolf, all considered. It is... very strange, though, and she's very keen to work out why.

Affogato is more chuffed than any, to see her brother become alpha. She's proud of him, if not just a little itty bit jealous. But that's natural.

Affogato is a very dark brown wolf, almost black. She has lighter brown markings on her head, neck, belly and thighs. She has white streaks of fur along the bottom of her tummy, around her muzzle, her toes, on her back just behind her shoulder and across her elbows. Affogato's legs are a little darker than the rest of their body.

Affogato has sectoral heterochromia, her eyes being a mostly dark brown, with large spots of green in them, symmetrically. Their skin is a darker brown than the rest of her, and they have an overbite, so their canine teeth poke out like a vampire. Affogato's hip is also scarred from an... accident.

Affogato is quite slender, she's a bit of a slack-off, and she doesn't tend to work on her muscle as much as other wolves may. Affogato may be shorter than most, but that doesn't stop them from holding their head high and acting like she is. She walks with long, graceful strides that do not match her personality. She thinks it makes her look more dominant. Like she has more purpose than the low-lives.

Affogato has quite thin, wiry fur. It's kinda gross. It has a way of feeling greasy. You could extract the oils from her fur to use a deep-fat frier, I'm sure. Gross. Her tail especially, the fluff kinda compresses down. It's like she never learned how to clean herself. She doesn't like, smell bad. Well, not any worse than a wolf typically would but she's obviously never heard of cleaning yourself in a river, or a lake, or something.

Apathetic | Ambitious | Snooty | Gossip | Rude | Determined | Spiritual | Jealous | Curious

Affogato struggles with empathy, which she supposes could be a good reason she was never chose to become the Shaman's apprentice. She doesn't understand why that'd be a dealbreaker, though? As long as she does their job, why should apathy towards her patients be such an issue? It's not like they don't have ANY empathy... they think.

Affogato is very ambitious, with her main ambition being becoming Shaman. However, that's... probably never going to happen. Instead, she settles for aiming to be, well, better than everyone. Although, it is a bit hard to be better than everyone when you're a subordinate... maybe being the alpha's littermate could be something...? Probably not.

Affogato has a chronic need to be viewed on a pedestal, so she demonstrates dominant behavior on anyone equal to or below her (which is few).

Affogato balances between curious and not caring. If something piques her interest she'll go to pretty grave lengths to work it out, but it's not often something like that comes around. This missing alpha case very well may be the that...

Affogato is a pretty big gossiper. To many it would seem like she has no filter on her speech, but honestly? She just really enjoys starting rumors. She'll hide rudeness behind the label 'honesty' and sometimes, if she's feeling too bored, they might just make something up. Who does it hurt, really?

Affogato has a spiritual connection, as far as she's aware. She does recall it being stronger in her youth, but a lack of it being nurtured as a Shaman's apprentice has muted it. They have started having a strong connection again since the alpha's disappearance, she's sure of it.

Affogato is a very jealous she. She is jealous of Juniper, for getting to be Shaman apprentice when they didn't. She's jealous of [Shaman Name] for... well, kind of the same reasons. She lacks interest in any other role in the pack and it's completely unfair, to her, that she didn't get it. She can't understand why she didn't get the role, and is sure it's some big conspiracy against her, or something. Maybe. What is the POINT in all the ambitious... something bubbling inside her if it's futile to go for what she wants? There's no use in trying and it makes her furious.

Affogato's apathy is a bit of a double-edged sword. She's unbothered by other wolves' needless whining and pain, overall she's able to live in her own zone without feeling all that sorry for anything. But... those are some of the same reason's her apathy is a weakness. She struggles to make friends with other wolves due to her inability to put herself in their shoes (paws?), and she sees nothing wrong with lies she spreads about wolves.

Another thing that could go either way is her keen curiosity. It leads her to seek new knowledge and work everything out to it's core. However, sometimes, there are things that should not be messed with like that, and could lead her running straight into danger's paws.

In terms of strengths, Affogato's determination, ambition and spirituality could be considered positive. However, lacking an outlet for them makes it pretty hard to make the positivity in them show.

Her ambition could be displayed in her futile acts, few that there are, to become Shaman? Her desperate attempts to no longer be stuck as a stupid subordinate? To finally, finally, be in a role that suits her?

Her determination lies in the fact she hasn't given up, and settled for something else. And why should she? Why would a wolf like her settle for a scout? Or, a hunter? They're not fit for that, and someone needs to realize that before they blow a gasket.

Affogato likes to think her spirituality is a guidance in their life, and has kept them from going apeshit long ago. It would have been nice if the Above Ones had swayed things in her favor, just a little... No. She shouldn't think like that. Affogato is grateful for... whatever guidance into... albeit strange offerings to give her what she wants. The Above Ones have grown a bit sinister over the years, they were definitely a lot less macabre when she was younger, but if it's their will... it's their will. She will follow the divine whispers in her ears to the ends of the Earth.

For weaknesses... most parts of Affogato are weaknesses. She thinks she's above most wolves, and there's very few who enjoy that attitude. She can only really get along very well with her brothers.

She's "brutally honest" and most wolves wouldn't like that either, unless they're... weird.

The gossiping doesn't help her case either. It's not like she cares all that much about being a nice person, though.

Her jealousy is perhaps the worst part of her. She can't say her jealousy applies to anyone but the Shaman and Juniper, though. In fact, she's actually quite proud of her brothers for their high roles. But... she doesn't want those roles. They do want Juniper's. Affogato is sure any interaction between her and Juniper wouldn't go the best. She'd end up doing something she'd regret, if she knew how to regret.

No current affiliations- PM me.

Súsán - Littermate (not made yet)

Amarok - Littermate (not made yet)

Open- PM me.

No mate. She has very little interest in one.

No offspring.

If I didn't make it clear, Affogato did have a connection to the Above Ones in her youth, however her connection is now aligned with the Beasts of the Night. Hope that's okay to do, lol.

image credits to meee

Edited at March 31, 2024 07:33 PM by los campesinos!
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!March 31, 2024 07:51 PM

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accepted *^* she's interesting :O
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:00 AM

Lost Rune
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Reserving a hunter!! :3
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:03 AM

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reserved :D
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:08 AM

Lost Rune
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Quick question, so by dragons... What does that mean... I'm trying to read the rules and my small pea brain is not running well right now
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:09 AM

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It's for w o l v e s (I can't spell it out because then it'll change) and it's because of the April Fools thing ^^
Through the Winter | Wolf RP | Open!April 1, 2024 12:15 AM

Lost Rune
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Edited at April 1, 2024 12:15 AM by Lost Rune

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